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so imagine this: ynbn sneaking to the bathroom during the αmαs for a quickie. yj’s expensive pants are crumpled on the floor, his black silk boxers pulled down just below his ass for sb to fuck him hard and fast

sb’s hand is stripping over yj’s cock as he tries to make yj cum as fast as possible, and it isn’t long before yj is spilling into sb’s palm with a moan. but the only two options are either wiping it on their expensive designer outfits or making yj lick sb’s hand clean
so sb brings his hand to yj’s mouth and makes him lick up his own cum. sb gets off on the feeling of yj’s tongue on his fingers, spilling deep inside yj. when they’ve finally caught their breaths, sb pulls up yj’s pants and does his buckle for him
“better hold it in for the rest of the night, hyung,” sb says with a smirk. “otherwise rαkta-noona will kill you.” yj can only groan in response
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