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My oldest kid started college this year. A list of 37 things I would change if I was 18 again

1. College is a scam. Ivy League or bust. 2. Never stop playing the sport you love 3. Learn how your body works and protect it 4. Eat lots of animal protein 5. Lift weights consistently 6. Learn about money and finance

7. Don’t listen to broke(n) people 8. Cut out negative people fast 9. Surround myself with love 10. Stop negative internal thoughts 11. Self actualization is real. Master it 12. Avoid alcohol

13. Control your impulses 14. It does it matter what your peers think 15. Be comfortable being you 16. Laugh at yourself 17. Learn to protect your time 18. Be entrepreneurial in all things

19. Swing ideas not a hammer 20. Learn to make money 50 different ways 21. Learn to build things 22. Learn to fix things 23. Listen until you’re tired

24. Understand before trying to be understood 25. Learn basic plumbing and electrical 26. Learn to paint and repair drywall 27. Don’t lend out your tools 28. You don’t need a lot of friends just a good one or two

29. Be accommodating 30. Be a good friend 31. Be trustworthy to a fault 32. Take risks. Wild ones 33. Travel the world

34. Spend time reading 35. Enjoy reading 36. Enjoy being alone 37. Make your bed

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