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Nov 25, 2022
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Need a Chief Election Commissioner who can even take action against Prime Minister" -Supreme Court Really! Let's see how collegium works & can decide who has to action on whom.. Collegium system was touted by the Judiciary as a means of preserving the independence of

the judiciary from political interference & influence as well as being better able to judge who can judge than the common man & their representatives over whom the judges,lacking decorum,erudition, arithmetic,jurisprudential competence & integrity,sit in frivolous,
prejudiced insouciant judgment., Yes, the Collegium controls, appointment,evaluation & transfer of Judges & exercises authority to forgive & forget heinous crimes of Judges such as violations of law & evidence to prefer individuals,classes, the State & the State’s
cronies as well as of morality such as having gang orgies with school girls The primary criticism against the “Collegium” system is that it creates a State within a State that is not accountable,in any way,to the people it ostensibly serves & on whom the judiciary feed for
their personal pelf, pomp, power, pleasure, perversions and perpetuation. It is an extreme case of a self preserving, non accountable, l“aristocracy”in what is claimed to be a democratic, secular, republic. The result is there for all to see. A tardy & insouciant judiciary more
influenced by “convent education” , alien precepts and ideologies further accentuating the British made body of the Constitution that was tweaked by British stooges & enacted,adopted and given to themselves, totally divorced from native cultures, traditions & religions
which it persecutes with patent anti Brahmanism, and desecration of the religious freedoms and human rights of the natives. with scant regard to such judicial desiderata as equality under law, equity and fundamental rights. Of course, India, as a whole, is Constitutionally
& lawfully,not democratic,secular or republic because it lacks the sine qua non of all 3,which is“equality under law.”& of opportunity. So decide for urself-who needs to be impeached/prosecuted or whatever u want to call Reform judiciary-this pillar is heavily rusted @PMO India


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