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you have depression but you think taking pills is the answer. have you considered consuming less on social media? healing that gut microbiome? minimizing blue light? getting enough sleep? sunbathing? going on walks? meditating? taking up a hobby that brings you genuine joy?

depression stems from feeling stuck. being forced to live a life thats not authentic. a life your heart doesn’t agree with. depression is suppressed energy that needs to be released. you have to make little lifestyle changes everyday that increases your heart-brain coherence.
depression is a result of blocked life force energy.
how to unlock your life force energy this life force energy is inside of everyone of you. you can call upon it anytime you want and have it flow through you continuously. this energy makes you feel electric, powerful, more in love and aligned with the most high.
depression is a vast topic. i can’t obviously cover everything. my main point is that it’s crucial to look into one’s lifestyle without solely depending on pills. it’s okay if you need the pills too but my point is that pills are not the *only* answer. bye.
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