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Feb 16, 2023
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The Lost Bet ; #taekookau🔞🔞 "Taehyung. Did you dance for me, there, in the club?" The silence crept up upon us. His dark eyes had giant pupils now. They were fixed on my face. A lost curl was lying on his cheek, so I slowly moved it from there, and tucked it behind his ear.

"Tell me... Tell me the truth. I promise, tomorrow we'll forget. It will be the only one time" | whispered with unexpected intensity in my voice. His eyes were so wide open, trusting, almost vulnerable. His lips trembled.. "Yes..." The whisper... So silent. So full of fear.
Or a #taekookau🔞🔞 where Taehyung lost a bet to dress as a woman to a birthday party and Jungkook couldn't take his eyes off him and all he could think about is "He's so pretty I want to cry"
🏷️ ® Best friends to Lovers ® Unrequited love ® Smut🔞 ® Fluff — 🦋 Authors Note 🦋 — This story is a simple college love-drama, if you are not into college bets and parties, and roommates' "best-friend-to-lover" motives, with sweet endings - this is not for you!
Taehyung lost the bet three hours before the birthday party started. We were looking through the dormitory window and observing our friend Hoseok hitting on a girl. We all said he would be rejected. Taehyung, however, insisted that he would not. So, we made a bet.
Whoever loses - has to dress as a girl for the upcoming party. We liked our stakes to be high, and it seemed like fun at the time. As soon as the girl in question turned around and walked away with an ugly grimace on her face,
leaving Hoseok disappointed - we all went on laughing wildly, only Taehyung went... a bit pale. Yep. People already were teasing him that he looked like a girl, with his slender, lean body and long, wavy hair.
He also had a cute face and as I was among people who were teasing him the most, so now of course I laughed even louder than the rest. I felt a weird wave of anticipation, as I observed his disconsolate expression.
"C'mon, Taehyung!" Nari was very eager to help him do a makeover. Suyeon joined her, wiggling her brows. "Yes! I have a perfect dress for you, honey! You will look stunning!" "Look at his legs, boys!" Nari pointed at his slender calves in skinny jeans.
"He will look like a supermodel! How tall are you? 5'9''? 5’10”? Almost my height!" She was checking him out non-stop, which was a bit annoying. Taehyung had an angry and ashamed face. He was NOT happy to crossdress, but he knew we always treated our bets very seriously.
Yoongi and Jimin were poking fun at him, and all members of our group were expecting excitement out of it, except for Taehyung, of course. I must say, I secretly pitied him. Just a bit. Taehyung was my roommate and my best friend.
We got along great through more than a half of our freshman year and were still going strong as the spring came to full blossom. We played games together, watched TV series and movies, even organized trips to nearby mountains. He is a really nice guy, calm and gentle,
and more introverted than me, so we complemented each other in a way. But the prospect of seeing him dressed as a woman was hilarious in itself, and I was hoping to have as much fun as the rest of our small group of friends. It was way too tempting.
The girls took Taehyung with them, to start his makeover and me, Yoongi and Jimin were left alone, so we started to play on Yoongi's console and having a great time that I even forgot that poor Taehyung was being tortured, as I was totally lost in the game.
But soon, with shock, I realized that I could hear the sound of high heels on the floor and continuous giggles... It was Nari and Suyeon. And... Taehyung, of course. They returned to Yoongi's room with my poor roommate looking quite unfamiliar.
Yoongi and Jimin started to laugh like crazy, rolling on the bed, but I kinda... did not. I mean, I chuckled, but what was more important I felt uneasy. Taehyung truly was changed. I blinked in shock.
To be honest, he looked... great. There was no way to deny it. I was always a sucker for nice, sexy dresses and party make-up on girls.
What do you think?
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