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Parker Donham

Parker Donham

Nov 23, 2022
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Immigration Minister Sean Fraser is poised to deport Jaskirat Singh Sidhu, the driver whose tandem truck collided catastrophically with a bus carrying the Humbolt Junior Hockey team, killing 16. If he does so, it will be a triumph of blind vengeance over common sense. 1/10

From the moment of the crash, Sidhu was overwhelmed with remorse. He co-operated with police at the scene. He directed his lawyers to plead guilty to all charges at the earliest opportunity, to spare family members the trauma of a trial. 2/10
Many actors played a role in this horrible event: the company owner who put Sidhu behind the wheel of a complex truck without adequate training; highway officials who failed to fix a deadly intersection; legislators who failed to tighten slack licensing requirements. 3/10
But Sidhu insisted on shouldering all the blame. He refused to appeal his monstrously excessive sentence, though an appeal would almost surely have reduced his time in prison. 4/10
Now Immigration Minister Sean Fraser (MP for Central Nova), has opted to pile on by deporting Jaskirat. His family is appealing Fraser's decision, but this costs money, and they have exhausted their finances. 5/10
Here is Jaskirat's wife, Tanvir Mann: "My husband is the best man I know: gentle, kind, and generous. He never set out to hurt anyone. He made a tragic mistake. When confronted by the unimaginable magnitude of the consequences of his mistake, he did everything he could... 6/10
" make things better. I pray that people out there who don’t believe Jaskirat should be deported will contribute to my fight to let us live out our lives in Canada. I pray there are people out there ready to help my husband the way he has always helped other people." 7/10
The fight has exhausted Jaskirat's and Tanvir's savings. Tanvir has taken loans from friends and family, but she is at the end of her financial rope, and needs our help. 8/10
Canada is a better place with Jaskirat and Tanvir here. I have contributed $100 to their battle. Many of you are in a position to donate, too. I hope you will. Here is the link for donations: 10/10
Parker Donham

Parker Donham

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