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That Autopsy Suite Life

That Autopsy Suite Life

Nov 22
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🧵#DiedSuddenly has people believing #antivaxx nonsense based on inaccurate information provided by embalmers about post mortem clots. The clots they show sure look like normal post mortem clots. @Judy Melinek M.D. eloquently explains the difference here with great pics of examples:…

Judy Melinek M.D.

Judy Melinek M.D.

Here’s a slide that shows the difference between the two in gross appearance at autopsy
Here's a larger version of the chicken fat and current jelly photo so you can really appreciate what they look like:
Here are the clots from screen shots of #DiedSuddenlydocumentary. Now compare them to the picture above. See the similarities?
Chicken fat clots are made of plasma (the liquid part of blood), clotting factors, platelets, white blood cells- all parts of blood besides red blood cells, which are seen in current jelly clots. These components congeal & take on the shapes of the vessels- like Jello in a mold!
Gelatin (the ingredient in Jello) is made from boiling animal tissues (usually cow) & is the proteins from collagen- a building block in body tissues. In surgery, sterile gelatin sponges soaked in thrombin (a clot making enzyme) are used to help form clots and stop bleeding!
The clotting cascade is a fascinating complex process, but it's basically specific ingredients found in blood combined with collagen to stop bleeding. This is a lovely simplified version of how it works. These same ingredients can then congeal after death into post mortem clots.
The clots that cause death are called thromboemboli. They are more dry, firm, and crumbly, as opposed to rubbery and elastic. This is better appreciated when you touch them IRL, but in this image you can appreciate something called the Lines of Zahn and the dry firm appearance.
Lines of Zahn are better seen microscopically. They are used in autopsy to support whether a clot formed prior to death when blood was still flowing, or whether it formed after death, when blood flow had stopped and the components of blood then congealed in the vessels.
COVID infection causes increased clotting which can lead to death, however there is NO evidence the widely used mRNA vaccines cause increased clotting. Hopefully, you can now see that the clots in #SuddenDeath are NOT clots that caused death, but are clearly post mortem. /fin
That Autopsy Suite Life
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