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#taekookau🔞 newly formed psychiatrist th bets everything on the most difficult case of his institution, and luck seems to smile on him because the nymphomaniac and psychopath jk responds well to treatment. however th don't know it's actually just the next victim.

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"here it is" the secretary says, handing th a chart. as soon as he opens the folder and sees the patient's name, he can feel his hands sweat while a chill runs through his body. jeon jungkook, it is written, he would be your first patient.
th couldn't tell if he was lucky or unlucky. everyone had heard of jk, a ruthless man with vicious crimes on his record. if he could help jk, his career would take a leap. but if he failed, he would have nothing but defeat under his belt.
there, he made the decision to go all-in on the institute's toughest case. "very well, thank you" he says to the secretary, who looks at him with an expression of astonishment. "are you sure? he's not a very simple case for a newbie..." she said fearfully.
however th just smiles small and nods, determined. "i will do my best and bring positive results!" he says bravely. the secretary shrugs at last. "good luck then, boy" she wishes, seeing th thank you and walk towards the patients' corridor she wished he was really lucky.
when kim found room 312 and opened the door, the patient was already sitting and waiting for him. th swallowed hard, trying to contain the rising nervousness, as if jk could smell him when he couldn't. and it really is what it seems, as the doctor gets jk's stare right after.
the black eyes carried an indecipherable glow, th didn't see any expression on his face that would help him understand what jk was thinking. however, that expression soon gives way to a small smile, as his body leans back against the chain. "hello, doctor" he hums.
and the psychiatrist is hit by the husky low tone, cursing himself for getting chills at that tone of voice. "you're new here, right?" jk asks casually, looking th up and down. the orbs captured every bit of the boy, recording everything in his mind.
"hm, yes" the boy murmurs "and i will be your responsible doctor from now on" a small smile plays on jk's lips again and the brunette nods. "alright then" the patient mumbles and points to the chair in front of him "sit down, doc"
th lets a gentle smile appear and sits down across from jk. strangely, he doesn't look like the man who committed such cruel crimes, he looked like a kind man. however, the boy shook off those ideas, he needed to stay focused. "you didn't tell me your name, man" jk hums
"you're right" the boy said, opening his notebook "my name is kim taehyung, but you can just call me taehyung" "hm, taehyung" the patient says, as if testing how the name keeps saying itself "it's a pretty name, it suits you" th' eyes turn to the man in front of him,
looking slightly surprised by that line. "oh..." is what escapes her lips. "my name is jeon jungkook" the brunette introduces himself, extending his hand to greet him "but i believe you already know me". kim nods but still shakes jk's hand.
jeon's gaze falls on their hands together, but then back to th. "i hope we have a good time together" he said amiably "please take good care of me" "i'll do my best" th guarantees, smiling as he pulls a pen from his pocket "let's start?"
jk nodded, keeping his posture relaxed. "well, could you tell me what your motivation was?" the psychiatrist asks. "my motivation for what?" the man asks. "to make so many victims" kim mutters "here it says you tortured most of them"
"ah yes, that" jk nods quietly "i did it because i find it pleasurable, doc". th swallows hard, trying to be inconspicuous, but the fear and unease grow in him. he knew he would hear things like that, but he just thought he would deal with it in the future.
"pleasant? why?" he asked, trying to keep his voice steady as he wrote things down. "because i liked hearing the screams, seeing the tears running down their faces, it was fun to see them squirming and begging" jeon said, laughing nostalgic "but now everything has changed"
"changed? what changed, jungkook?" the lab coat boy asks. "now i'm willing to improve and redeem myself" jk guarantees "that's why i'm going to collaborate with you, taehyung". these words cheer up th, who smiles hopefully at jk
"this is great, jk!" th claims "i'm sure you'll do just fine". "yes, i will" jk says smugly, smiling small. the questions continue until their talking time ends. at all times, jk is very responsive and articulates words well. at that rate, th would have an easy job.
he had been with jk for 2 months and he had to say, jk already looked like a different person! confirm the patient had a better behavior, th ia giving him more freedom. now they even had sessions without guards at the door and jk could walk freely.
sometimes the psychiatrist would bring some things because jk said he liked it, like some comics and games. they had really gotten close, and th saw this as something positive for the treatment. but jk saw it in a much better way, he was closer to his prize.
he analyzed the entire routine, keeping an eye on every detail for the perfect moment. from the distance between the security room and the bedroom, to the strength of the door. he also mapped th' reactions, everything he liked and didn't like.
risked touches while watching minutely what th would do. and he couldn't be more pleased with the result, it wouldn't take much to break the psychiatrist and take him. the kid was so naive jk wondered how he even got hired for this
it was definitely a gift for him, there was no other explanation. when night came, he masturbated while thinking about everything he could do with th. thinking about that pretty mouth wrapped around his cock or moaning his name as he fucked the boy into oblivion.
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