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Superordinary Friends | SF

Superordinary Friends | SF

Nov 25, 2022
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1/ Superordinary Friends - who we are and our plans for the future. Here is everything you need to know about us (stay till the end for utilities). Thread below 🧵👇🏻

2/ Overview Superordinary Friends is a 2500-supply collection, with each SF avatar holding iconic food items and quirky outfits reimagined from the world of acclaimed artist, TRNZ. Mint price is at 0.048E
3/ Overview Owning a Superordinary Friend grants you access to The Table. Here, holders enjoy utilities in the form of exclusive and curated food & lifestyle experiences. Utility brand partners are Globe, Hilton, and Hyatt - more brands will be announced leading to mint.
4/ Vision At the core of this exclusive food club, SF celebrates food, art & culture while focusing on food + lifestyle utilities. We will leverage our IRL connections to luxury hotels, global food brands and Michelin restaurants to bring real-world value to our holders.
5/ Team Founders are Directors of Alinea Collective - an award-winning Creative Studio. The team handles international food campaigns and visuals and works closely with the best luxury hotels and global food brands from all around the world.
6/ Founder SF was created with the vision of Web2.5. Being the Creative Director of Alinea Collective @MR JUNG | SF (Brayden Lim) shoots for some of the biggest international brands. He is supported by a team of the best to bring exceptional experiences & utilities for holders.
7/ Clients We have worked closely with world-class clients Heinz, Shake Shack, Pizza Hut, Hilton, Marriott, Nespresso, Burger King to name a few. Given our position in the Global food scene, we are always looking to introduce more brands into Web3 so our holders can benefit.
8/ Art TRNZ brings SF to life where each avatar holds an iconic food item and dons a quirky outfit. The art of SF originates from TRNZ’s signature painting styles. The SF art is symbolic of our community’s love for food and our shared belief that food brings people together.
9/ Artist TRNZ is the exclusive artist of Superordinary Friends. Many celebrities are huge collectors of his IRL paintings and customised art pieces. He has exhibited in Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong, Jakarta, South Korea, and had a recent exhibition in Paris.
10/ Merch & Collectibles TRNZ is known for his versatility with various mediums. His catalogue of featured works goes beyond creations on canvas, and also includes vinyl, garments, sculptural pieces and other unique art forms. We ain’t kidding when we talk about collectibles.
11/ Roadmap We believe in providing value for our holders before anything else. That is why we have launched multiple events and secured multiple Web2 partnerships before mint. We are focused on keeping our community tight and exclusive, while providing real-world utility.
12/ Community At The Table, community comes first. We’ve been building our community for the last few months and continue to grow with like-minded people & partners. We curate our community through our Mystery Box campaign and we aim to be the food & lifestyle brand of Web3.
13/ IRL Events We have had several events in the PH where our artist is based in (music festivals, art activations). We are excited to host more events with our holders starting with Singapore next, then on to the rest of the world. Get ready, there’s going to be lots of food.
14/ Partnerships We have announced Globe, Hilton, Hyatt as our utility brand partners, alongside Angliss (official Michelin gourmet partner). More brand partners TBA before the mint. These brands will play an important role in providing exclusive experiences for our holders.
15A/ Utilities 1/3 Holders of SF can enjoy: - Curated Food & Experiences - Exclusive access to special tasting menus - Exclusive access to gastronomical events - Food Photography Masterclass by Alinea Collective - Culinary Masterclass with Michelin trained chef
15B/ Utilities 2/3 - Exclusive luxury staycations* - Discounts from select brand partners - Exclusive merch & collectibles - IRL Events & Art activations - Exclusive Access to Gallery Shows by Vinyl on Vinyl around the world - Additional utilities by Globe & GCash for PH market
15C/ Utilities 3/3 We would also be rolling out our very own elevated food experiences spearheaded by our Michelin Trained Head Chef with food supplied by our partner - Angliss (Official Michelin Gourmet Partner).
16/ SF Clubhouse The team currently has 2 IRL spaces. Holders will get to utilise these exclusive members-only clubhouse for food tastings, community events, private dining supported by our various brand partners. These spaces are already open and ready for our next SF event.
17/ Conclusion This is not your usual NFT project. If you love food, then you’re our kind of people. We are here to create and build a food + art + utility NFT together with all our Web2 utility brand partners. We intend to keep the collection size small (2500) at 0.048E.
18/ Conclusion (cont’d) When it comes to food & luxury dining experiences, we sure as hell know what we are talking about. After 9 months of building, we are ready to share this with our community. We hope you guys are ready.
19/ Premint We've had an overwhelming request from our community. For our believers, this is specially for you guys. Opening our premint for a final chance for a seat at The Table. We'll see you at The Table. 🔥
Superordinary Friends | SF
🌐 Web3 Brand for Food People - Celebrating Food, Arts and Culture 🔮 Brands: @enjoyGlobe, @HiltonHotels, @Hyatt & more to be released 👀
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