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Darren Naish

Darren Naish

Nov 25, 2022
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Today @The Fossil Team (Nico Spadafora) and I went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium and it was rad. A ton of North Pacific stuff, including all the rockfish and giant anemones, sevengill sharks, pinnipeds, sea otters and more. Wow. Tweet 1...

Tweet 2... I like the art. They had megatooth shark jaws, a Stejneger's beaked whale skeleton, both sealions and Pacific harbour seals...
Tweet 3 ... the aviary was closed because of the current outbreak of bird flu :( But at least we got to see the Tufted #puffins (in winter plumage, hence the shallower bills than normal). Sea otters next...
And so to the SEA #OTTERS. They have both northern (more whitey-faced) and southern sea otters at the aquarium, and they're trained to co-operate with their keepers. Hundreds of chip marks show that the otters used the aquarium glass for breaking up food! #Enhydra
Darren Naish
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