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Nov 25, 2022
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TAEIL I would say he is literally one of the backbone and pride of NCT. He is one of the idols that has powerful vocals in K-POP. His personality is so admirable too. Most of the time, he doesn't act like the oldest member of the group and I find him cute for that. 🥰
JOHNNY At first I don't find him attractive but the more I get to know NCT he is getting more and more handsome and very charismatic. I would say this man is very honest. Not to mention he is so good in rapping too and very masculine.
TAEYONG This one is definitely born to become a performer. He always slay in everything. At times, he act like a baby and is reckless, so cute! I think he also wants to be taken care of his older members. Being a leader of a group that has so many members must be hard for him.
YUTA This is one is my bias. I love his personality and he is very versatile too. Is there something this man can't do? I love his principles in life and how honest he is in showing his feelings and thoughts towards other. That attitude of him makes me adore him more.
KUN This one is every girl's dream and standard. He has everything, talented, smart, and a very wholesome attitude. That is why he is one of my bias too. For sure he has more to offer. His future family would be very blessed to have him. 🥰
DOYOUNG NCT's vocal line would not be complete if this one is missing. Very powerful vocals. I love him for being real and loud most of the times.
TEN This one has a lot of things to offer. Great vocals and very excellent when it comes to dancing. Truly an ACE.
JAEHYUN I would say he is one of the most handsome member of the group. They are all handsome but this one is almost perfect, very angelic. He is also talented and very competitive. I'd say he treasure his privacy so much & I think he is also secretive and I like him that way!
WINWIN This one is one of the most talented member especially when it comes to dancing. He is also one of the members that caught my attention first. I think he has a soft personality, well, that's kinda obvious.
JUNGWOO This one is definitely the most affectionate NCT member HAHAHAHAHA. But aside from that, he is also good at everything. He is gorgeous as h*ll too. But despite his talent I think he is one of the underrated member.
LUCAS This without a doubt is one of the most handsome, most bias, and most popular NCT member. Even if you don't know him in person he is definitely one of the members that shows very genuine personality on cam. I would say this one has a very positive outlook in life.
MARK I would not hesitate to say he is one of the most outstanding rapper in K-POP industry. Not to mention he is also one of the best dancer in his group. One of the most popular member and a very hardworking person. Such a role model to everyone. How to be you, Mark?
XIAOJUN At first I don't like him that much, but everything change when I listen to his cover of 'For Life'. I listen to it on repeat for almost half a month. I was mesmerized by his vocals. As I get to know them better I could say this one is undeniably talented & handsome too
HENDERY I thought him and Xiaojun is the same person at first. This one is talented for sure and I want to see him do more in the future. He have a lot to offer. He is also one of the best NCT rapper for me.Sometimes I forgot he is one of the visuals coz of his humorous attitude
RENJUN Among the Chinese members, I would say this one is one of the most bias. I love how he easily gets annoyed. I love his personality. It makes him look more cute. Such a baby. 🥰
JENO Everything about this member is just perfect. The visual, attitude, and talent. He definitely got everything an idol should have. He is one of my bias in the group. One of the best rapper for me.
HAECHAN I just love everything about this boy. One of the reason why I want to wake up every morning. He is so adorable in everything he do. 🥰
JAEMIN This member is definitely everyone's crush in NCITY. He is just perfect to be an idol. How can he be so handsome and cute at the same time? One of the most adorable member for me.
YANGYANG At times, he act so mature for his age and sometimes he act immature too. You know what I mean? I would say, this one is the luckiest maknae in NCT HAHAHAHAHA. I loving it more when he is with Hendery.
SHOTARO Very talented most especially when it comes to dancing. He looks cute too and has a very adorable personality. Looking forward to what he will become in the future.
SUNGCHAN This boy has the visuals, the rapping skills and the attitude that an idol should possess. Literally, he has everything. He has a good sense of humor too, very neo. I hope you know what I mean.
CHENLE I don't know why but I think this baby is one of the most underrated member. A lot of people only see him as 'the wealthiest member' but he is surely more than that. His vocals is top tier, and he can dance gracefully too. He deserves to be love by many.
JISUNG And here's the maknae of the group. Well, he is undeniably talented. I always love his reaction when his hyungs are arguing. Everyone's baby in NCity.


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