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Muذaffar 🥷

Feb 16
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I will never forget this night when my mother was wailing in the kitchen it was around 3:30am screeching in pain calling my brother, when i heard the cries, i woke up nd rushed to kitchen and saw my mother lying down, when i saw her in this situation i rushed towards my brothers+

room and told him loudly “mummy gov khabar kya” he woke up in no time and we grasp her and took her in car and rushed towards hospital, i was on backseat with my mother pampering her and reading multiple Surah’s and different ayah blowing on her face while my eyes were weeping,+
we passed through a Naka of forces, They signalled us to stop, seeing the situation of mama my brother decided not to stop, my brother turned on cabin light and didn’t stopped, it was perilous to break naka like this in the middle of night,honestly I thought they might shoot but+
they didn’t, we reached hospital and doctors started giving my mom painkillers but nothing was happening after that they held some tests and found that she has received heart attack, it was like some calamity has befallen on us when we heard it we started weeping there, it was+
excruciating. They immediately referred her to SMHS, my brother went with her while I remained there, i was not understanding anything but decided to go back home not knowing driving at that time i left my car there and left to home on foot, it was around 4:30am i was at highway+
walking bw two major Camps in the dark, i was shivering at that time and was barely able to walk, somehow the managed to reach home. Same day i went to SMHS hospital to see my mum, i went to meet her when she saw me her eyes turned wet and told me (myani patte kya bani tche)+
what will happen to you after me, i will never be able to describe those moments what happened to me at that time we both were weeping. After two days she started recovering, i was at home and it was 16th of feb 2020, my aunt came home, i told her, what is the situation of my+
mother? She replied she is recovering, i left for isha and aunt told me to pray to Allah for the recovery of your mother, the way she said i felt suspicious and prayed to Allah to give us our mother back. The very next day i was having tea in kitchen and a neighbour came to our+
home and said, your mama is no more, my life ended that day she was the only person i had, i had lost my father when i was of 2 yrs of age, but my mama never made us to feel his absence. We were never letting her to go anywhere alone as something might happen to her and today+
she is no more while we are with her, mama was afraid of crossing busy roads, i was always accompanying her. In her last moments she told my mausi, “ ye chui tez paham magar tche travzais door nazar”, she was loving me so much that i can never express. I always pray to Allah+
and hope she is at better state than mine, may Allah bless you with Jannat ul Firdous mama and make it easy for you to reach there. I miss you and feel your absence everyday mama, and i love you to the moon and back.
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