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Markus Fix

Markus Fix

Nov 24, 2022
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Raising for a Bitcoin only startup isn’t easy but it is THE WAY.

We are demonetizing gold by establishing an AUX/BTC swap. No more need to do AUX -> USD -> BTC just because there’s no price fixing for the AUX/BTC pair. Swap directly. Get spot. You might even save on taxes (ask your accountant!).
Initial target audience for the swap are family offices holding physical gold. We give you a fixed price for the swap. Just call one number, book the BRINKS shipment to our refinery, receive BTC within 48h. Simple. No hedging. Price transparency. Deep liquidity.
Rational investors holding physical gold will want to rebalance their portfolios after the next BTC block reward halving (when BTC becomes scarcer than gold). Portfolio rebalancing in a reliable and tax efficient manner is now easy.
And yes, dealing with physical gold is a whole different universe. You have NO IDEA how good #Bitcoin is until you experience the foobar that is the international gold market. Don’t go there. Just stack Sats and be at peace.
Liquidating gold always, and I mean ALWAYS, necessitates melting it down (hence the word liquidate) and recasting new bars. Refining is a mandatory step. You might think BTC transactions are expensive until you’ve watched a ton of gold boil off. Insane.
Ignore logistics and insurance for the moment (expensive!) and let’s just look at the cost of liquidation of a 1t gold position ($56 mio). … liftoff more details once we’ve reached Mauritius
Markus Fix

Markus Fix

Programmer, believes in rough consensus and running code. Merging global commodities markets and Bitcoin: @hayekdynamics @bogenfels prev: @lightning
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