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Nov 6, 2022
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🔞 bp jm, mirror sex, jm passes out

jm's cheeks are flushed red with humiliation as jk holds his head up, forcing him to look at himself in the mirror while jk works him open with two enviously long fingers. both of their eyes are glued on jm's hips grinding into the friction of the heel of jk's palm, +
letting out breathless, sensual moans as his desperation grows. a startled moan is punched out of him, eyes fluttering shut when jk crooks his fingers, alternating between thrusting his fingers in and out and stroking them harshly against the fleshy bump of his cervix.
whining, he reaches down to press jk’s hand harder into his swollen clit while jk’s fingers continue their assault inside the spasming walls of his cunt. “nngh,” jm lets out a helpless little moan, screwing his eyes shut to focus on holding off his impending orgasm.
“don’t look away.” jk warns before his other hand comes down to start stimulating jm’s clit, jm immediately flinching away from the touch even as his pussy clenches wildly around jk’s fingers.
jm turns his head into jk’s shoulder, drooling pathetically as he watches jk abuse his cunt from his peripheral. he writhes restlessly, slightly panicked with the threat of cumming for the second time so soon after his first.
jk rubs his clit faster, making him cry out, choking out incoherent mumbles as his core heats up to unbearable degrees. “gonna cum, gonna cum,” he warns, and he takes jk not stopping as permission.
a few more flicks of jk’s wrist has jm arching his back off of jk’s broad chest, trying to create distance between them to escape the dizzying, mind numbing sensation of jk rubbing his clit raw, fingers still stubbornly thrusting in and out of the tight clutch of jm’s pussy.
his mouth gapes open in a silent scream, breath knocked out of him with the sheer force of his release, dazed and quivering as he collapses against jk, panting softly. jk chuckles, a sound that makes jm’s pussy clench, and presses kisses onto the side of jm’s head.
“my baby is shameless; cumming twice before i even put my cock in him.” jm whines, a petulant sound. “so mean,” he slurs, mind barely there. taking his fingers out of jm’s cunt, jk brings them up to his mouth to suck them clean, an absolutely filthy act.
jm opens his eyes, whimpering out a weak, “jk-ie.” that has jk’s dick twitching in interest. he hums, pulling his fingers out of his mouth with a wet, dirty sound. “yes, baby?” he asks.
jm’s breath hitches, flustered from jk’s tone alone. he ducks his head, snapping his thighs shut and rubbing them together. “thank you.” he whispers.
jk groans, dropping his head back as his cock throbs from neglect, begging for his attention as jm subtly rocks back and forth over it. “you’re thanking me?” in lieu of answering, jm guides jk’s hand back down to his cunt, a silent plea to touch him again.
“insatiable,” jk huffs, but slides his fingers through the sopping wet mess of jm’s cunt anyways, letting jm hold his other hand as he violently shudders, sensitive but still desperate for whatever jk gives him.
watching in the mirror as jk forces three fingers inside him, jm mewls breathlessly, gasping at the thick intrusion, wanting more, more, more. he feels too empty, and some distant part of him almost wants to beg jk to fist him right then and there, +
but he just presses his lips together, stopping any embarrassing noises from escaping. jk slides his fingers out, the digits drenched in jm’s slick, and starts spreading it over jm’s skin, dragging his sticky fingers along jm’s taint and under his thighs. “s’cold.” jm mumbles.
jk hums, distracted. he lifts jm up by the hips, positioning his cock to rub it through jm’s dripping wet folds and letting jm’s slick slide down his cock, leaving behind a tingling trail of wet.
with jk’s sinfully gravelly voice in his ear instructing him to slowly drop his weight in his lap, jm does as told, watching in the mirror as his tiny cunt stretches around the thick girth of jk’s cock.
jk’s cock reaches deep, the tip of it pressing into jm’s cervix without any effort at all. jm jumps, hissing as he shakily wraps his arms around jk’s forearm. “hurts,” he squeezes jk’s arm, a plead for a break on the tip of his tongue.
he doesn't ask though. just continues watching jk’s cock split him open, their size difference making him feel loopy. he’s in jk’s lap but jk’s entire frame drawfs him. the sight would be almost comical if it didn't make him feel completely feral and brainless.
jk sets a punishing pace, hips knocking up into jm's ass hard enough to ensure it'll be a mottled mess of red and purple bruises in an hour or two, aiming right at jm's cervix, pushed by the desire to breed him full.
he keeps pounding into the warm hole even when jm starts babbling nonsense, his cries to stop going in one ear and out the other. he doesn't mean it. he would use their safeword if he did.
“so good for me,” jk praises, slipping his fingers into jm’s mouth, effectively muffling his pitiful whines. “my sweet baby, always so good for me. so pretty with my cock in him.”
jm mewls, drooling around jk’s fingers as delirium creeps in, jk continuing to murmur praises in between sharp intakes of breath. his orgasm is abrupt this time, body seizing through it, electricity zapping through his heated core. his eyes close, +
mouth falling open on a loud cry, pussy trembling around jk’s shaft as jk groans lowly, spilling inside jm’s cunt. jk doesn't stop fucking him, eyes watching jm’s red, creamy cunt swallow his cock whole even as jm goes completely limp in his lap.
he glances up in the mirror, just to see if jm has passed out, and groans when he sees that he has. well, that won’t do. he’ll just have to fuck him back awake.
i only wrote three tags and it feels like not enough but i really didn't know how else to tag it 😭 i'm sorry if i missed an important one (???)


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