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🖇️ unholy ✧ 🔞 #taekookau Taehyung is starting to think that he's becoming a bit of a satyromaniac. Yes, you read that right. Kim Taehyung, the pastor's son, loves having sex all the time And not just /any/ sex, oh boy. That was just the tip of the iceberg.

tags and warnings: — fordidden/secret relationship — (internalised) homophobia • gay awakening • coming out — mentions of religion — church boy taehyung • frat boy jeongguk — 🔞 to be posted in my nsfw account @⛓️ — I might go to hell for this lol
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Taehyung is starting to think that he’s becoming a bit of a satyromaniac. Yes, you read that right. Kim Taehyung, the pastor’s son, loves having sex all the time. And not just /any/ sex, oh boy. That was just the tip of the iceberg, really. Just the icing on the cake,
because Taehyung doesn't just love sex. He loves having filthy and sinful gay sex as his homophobic parents called it. But at that point, Taehyung really couldn’t give a flying fuck as to what she or her whole church thinks.
They can graze their knees out of worship for their beliefs, while Taehyung can graze his own for worshiping cock.
Ever since Taehyung was just a small child, he was already so immersed in his parents’ beliefs. Was brought to church events and gatherings, was encouraged to do volunteer work, serve the church, pray and all those things that a typical church boy would do.
He has been living under the strict supervision of his mother and father, and lived a sheltered life doing the things he was taught to do since he was young. He has never had the opportunity to do what he wants and was always left curious
and a bit jealous of others who were free to do whatever they pleased without the fear of any consequences; of being judged. Until college, that is. His first taste of actual freedom. It actually came as a surprise to him that parents trusted him enough to live in the dorms,
and go to a regular college rather than the catholic one they wanted. But he guesses that the fact that he was nothing but an obedient son since forever, and that the college he enrolled in actually has a great curriculum was what made them agree,
with a warning to not lose himself in temptation while living outside their roof. And at first, Taehyung did alright. He went to classes, he made some new friends and stuck with some old friends he met in church, he prayed every night and called his parents to update them with
what was happening to him, or basically, he was still a little tied to his parents’ leash. Free, but not quite. Until Jimin, his best friend and soulmate, decided to take matters into his own tiny little murderous hands and dragged Taehyung to some fraternity party
a month after his first day in college. Taehyung was at first hesitant. He has some ideas as to what happens to college parties. He knows sin lurks in every corner of it, and he was afraid that his parents would find out since he already told them that he was going to go to bed.
Jimin reassured him countless times that it was going to be alright. To think of it as a normal social gathering. And he quotes “You need to experience things, at least once, Taetae. Didn’t you tell me you’ve been curious about things like these since you were young?
Well now’s your chance to try them.” And that was that. Jimin has been his best friend and church mate ever since they were in daycare, and out of everyone including his parents, Jimin knew him and his secret desires best.
He trusted Jimin the most, and he would be lying if he said that Jimin was wrong, so he agreed. Taehyung wore the clothes that Jimin lent him– some tight faux leather pants and a sheer shirt that displayed his collarbones.
It made him feel a bit self conscious since it was different from his usual button-up long sleeves and slacks, but soon got used to the snug material especially when Jimin described him as hot. By the time he and Jimin arrived at the house, the party was already in full swing.
People around their age were hanging out on the front porch talking amongst themselves, holding a red cup in their hands. Some were on the yard smoking and laughing loudly and the music was so loud that Taehyung could barely hear his own thoughts. It was scary.
At least for someone inexperienced like him, it is. Taehyung finds himself holding the material of Jimin’s shirt as they enter the house and is met with even louder music and even more people.
He scans the area and he could see that the house’s living room served as a makeshift dance floor area where strobe lights littered and shined on bodies upon bodies of people dancing and grinding against each other, making him look away, red faced.
The middle of the house was mostly a narrow hallway with a bathroom at the end where a person was sitting down, sleeping with their mouth open next to a staircase. And on the other side of the house was the kitchen and dining area, where people were playing some sort of game on
the dining table, trying to shoot a ball into a cup while a small crowd watched and cheered the players nearby. It’s barely been a minute and Taehyung’s already starting to feel uneasy. Like a fish out of water. Like he didn’t belong there.
Still, he tries to fight his inhibitions away as he follows Jimin to the kitchen where one of their elder friends, Hoseok, was standing and talking to someone else. “You made it!” Hoseok says, meeting Jimin halfway and engulfing the shorter male in a huge hug. “You came!”
Taehyung meets Hoseok’s eyes while the latter was hugging Jimin, causing him to squeal and pull back from his hug with Jimin and approach him. “Taehyungie?” he grins manically as he looks at him from top to bottom, unable to believe his eyes. “You’re here too?”
Taehyung smiles at him diplomatically. “Hey hyung,” he replies, briefly hugging the elder. “It’s nice to be here.” “I’d say the same, but I’m scared you’ll tattle us on your mother!” Hoseok guffaws joyfully, pulling him and Jimin to the kitchen towards the guy that he
was speaking to. Hoseok also goes to church with him and Jimin. Though, he never really volunteered like they did and just attended mass with his parents on Sundays and only ever befriended him when the church hosted a dance competition and Hoseok joined.
Since then he’s been one of Taehyung and Jimin’s closest friends. Taehyung snorts at him. “If I do that then I’ll be exposing myself too, so don’t worry about it.” he says lightly. “I kind of sneaked past my curfew to come.”
Hoseok grins at him widely, like some sort of proud parent. “My little rebel!” he squeals, turning around to pull him to the kitchen where Jimin was already speaking to the person that Hoseok was talking to before they arrived.
For some ungodly reason, Taehyung finds himself losing his breath as soon as his eyes meet the stranger’s dark ones. The stranger is a guy. Around his height, long dark hair falling until his shoulders, strong eyebrows with a piercing on the right, ivory skin, pink lips,
wearing some ripped jeans that reveal muscled thighs and a fitted shirt that displayed a strong chest and an arm sleeve full of tattoos. Looking like the embodiment of sin, Taehyung thought to himself as he stopped next to Hobi and convinced himself to stop staring at the him.
“Anyway, I want you to meet someone, Tae.” Hoseok puts an arm around his shoulders and points at the stranger. “This is my best friend, Jeongguk! Jeongguk, this is the guy I was telling you about earlier: Taehyung.”
The guy– Jeongguk nods in his direction as he leaned back on the kitchen counter, a red cup in his hand. “Hey,” he says, grinning at him widely. Grinning at him handsomely, it nearly made Taehyung’s knees give in. “Nice to meet you.”
“Same here.” he murmurs, nodding at the male. Trying to control the sudden and the unexplainable rush of blood in his cheeks. Taehyung has no idea why Jeongguk has this instant effect on him. Sure, he’s handsome and he has muscles that are threatening to rip his clothes off.
Sure, it looks like he’s holding some stars captive in his eyes, and that the dark tattoos decorating his right arm makes him look sexy. /But he’s a boy./ A boy shouldn’t have this kind of effect on Taehyung. Right?
As if reading his mind, Jeongguk shoots him a sly smirk that causes Taehyung to look down on his shoes. Too ashamed to meet the other’s eyes after those shameful thoughts.
The conversation continues from there with Hoseok complaining about some project that they’re expected to complete by the end of the semester, and with Jimin joining in the conversation since the three of them apparently share the same major.
Taehyung sticks to the side, silently listening as he takes a seat on the counter. Preferring to become one with the kitchen backsplashes since Jeongguk has been catching him staring for the past couple of minutes, leaving him with rosy cheeks /all the time./
God, he thinks. What was happening to him? The more he stays there, the more uneasy Taehyung begins to feel. It helps that they’re staying in the kitchen where it’s less crowded compared to the other areas of the house, but with everything else surrounding him– with a couple
making out in the dining room where Taehyung could see clearly from his perch on the counter, the shameless grinding happening in the kitchen and god knows what else is happening in the other rooms, Taehyung begins to fidget in discomfort.
Jimin of course is aware of this of course, and asked if he wanted to maybe dance or go out and meet other people but Taehyung declined. Still not feeling all too comfortable leaving his safe spot. And likewise, Taehyung could also feel through the soulmate bond he shares
with Jimin that the latter was beginning to feel antsy being in just one place for too long. Jimin was always the more outgoing and sociable between the two of them. His parents weren’t as strict as Taehyung’s so he was always brave when it came to non-church related events
such as this. And although Taehyung could be a social butterfly if he wanted, the frat party wasn’t exactly his scene, so that hinders him from doing so. Still, he doesn’t want Jimin to waste the night glued to his side.
The last thing that Taehyung wants to do is become a baggage. Plus, that would give him the opportunity to sneak out and go back to their dorm once he was out of Jimin’s watchful eyes. He bumps into Jimin’s side, making the latter look at him with a raised eyebrow. “What?”
“You know you can leave me here if you want to, Min,” he tells him with a smile. “I’ll be fine by myself for a few minutes.” Jimin scrunches his eyebrows at him. “No, I brought you here. Why would I leave you?” he asks, ever the most considerate. Honestly, Taehyung is so lucky
to have him. “It’s fine.” Taehyung gestures towards the living room area. “You’ve been looking at the dancefloor for around ten times now. I’ll be fine. I promise. Just go already.” “But–” Jimin tries to reason.
“It’s okay, Jimin-ssi.” The answer comes from Jeongguk this time, making the two of them look at the other with a surprised look on their faces. “I’ll take care of him.” Taehyung was doing well in trying to control the blush on his cheeks. He swears on the cross that he is. –
If only Jeon Jeongguk didn’t swipe a pierced tongue over his bottom lip, making it look glossed with spit, as he looked at Taehyung with something akin to hunger in his eyes, then he would have succeeded. Before Taehyung could utter a response, Hoseok nodded at Jeongguk with
a sly smirk on his face. The devil’s advocate. Before he pulls Jimin to the living room, not letting the latter say another word and leaving him and Jeongguk in the kitchen alone. So much for escaping the party, Taehyung thought as he fidgets in his seat and observes his nails
for lack of anything to do. Taehyung senses Jeongguk begin to move around the kitchen, his broad back facing him as he grabs an empty red cup and places some ice in it before adding some coca cola and some whiskey before facing Taehyung and handing the cup to him with a smirk.
Well, who’s fault is that? Taehyung thought. But regardless, he accepts the cup with a quiet thank you and takes a small, hesitant sip. Surprisingly, the alcohol doesn’t taste as bad he thought and drinks a more generous gulp. He didn’t even realize that he was thirsty.
“Taehyung, right?” Jeongguk asks as he watches him with an unrelenting gaze. Crossing his arms, making his muscles bulge. Taehyung gulps. “Yeah.” he licks his lips as he looks down on his drink. Jeongguk seems to have been observing him since he chuckles at him.
“Like it?” he asks. “Yeah, it– it doesn’t taste bad at all,” Taehyung replies, still a bit shy. “My parents say alcohol tastes bitter.” Jeongguk snorts. “Are you the pastor’s son?” he asks, making Taehyung look up at him and quirk a questioning eyebrow up.
“Hoseok told me he invited some church kid over. I’m not judging you or anything. Don’t worry, I was just asking.” His tone surprised Taehyung, not because he seemed insincere but quite the opposite of it. Unlike the people he goes to church with, who masked their silent
judgment with a fake smile and sugar coated words, Jeongguk says things how it is. Simple and direct to the point, which Taehyung appreciates. “Yeah, I am.” Taehyung nods self consciously. Biting his lip. “Which kind of explains why I’m feeling a little…”
“Out of place?” Jeongguk finishes for him with a handsome grin. Again, why is that making Taehyung’s chest tighten? “Yes.” he admits as he shyly runs his fingers through his hair. “Guess you could say that.” Jeongguk hums, still with that smile on his face, before he walks
and sits next to Taehyung on the counter. Tipping their cups together and taking a generous swig. “Like I said,” he says, tongue poking out again to lick his lips. Taehyung’s eyes subtly follow the movement. “I’ll take care of you.”
And take care of him, Jeongguk does. Much to his heart’s confusion, because he couldn’t decide if he wanted to be taken cared of or not. But since he was there already, might as well, he thought.
They stay in the kitchen talking about anything and nothing, making the atmosphere around them less tense and Taehyung to be more at ease. Forgetting the sins surrounding him and his focus solely on just Jeongguk.
He finds out that Jeongguk is a year older. A dance major, like how Jimin and Hoseok are. He likes to drink beer while singing karaoke, and that he and his brother are the team captains of the university’s soccer team.
And Taehyung shares that he’s studying pre-med, his parents’ decision, but wants to take up art. Shares about Yeontan, his small pooch and his love for all things jazz. Time flies faster as he and Jeongguk converse. Taehyung ends up drinking one cup after another, enjoying
the drink and his companion and completely forgetting about the fact that it’s his first time drinking. He only realizes that he’s had one too many drinks already when he hops off of the kitchen counter to go find Jimin and finds everything spinning, causing him to
lose his footing. Thankfully, strong arms wrap around his waist and support his weight, saving him from an inevitable fall. And soon, Taehyung is met with intense doe eyes that’s looking at him with nothing but concern etched on his handsome face, causing his face to flush.
“You okay?” Jeongguk asks, strong eyebrows meeting. Taehyung swallows as he tears his gaze away from the other– wrong move since everything started to spin some more. “Yeah,” he says, reaching for the cup again but only for a tattooed hand to grip around his wrist, stopping him.
"If I were you, I'd hold off on the alcohol." Jeongguk tells him, grabbing the cup and placing it back on the counter. "You've been drinking whiskey coke like it's water for the past three hours already. If I were you, I'd start taking it easy."
“Three hours?” Taehyung repeats. “We’ve been here for three hours?” Jeongguk chuckles at him. “Yeah.” he says, now looking around the room. “I’ll try and look for Jimin and Hoseok. Will you be okay by yourself for a while?”
Taehyung tries to nod, but as soon as he does, he feels his stomach start to bubble with an uneasy feeling, causing him to retch and feel the full effect of the alcohol he inhaled earlier. “Guess that’s a no,” he hears Jeongguk mutter.
Taehyung was about to argue that he was okay. That Jeongguk didn’t need to take care of him anymore but before he could say a word, he felt hands circling around his thighs and before Taehyung knew it,
Jeongguk was giving him a piggyback ride and was heading into the direction of the stairs. Taehyung is sure he’s as red as a rose, but he can’t really bring himself to utter a word of complaint since he’s too busy either trying to stop his heart from beating widely inside his
chest or not puke on Jeongguk’s shoulder as the latter carries him up to the second floor, bypassing a couple closed doors that has some socks hanging on the knobs before turning to the last door on the right and entering it. The room was already lit.
Through Taehyung’s hazy gaze, he registers two single beds pushed against the walls, with a window in the middle and a huge cabinet on another side. Jeongguk gently deposits him on one of the single beds inside the room, making Taehyung groan as the room continues to spin.
“Is the party over?” a third voice, a voice that sounds so much like Jeongguk’s. Only, it isn’t. It only sounds like him but there’s something distinct about it that separates him from Jeongguk.
Taehyung turns to look at the source of the voice, which is the bed next to the one he’s laying in, and finds himself looking at… Jeongguk?
“There’s still a few people down there.” someone– Jeongguk, the Jeongguk standing next to the bed, replies to the Jeongguk that’s on the other bed. “Did you stay in our room all night?” “I went down for a bit and came up pretty early,” the second Jeongguk answers, surveying
Taehyung with an eyebrow raised. “Who’s this? Can we share again?” The warmth on his cheeks must be what hell feels like, Taehyung thought, as he looks at the Jeongguk perched on the other bed.
He realizes belatedly that the other Jeongguk is half naked, giving him the fantastic view of this Jeongguk’s arm sleeve of tattoos and strong pecs. Like Jeongguk, he has the same features only his hair was cropped short and there’s a lip piercing on his bottom lip.
And God. Why is that making his pants a little tight? “Don’t be an ass, Kook.” Jeongguk rolls his eyes. “His name is Taehyung. He’s Hoseok’s friend.” “Oh, the church guy?” the other, Kook, says as he shifts his position and starts to lean his weight on his arms, making his
muscles freaking flex. Perhaps he may be a little gay, Taehyung thought Or maybe, a small voice whispers in his head. A voice he always associated with his conscience. Maybe the devil is trying to trick you into thinking that.
Well, the devil sure is doing one hell of a good job, Taehyung thought before he catches himself and shakes his head. Trying to collect himself and excuse his thoughts as him being a little drunk.
“Did you spike my drink or something?” Taehyung says, interrupting the two. His headache getting worse as he looks in between the two of them. “Am I imagining you talking to yourself or–?” The Jeongguk from the bed snorts while the Jeongguk standing next to him smiles at him.
“Oh sorry,” Jeongguk says, gesturing to the male on the bed. “This is my brother, Tae. Jungkook.” “Twin brother, in case you’re still wondering.” Jungkook adds, looking at Taehyung intensely. Eyes scanning him as he licks his lips, before turning to look at Jeongguk.
“And speaking of Hoseok, I saw him dip with some guy and Yoongi,” Jungkook says as he sits on his bed and leans on the headboard. “Looks like that bastard is getting some tonight.” “What did the other guy look like?” Jeongguk asks him, taking a seat on the edge of the bed
where Taehyung is laying in as he scrunches his eyebrows at his brother. “Is he blond? A couple inches shorter than us–?” “Bratz lips and nice ass?” Jungkook continues. “Yeah. Saw them getting handsy in the dancefloor and they went out. They’re probably going to Yoongi’s place.”
Wait what? Taehyung thought. Jimin is having a threesome? With– with /men?/ Taehyung blinks as he takes the information in. Feeling a bit betrayed. Don’t get him wrong, he isn’t judging Jimin for being gay or anything. His friendship with the shorter male is nothing
but unconditional. He’s mostly just upset because he didn’t find out from Jimin himself about this. They are soulmates, after all. Sure, Taehyung is a bit religious, but that never would have been a reason for him to shun him out of his life completely.
Maybe he would have for leaving him alone at some party with hot twins, making him question his sexuality, yes. But for him being gay? No. Never. Still, he finds himself getting pouty. Shifting his position on the bed and massaging his head.
“Guess I should get going too,” Taehyung slurs, trying to sit down. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to impose myself, Jeongguk.” “Don’t apologize.” Jeongguk turns to look at him with eyebrows scrunched. “I told you I’ll take care of your. Right?”
Fuck the alcohol, Taehyung thought. Because at Jeongguk’s reply, he blushes and tries to hide it by rubbing his heated face with his palms. He hears Jungkook snicker. “Do you have your phone on you?” Jungkook asks. “Maybe you can try and call them.”
Taehyung attempts to pat his pockets, fighting the noodley feelings in his arms before he remembers that he left it with Jimin since his pants don't have pockets. “No.” He pouts. “My head hurts.” He hears Jeongguk sigh though there’s a tilt of fondness mixed in his tone.
“I’ll grab you some water and an aspirin. Stay here.” he says, standing up and heading towards the door before shooting his twin a firm look. “And you. Don’t try anything.” Jungkook rolls his eyes at him.
“Just get out and grab your boy some water already, Shitface,’ he says, making Jeongguk roll his eyes before leaving. Taehyung doesn’t know how to feel about being called Jeongguk’s boy. But he kind of likes it.
Fuck, he wishes Jimin were here so they could discuss this some more. Maybe if he found out about his best friend’s sexuality a little earlier, then he would have realized some of his own pent up feelings sooner rather than finding it out like this.
Finding out that he may be a little gay as well. “You’re fucking hot,” Jungkook tells him, now looking at him shamelessly with a wicked grin on his face. Okay, maybe he isn’t a /little/ gay. Maybe he’s just plain gay.
No wonder he didn’t feel a thing when Eunhee kissed him when they were in highschool but felt more when he watched Mingyu’s sweat drip down his body after playing basketball. Shit.
“Thanks.” Taehyung bites his lips, allowing himself to look at the other. “You’re not so bad yourself.” Jungkook grins at him wickedly. “I’ll show you how bad I can be if you let me.” he says cockily, making Taehyung blush.
“I leave for a minute and you’re already trying to shoot your shot.” Jeongguk reenters the room, holding a bottle of water and a pill in his hands, rolling his eyes at his brother. “Can’t you keep your cock in your pants for at least one minute?”
“Hard not to with a pretty face like him,” Jungkook replies, winking at Taehyung and making the latter sputter and look down on his lap as he accepts the water from Jeongguk and swallows the pill. “Well back off,” Jeongguk tells him. “I saw him first.”
“I’m seven minutes older than you,” Jungkook says with a roll of his eyes. “Best seven minutes of my life.” Jeongguk replies as he turns to look at Taehyung who’s now a scarlet mess.
He never imagined finding out he was gay like this. Over twins– /twin brothers,/ for goodness’ sake fighting over him like some toy. And honestly, it makes Taehyung feel so desired. So wanted. And so fucking confused. Taehyung stands, not wanting to be in the
same room anymore. Not wanting these sinful thoughts to cloud over his judgment since he knows it isn’t right. Since he knows he isn’t supposed to feel this way over twin brothers. “I should go,” he mumbles, head bowed low. “Thanks for keeping me company.”
“You’re drunk.” Jungkook points out, sounding firm. “Stay here for a bit. We won’t eat you or anything if that’s what you’re worried about.” But the thing is, that’s what he kind of wants, he thought. But he shakes his head and tries to make his way to the door with two wobbly
feet. “N-no, thank you.” he manages with a stutter. “I-I’ll be fine.” “Wait,” Jeongguk says, blocking his way and scrunching his eyebrows at him. “Let me call Hoseok and ask him where you live. I can walk you home. You don’t look too good, Baby.” Baby? Oh shit.
“N-no. It’s alright, Jeongguk.” Taehyung manages to say with a forced smile. Locking his legs together to control his arousal from between them. “I- I can manage. I promise.” Jungkook stands from the bed and walks over to him.
And although there wasn’t any height difference, Taehyung could not help but feel small under the elder’s firm look. “Look.” he says. “Stay here for a minute. If you don’t want Gguk walking you home, the least you can do is wait for your drunkenness to die down before heading
out. It’s two in the morning. You might get mugged.” It must be Jungkook’s dominating presence, Taehyung thought. It must be Jungkook's presence overall mixed with the concerned gaze that Jeongguk is shooting his way that convinced him to stay.
Because that’s what he ends up doing. Staying in the twins’ shared bedroom, talking all night like he did with Jeongguk in the kitchen. They talk about Taehyung as if he was the most interesting person on the planet, asking him everything. What his likes and dislikes are.
His passions, his hobbies and just– it makes him feel a bit special. /Very/ special, actually. It feels like he’s never had the opportunity to do this before. Talk about himself and what he wants. What his desires are not what he’s expected to like without anyone judging him.
He talks about art and shyly admits that he was curious to draw nude images before, not because he's a pervert or anything, but he always wanted to master drawing body parts. And during that time, he gets a better understanding of how to separate the twins apart.
Though they look ninety-eight percent alike with just their tattoos and piercings different, Taehyung finds out that Jeongguk is passionate about dancing and painting whereas Jungkook was more inclined towards math and theories, hence his engineering degree.
He also observes how Jeongguk was more gentle, softer and Jungkook was more firm. More commanding. Though, both of them seem to be quite protective regardless of that since in the middle of the conversation, when Taehyung felt like throwing up, Jungkook instantly got on his feet
and carried him bridal style towards the bathroom and Jeongguk went ahead preparing everything for their arrival. It was so nice. They were so nice. And Taehyung is still so confused about what he should feel because how can something that’s so wrong, feel so right?
By the time Taehyung felt better, less drunk. He told them that he was going to go back to the dorms, and the twins eagerly offered to walk him back. Saying it’s safer for him since it was only four in the morning and went with him like they said, not taking no for answer.
And by the time he’s safely in his dorm where he finds Jimin laying in bed with hickies surrounding his neck as if he’s wearing a freaking necklace, Taehyung finds his back slotting against the door. Heartbeat out of control and butterflies fluttering inside his stomach at the
memory of both Jeongguk and Jungkook smiling at him dopey-ly as they asked for his number. He tells himself that they’re just being friendly. That’s all. That he’s just a little drunk and that somehow the party where sin was all around him just got to him.
But when his phone pinged twice with a text. Away from sin and temptation, no longer drunk and now completely aware of everything. He finds his heart beating even more widely as reads the texts from both Jeongguk and Jungkook asking if he wants to hang out again tomorrow,
well later, and have some lunch. The three of them. And from what the texts imply, it sounds like a /date./ Jesus Christ, he thinks. He hopes confession can save him. But… Does he want to be saved, though?
⬖ ⬘ ⬗ ⬙
Safe to say that Taehyung did not meet up with either Jeongguk or Jungkook the next day. Listen– It’s not like he didn’t want to go or because he didn’t like them, but the opposite of it in fact. Taehyung actually really /really/ wants to meet them because he genuinely
enjoyed the twins' company. They were nothing but nice. Sure, they flirted with him once in a while and turned him into a blushing mess, but for the most part, Taehyung likes them because they listen and don’t judge.
They were sweet and they treated him well that night unlike no girl did. Plus they were so handsome and hot. It left him feeling a bit helpless because although he has appreciated other men’s looks before, Jeongguk and Jungkook were just outwardly beautiful.
Whenever he thinks of them, his hands itch to grab a pencil and draw their features to the best of his ability because they deserve to be immortalized. That’s how handsome he thinks they are. However,
The feeling of being attracted to boys is still so new to him, and he doesn’t know how to feel about that just yet. Let alone how to act on them since it’s nothing that he has experienced before and was taught to him countless times that it’s a sin.
So he bails like the coward he is and wallows in his misery. Punishment, he thinks, for even feeling this way in the first place. - The next morning once he was more sober and Taehyung found Jimin sporting a turtleneck to probably hide his temporary tattoo necklace,
he confronted his best friend about knowing something that he probably shouldn’t have. Namely, how Jimin ‘got some’ with Hoseok and some other guy named Yoongi and why he’s wearing the turtleneck. Jimin cried, understandably so.
He hugged Taehyung that morning and explained that he didn’t tell him about his sexuality because he was afraid that Taehyung might think differently of him. Because of the church, and the fact that he was the pastor’s son who was raised to think that that was a sin.
Of course, Taehyung hugged his soulmate back and told him that he was an idiot. And reassured him countless times that nothing changed. That they’re still best friends and even if Jimin murdered someone, Taehyung would gladly help him hide the body with no questions asked.
Something that made Jimin snort despite his tear stricken eyes and snotty nose before they proceeded to cuddle in Taehyung’s single bed, with Jimin telling him everything. How at first it was just him and Hoseok fooling around, until Hoseok went to college and met Yoongi.
And how things just became complicated, in the best way possible, since then. “Remember Taemin hyung?” he says, looking at Taehyung hesitantly. “Your dance partner in that competition. Right?” Taehyung replies, trying to look open. “Why? Did– you know…”
Jimin nods at him slowly, lips slightly pursed. “He was the one who made me realize who I prefer,” he admits. “I don’t know how to explain it, Tae. But at first, I thought I just admired them and that I thought he was good-looking but after getting to know him, I just… I just
knew that it was something else. I knew I liked guys because a girl has never made me feel interested since then. I don’t know. Does that make sense?” Taehyung hums, nodding his head at the other. “It does,” he replies, biting his lips because it’s kind of how he felt when he
met both Jeongguk and Jungkook and it kind of explains why no one has ever made him feel the flutter in his chest until he met the twins. It seems his and Jimin’s experience was alike, in a way. But then again, they are soulmates for a reason.
Plus he’s now starting to understand why Jimin is afraid to come out to him because he now feels the same. He’s confused, still. The beliefs his parents drilled in his head are still rooted to his brain and he’s still afraid.
Which is kind of the reason why Taehyung held off from coming out to Jimin as well. He knows Jimin won’t judge. And that Jimin will be the most understanding but fear is a silly thing. It can make one be unreasonable and Taehyung is no exception. So he hides it.
At least until he properly figures it out first. Thankfully it was the weekend so there was no reason for Taehyung to head out since he didn’t have classes. Meaning, there was no chance of him bumping into a certain someone, or rather, /someones./
He and Jimin spent the weekend catching up on homework and on their k-dramas, and at some point, Jimin left to go meet up with the mysterious Yoongi, leaving the dorm with a blush on his cheeks. Taehyung only threw a condom at him and a “be safe.”
Once alone, Taehyung is left to deal with his phone that has been pinging with messages ever since Saturday morning. Messages that came from Jeongguk and Jungkook, that is. Asking him how he is. What he’s doing. If he’s mad at them. If they could meet.
And just, it makes him feel more scared at how fond it made him feel about them. Still, he’s a coward who doesn’t know how to face his fears so ignores them and just goes about his day until his phone stops ringing and Taehyung is left a miserable mess.
The weekend passes and the weekdays arrive in a blink of an eye. Taehyung is in the university’s Christian Club (surprise, surprise) and he’s been assigned the task to hand out flyers for an upcoming fundraiser talent show that’s set to take place in less than three weeks.
It’s Wednesday afternoon. He’s sitting under an oak tree with said flyers in his hands, being promptly ignored as usual no matter how hard he smiles at passersby and offers them one. He’s pretty exhausted and is soaking with sweat, but he still perseveres because
he still has a lot of flyers to hand out and he barely has anyone interested in signing up to join. He’s currently sitting on the grass, using said flyers as a makeshift fan. Resting with his eyes closed for a minute.
Praying that he could at least get one person to join the competition until he goes back to his dorm and sleep. Suddenly, a shade blocks the sun’s harsh rays. Thinking it’s Jimin, Taehyung stays seated and with his eyes closed.
Wanting to rest some more before he and his best friend start giving out flyers again. “One more minute, Mimi,” Taehyung says tiredly. “It’s so hot today. I think I’m gonna burn.” “I think you’re hotter.”
That instantly gets Taehyung to open his eyes and look up to find Jungkook looking down at him. Wearing some loose shorts, a muscle tee, some sneakers and a bucket hat. If Taehyung flushes even more, it’s not because of the sun anymore
but because of the heat that Jungkook’s body is radiating with, and his cocky grin. But he wasn’t gonna admit that out loud. Taehyung clears his throat. “Hey.” he looks down, picking on the grass. “Hey yourself,” Jungkook replies, sitting down on the grass next to him
and leaning on the tree. “Why did you ghost us?” Although his tone didn’t sound biting, Taehyung could not help but feel guilty as he avoids the other’s gaze and looked down on the grass. “Sorry,” he mumbles. “I–”
‘I kind of like you and your twin? Which is kind of bad because aside from the fact that being gay was frowned upon in my religion, having a thing for brothers was a whole new other level of sin.’ was what he wanted to say, but ends up trailing off his sentence
as he bites his lips. Jungkook sighs from beside him. “Look, I get it,” he says, patting his knee gently and making Taehyung look at him wearily. “Hoseok told us about… about the religion thing. So I get why you’re avoiding us. I just came to say I’m sorry for coming in too
strong and that you could maybe forget about that whole night of me and Gguk being all flirty if that makes it more comfortable for you.” To say Taehyung was shocked was a huge understatement. He was completely floored and the other’s sincere apology did nothing to stop Taehyung
from feeling more for him. He knew that the twins were direct to the point but he didn’t think that they’d broach this topic of him being a (seemingly) straight church kid so gently and be so considerate, to the point that Jungkook apologized even after Taehyung ignored them
for days. And even reached out to Hoseok to understand him. It was unfair, really. To live in a world where being homosexual was seen as a stigma in the church. To be deduced as a sinner for simply liking someone of the same gender.
It’s hypocritical if Taehyung thinks of it more, that a group of people who were taught by some book to love others as you love yourself, to be judgemental like this. To point fingers and mock someone when the God they worship was described to love all, regardless of anything.
Taehyung hears Jungkook sigh defeatedly next to him and senses him grab his gym bag on the floor and begin to stand. “Anyway, like I said. Me and Jeongguk are sorry and we’ll stop bothering you anymore since–” “Wait!” Taehyung says, pulling him down on the grass with a shy blush
on his cheeks. “I–” He flails his hands, trying to look for the right words. Jungkook watches him with an amused smile but waits patiently. “I– fuck. No, why are you apologizing? I was the one who ignored you after you and Jeongguk were kind to me that evening.
I should be the one who’s sorry.” he manages to say through his stutters. “So sorry. Sorry for ghosting you and for not bothering to tell you why. I guess you were right when you said I was uncomfortable, but not because of your flirting but because–”
Because he was still trying to organize his feelings and think about it more, Taehyung thought but only ended up sighing as he looked down on his lap and bunches his pants with closed fists. “Because it was new.” Jungkook suffices with an understanding nod. “Okay, I hear you.”
And god. Taehyung has never met anyone apart from Jimin who just gets him in an instant. Someone who can read between the lines, be non judgemental and just… it makes him feel really heard. “Thank you.” Taehyung shoots him a small smile.
“Yeah, it’s new. I– I’ve never had a, uh, boy flirt with me before. Let alone twins, so it took me time to process.” “Understandable.” Jungkook nods, sounding casual and light. As if he didn’t want Taehyung to be burdened with even more guilt, which he appreciates a lot.
“Anyway, are we friends?” “Friends.” Taehyung agrees with a smile. Jungkook grins back at him widely, showing his bunny teeth. Fuck, there goes the butterflies again.
“So,” Jungkook says, gesturing towards the flyers in his hands. “What’cha up to?” “Just handing out flyers for the Christian Club,” Taehyung explains, handing the elder one a flier. “The church is hosting a talent show in three weeks and I’m trying to recruit participants.”
Jungkook accepts the flier and proceeds to read it. “Oh, cool. Five hundred thousand won prize? That’s generous!” he says, eyes widening. “Are you accepting people who aren’t a part of the church?” Taehyung’s eyes widened. “Why?” he asks. “I mean, it’s open for everyone to join.
But, uh, are you thinking of participating?” “Nah, I’m not thinking of participating.” Taehyung slightly deflates. “I want to join if you’ll have me. Where do I sign up?” Taehyung grins at him, wide and boxy, making Jungkook slightly blush but remains smiling nonetheless.
“You will?” Taehyung says eagerly. “You want to join?” “Sure.” Jungkook nods, opening his bag and grabbing a pen. “Where’s the sign up sheet?” Taehyung eagerly hands him his clipboard that only has one name– Jimin, listed there and watches as Jungkook enters his information to
show to him that he’s serious about joining. “There.” Jungkook returns his clipboard. “Now you have yourself a competition.” “Oh my bears. Thank you, Jungkookie! It means a lot,” Taehyung says happily, not realizing he used a nickname.
“I’ve been handing out flyers for two hours now and you’re the first to actually sign up.” “Really?” Jungkook replies, scrunching his eyebrows. “People actually had the audacity to ignore you? What a bunch of blind losers.”
Taehyung blushes, but this time, he doesn’t look away from Jungkook. Still too happy over one registration. “Yeah well, I don’t think they’re interested in some church thing.” he mumbles. Jungkook snorts, and before Taehyung could ask, he steals the clipboard from him
and stands. Looking around the university’s courtyard until he spots a male that’s walking from afar. “HEY!” Jungkook yells, stealing everyone's attention. “Hey Yugyeom! Come here!” The guy, Yugyeom, walks up to them with an eyebrow raised. “What?” he asks.
Jungkook shoves the clipboard in his hands. “Sign up here with that band of yours. They’re giving away 500,000 won.” he explains. Yugyeom’s eyes widened and immediately grabs the pen. “Sure!” he says, registering. Making Taehyung’s mouth drop open and stand next to Jungkook
to watch Yugyeom sign. “Is it okay if I call Jihyo and the cheer squad? I heard they need funds for new cheering outfits. This might help.” “Sure!” Taehyung is the one who replies, bouncing on his feet. “The more the merrier!”
Yugyeom smiles and pulls his phone out to call his friend. While he does that, Jungkook begins to call over some random people and explain the talent show, making Taehyung more happy. Pretty soon, Taehyung was able to secure thirteen registrations
and a lot of interested queries asking where they can buy tickets to watch the show. All made possible thanks to Jungkook. By the time the last person left and it was well into the evening already, Taehyung turns to Jungkook and gives him a hug.
“Thank you, Jungkook!” he says sincerely. “This really means a lot to me!” He hears Jungkook suck in a breath but hugs him back. Tight. And mumbles a quiet, “Well, you mean a lot to me.” he reveals, making Taehyung blush and slowly pull back from the hug.
But it seems, Jungkook doesn’t want to cut the hug short and pulls him in. “Just a second more. I like how you smell.” Taehyung could not help but chuckle at him and hug him back. Secretly not wanting the hug to end yet too. They stay for about a minute like that. A minute
that felt like eternity. Like home. Until they finally separate and they smile at each other shyly. Bottom lips trapped between their teeth. “Anyway.” Jungkook scratches the side of his head. “Don’t overthink this, but would you want to go and have some dinner with me?”
Taehyung’s heart starts to pound. The floaty feeling of euphoria outweighs the hesitance he once felt, so he nods at the other with a smile. “I’m buying.” he says, bending down to pick up his bag.
Jungkook grins at him. “I’m not opposed to that,” he says, leading the way out the university next to Taehyung. “But next time, I’m buying. Okay?” Next time. Oh God. Taehyung really really wants that.
But he only nods as Jungkook leads him to some korean barbeque restaurant. Spending hours there, talking and laughing. And just, having a great time. Taehyung honestly wants to knock his head to the exhaust pipe for being a little silly and for being afraid.
Because Jungkook is quite the opposite of bad. He’s really lovely and pleasant. Under the cocky grins and the lustful eyes is a boy with a twinkling laugh and a good personality.
It’d be a sin to dim that smile down, Taehyung thought as the night progressed. ⬖ ⬘ ⬗ ⬙
A day later, Taehyung finds himself sharing a table with Jeongguk. It came as a bit of a shock, actually, since he didn’t really expect to spend time with one of the twins again so soon. But to be honest, Taehyung should really stop with the assumptions since the twins have
been nothing but a surprise, a good one, since they entered his life. After his date– wait. Scratch that. It wasn’t a date. They were just hanging out. Rewind. After /hanging out/ with Jungkook the night before, just as he walked Taehyung back to his dorms and waved at him
goodbye with that handsome smile, Taehyung’s phone pinged with a text. The text was from Jeongguk. It reads, ‘Why were you hanging out with Kook and ignoring me?’ followed by a series of sad emojis that made Taehyung chuckle in adoration before promptly replying with a:
‘We met by chance. But I’m sorry for ignoring you tho.’ ‘No worries!!! :D But can we meet by chance too?’ Jeongguk replies not a minute later. And Taehyung supposes that he owes Jeongguk as much as he owes Jungkook, so leaving all hesitations out the door, he replies with:
‘I might be in the library tomorrow at around 1PM. If you’re there BY CHANCE, then I guess :3’ ‘Noted :D I guess let’s leave that to fate then :D’ he replies, making Taehyung smile into his phone. Not even realizing that Jimin was inside their door, silently watching him from
his bed with an eyebrow quirked. Taehyung only became aware of him when Jimin threw a pillow at him and asked him where he was and why he was smiling like a schoolgirl with a crush. Taehyung only shrugged at him and said that he was happy because thirteen people registered at
the talent show. It wasn’t a lie since it is part of the reason. He’s just… not giving all the details. That’s all. Unsurprisingly, Jimin’s eyes bulged wide and demanded how he did that before jumping up and down in glee, muttering something about having to up his game since
there was going to be real competition. Taehyung only smiled at him, intentionally not answering his questions and just celebrating this small, yet important, win. Fast forward to today and his and Jeongguk’s ‘chance’ meeting, Taehyung is at the library, pretending to study
for some test he had that afternoon but is actually listening to lady gaga through the speakers of his headphones. Lady Gaga was kind of a taboo subject at the church because of her beliefs and what her presence meant, so she was kind of Taehyung’s guilty pleasure and liked to
listen to her songs when he’s all alone. Actually, he’s quite a fan so it always made his inner fanboy sad because he never got the opportunity to gush about her with anyone. He was just belting out the lyrics of Bad Romance when a bag suddenly dropped on his table, making him
squeak and look up with wide eyes to find Jeongguk across from him with a teasing yet handsome grin on his face. “Jeongguk!” Taehyung whines, hand over his heart. “You scared me.” Jeongguk’s grin only widened as he took a seat opposite him.
“Sorry Baby.” he replies, making Taehyung blush. Seriously, when will he stop blushing in the presence of these twins? “Anyway,” Jeongguk says as he takes his books out of his bag. “Fancy seeing you here. Who would have thought I’d see you at the library at one o’clock today?”
Taehyung snorts as he grabs his phone from the table to turn his music off. “It must be fate,” he says with a small smile. “Must be.” Jeongguk nods, looking at his phone and finding one of Taehyung’s music apps still open. “Lady Gaga? That’s… unexpected.”
Taehyung bites his lips as he tries to shut the app off, feeling a bit uneasy since no one knows about his Lady Gaga obsession. “Oh, uh, yeah.” he chuckles nervously. “I was just, uhm, reading while listening to music and her song came in, and–”
“Lady Gaga is cool,” Jeongguk cuts him off, sounding nonchalant as he opens his books and looks at Taehyung. “I’m assuming you heard her jazz tracks already?” Taehyung nods at him slowly. “I- yeah. I have.” he admits shyly. “Her music is really good.”
“No shit.” Jeongguk grins at him. “When her first single came out, I think I was obsessed for months. Poker Face remains iconic to this day.” Taehyung’s eyes start to lighten at that. “Same.” he says shyly. “Though I like Just Dance a bit more.”
“What?” Jeongguk feigns offense, making Taehyung giggle at him. “Poker face is–” And it was mostly just them bantering. But not in a bad or heated way, but the fun kind. With the two of them arguing which song is better and singing some of her old and new hits back and forth
until the librarian shushed them and warned them to keep it down. Making both of them giggle quietly and proceed to studying. “I’ll show you how iconic Poker Face is at the talent show,” Jeongguk then says as he picks up a pen and begins to write something on his notebook.
“I’ve been trying to work the choreography out since last night and now that I found out about how you’re gaga for Gaga then I know which music to pick.” “You’re joining the contest too?” Taehyung asks, touched. Jeongguk scoffs at him lightly. “Of course I did.” he nods
before looking at him and shooting him a serious look. “You really think I’m gonna let Kook woo you with his ugly singing?” Taehyung bites his bottom lip. “He sings?” Jeongguk snorts. “Yeah, and I dance,” he points out. “And I’m good at it, so we’ll see who wins in the end.”
Taehyung wonders what prize they’re after. And brushes it off when something inside him told him that it was his heart. “I guess I’ll have to be the judge, then,” he replies. “But seriously, thank you for supporting the talent show, Ggukkie. It means a lot.”
“Anything for you.” Jeongguk winks, making Taehyung huff out a breath. Though his red face seemed to give his fondness for the other away. They start to study after that. The two basked in comfortable silence as they did their own thing, with the occasional stolen stares when
the other wasn’t looking and shy smiles they exchanged when one of them catches the other. It was just so sweet, honestly. And although, parts of him– the closeted one, is still hiding away refusing to see the light of day until it was ready, another part– the regular,
non-church boy Taehyung part, loved hanging out with Jeongguk and simply talk about the things he was ashamed yet happy about like lady gaga. It seems he wasn’t just gaga for Gaga, but perhaps he’s a little gaga for Jeongguk too. Just don’t tell him that.
Not yet, at least. Not until he figures it out.
After their study date. Wait, again. It isn’t a date. It’s a chance meeting. Jeongguk offers to walk him to his next class, saying that it was along his way even though he knows that Jeongguk’s building was in another place since he was in the arts department
and Taehyung was in the science department. But he lets him, because he secretly wanted to be in his presence a little more. By the time they arrive at his next class’s lecture room, he finds himself standing face to face with Jeongguk. Still with the shy and hesitant smile on
their faces, both out of words and not knowing how to end the good day they just had. “So…” “So…” The both of them say at once, making them pause and wait for the other to continue, before they laugh since they seemed to be waiting on each other. It was silly.
They were silly. “I wanted to say that meeting you today by chance was great.” Jeongguk eventually says as he looks at Taehyung with a soft expression on his face. “I hope we get more of that. More– more days like these.”
Taehyung smiles. He does. He wants more days of soft smiles and light banters with Jeongguk too. He wants it so much that it hurts to have to hold himself back. But he knows it wouldn’t be fair for Jeongguk, and Jungkook, to lead them on when he was still a bit unsure.
When he is still figuring it out. As much as he wants to skip the good part, accept this part of him and live happily ever after… with a boy, there’s still so much that Taehyung has to unpack. To take into consideration before he goes there.
He didn't realize that his smile turned into a grimace as he thought of those things until Jeongguk reached to unfurl the scrunch on his eyebrows with an easy smile on his face. “Don’t overthink it too much, Tae.” he tells him gently. “There’s no rush. I promise.”
And like Lady Gaga, like his passion for art and everything else, Jeongguk seems to understand and read between the lines just like Jungkook did. Taehyung didn’t need words for him to know exactly what he meant. And again, Taehyung appreciates it. He appreciates him so damn much.
“Thank you, Jeongguk.” Taehyung says, hugging his books against his chest. “And again, I’m sorry for ghosting you and Jungkook last weekend. I was just–” “Don’t mention it.” Jeongguk brushes him with a wave of his hands. “I understand. You don’t even have to explain.”
“Still, I’m sorry.” Taehyung replies firmly. “It was unkind of me to leave you two hanging like that, but like you said… I’d like more days like these too.” “Yeah?” Jeongguk grins. “Yeah.” Taehyung replies.
“Consider it done.” the other says, eyes twinkling with promise. A promise that Taehyung believes that he wouldn’t break. ⬖ ⬘ ⬗ ⬙
The next Saturday arrives and Taehyung finds himself accompanying Jimin, again, to some abandoned warehouse that apparently hosts underground rap battles, among other things, according to his best friend.
And like usual, Taehyung was hesitant in coming because he wasn’t used to those types of places. Plus the event sounded illegal to him in a way, because surely the owner wouldn’t allow some random people to use some place they owned as a venue for some party. Right?
But after some coaxing, some puppy eyes, a dangerous pout, and more importantly, “Hobi hyung is going to be there! So are the twins!”, Taehyung caved. But only because Jimin was cute and nothing else. (He reminds himself to add lying to his next visit to the confession booth)
Jimin dressed him in another pair of his tight acid washed jeans, and styled one of Taehyung’s oversized white button ups above it and wrapped up the look with a loose black tie and some old converse sneakers.
“Would it be okay if I put some makeup on you, Teddy Bear?” Jimin asks as he looks at Taehyung closely, tapping his chin. “Would you like my mother to behead me, Baby Chick?” Taehyung rolls his eyes. Jimin scoffs at him and proceeds to get a tube of his foundation.
“What your mother doesn’t know won’t hurt you, young one.” he tells him as he dabs some of the liquid on his finger. “Come on, Tae. Just a little.” “I don’t know, Mimi.” Taehyung eyes the foundation wearily. “This is already the second week I lied about sleeping early.
I’m scared she might find out somehow.” “Don’t be,” Jimin encourages. “I doubt anyone would tell her. I mean, it’s a rap battle. Who would even know her, Tae?” “She’s a pastor, Jimin.” Taehyung points out. “Someone is bound to know.”
Jimin sighs. “And apart from me, Hobi hyung and you, who do you think would be brave enough to go to an illegal rap battle a day before church?” “So it is illegal!” “Didn’t say it wasn’t.” Jimin shrugs. “And my point still stands. Who would say? And who would even think that
the pastor’s son would go to a place?” Taehyung bites his lips. “Fine.” he says, making Jimin jump in excitement. “But only a little. Nothing too obvious.” “I’ll only make your pretty features stand out. I promise!” Jimin eagerly says before he proceeds to painting his face
with nudes and something charcoal colored, and drawing something along his eyes. Until he pulls back with a satisfied smile on his face. “If you were gay, I would have made out with you,” Jimin says as he surveys his look, making Taehyung swallow. If only he knew, he thought.
“You look gorgeous, Tae. I bet girls will be lining up for you at the event.” “Yeah, well.” Taehyung cards his fingers through his hair. “They can try.” But they will fail. Jimin grins before he nods and begins to pull on a dark green jacket over the white shirt he’s wearing
and grabbing his wallet and keys from their desk. “Anyway, we should get going, Tae. We don’t want to miss the good fight! I heard the twins were fighting today too.” Taehyung stops in his tracks as Jimin’s words register in his head. “Fighting?” he asks.
Jimin snorts. “Don’t worry, Tae. It’s just play-fighting. Boxing. People just want to see them without their shirts on, that’s all.” he explains. “They do it for fun and apparently it earns them a lot of cash.”
Oh Taehyung bets they do. He’d pay actual money himself to see that. But of course, he bottles everything inside and follows Jimin out the door.
Preparing his heart for the inevitable punches it’s going to receive by seeing two, very handsome and very hot twins, flex their strength and muscles around for everyone to see. May God forgive him.
⬖ ⬘ ⬗ ⬙
a thread of character visuals if you're interested! —


❤️‍🔥 unholy ❤️‍🔥 character visuals: taehyung—
⬖ ⬘ ⬗ ⬙
As expected, like the frat party they went to, the underground rap scene was crowded as hell and it seems like everything– and Taehyung means everything bad and unholy is happening all at once.
The venue is big and is an open space that’s dimly lit with a few neon colored fluorescent lights. Music and the sound of people chattering greets them as he and Jimin enter.
Taehyung takes the place in and he sees vans parked on one side of the warehouse, the trunk open revealing coolers that have cans of beer and different kinds of alcohol inside and where most of the people flocked around waving their money in the air to buy one or more.
On another side of the venue were some bleachers you see in the gym, pushed to the wall where some people were sitting in, having drinks, some were even making out and– is someone getting a tattoo? Is that a makeshift tattoo stand?
Taehyung starts to feel uncomfortable as he follows Jimin inside towards a makeshift stage that was still being set up with microphones and speakers where Taehyung presumed the rap battle was going to take place.
Jimin grins wide as he greets a couple of people he knows as he pulls Taehyung further and further inside, holding his hand tight as if to ground him which the taller male appreciates. Everything is still so new to him, the world outside his parents’ roof still
boggles Taehyung’s mind. He’s quite jealous that Jimin blends in easily with the crowd, not looking like he’s an outsider. Because although Taehyung looks like he belongs, he feels far from it. It still feels like he’s looking from inside the cage that his parents built him
with its cage wide open for Taehyung to escape, to explore, but he’s still afraid of leaving. Of taking a leap of faith, as ironic as it sounds. He and Jimin stop next to the stage where more people are crowded together seemingly waiting for something to start since there’s
some old gym mats on the ground with a couple edison bulbs lighting up the place. It looks like a makeshift ring since some guy was walking around asking if anyone wanted to take bets. Namely, the fight ring where he thinks Jeongguk and Jungkook were going to fight.
Shirtless. Their muscles and tattoos all out for display. For some bizarre reason, Taehyung has the urge to make the sign of the cross but he holds himself back since it wasn’t really the most appropriate place to do so.
“Where are they?” he hears Jimin mutter beside him, looking around and standing on his tippy toes to look for who he assumes is Yoongi and Hoseok. “They said they were here.” Taehyung helps, also looking around the area
till he sees a pair of familiar looking heads with dark hair– one longer and the other cropped short, surrounded by men and women shooting flirty smiles in their direction. Jeongguk and Jungkook have grins on their faces, seemingly enjoying the attention.
The image makes Taehyung’s tummy churn as he looks away, pretending not to see. He knows he has no rights or whatsoever to feel insecure, and maybe a little jealous, since they’re just friends. He himself was the one who-
laid down the boundaries of their relationship, he was the one who shied away from their advances. So what rights does he have, right? Still, the green eyed monster was hard to beat so he looks at Jimin and shrugs. “I don’t know,” he mumbles. “Did you text your lovers already?”
Jimin snorts, pulling his phone out of his tight jeans. “I did! Let me–” but before he could finish his sentence, a pair of pale arms circle around Jimin’s waist, and a guy who’s slightly shorter than his soulmate hugs the latter from behind and kisses his neck,
making Jimin jump in surprise and Taehyung to look away with flustered cheeks since the action looks intimate to him. “Hey Min.” the guy says, face still tucked in the crevice of Jimin’s shoulder and neck. “I missed you.”
Jimin flushes, eyes looking in between him and Taehyung hesitantly. Looking like he doesn’t know what to do since he knows Taehyung wasn’t used to this side of him yet. “Yoongi hyung,” Jimin mutters, squeezing his hands that were resting over his abdomen. “Not now. Tae’s here.”
Taehyung waves him off with a hand. “Please,” he says, still a little shy but acting nonchalant nonetheless. “Don’t stop on my account.” Jimin still looks conflicted but Yoongi squeezes him tight. “You heard him,” he says, kissing his neck. “Don’t stop.”
“Yoongi hyung!” Jimin squeals, tickled. “Stop!” Taehyung could not help but chuckle at the pair. Sure, it still feels odd to him to be a spectator of something that should be done inside closed doors but he can feel the affection– the love that oozes out of the both of them.
Although Jimin’s face is flushed and is trying to escape the other’s clutches, he looks happy. Happier he’s ever seen him, and they aren’t even doing anything special. Just hugging. Taehyung supposes that that’s how love is. Simple yet powerful.
He smiles at them. “I’m assuming you’re the famous Yoongi,” Taehyung says with a polite bow before he offers him a hand to shake. “I’ve heard so much about you and it’s a pleasure to finally meet you. I’m Taehyung.”
Yoongi accepts his extended hand and shakes it, his other arm still wrapped protectively around Jimin’s waist. “Nice to meet me and Hoseok’s greatest competitor,” he says, a small smile on his face. “The teddy bear. Am I right?”
Taehyung chuckles at him, lips extending into a smile. “It’s no competition,” he says. “That’s right!” Jimin says, pulling free from Yoongi and standing beside Taehyung. “Cause my Taetae wins all the time.”
Taehyung grins at his soulmate while Yoongi just looks amused yet fond. “Damn, not even a group effort could beat you, eh?” he says. “Oh well, I’m not opposed to being second. As long as Hoseok is third.” He and Jimin giggles.
“Anyway, wanna go get some drinks?” Yoongi says, gesturing towards the vans. “I’m buying the first round.” “Uh, no thank you.” Taehyung waves a hand in thanks. “I have to go to church tomorrow and I don’t really like hangovers.”
Yoongi snorts. “A soda, then?” he offers. “Pretty sure they have Sprite there or something.” “If it isn’t too much to ask then thank you, Yoongi-ssi.” Taehyung bows gratefully. Yoongi grins and nods. “I kinda get why you like him, Jimin-ah,” he says. “He’s a baby.”
Taehyung flushes shyly but there’s a smile on his face. Jimin puts an arm around his neck. “He’s /my/ baby, so back off.” he threatens lightly. “Now shoo! And go get me a beer too.”
Yoongi bows at him ninety degrees. “As you wish, your majesty.” he says, rolling his eyes as he stands. “And Hobi and Joon are at the bleachers next to the ring. I’ll meet you there.” “Okay.” Jimin nods.
And before Yoongi goes, he approaches Jimin and kisses him on the lips. It’s chaste and quick, but again, Taehyung could see how much Yoongi adores– loves his best friend. This time, he doesn’t shy away and keeps the smile on his face.
As soon as Yoongi is on his way to get them drinks, Jimin looks at him. Neck tinged scarlet and trying to look nonchalant, but Taehyung knows he’s buzzing with anxiety at the display that he and Yoongi did in front of him.
“Let’s go meet Hobi hyung?” he asks, already walking to the direction of the bleachers. “Yoongi is nice,” Taehyung states, breaking the ice softly. “I’m glad it’s him, Jimin.” Jimin looks at him then, eyes a little shiny as he smiles at Taehyung.
“I’m glad you think so, Tae,” he replies. “I really like him and Hobi hyung.” “I think they like you too.” Taehyung chuckles, putting an arm around Jimin’s neck. “I think they like you a lot. And I’m happy for you.”
Jimin grins at him, big and wide, then proceeds to stand on his tippy toes and drops a kiss on Taehyung’s cheek. “If you find the one for you, just know that I’ll be happy for you too,” he states genuinely.
At that, Taehyung can’t help but feel his chest tighten due to the secret he was keeping. The part of him that’s still trapped inside the cage longs for escape, or at least to let someone– someone like Jimin in to help carry the cross he’s been carrying alone for the past week.
He smiles at Jimin for lack of anything to say and allows the other to pull to a group huddled together in the bleachers, laughing loudly about something. Taehyung detects the sound of Hoseok’s infectious laughter, easily spotting the male in the middle.
Wearing loose jeans that have rips under the knees, a loose shirt that has another short sleeved button up layered over it. “Jimin-ah!” Hoseok yells happily as soon as he sees them approaching. “Taehyungie too? Wow! It’s nice to see you at a place like this again!”
Taehyung smiles at him as he and Jimin stop by them. “Quit saying that, hyung,” Jimin scolds. “Tae is now a new person! Ain’t that right?” Quite the understatement. But Taehyung nods at Jimin. “Yes, it’s true,” he says. “Looking good, hyung.”
Hoseok stands and does a spin to show his outfit. “Do you like it?” he grins. “It’s LV’s latest collection.” “And yet–” another voice joins in, belonging to a tall handsome male seated beside Hoseok with brown curly hair atop his ethereal face. He points at Taehyung.
“He still looks better than you.” Hoseok scoffs and rolls his eyes. “Why do you always have to be the villain, Jin hyung?” he says, “Where’s Yoongi hyung?” “He got me and Tae drinks,” Jimin says, climbing up the bleachers to go sit within the group. Taehyung follows him behind.
“He should be here any minute now.” “Shouldn’t he stop drinking?” the handsome male, Jin, says with an eyebrow raised. Crossing his legs elegantly and perching his chin on his palm. “Doesn’t he have a contest?”
“His tongue technology works best with alcohol,” Jimin says. “Oh, I can attest to that!” Hoseok giggles. Jin groans at them, whilst Taehyung flushes at the implication behind the message. Clearing his throat and looking down at his lap for lack of anything to do.
“Anyway, who’s this?” one of the girls with long blonde hair within their small group asks, pointing towards Taehyung. “Have we met before?” “He’s cute.” another girl, the one with a black bob and pink bangs, giggles, looking at Taehyung with a flirty smile
and making him feel a bit awkward. “Back off, Seolhyun,” Jimin warns lightly, wrapping a hand around Taehyung’s arm. “He’s off limits. My Taetae is too pure.” The girl, Seolhyun, rolls her eyes at him playfully. “I was just asking,” she says. “So, are you gonna introduce us?”
“Right!” Hoseok says, arms open to begin the introductions. “Meet Taehyung, everyone! Everyone, meet Taehyung! Be nice to him. He’s new here.” Taehyung gives the group a shy smile. “Hi, it’s nice to meet you, guys.” he says politely.
“I’m Seokjin,” the handsome male, Seokjin, says. “But you can call me Jin hyung. I’m the oldest among this bunch.” “I’m Seol,” the girl with the pink bangs says with a wide smile. “Nice to meet you, Taehyung!” “Same here,” Taehyung bows. “I’m Somi,” the girl with the long
blonde hair introduces, looking at him with an eyebrow quirked. “And you really look familiar. Have we met before or something?” Taehyung shakes his head. “No, sorry. I don’t think we have,” he says. “It’s my first time around here and I don’t go out a lot.”
“How come?” Seokjin asks, looking at him scrutinizingly. “Seol’s right. You’re handsome, Taehyung-ssi. Handsome guys like us need to flaunt it more to the world.” Taehyung blushes while the rest of the group groans at him playfully.
“Oh, I– uhm.” he swallows, looking at Jimin helplessly. He doesn’t really know how to accept compliments. “Like what Hobi hyung said,” Jimin says, shooting him a reassuring smile. “This isn’t really Tae’s scene. You’re lucky you even got to meet him in the first place.”
“Right.” Hoseok nods. “He’s a good egg. All he does is study, church and sleep.” “Church?” Somi asks, lips turning into a grimace. “You go there?” Hoseok giggles. “He practically lives there,” he says. “He’s the pastor’s kid.”
Somi doesn’t hold back and grimaces at him, looking at him like she feels sorry for him and effectively making Taehyung fidget in his seat due to discomfort.
The thing is, he isn’t really ashamed or he doesn’t really dislike being a church boy. Despite the prejudices that come with being a member of the church, he actually enjoys attending services and doing church work.
And even atop his recent sexuality crisis, he doesn’t forget to pray every night. He thinks it’s always going to be a part of him since it's been instilled in him since he was young – being a church boy, that is. But he knows how most people feel about people like him.
He cannot really escape the judgment wherever he goes. Not from the church or from the world outside its walls. Even though he doesn’t force his beliefs on others and just minds his own business, there will always be someone ready to judge.
“Oh quit being a bitch, Somi.” Seokjin rolls his eyes. “You just met him for fuck’s sake.” “Yeah, come on, Som.” Seolhyun says, bumping her shoulder against Somi’s before shooting Taehyung an apologetic look.
“Sorry about her, Taehyung-ssi. She tends to have strong opinions on certain things.” Taehyung gives them a tightlipped smile. “It’s okay,” he mumbles. “I get it.” He gets it all the time, actually.
Somi waves a hand at him. “It’s nothing personal, Taehyung-ssi,” she says. “I used to go to church before college and I hated it there. Sorry.” Seolhyun giggles. “Her parents are hella religious,” she says. “You might know them?”
Taehyung starts to feel uneasy at that. Although Somi says that she isn't active in the church anymore, the prospect of someone who’s related to their members makes him feel uncomfortable. “Uh maybe?” he says. “I know most of our members, so there’s a chance I do.”
“My stepdad is Lee Junghyun,” she says, making Taehyung’s eyes widen. “Do you know him?” Lee Junghyun is one of their biggest donors. He and his wife used to, and to his knowledge, still have dinner with his parents.
Suddenly, he feels nerves surround every inch of his body and he starts to regret coming here at the fear that Somi might tell her parents, and her parents might tell his parents. “I– I, uhm,” he stutters, scratching the side of his neck. “Yeah, I- I do.”
Jimin seems to sense his discomfort, scrunching his eyebrows at him worriedly before he reaches to grab his hand and squeezes it in comfort. “Anyway,” he says, attempting to change the subject. “Are the twins fighting anytime soon?”
Seokjin seems to sense Taehyung’s discomfort too, and nods at Jimin. “Yeah, they’re just greeting their fans. You know how they are.” he rolls his eyes. “Did you guys place any bets?” Hoseok asks eagerly, patting his pockets and taking out a purple ticket.
“I placed my bet on Jungkook!” “Jeongguk has been working out relentlessly the past week so I bet on him,” Seolhyun says, waving her ticket. “That kid has been obsessed with his looks the past week,” Seokjin says, looking over to the twins and the group that are still
surrounding them. “You’d think he’s trying hard for someone or something.” “Same with Jungkook.” Somi pouts. “I saw him the other day smiling on his phone. I think he likes someone.”
Seolhyun coos at her teasingly. “Oh don’t worry, Som!” she says, wrapping her arms around her shoulder. “I’m sure it’s just another fling like last time.” Like last time? Taehyung couldn’t help but think, trying to stomp down the flowing rivers of thoughts filling his head.
But the more he tries to fight it, the more it shows on his face since his eyebrows are beginning to scrunch. “If not then there’s always Jeongguk,” Jimin tells her. “Though, you might have to wait a bit since he recently broke up with his last girlfriend.”
“But wasn’t that three months ago?” Hoseok asks. “It was pretty serious, though,” Seolhyun says, shrugging her shoulders. “Heard it was a rough breakup.” “Either way,” Somi sighs. “It’d be nice to be with one of them.”
“You’ll get your shot.” Seolhyun says, rubbing her back comfortingly. Taehyung bites his lip as he takes all of that information in. Aside from the green eyed monster that’s been lurking around, another monster in the form of dark fog that’s called doubt joins it.
Making Taehyung’s skin crawl with insecurity. A feeling he finds that he doesn’t like. He wasn’t really a jealous person. He was always the type to be happy with what he has and be happy for someone else even when they received something that Taehyung’s been yearning for.
He’s always had this simple belief that something that is meant for you will never get away. That he doesn’t have to be possessive to keep things, or in this case– people; because the right ones will come and stay, and you will never lose what is meant for you.
So he has never been the possessive type nor the jealous or insecure. His eyes shift towards Jeongguk and Jungkook who are now getting ready for their match, and he wonders if the last few days they spent together meant something to them like it did to him.
He knows he has no rights to demand since he’s only been with each of them twice, and has only collected a basin full of details about the other and that there’s still a river left for him to collect.
Still, Taehyung would be lying if he said that those last few days weren’t life changing, because it is. For him it is. Meeting Jeongguk and Jungkook felt earth suddenly changing its axis, like the air he used to think that blew towards north now blows towards south now.
And he wonders if he’s just some guy who happened to have caught both their attention at the same time, a case of happenstance. But he shakes his head and tries to give them the benefit of the doubt. Again, he doesn’t like to be judged before being understood
so he tries not to be judgemental first too. He refrains himself from being possessive and jealous. He tells himself that just because one thing changed, doesn’t mean everything has to.
Taehyung feels someone tap his shoulder and he turns to face them and sees Seokjin looking at him carefully. “What about you, Taehyung-ssi?” he asks conversationally. “Are you seeing someone right now?” Taehyung gulps. “Uh, no– not really.” he says, sounding unsure.
Seokjin raises an eyebrow at him. “How come you don’t sound sure?” he asks. “He has been mysteriously texting someone the past couple of days actually,” Jimin quips in, joining in on their conversation. “With a dopey smile on his face, if I may add.”
Taehyung chokes, clearing his throat. “It– it’s nothing,” he says. “I was just–” God seems to show him some mercy since Yoongi suddenly arrives, balancing three bottles of beers and a can of soda in his hands. “Help!” he yells.
Jimin stands to retrieve some bottles from him, making Taehyung sigh in relief. And unbeknownst to him, Seokjin sees the action and raises an eyebrow in question. “Where’s ours?” Seolhyun pouts, looking at the drinks that Yoongi is passing over to Jimin, Hoseok and Taehyung.
Yoongi scoffs. “Last time I checked, you aren’t my boyfriends or my boyfriends’ best friend so get your own.” he huffs, sitting in between Hoseok and Jimin. Seokjin huffs out a breath at him. “It’s fine. I’ll ask Joon to get me one instead.” he says.
True to his word, taking his phone out and typing a text. “Don’t expect it to arrive anytime soon,” Jimin says as he points at the ring where a tall buff male with sun kissed skin and intense yet soft eyes makes his way to the middle with a megaphone in his hands.
“I think the fight is starting soon.” And at that, the group shifts its attention to the tiny ring and joins in the cheering as Jeongguk and Jungkook walk in the middle– shirtless, only wearing tight-fit short shorts
that accentuates their asses, the v line on their hips and their rock hard abs and their bulging biceps. Taehyung now understands why they make a lot of money on this as he watches the twins bounce on their feet, boxing the air as the man between them speaks into the microphone.
“Are you ready?” he grins into the megaphone, making the crowd go wild. “Have you all placed your bets already?” The crowd promptly cheers. “Joon is getting so buff these days.” Hoseok whistles, surveying the host. “What have you been feeding him, Jin hyung?”
Seokjin smirks. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” Taehyung tunes out of their conversation with flushed cheeks and focuses on the match. The host– Joon is telling the crowd to place their last minute bets before the twins match’s start.
He takes that opportunity to look at the twins closely. Jeongguk is on the left side, wearing green shorts and with his long hair tied into a man bun with a few stray strands falling over his face, pierced tongue running through his pierced bottom lip. Jungkook on the other hand
has his cropped hair loose and wild. He’s wearing red shorts, his eyebrow piercing glinting through the bulbs behind him as he does some stretches. Taehyung wonders if God is testing him, and he wonders himself if he is going to pass or fail it. But from the way he’s keeping
his thighs together to constrict something, he has a feeling that we won’t really like the results. Still, he tries to remain calm. Choosing to stay still and quiet to not make it obvious as Joon brings the megaphone to his face. “Bets are over!” he announces with
a dimpled smile. “Let’s get it!” And at that the crowd cheers wildly as Joon approaches the twins and huddles them together to speak to them privately, while the rest of his crew clears people away from the gym mats laying on the floor to give the twins space to fight.
Taehyung waits with bated breaths as he watches the twins nod at Joon, and before the latter walks to the side to begin their fight. The sound of a deafening bell echoes inside the warehouse, indicating the start of the match and soon it’s just Jeongguk and Jungkook in the middle
of everything and is the apple of everyone’s eyes. The twins start by circling around each other, eyes fixed on the other as they hold up their hands that are protected with boxing gloves. Jungkook is the first one to advance towards his twin as he attempts to land a left hook
on his side. Jeongguk swiftly avoids the hit and promptly punches his brother on his left cheek, making the latter stumble a step. “YES!” Seolhyun and Seokjin cheers, waving their tickets. “Go Jeongguk!”
“Fight back Kook!” Hoseok yells, standing up and stomping his feet on the ground. “I bet fifty thousand on you, come on!” Taehyung on the other hand is at a loss for words. Awed is the right term, actually.
He absolutely cannot tear his gaze at the image of the twins boxing and from the way their biceps are flexing as they attempt to land a punch on the other. He isn’t normally a fan of violence, and he has no knowledge whatsoever when it comes to boxing
but he could tell that the twins were holding back their punches, and he could sense that some of their groans or stumbles were staged. Still, it’s still quite a sight to see and they’re very good actors. Hot actors, that is.
At some point during the match, Taehyung finds himself looking directly into Jungkook's eyes and feels himself flush pink at that brief interaction. Especially when Jungkook winked at him cockily then proceeded to throw some punches to his brother with much gusto.
From beside him, Taehyung senses Seokjin looking from Jungkook to him with an eyebrow raised before eventually shrugging and returning back to the match. After the twins shift positions, with Jungkook’s back turned to him and with Jeongguk facing his direction,
he also catches the latter’s eyes at the change. Jeongguk’s eyes widens as he sees Taehyung, pausing in between the match to ogle at him with his mouth slightly agape. Until Taehyung yells a hurried, “Duck!”
Thankfully, Jeongguk ducks at the last minute and begins to return the punches that his twin threw his way. The match heats up from there it seems, and Taehyung wonders if it has anything to do with him. Because he after the twins became aware of his presence, they’ve done
nothing but flex their arms and bite their lips, gazes shifting over to Taehyung from time to time. Taehyung is at a loss. He honestly doesn’t know if he wants them to stop or continue. It’s flattering of course. It’s nice to think that you’re somewhat grabbing the attention of
someone who has everyone else’s. It’s nice to think that they’re putting on a show for him. But that’s really all there is to it: thoughts. Delusion. At least that’s what Taehyung tells himself.
“The twins sure do look at you a lot, Taehyung-ssi.” Seokjin tells him, looking at him. “Oh uh.” Taehyung licks his lips. “We’re friends.” “Friends?” Seokjin quirks an eyebrow up. Taehyung nods. “Yeah. Friends.” he gulps.
Seokjin stares at him for a second, a long and agonizing second, before he turns to look back at the fight. Muttering “They never look at someone like that before.” under his breath, making him blush,
and weirdly, a bit reassured at the fact that they reserved a special look just for him. Maybe he is someone special. Maybe.
Thankfully, the rest of the group doesn’t hear their brief conversation since they’re still too focused on the match that’s about to end since the fifteen minutes were almost up. Jimin told him that the match was just one short round, a round for the twins to display their abs
and it was done. Soon, the sound of the bell is heard across the warehouse, making everyone cheer as Joon returns to the middle to stand in between the twins. This time, Jeongguk and Jungkook stare shamelessly back at Taehyung,
their chest heaving and sweat dripping from their bodies. Eyes holding twin intense stares as Joon says something into his megaphone. From the corner of Taehyung’s eyes, he sees Somi look from the twins to him with her eyebrows meeting.
Taehyung starts to feel a chill climb up his spine as he makes himself small under Somi’s gaze. Suddenly reminded of the fact that she kind of has a thing for the twins, and as far as everyone knows, he’s straight.
Slowly, he tears his gaze away from the twins and focuses on his lap instead, fear crowding him into a corner and snarling at him threateningly as he hugs his arms. “You okay?” Jimin asks, looking at him with an eyebrow raised.
Taehyung nods. “Yeah,” he mumbles. “Just– just not used to fights, I guess.” Jimin smiles at him reassuringly. “Don’t worry, Tae,” he says. “Yoongi hyung told me that they rehearsed this fight before so I’m sure no one’s really hurt.”
Taehyung only smiles at his best friend, but deep down, he wishes he could tell him what’s really bothering him. Which is a lot at that moment, but his tongue is tied and fear is still around the corner so he ends up nodding as he bites his lips instead. Jimin scrunches his
eyebrows, always the observant one. “You sure you’re okay, Tae?” he asks. “If there’s something bothering you, you know you can tell me. Right?” It looks like an opening; a chance to come clean and tell his best friend about his recent worries.
But fear is a silly thing. Taehyung is silly. So he shakes his head and fakes a smile. Jimin nods at him before he turns his attention back to the ring. Taehyung does too with hesitant eyes, and finds both Jeongguk and Jungkook looking at him with eyebrows scrunched
and with a worried look on their face. It’s as if, like always, they understand without the need for words. Taehyung attempts to shoot them a small smile, but it seems like it looks like a grimace since the concerned looks on the twins’ faces doesn’t fade.
Sounds come in like noise through Taehyung’s ears as he sits in fear and pretends to act okay. Just wanting the night to get over with so he could escape to the confines of his bed and forget the night happened.
He doesn’t even hear the announcement of the winner since he’s still feeling anxious and only registers the happy cheers and groans of disappointments from nearby. Until he feels hands. Warm, sweaty, pale, tattooed hands.
One on his shoulder, one at the top of his head, another tilting his chin up. Then he sees two pairs of twin doe eyes that’s looking at him protectively. It kind of reminds him of the night he met both of them–
when it was just the three of them in their own little world. Away from judgemental and suspicious eyes. “Hey Tae,” Jungkook says easily. “Did you like the match?” He sounds casual. Like he doesn’t want to give anything away, give Taehyung away. which he appreciates.
“Yeah, it was.” he replies, feeling some of his anxiety melt away. “Did you see me beat his ass?” Jeongguk adds, a grin on his face. Playing along. Jungkook snorts. “You wish. I went easy on you, shitface.” he says. “So say thank you.”
Jeongguk rolls his eyes at his brother as he sits down beside Taehyung. “Thank you for being a loser,” he teases. “And thanks to you, I can finally buy an outfit for Taehyung’s talent show.” “Don’t bother,” Jungkook says, crossing his arms at him.
“You’re gonna lose anyway to me. Don’t waste your money.” “Don’t count your eggs before the chicken hatches it.” his twin counters back. “Would you two stop fighting!” Another voice, Seokjin pipes in. “You’ve just left the ring!”
“Sorry hyung.” Jeongguk shrugs. “It’s a twin thing. He triggers me a lot.” Jungkook only scoffs and goes to sit next to Hoseok after shooting Taehyung a look that oddly translates to him as, ‘You good now?’ Taehyung shoots him a brief smile as if to reply. ‘Better now. Thanks.’
Jungkook subtly nods before he turns to talk to Yoongi about the rap battle that was going to take place in a few minutes. It seems like it’s nothing but Taehyung knows that it isn’t.
He knows that both Jeongguk and Jungkook are both trying to protect him, in a way and at the same time comfort him through their silly banters. And it works. He feels safer now. He feels more at ease. And it doesn’t feel like he’s carrying his cross alone anymore.
Taehyung relaxes then and there and leans back on the bleachers, basking in the comfort of the arms that Jeongguk had on his seat’s backrest and the fingers that subtly touched his shoulders.
And thinking, maybe a safe place isn’t really a place. Maybe it could be a person, or rather, people too.
⬖ ⬘ ⬗ ⬙
After the rap battle contest, which Yoongi undoubtedly won and made Taehyung one of the newest members of his fan club (According to Jimin, Taehyung can be the VP since he’s already the president), their group retreated back to the frat house to celebrate.
Plus, according to Hoseok, booze was cheaper outside the venue. “Just cause you all won a little more cash doesn’t mean you should waste on alcohol.” Hoseok clicked his tongue, eyeing Yoongi who was shooting him a blank look but eventually
caved when even the twins, who usually liked to stay for the afterparty, agreed. Taehyung has a feeling that the twins only insisted because they know how he isn’t comfortable in those kinds of places. Again, just a gut feeling. (Note: His gut feelings were always right)
They’re currently sitting in the frat house’s living room. Unlike before when Taehyung was there when it was used as a dance area at the party, the living room is back to its original state. With three mismatched couches facing the coffee table in the middle, and
with a huge television mounted on the wall where a soccer game was playing. Along the way to the house, they stopped by a convenience store and bought their poisons. Beer and soju, and some snacks they could munch on while drinking. The twins threw in some cans of sodas.
Saying they were all out. But Taehyung has another gut feeling that they bought it for him since he mentioned that he couldn’t stay long since he’s going to church the next day. They’re all huddled together in the living room. Seolhyun and Somi are sitting on one of the couches,
talking about a project that they were paired to do. Hoseok, Yoongi and Jimin are on another sofa– Well, Jimin is sitting in Hoseok’s lap and Yoongi is beside Hoseok. While Joon, or Namjoon was on the carpet floor, in charge of passing the shot glasses filled with Soju, back
turned to the television. The twins and Seokjin were in the kitchen, getting the snacks prepared, leaving Taehyung to occupy the last couch by himself as he listens to Jimin’s plans on making a twitter account dedicated to Yoongi so they could promote his growing rap career
some more. And with Hoseok piping in suggestions on what he could do. “What do you think of the name Kitty Gang, babe?” Jimin asks Yoongi, looking at the latter seriously. “For your fan club name?”
Yoongi scrunches his eyebrows at him, an unimpressed look on his face, causing Hoseok and Taehyung to laugh. “No.” Yoongi scowls. “No one is going to take some rapper whose fans are called the kitties, Min.” Hoseok laughs as he claps his hands. “It’s funny, though!”
“I think it’s quite cute.” Taehyung smiles, watching as Yoongi grimaces at him. “Please don’t encourage him, Taehyung-ah,” Yoongi says, looking at him pleadingly. “He listens to everything you say.” “But he’s right! It is cute!” Jimin crosses his arms, pouting at Yoongi.
“And you don’t have to call your fans kitties. You can call them your pus–” “Jimin!” Taehyung scolds with a grin. “Don’t be crass!” “It’s not meant to be derogatory.” Jimin shrugs, ever the most persistent before he looks at Yoongi. “So?”
“Add that to the list but it’s still a no,” Yoongi says, letting him down gently. “I want a slightly cooler fanbase name if ever I do get famous.” Jimin sighs. “You always say no to my ideas.” he mutters glumly. “I like your ideas.” Hoseok looks up, grinning at Jimin.
Jimin grins back at him and hugs the elder male. “I know. That’s why I like you best today.” he replies, making Yoongi scoff and mutter a quiet “Kiss ass.” under his breath and making Taehyung giggle at them.
Taehyung then feels the couch he’s sitting on slightly tremble, making him look to the side to find Jungkook climbing over the sofa’s backrest and landing next to him with a winning grin on his face, and Jeongguk following behind with a scowl, hands holding some beers and a soda.
“Cheat” Jeongguk grumbles quietly, taking the seat next to Jungkook and handing him a beer, then passing Taehyung a soda. “You can’t win everything tonight, my little dongsaeng,” Jungkook tells him, clinking his bottle of beer with Taehyung’s soda before taking a huge swig.
Jeongguk rolls his eyes before he takes a gulp from his own bottle. Winking at Taehyung through the glass when he catches the latter staring. Taehyung clears his throat and helps himself to his drink.
“Why is everything a competition to the both of you,” Seokjin pipes in, holding a tray full of bowls of chips as he enters the kitchen. “And I thought you were going to help me with the chips but as soon as you got your beer, you bolted.”
“It’s not like you can’t handle it, Jin hyung,” Jungkook tells him with a grin. “And besides, you’re used to doing all the kitchen work alone since you’re hooking up with Joon hyung.” Jeongguk adds, making Seokjin scoff at them as he places the tray on the coffee table
and takes a seat next to Seolhyun on the other couch. “I’m actually better in the kitchen these days.” Namjoon whines from the floor, looking at the twins with scrunched eyebrows. “Right, hyung?” Seokjin hums non committedly. “Pass me a beer.” he says, making everyone laugh
at Namjoon and the latter to roll his eyes. “Anyway, let’s toast before we start the shots!” “To Yoongi’s tongue technology!” Hoseok raises a shot glass up. “To the twins’ hot bodies!” Seolhyun laughs as they all raise their shot glasses and beers up in the air.
Taehyung could toast to that, he thought but he didn't raise his can of soda since it wasn’t an alcoholic beverage. Jungkook seems to know what’s on his mind, like always, and grabs his wrist where he’s holding his drink and guides him to clink his can with the rest.
Not wanting him to feel left out, before they bring their drinks to their lips and drink. Seokjin didn’t miss the action and raised his eyebrows at them, before he says “So Taehyung-ssi, since you’re new around here, you’re taking the hot seat tonight.”
“The hot seat?” he asks, a little nerved. “Yeah!” Seolhyun says excitedly, putting her shot glass on the coffee table for Namjoon to refill. “We’re really interested in getting to know you more!” Namjoon smiles at her knowingly.
“You sure /we’re/ excited, Seol or are you just talking about yourself?” he teases lightly. Seolhyun scoffs, rolling her eyes at him with pink dusted cheeks. “Well, have you seen him?” she says unashamedly.
“Can you blame me? I’m upset Jimin was keeping him to himself after all this time!” “Please.” Jimin waves a hand at her. “Even if you met him ages ago, my Taehyungie is one hard man to please. He’s been single since birth for a reason.”
Taehyung opens his mouth with a ready retort. But Jimin cuts him off, soulmate bond activated. “And that ‘relationship’ you had back in seventh grade doesn’t count, Tae.” he snorts. “You were together for what? A day?”
It was a week, he thought to himself. But that won’t really work in his favor so he ends up pouting at his best friend instead. “Cute.” he hears Jeongguk mutter from beside his twin. Taehyung clears his throat, controlling himself from reacting to the small praise.
“You say that as if I have high standards,” he says. “I just haven’t had the chance to date, that’s all!” “Strict parents?” Yoongi asks, looking at him. “Guess that’s kind of a reason, yes, but not really.” Taehyung replies, scratching the side of his neck.
“Kind of the reason?” Seokjin continues, eating some peanuts and looking at him. “Yeah.” Taehyung nods. “It’s not like I’m not allowed to date, it’s just…” “In church, when you date, you’re kind of expected to date someone you want to marry,” Jimin explains for him as he
accepts his drink from Namjoon. “And since he’s, you know, the pastor’s son…” “It’s kind of a big deal.” Yoongi suffices for him with an understanding nod. “So I’m assuming you haven’t met anyone you see a future with, then?” Well…
Taehyung shrugs, taking a sip from his soda and sensing a pair of eyes burning a hole at the side of his neck. “Not really.” he mumbles shyly. “Well what’s your type?” Somi asks, legs crossed as she holds up her shot. “Your ideal girl?”
Not a girl, a voice whispers in his head, making him clear his throat. Suddenly feeling unprepared for the line of questioning. “I– I don’t know.” he mumbles. “I mean, looks aren’t really that important to me, I guess but I think I’d prefer someone I get along with well.
Someone who I can feel at ease with and laugh with, and can put up with me too.” “Ditto on the last part,” Hoseok says teasingly. “My Taehyungie can be bratty especially when he’s in a mopey mood. He once locked himself in his room for three days when he wasn’t elected as our
high school’s secretary!” “Yeah.” Jimin laughs. “It took me and Hobi hyung to get him out of his pity party!” Taehyung rolls his eyes at his friends. “The person who won had terrible penmanship!” he reasons. “And I’ve been a secretary for three consecutive years!”
“See?” Hoseok says, pointing at him. “He’s still salty to this day and that was two years ago!” The group laughs as Taehyung sulks, crossing his arms at him playfully. “Still think I would’ve done a better job, though.” he says.
“If you run for secretary next year, I’ll vote for you, Tae,” Jeongguk quips in, breaking his silence. Shooting him a smile that Taehyung returns. “I’ll be your campaign manager,” Jungkook adds with a winning smirk. “I was Joon hyung’s last year and he won by a landslide.”
“Only because you handed out his pins shirtless.” Seolhyun laughs. “It is effective though.” Somi says with a smile pointed at Jungkook’s way. “He got my vote.” Taehyung could not help but notice the flirty undertone to her words but remains quiet as he takes a sip of his drink
Plus the image of Jungkook handing out buttons with a vote for Tae written on it kept flashing in his mind. “We can do a fundraiser too!” Jeongguk says. “Like a carwash or something.”
Now he has the image of Jeongguk dressed in a white shirt and some shorts, the wet material clinging to his body and hugging his muscular frame. Great. He really is gay, he thought to himself as his lips extended to a line.
“Well, you’re all getting way ahead of yourself,” Taehyung says, shutting the discussion down before they suggest even more ridiculously hot ideas and before he becomes more and more sure of his sexuality. “I’m not even thinking of running but if I do, I’ll keep that in mind.”
“And going back to your ideal woman, though,” Seolhyun quips. Taehyung tries not to grimace. “Sounds like you really are looking for a keeper. Can I try my luck? I want a keeper too!”
“You failed two tests recently and you don’t know how to cook,” Jeongguk says before Taehyung can respond. Taehyung flushes, not knowing what to say as he looks at the twins where Jungkook is laughing and Jungkook has a smug look on his face.
Seolhyun scowls at them. “Well he isn’t looking for someone perfect, though!” she retorts, pouting. “He says he wants someone he can get along well with, and can put up with him! I can do that.” “You just met him.” Seokjin points out, patting her knee and making Seolhyun sigh
before she takes another shot. “And he didn’t even laugh at that joke. So sit your ass down and behave. Sorry Tae. She’s on a mission to collect pretty boys.” “It’s okay.” Taehyung tries to smile at Seolhyun. “But I hope you do find someone, Seol. Someone for real.”
Seolhyun smiles at him, not at all peeved at the rejection. “Thanks Tae,” she replies. “But if you change your mind, though. Call me! Taehyung laughs and he could hear two people huffing their breath in his side.
“Anyway, enough about me,” he tells the group. “I’m sure we’ll get to know each other more in the future. Or at least, I hope that that’s the case.” “It is.” Namjoon grins from across him. Tone warm and welcoming. “Plenty of room for the group, don’t worry.”
“And we do come as a package deal so it’s not like they have a choice.” Jimin adds with a happy smile. “I agree!” Hoseok beams, nodding at Taehyung’s direction. It’s a simple gesture, but it makes Taehyung’s heart full. Even though Taehyung tended to be friendly, he didn’t
really have a lot of friends. Mostly because people– both his church and non-church friends, were intimidated by him since he’s the pastor’s son. It’s nice to be a part of something, to belong rather than look through boarded windows from the outside.
The night progresses on with friendly conversations. And with Taehyung finding out more about his new found friends. Seokjin, Somi and Seolhyun he finds out are acting majors and have been friends since the three of them were in their first year.
Namjoon is Seokjin’s boyfriend, and is not only the student body’s, but the fraternity’s president as well. Hence, Seokjin was kind of an unofficial resident at the house. Yoongi is studying music and is only around the fraternity because of Hoseok, who also joined
the frat last year with the twins. Laughter bubbles out of them easily as Hoseok goofily recounts his initiation when he joined a frat. Apparently, part of the initiation, or mission as he called it, was him taking a picture of the grumpiest person in the university smiling.
(Spoiler Alert, it was Yoongi) “I did everything!” Hoseok says enthusiastically. “I tried to paint my face and looked like a clown. I tried making baby sounds at him and tickling him!” “I almost broke his wrist.” Yoongi smugly adds before he takes a shot.
“He did!” Hoseok whines. “I thought I was gonna fail but I eventually succeeded at the last minute.” “How did you do it?” Taehyung asks. Yoongi faintly blushes. “He apologized for acting goofy,” he says. “And he asked him out on a date.” Jimin giggles.
“Weren’t you and Hobi hyung together at that time, though?” Jungkook asks, tone curious. Leaning on his thighs to listen attentively. “Like, how did it work out?” “Well,” Jimin says, pursing his lips as he thinks it through.
“Obviously, it was complicated at first. Me and Hobi hyung weren’t really together when he met Yoongi hyung. We were just casually flirting back and forth, maybe shared a drunken kiss one time but that was that.” “But I was interested!” Hoseok adds hastily, smiling up at Jimin.
“I was just, I don’t know. Wasn’t sure if you were really into me, Jimin-ah.” “I was!” Jimin exclaims. “I wasn’t sure if you were serious cause all we did was flirt, and then you went out with Yoongi hyung!”
“How did that play out?” Somi asks. “I’m sure there was a lot of misunderstanding.” “There was.” Yoongi sighs, looking over at his boyfriends with a fond smile. “When me and Hobi went on our third date, I think? I could tell he was bothered with something so I asked, and
eventually confessed that he also likes someone else.” “I was avoiding Hobi hyung for days,” Jimin adds. Shooting an apologetic smile in Hoseok’s direction. “But Yoongi hyung came to visit me and fuck. I was like, ‘no wonder he likes him better! He’s hot!’ and completely made
a fool of myself!” “So how did you figure it out then?” Jeongguk asks, listening attentively. “Me and Hobi hyung made up, and he confessed his feelings for me,” Jimin says, eyes twinkling. “But he also confessed that he has feelings for Yoongi hyung too.”
“And Yoongi hyung was like, fuck it. Let’s all be in a relationship!” Hoseok cackles. “It was hard at first because someone was trying to one up the other and shit but we eventually worked it out.” “Yeah, and now we’re here.” Yoongi smiles, putting an arm around Hoseok’s back
and squeezing Jimin’s arm. “I’m their babysitter.” Everyone laughs at that, while Hoseok and Jimin begin to playfully pinch Yoongi, causing the latter to scoff at them.
“It sure does sound like one hell of a ride,” Somi tells them, grinning. “I can’t imagine being in a relationship like yours. No offense. It sounds like a lot of work.” “You don’t know the half of it.” Yoongi says lightly. Taehyung smiles at the three of them.
Thinking how everything seemed to have paid off for them since they genuinely look like they’re all in a good place now. A place where love seeps out of them abundantly. He can see it with Yoongi’s patience for the two, which is saying something since Taehyung knows how his two
friends are. He can see it with Hoseok’s kindness for the two, the way he’s so fond and just wants to keep them smiling all the time through his jokes and his positivity. And the way Jimin celebrates the two of them by planning a fan club for Yoongi and supporting his blossoming
career, the way he’d always be there for Hoseok’s dance competitions and parties. Sure, it’s not really a conventional kind of relationship. It can easily be frowned upon especially at the church, but it’s love. And love is love, after all. It has no rules. No buts or commas.
It just is. “Well they say love endures all things and you did,” Taehyung simply says. “As long as you have a lot of that, I don’t think you’re all going to fail.” Jimin beams at him, eyes turning to crescent due to his wide smile while Hoseok flashes him a happy grin.
Yoongi tries to stifle a smile, but he knows there’s more behind it despite it. “Anyway,” Taehyung says, checking the time on his wristwatch and seeing that it’s past one o’clock already. “I better head out. I have an early morning tomorrow.”
“Let me walk you back!” Jimin says, standing up but slightly faltering in his steps since he’s already had a couple of drinks. “Can you even stand?” Namjoon teases, looking at him with an eyebrow raised, watching as Yoongi holds Jimin’s elbow to support him.
“Of course I can!” Jimin says, trying to pry Yoongi hand off. “Now let go Yoongi!” “It’s okay, Mimi.” Taehyung says, standing up and pushing Jimin to sit down on the couch. “I’m a big boy. I can go back by myself and you’re drunk.” “Just tipsy!” Jimin whines.
“Tipsy, then.” Taehyung grins at him fondly. “So just stay here. Besides, you’re sleeping here anyway so it isn’t safe for you to go back alone.” “But–” Jimin tries to say. Jeongguk stands. “I’ll walk Tae back.” he says casually, dusting some chips off his pants.
“I’m not drunk.” “I can go too,” Jungkook adds, finishing his bottle of beer and placing it on the coffee table. “I want to stop by the convenience store to buy some, uh, lube.” Taehyung clears his throat, ears starting to redden. “It’s– it’s fine. I’m okay.”
“And didn’t you place an order online already for lube and condoms?” Seokjin quirks an eyebrow at them. Jungkook shrugs nonchalantly as he stands. “Who knows when I’ll need it.” he says, beginning to walk towards the door. “C’mon, let’s go.”
“It’s really okay, Jungkookie.” Taehyung says, walking after him. Not realizing his slip that made a couple of eyebrows raise questioningly. “I’m sure you buy the, uh, lube–” “Let’s go.” This time, the order comes from Jeongguk who’s standing by the door.
“I wanted to take a walk too.” “But,” he tries again. “Let’s go.” the twins say in unison, leaving no room for discussion.
“You heard them!” Jimin, the traitor, scolds. “Go with them! They can get themselves lost on their way back, I don’t care but you need to go back in one piece!” Taehyung sighs, shoulder sagging as he walks back to the living room to tell their goodbyes.
He gives Jimin and Hoseok a hug, and waves at the rest since he’s still a bit shy. “It was really nice to meet everyone.” he tells them. “Same here, Taehyung-ssi!” Seolhyun waves drunkenly. “Take care!” “See you around!” Somi smiles. Looking unbothered, thankfully.
“Please look after those two idiots by the way,” Namjoon says, looking behind the two of them where the twins are standing. “I don’t trust them alone together.” Taehyung chuckles. “I’ll do my best.” he smiles.
“I’m sure you can handle them, Tae-ah.” Seokjin says, a smirk at the corner of his lips. “Take care now!” Taehyung flushes. “Thank you.” he bows, before turning to Yoongi. “He snores really loud when he sleeps drunk.” he points towards Jimin.
“I placed some earplugs in his jacket if you need them.” Yoongi gracefully shoots him a wide grin, making Hoseok gasp in surprise. “You made him grin?” he exclaims, sounding betrayed. “In just a day?” Yoongi shrugs. “What can I say?” he says.
“Jimin’s teddy bear has a way of buttering me up. Thanks Tae. Take care going home.” Taehyung nods at them a final time before following the twins out the door where a cool breeze greets them.
He hears Jungkook say “No goodbye kisses for me?” behind him followed by a loud chorus of “Get the hell out of here!” from inside the house, making Taehyung giggle. “Tough crowd.” Jungkook comments after he slams the door shut and catches up to him and Jeongguk.
“You got them wrapped around your finger, though.” “Well have you taken a look at him?” Jeongguk replies with a roll of his eyes. “You look beautiful by the way, Tae.” Jungkook scoffs, looking offended as he looks at his twin.
“Of course I have,” he says. “And yes. He is beautiful.” Beautiful? Taehyung thought. He doesn’t know how to react to that certain praise. Sure, he’s been told that he’s handsome or good looking. And sometimes sexy by Jimin.
But beautiful was new and he finds that it flatters him more than the other words he’s heard. He finds out just then about how much he likes it, and wonders if it’s special because the twins were the first to tell him that.
“Thank you,” Taehyung eventually says as the three of them walk along a pavement that’s lit with street lamps. The light emits a warm glow as the sounds of crickets chirp nearby. “No one has told me that before.”
“Glad to be the first one to say that.” Jeongguk says, a smug look on his face. Jungkook snorts. “I thought of it first when I saw him at the ring.” Jeongguk snorts. “Did not.” “Did too.” “Did not.” “Did–” Jungkook tries to continue before Taehyung scoffs at the two of them.
“What are you two? Five years old?” he scolds lightly yet secretly amused as they turn a corner where the roads lead towards the dormitory buildings. “Actually, you’re worse. I’d rather look after five year olds.”
“Watch it,” Jungkook threatens lightly. “We’re older than you. I’m offended you haven’t called me hyung before.” Taehyung flushes. “Well, you never said that I could call you that.” he mumbles.
“Well you called me Jungkookie back there and you didn’t ask if you were allowed to call me that.” Jungkook retorts lightly. Jeongguk hums from beside him. “You called me Jeonggukkie too.” he points out, looking at Taehyung. “But by all means, keep on doing it. I kinda like it.”
“Same.” Jungkook grins as their footsteps echo, copying the sound of the thump of Taehyung’s heartbeat. “Then why did you have to argue that case if you liked it anyways.” Taehyung mumbles, bottom lip jutting out.
“Cause you look cute when you’re whining, Tae.” Jeongguk teases with a boyish laugh, bumping his shoulder against him, making him stumble against Jungkook. “You’re both bullies.” he comments with a roll of his eyes.
“Nah, you’re just easy to fluster,” Jungkook says. “I keep tabs on the number of times I’ve made you blush the past few days and it’s a lot.” “Especially during our fight back at the warehouse.” Jeongguk snickers. “Did you enjoy the show that much?” Taehyung wants nothing. -
/Absolutely nothing/ but the earth to open up and swallow him whole, then take him directly to hell at the thought that his attempts in hiding the heat on his cheeks were futile. And even with that thought in mind, his cheeks betray him and turn scarlet in embarrassment.
He feels fingers carding through his hair, messing up his hair and the sound of twin laughter. Making him shove both of them with his elbows and huff out a breath. “You’re both terrible.” he mumbles shyly, walking ahead of them to try and control the buns from flushing.
The twins catch up to him easily, not even out of breath and walking beside him. “Hey! Wait up.” Jungkook says with a grin, placing an arm around his shoulder. It doesn’t help the case of his flustered cheeks at all, thanks.
“Hobi hyung is right. You are kind of a brat,” he teases as the three of them enter Taehyung’s dorm building and head towards the lift. “Well, you two were teasing me,” Taehyung whines as the elevator door opens and the three of them head inside together.
“And I was blush– It was just my allergies. That’s all!” The two of them hum with devilish smiles on their faces that Taehyung badly wants to wipe away with the holy water he has in his dorm. (He might)
The lift takes them up to his and Jimin’s floor where their dorm is located and they walk a couple steps until they stop by the door, Taehyung turns to look at them. Attempting a threatening look, even though he knows that he kind of looks as intimidating as a kitten.
“Well, I’m home safe now. Thank you for walking me home. Bye!” he says hastily, turning around to grab his keys from his pockets and slotting it inside the lock before pushing the door open. Taehyung crosses the threshold and he could sense
them attempt to follow him inside, but he turns around instantly and attempts to shut the door. The twins laugh at him once again. His pout becomes bigger. “What do you want!” he whines, still pushing the door but he knows he’s no match for two muscled twins. “Go home now!”
“Oh come on, Tae,” Jeongguk says, placing a foot in between the door and the doorway to prevent him from closing it. “Is that how you treat your hyungs?” Taehyung clicks his tongue at him and eventually relents from pushing since it was no use and enters the dorm,
leaving the door open. He sits on his bed, crossing his arms as he watches the twins look around the room. Still with that teasing glint in their eyes. “Aren't you supposed to buy– what was it? Lube at the store?” Taehyung says, frowning at the two.
Jungkook shrugs. “It’s not like I need it that bad,” he mumbles. “I’m not really with anyone right now. I just said that as an excuse to walk you home.” Taehyung, again, blushes.
But he’s also reminded of what he heard at the warehouse about Jungkook texting somebody, and Jeongguk’s recent break up. He can’t help but be more curious than flustered now since they brought it up, and since they were already there. Taehyung decides to broach the subject.
He hums, watching as Jeongguk sits on Jimin’s bed while Jungkook leans on the wall beside his study table, hands inside his shorts’ pockets as he looks at Taehyung. “Yeah well, I meant to ask you something.” he starts to say, tone changing to a more careful one.
“Sure,” Jungkook says. “We kind of wanted to ask you something too but you go first.” “What?” “You go first.” Jeongguk says, leaning his weight on his arms. Taehyung licks his lips as he tries to recall the details of what he’s heard before the match started.
Feeling kind of a bit hesitant since Jeongguk and Jungkook owe him nothing. But then again, Taehyung wants to be honest and he wants to drive the monsters known as jealousy and doubt away, and he knows only the twins could help him do that.
“So, I- I kind of heard a couple things from Seolhyun and the others back at the warehouse,” he starts slowly. “And you owe me nothing. I know that, but I do want to hear things directly from you two before I start blowing things out of proportion in my head.”
“Okay sure. Ask away,” Jungkook replies, putting a serious face on as he and his twin give Taehyung their full attention. Taehyung nods. “So I kind of found out from Seol and Som that you were kinda seeing someone right now,” he says, looking at Jungkook.
“And that you recently just got out of a serious relationship.” he looks at Jeongguk. “I know I said we’re all friends, but I can't help but think if there’s some kind of other thing that’s going on between us.
Cause that’s what it feels like to me because of all the, uh, flirting and I don’t know, the sweet gestures,” Taehyung says, using all his bravery to let all his thoughts out. “I know we’ve just met and I could be reading things wrong–”
“You’re not,” Jeongguk cuts him, no flash of playfulness in his eyes and listening to him intently. “We know you’re not dumb, Tae. We know you get the message.” “Right.” he replies, unable to know how to feel after that admission.
Of course, there’s still an internal battle going on inside of him since this is pretty new to him, but above everything else, he also feels fluttery. A bit swooned if he’s being honest. But he tries not to focus on that. Not yet, at least.
And tries to stay in topic to drive the other doubts that were cornering him to one side. “And well, I just don’t want to be that person in the middle of everything, you know?” he tells them, hugging himself as a defense mechanism.
“I don’t want to come in between something that you’re either trying to heal from or start with somebody else.” Silence fills the room as the twins look at each other as if they’re tapping into their twin telepathy. Taehyung waits with bated breaths as he looks in between
the two until Jungkook sighs and walks over to him and sits beside him. “You’re not getting in between me or someone else, Tae.” he tells him gently. Tone oozing with honesty and reassurance.
“I know I kind of have a reputation or whatever, but I hope you see past that and know that I’m not the type to lead anybody on.” Taehyung nods, comforted as he takes in Jungkook’s words. “And I did get out of a relationship. That’s right.” Jeongguk says next,
looking at him intensely. “But it was so long ago and I’ve moved on. The girl I was last seeing is already with someone else. We broke up because, well, like you said earlier back at the house; I was looking for someone that I saw a future with, and I guess, I didn’t see
that with my ex. Not anymore at least, and she felt the same.” Taehyung shoots them an appreciative smile. “Thank you for your honesty.” he tells them. “I’m not really the type to allow things like these to get the best of me so I do appreciate you two for clearing that out.”
Jeongguk, on the other hand, is biting his lips. Looking deep in thought before he inhales a deep breath and looks at Taehyung, trying to look open. “Can I ask for your honesty too, Tae?” he starts.
“You don’t have to have an answer since that could be the answer as well, but since we’re talking about it. I just wanted to know…” he trails off, looking at Jungkook for support.
“Well, we were kind of wondering if there might be a slim chance of you’re maybe into one of us the way we’re both kind of into you.” Jungkook tells him bluntly but with gentleness.
“Don’t get us wrong, we’re not forcing you to be something you’re not and these last couple of days may have confused you, so we kind of wanted to know what your boundaries are. If it’s getting a little too much or if we’re pushing you too far.”
Taehyung feels soft at that. He feels incredibly smitten by the twins’ thoughtfulness and is blown away by treating his crisis delicately. He knows part of their doubts are coming from him too, because although most of the flirting came from their end,
Taehyung didn’t really do anything to stop them. It’s understandable to be confused, to want to know where you stand and where to go next. And he isn’t exactly laying out the map because he’s hiding it. Still slightly in denial and afraid to accept that part of him.
But as he sits there with Jeongguk and Jungkook, just the three of them in their own little world. Away from prying eyes and ears, Taehyung becomes a little braver. A little more accepting of himself. It’s still a scary thing to come to terms with, yes.
It’s still so fresh and new, but he manages to muster his courage and places a foot out of his cage. “You’re not pushing me to do things I don’t want to do,” he admits slowly, swallowing the lump stuck on his throat.
“I- Everything is still so new to me and I was raised to think things a little traditionally, so although it does make me feel a little weird, it’s not something that I want to shy away from. Not anymore, at least.” He sees growing smiles appear on the twins' faces.
Hope shimmering around their irises as they take that information in. And as much as Taehyung wants to keep the shine there, he doesn’t want to overwater that seed that he just planted. And he feels that the twins should know that too.
“But again,” he says hastily, looking down at his lap. “It’s still new. I’m still kind of figuring things out myself, so I don’t know yet for sure. But maybe? Maybe we could just take things slow until I do.” “Hey,” Jungkook says, tapping his knee and
making Taehyung look at him shyly. “You can set the pace while you figure it out, but just tell us when the waves get too rough. Okay?” “Okay.” Taehyung smiles, feeling some of the baggage on his shoulders fall on the floor.
“You’re not alone in this anymore, Tae.” Jeongguk adds, gentle and careful. “And you shouldn’t be ashamed or afraid, or at least, not to us. You know we won’t judge you.”
“Yeah, I– I guess I’m not anymore.” Taehyung replies. Still reeling over the fact that he kind of let someone, or rather– someones, in the enclosed space that he’s been hiding in for the past few days. It feels a bit freeing to tell someone, and to have someone who understands.
Who’s patient and kind and gentle. “So where do we go from here then?” Jungkook asks, letting out a breath of relief and half-laying down on Taehyung’s single bed to ease the tension that was filling the room. “It’s your call, maknae.” Taehyung rolls his eyes at the other.
Honestly he has no idea what the next step is, there’s still so much that he has to know about the whole being gay and being with someone. But Taehyung has a gut feeling that the twins will help him along the way. (Spoiler alert: his gut feelings never fail)
⬖ ⬘ ⬗ ⬙
Now that Taehyung has kind of accepted that he’s gay and has voiced it to someone other than himself, he oddly feels like he’s walking around town with a rainbow flag tied around his neck like a cape, and is wearing a shirt that says ‘Love is Love!’
with a drawing of a gay couple kissing on it. He can’t explain why but being gay feels more real after he told someone. Like it’s irrefutable and more cemented now. It feels like he’s holding some type of ticking bomb that can set off anytime, only when it explodes it’ll
announce to the world that he’s gay and everything is going to change. For the good or the bad, Taehyung doesn’t know, but he’s in no rush to find out. After that night with the twins, the high and fluttery feeling after admitting that he’s not opposed to them pursuing him
instantly dropped and it felt like he was coming down from a sugar high. From happy and giddy to panicked and anxious. And the worst part about it is that he has no one to freak out with. Sure, the twins are there and Taehyung knows that they’d be willing to listen to him
and reassure that there’s nothing to be scared of. They made it clear that night that they won’t judge him, after all. But he can’t exactly go to them and tell them that he’s having a mini panic attack /because of them./
He’s already embarrassed himself a lot, thanks, so no thanks. After Taehyung cleared things out with the twins that evening and agreed to take it slow, Jeongguk and Jungkook asked Taehyung through separate texts if he’d be willing to go out on a date. Something that made
Taehyung’s heart skip a beat and stop at the same time since one: it’s the twins. His gay awakening. Of course his heart would skip a freaking beat. But then again, he doesn’t know how to feel about going out with them at the same time separately because – they’re brothers.
/Twin/ brothers and the last thing he wants is to come in between them. So he’s very conflicted. Discovering that he’s gay was already one thing he’s having a hard time dealing with. So being asked out by two men, twin brothers, was just the strawberry on top.
And everytime he thinks of having to pick one, he gets a bad headache. Because for one, both Jeongguk and Jungkook are nothing short of perfect. His ideal type, his head suffices. Though they may be different in terms of Jungkook being more forward and flirty
while Jeongguk is more subtle yet romantic, they both make him feel happy. They’re both caring and considerate, and they just understand him in more ways than one. Taehyung tried to not-so-subtly change the subject after each of them asked him out, something both the twins
went with since, again, they’re considerate and they respect his decision to take things slow. Something that conflicts Taehyung more than comfort him. Which leads back to his dilemma of not having anyone to help him in his journey of being a newly gay person.
He’s been thinking of coming out to Jimin, and let him in on his big secret. But he’s holding back because so much has already changed in Taehyung’s life in the course of a week and he badly wants one thing to stay the same. Try to keep some parts of his life the same.
And for some reason, and although he knows Jimin won’t think less of him, coming out to someone you’ve known since for a long time is harder than telling someone you’ve known for a while.
So he holds off. At least for the meantime, he tells himself. Your own pace, the sound of Jungkook’s voice enters his head that never fails to make him calmer.
Sunday service was a drag today. Taehyung normally listens intently in every service, but today he wasn’t as attentive. He blames it on the fact that he stayed up later than intended, overthinking everything, thus resulting in him only getting an hour of sleep.
He tried his best to stifle his yawns and keep his eyes open, but even with his best attempts in hiding it, his mother caught on and elbowed him a few times during the service. Scolding him under her breath when he failed to react with the usual ‘Amen’ when
the pastor– his father, would ask the congregation a question or when he didn’t sing the worship songs as loud as usual. Thankfully, he was able to stay awake until the end of the service and his mother didn’t mention his lack of enthusiasm afterwards.
Though, he has a feeling that she’ll bring it up later. Something he wasn’t looking forward to, but oh well, consequences. Taehyung and his family are currently at a diner having brunch. It’s a ritual that they do after church as a way for them to bond and catch up with
what’s happening to each other’s lives. It’s usually the same conversation on repeat since nothing really exciting happens to them, but after his recent new discovery, Taehyung can’t help but feel a little anxious in their presence.
He’s been focused on eating his pancakes, listening to his parents converse about renovating their spare room back at home to a new home office. Aside from being the head of the church, his father is also into real estate, buying old houses for cheap prices and remodeling them
so he could sell them at market value price. While his mother was an ER nurse who works at the local hospital, and is mainly the head of taking care of the church’s fundraising events and charities. Taehyung is trying not to draw attention to himself as much as possible, not too
excited about the fact that he may possibly lie to them. Lying wasn’t his greatest forte and usually his parents see right through his lies, so it’s a bit nerve wracking to say the least. “How’s uni, Taehyung-ah?” his father asks from across from him, holding up a cup of coffee
in his hands and quirking an eyebrow at him questioningly. Taehyung looks up at him, bracing himself and hoping he doesn’t look guilty of anything. “You didn’t call us a lot this week. You got us worried a bit.” “Sorry Appa.” he smiles at him apologetically, cutting his pancakes
with his fork and knife with clenched fists. “I had so much homework last week, plus I was busy handing out flyers for the fundraiser we’re having by the end of the month.” Taehyung’s mother hums at him approvingly. “How’s that going by the way?” she asks, looking at him.
“Has anyone signed up yet?” “Yes.” Taehyung grins, happy to share some good news. “We already filled up all fifteen slots. All that’s left is to sell some tickets for the show and we’re good to go.” His mother beams. “That’s great!” she says.
“I spoke to the school head already and they agreed to reserve the auditorium for the talent show.” “Thanks Eomma,” he replies with a smile. “I’ll let our stage director know so she can schedule rehearsals before then and set up the stage.”
“Sounds good, honey, let me know if you need extra help. Okay?” his mother says, making Taehyung nod at her in understanding. “And what about school?” his father asks next. “Are your grades doing okay?” “All good,” Taehyung answers with a smile. If he were a bit more cocky he’d
brag about making it to the dean’s list, but he isn’t. And quite frankly, his parents won’t really bat an eye since it’s already expected from him. “But I think I gotta study harder for one of my classes. My last test came back with just a passing score.” he tells them honestly.
Taehyung’s mother frowns. “Why?” she asks. “Didn’t you study for it beforehand?” Taehyung’s lips twitch. He actually did study hard but it proved to be difficult since one, the class was a bit challenging and his professor wasn’t exactly the most helpful and two, his passions
didn’t lay on his major. He wasn’t going to tell her that, of course. “I did.” he sighs. “It was just a bit hard. That’s all.” “Well I’m sure you’ll do better if you commit to it more.” his father says as he cuts his bacon. Tone bleak.
“Try to study more on the weekends, Taehyung. You don’t have classes then, right?” He doesn’t, but it's the only time in the week he could actually catch up on sleep and be a lazy human being since Sundays were reserved for church and he had a full week of class, but again,
like the perfect kid, he bites his tongue and nods. “I will.” he mumbles. “That’s a good boy.” his mother smiles at him gently. Taehyung tries to make the smile on his face look like an actual smile rather than a grimace.
Don’t get him wrong, his relationship with his parents are good. Sure, they were strict and had the tendency to micromanage him, but Taehyung knows that it comes from a place of concern; that they only want what’s best for him.
But what’s best for him is not exactly what Taehyung wants, and as much as he wants to tell them how he feels, he knows his concerns will fall on deaf ears and he will just end up getting a private preaching from his mother and father, so he has stopped bothering to do so.
“How’s Jimin, by the way?” his father asks. “I didn’t see him in service today. Last week too.” That’s because he’s probably cuddled in bed with his boyfriends, he thought. “He’s good,” Taehyung replies, avoiding their eyes as he eats a slice of his pancakes.
“He’s just a bit busy, that’s all, Appa.” His mother sighs disappointedly. “You can’t be too busy for God,” she comments. “Sunday is reserved for praise and worship.” Oh, he’s praising and worshiping something alright. But Taehyung settles in chewing his food as slow as he can.
“Tell him to come next week,” his father says firmly. “He can’t miss three services in a row, otherwise I’ll have to talk to his father.” “I will,” he answers. Lips pulled into a line. Hoping Jimin got back from the frat house already so he could give him a head’s up.
“If not then I think it would be best to find another company.” his mother adds before she takes a sip of her orange juice. Tone final, making Taehyung’s tummy churn in discomfort as he looks at them. “The reason why we even allowed you to attend his uni was because of him.
But it looks like he’s being influenced there.” “Are you influenced?” his father raises an eyebrow. “It’s not too late to transfer you if ever–” “No Appa,” Taehyung cuts him off instantly. “Jimin is just busy. His major requires a lot of practical stuff, so he’s been working
hard to practice everyday but I’ll tell him to come to church next week. I promise.” It wasn’t exactly a lie. Jimin is busy with school, among other things. Aside from his relationship, he’s working on a routine for one of his classes
and the routine he’s going to perform at the talent show. His father hums at him, busy chewing on his food. Thankfully, Taehyung is saved from that conversation since one of their churchmates arrives and stops by their table to greet them, making them pause their breakfast
to stand and bow at them with a smile. “Pastor Kim,” One of their longtime church members, Bae Jongsuk, greets them with a friendly nod. Along with his wife and daughter. “Today’s service was lovely.”
Taehyung’s father shoots them his signature pastor smile. “They’re God’s words not mine,” he replies. Referring to his preaching earlier about conquering some guy defeating a giant. Something Taehyung ironically related to.
“How’s the bakery doing, Jongsuk? I hope all is well.” his father asks. “We haven’t had the chance to visit lately. I apologize.” “Oh, it’s all’s good, Pastor. No need to apologize and thank you for asking,” the wife replies, before looking over at Taehyung
and smiling at him warmly. “Hi Taehyung-ssi, how are you? I heard you started studying at SNU!” “Yes, I did, Mrs. Bae,” Taehyung replies politely. “I started about two months ago and have been staying at the dorms. It’s why I haven’t been that active in the church’s youth club.”
“It’s fine, dear.” Mrs. Bae replies with a wave of her hand. “Suji has been doing a good job taking over your post as the youth leader.” She turns to look at her daughter, Suji. Another one of Taehyung’s acquaintances at church. She’s around his age, a few inches shorter than
him with long black hair falling until her midsection that’s tied in a low ponytail, wearing jeans and a sweater. She isn’t exactly a friend like Jimin. But Taehyung could say that they were a bit close since they both used to lead the youth club’s events, with her leading the
girls and Taehyung leading the guys. He could say their relationship is more professional than anything else. He wishes it’s the same for her, though. Since he caught her a handful of times looking at him when she thinks he wasn’t looking and sense some of her touches
lingering longer than usual. And thinking about it, from everyone else’s point of view, it looks as though that they can be the perfect couple. The church’s youth leaders ending up together, that is. But Taehyung has never felt that way for her.
Sure, she’s pretty and kind and is the type of person that his parents would want him to be with. And admittedly, he tried to see if he could feel the same for her, and went out to get coffee once after their youth meetings to see if there was a spark somewhere,
but the only spark he felt when he went out with her was the spark of energy since she bought him an espresso, instead of his usual strawberry frappuccino so he never tried again afterwards since he didn’t want to lead her on.
“I’m sure Suji-ssi is doing a great job.” Taehyung beams at Suji with a friendly smile. “How is it by the way?” Suji gives him a smile. “Like what Eomma said, it’s been good,” she says. “All the youth leaders are planning to go on a hike soon though. If you’re interested?”
Taehyung was just opening his mouth to decline. Again, not wanting to lead her on since there’s a twinkle in her eyes that tells him something else. Plus, he’s busy at school on top of his extracurricular activities.
But before he can utter a word out, his mother replies, “He’ll be there.” for him. Tone final and like Taehyung has no choice. He only swallows his sigh and smiles at her. Suji seems elated, a grin spreading out of her face. “Okay!” she says eagerly.
“I’ll register your name then and I’ll text you all the details!” “Thank you, Suji.” Taehyung replies, trying to sound chipper. “Anyway,” Jongsuk says, looking at them. “We won’t take much of your time anymore, Pastor.
Again, thank you for the lovely service and have a great rest of your Sunday!” They say their goodbyes as well, and once the Baes were seated on their table a distance away and Taehyung and his family are back to finishing their breakfast, his mother looks at him intently.
“Suji is nice, don’t you think so, Taehyung-ah?” she asks. Taehyung’s lips extend to a line. “Yeah, she is.” he replies, tone blank. Trying to get her to understand that he isn’t interested in whatever it is that she has planned.
“I heard she’s studying architecture and is the top of her class too,” his father adds, tone suggestive. “Seems like a good catch. Why don’t you try and go out on a date with her, son?”
Cause I’m not interested in her. Or any ‘hers’ for that matter, he thinks. But holds it in. Feeling more uncomfortable by the second as he finishes his pancakes and waits for his parents to finish their food so he could leave and go back to the dorm.
“I- I don’t know,” he mumbles. “I don’t really like her that way, Appa.” “Nonsense.” his mother clicks her tongue at him. “I’m sure you’ll learn to like her over time, Taehyung-ah. Love takes time to develop after all.”
Although his mother does raise a good point, he can’t help but disagree a bit because he remembers that first night he met both Jeongguk and Jungkook, and feeling sparks explode like a firework show on a New Year’s eve when he laid eyes on both of them.
And it’s only been a week of them getting to know each other, but it feels so much longer. Like they know him in the way Jimin does, and that’s saying a lot since Jimin (kind of) knows everything about him.
To him, love is something that comes naturally and grows by itself through actions and words. If only his parents thought the same. “I’ll think about it, Eomma,” Taehyung replies.
“Go on that hike then,” his father says, finishing the last of his breakfast and leaning back on his chair. “Try to get to know her and ask her out properly afterwards. Okay?”
Taehyung looks at him, feeling a bit helpless. Feeling himself getting sucked in his cage and chained on the leg. He can’t help but think that it’s all unfair, that even choosing someone– whether a boy or a girl - wasn't his choice to make.
That love, to them, was all about appearances and reputations rather than a thing that’s felt mutually by both parties. He doesn’t even know he’s holding his breath and only realizes it when he sucked up a breath and exhaled, more out of defeat than anything else,
before he replies with an, “Okay, Appa.” that makes both his parents hum in content. “I should get going back,” Taehyung says once the bill is paid, standing up from his seat and attempting a smile. “I still have to review and do homework.”
“Want us to drive you back?” his mother asks, also standing and grabbing her purse so the three of them could head out of the diner together. Taehyung shakes his head at them, wanting to be alone. To escape.
“No need,” he replies. “It’s out of your way and I have to stop by the store to buy some school supplies.” “Alright then,” his mother says. Stopping by the pavement next to their car and kissing Taehyung on the cheek as goodbye. “See you next week, darling. Please take care.”
“I will, Eomma. You too.” he replies, feeling more relieved, though there’s a lump stuck on his throat. “Call us more often, son.” his father says, shaking his hand. “Love you.” “Love you too.” he mumbles before they go their separate ways.
Taehyung wishes he can separate from the feeling of helplessness too. Try to go back to that world he made up where he’s free to do whatever he wants, love whoever he chooses with no repercussions but the more steps he takes, the more and more he feels burdened by everything.
He wishes he can live in that world instead of pretend to. Pretend he’s happy and free, but he can’t. Not really. He stops by the store along his way back to the dorms, picking up some stuff he needs for class and thinking of the things he could study for that day
as a way to distract himself from everything else that’s causing his shoulders to sag. But then he hears the sound of familiar voices. Voices he associated with safety, albeit these voices were bickering as normal.
But despite that, it doesn’t fail to make Taehyung’s lips twitch to a small smile. He walks over to the next aisle and finds the twins there, arguing. Jungkook is holding up two notebooks in his hands while Jeongguk was standing next to him with his hands inside his sweatpants’
pockets. Both sporting black bucket hats, with Jeongguk wearing a black shirt and Jungkook a white one, only the latter was wearing some shorts. “This is cheaper,” Jungkook was saying, eyes on the notebooks. “But I like this design better.”
“Just pick one already!” Jeongguk whines, eyebrows scrunching. “It serves the same purpose for fuck’s sake!” “Wait, look at this one that has that favorite anime we like.” Jungkook picks up a notebook that has the characters of the anime haikyuu printed on the cover. “Sweet!”
Taehyung giggles at that, causing both twins to look in his direction. “Tae!” Jeongguk says, the scrunch on his eyebrows fading and being replaced with a bright smile. “What are you doing here?”
“What do you think, dumbass?” Jungkook says as the two of them approach him, bringing the notebooks with him. “He’s buying supplies just like everyone else.” Jeongguk rolls his eyes at him as they stop next to him. “Do you two ever stop fighting?” Taehyung asks, amused.
“No.” the twins said at once, making Taehyung grin. “Well, at least you agree on one thing.” Taehyung says, looking at the notebooks that Jungkook has on his hands and pointing a finger at the haikyuu one. “If you want my opinion, I like this one.”
Jungkook throws the other two notebooks at a nearby shelf instantly. “Done.” he says with a grin, making Taehyung feel giddy inside. “I thought you were in church today?” Jeongguk asks conversationally. “I was,” Taehyung says with a stiff smile.
Something that made Jeongguk’s pierced eyebrows raise. “I’m just going back to the dorms. Service is finished.” “Does church usually last four hours?” Jungkook asks, genuinely curious. Taehyung chuckles at him lightly. “Uh no,” he says.
“I had breakfast with my parents at a place nearby. It only usually lasts for two hours at the most.” For the twins’ benefit, they tried to stifle their grimace. It’s pretty evident that the idea of being stuck in an enclosed space filled with religious
(and most likely, homophobic) people wasn’t an ideal thought for them. For most people, actually, so he understands. And the expression on their faces was just so comical, it’s enough to make Taehyung laugh.
Something that was usually hard to do after he spends time with his parents. “No need to pretend you like it,” Taehyung says, smile still in place. “It’s not for everyone.”
“Just trying to be polite,” Jeongguk says, carding his fingers through his hair as he lifts his bucket hat to tuck it back in. “I know that’s important to you.” Taehyung bites his lips, attempting to control his growing smile. “Thanks, but you don’t really have to,” he says.
“Course we do,” Jungkook replies. “If it means something to you then we respect it. Easy as that.” God, Taehyung thinks. How he wishes everyone were like the twins who accepts things without reason, who’s considerate and just makes everything easy.
He can’t help but think back to what happened at the diner. About being forced to do things against his wishes and to succumb to what his parents think is right for him. Taehyung didn't realize that his smile dropped and he was starting to frown
until Jeongguk reached a finger to soothe the lines that were appearing on his forehead. “You okay?” he asks, gentle and careful. Taehyung shakes his head. “Yeah, sorry.” he clears his throat, trying to get himself together. “I spaced out there for a second. But yeah, thank you
for being considerate. I- yeah. Thanks.” The twins frown, seemingly able to catch on to what he’s feeling. It’s funny, Taehyung thinks. They’re the twins but he feels like he’s also connected to them since they seem to be in tune with what he’s feeling and thinking without
the need of words. “You don’t have to thank us, Tae.” Jeongguk says, ruffling his hair lightly. “It’s nothing.” “Trust me, it’s something to me.” he replies, tone mixed with a bit of sadness.
“Why? Something happened?” Jungkook asks, eyebrows scrunched. “Want me to beat somebody up?” Taehyung snorts at him fondly. “I don’t condone violence,” he scolds lightly. “And it’s nothing to worry about, really. Breakfast with my parents was just… just a lot, I guess.”
Jeongguk hums at him thoughtfully, nodding his head. “I can only imagine,” he replies. “Sorry to hear, Tae.” He only smiles at him gratefully, shifting in his feet as he looks at the twins. “Uh anyway,” he says, scratching his neck.
“I guess I should leave you to it, then? Sorry. I heard you from the other aisle. I didn’t mean to intrude and–” “Nah, we just stopped by to grab this notebook.” Jungkook wiggles the notebook in his hand. “You’re never intruding. You’re welcome to pop out of nowhere anytime.”
“And speaking of popping out of nowhere,” Jeongguk adds, looking at Taehyung. “You doing something after this?” “Just gonna do some advance reading for my classes next week,” he replies, quirking an eyebrow up. “Why?”
Jeongguk and Jungkook look at each other, exchanging a quick telepathic message before looking back at Taehyung. “Well,” Jungkook starts. “You just seem a bit down.” “And we were on our way to the park to chill and maybe buy a corndog.” Jeongguk continues.
“Oh,” Taehyung says slowly, trying not to think too much of it and get slightly excited. “Okay, sounds nice.” Jungkook grins at him. “And we were wondering–” “If you want to come with?” Jeongguk finishes, matching his twin’s smile.
Taehyung bites his lip, trying (and failing) to keep himself from smiling back at them widely. But then, he’s reminded of that supposed date that he’s supposed to go on with Suji– the date his parents want him to go on, on top of that hike.
He wants to say yes. He wants to fuck it all and just go with what he wants. Wants it to be as easy as the twins make it out to be. But the chains were still in place, preventing him from uttering the words out. Luckily, the twins have the key.
“Just a quick breather, Tae.” Jungkook smiles, gentle and kind. Taehyung exhales. “Fine.” he nods, making the twins smile. “I’ll go.” “You’re riding with me!” Jeongguk says happily as the three of them head to check out their purchases, making Taehyung scrunch his eyebrows.
“Like fuck he is.” Jungkook snorts as he pays for his notebook, opting out of the paper bag and just taking the receipt before Taehyung pays for his own things. “What do you mean I’m riding with you?” he asks, dropping the pads of paper on the counter and letting the
woman ring him up, before he pays them with his card. “Do you mean the bus?” Jungkook smirks. “You’ll see.”
Taehyung only looks at them with a puzzled look as he gets his purchases and follows them outside the door, to where his question is answered with his jaw slackening open as he sees two motorcycles– Harley Davidson motorcycles parked next to the curb. Jesus Christ, he thinks.
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additional tags: - mention of minor character death - manipulative relationship (not between tk) - hurt/comfort - light angst
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Riding on a Harley was an experience that Taehyung didn’t think that he’d actually quite enjoy. At first he was hesitant in riding one since his mother never missed to tell him how motorcycles are death traps and that he shouldn’t ever ride one unless he wanted a
trip to the hospital, or worse: the morgue, so he never attempted to. But after some coaxing and some reassurance, Taehyung eventually agreed to ride one. Making the twins promise to stick to the speed limit or below it, to which they agreed to with twin pouts on their lips.
And after a game of rock paper scissors between the twins, Taehyung ended up riding with Jeongguk first since he won, and Jungkook will take him later when they go back to the dorms. Something they both bickered about for five whole minutes, by the way, since Jeongguk kept
insisting that since he won, he should be the one to give Taehyung the ride going and returning, but eventually caved Taehyung promised to study with him on Tuesday instead. (Something that made Jungkook whine, therefore making Taehyung promise to study with him too on Wednesday)
The sound of the motorcycle’s roar made Taehyung’s heart jump along with the vibrations he felt underneath his thighs as Jeongguk waited for the engine to heat up. Taehyung found himself clinging onto Jeongguk’s sides already even though they haven’t moved yet
since the whirring noises made him nervous, but when Jeongguk kicked off and rode alongside Jungkook, both following the speed limit as promised, Taehyung started to feel less nervous and more at ease since it was evident that Jeongguk knew how to work the motorcycle well
due to how easily he was able to zip past traffic and turn along the curb flawlessly. At some point during the ride to the park, Jeongguk kicked up speed to catch up with Jungkook who was ahead of them, making Taehyung hug his body tighter and scold him into slowing down
albeit he was laughing as he said it. To Taehyung, it kind of felt like riding an ordinary bike. Only it was faster and louder, and only air separated them from the other vehicles that drove past them.
It felt liberating and like he was rebelling in a way, if soft breezes brushing his hair and the sunshine on his nape was what rebellion felt like; That, along with Jeongguk looking over his shoulder during traffic to check on him
and Jungkook grinning at him through his helmet while revving his bike loudly to tease Taehyung. It feels so blissful. Freeing. He thought taking a step out of his cage to indulge himself to something as simple as riding a motorcycle would scare him, but it didn’t. Not really.
The only thing that really scares him is his mother finding out but everything else was good The breeze hitting his face is good, the steady speed of the motorcycle is good, the feeling of choosing to do this for himself despite his fears is good. And the company? Even better.
They arrived at Hangang Park a few minutes later where a lot of people were bustling the area. Food stalls were around every corner of the park as well as tiny shops that sold souvenirs for tourists. The playground was packed with children since it was a weekend with their
parents watching closeby, and overall, it proved to be a better distraction than the advanced studying that Taehyung initially planned to do. He and the twins settled on sitting on one of the benches beside the river with the twins eating their corndog and Taehyung sipping
on a strawberry shake that they got for him. ‘How did you know that I like strawberries?’ Taehyung had asked, to which they only responded with a smug smile. Honestly, the twins have never failed to surprise him.
It’s honestly romantic of them to try and get to know him through other people if they aren’t together. It makes him feel special, and even though the gesture is small, it’s still so big for him. It makes his heart grow two sizes bigger, enough to keep two people there.
If only Taehyung could make it grow five times bigger to give the people inside (namely, the twins) enough space to fight since they’ve been doing that ever since they hopped off their motorcycles, he thought with a sigh.
“What are you? A kid?” Jeongguk complains from his right, looking over at Jungkook who has mustard all over his lips after taking a bite of his corndog. “Clean your face! You look like a clown.”
Jungkook scoffs, cheeks bulging since he was still chewing. “Guess who looks like me?” he retorts, making his twin roll his eyes at him and Taehyung to chuckle as he gets some napkins from his lap and wipes Jungkook’s face with it, causing the latter to smile.
“He’s right,” Taehyung says as he wipes Jungkook’s lips. “You’re like a baby.” “As long as I’m your baby, then it’s fine,” Jungkook replies, making Taehyung’s cheeks heat and Jeongguk to snort. “You’re so lame,” Jeongguk comments, throwing a balled napkin at him.
“Do you honestly think that Tae is gonna fall for that?” “Well he’s blushing, ain’t he?” Jungkook retorts, throwing the napkin back at him. Taehyung, who’s sitting in the middle of them, just sighs as he drinks his shake.
Shaking his head at them, though again, it’s flattering that the twins are trying to fight for his attention when his eyes are only on them. “Stop,” Taehyung says, holding up a hand between them to stop them once again from fighting.
He kind of understands now what Yoongi meant when he said he was Hoseok and Jimin’s babysitter since he’s Jungkook and Jeongguk’s. “Can’t we all just get along for one day and enjoy the Sunday together?”
“Hard to when you’re with a guy like him!” “Hard to when you’re with a guy that looks like you only uglier!” Taehyung sighs and shoots them an unimpressed look. “Sorry.” the both of them echo, causing Taehyung to snort.
“Anyway,” he says, trying to change the subject to keep the peace between the two. “I didn’t know that the two of you were loaded.” “Loaded? Who? Us?” Jungkook scoffs lightly. “Please, the only thing we’re loaded with are muscles.”
Taehyung rolls his eyes. But he makes a good point about the muscles. “Then how did you get those Harleys?” he asks, trying to stay on topic. “I don’t know a lot about motorcycles but I know those are expensive, and you both have one of them.”
“Our dad owns a garage,” Jeongguk explains before taking a bite of his corndog. “It’s not big or anything but a lot of his regulars are from this bike gang that only rides Harleys.” “Yeah.” Jungkook nods.
“And one time, their leader brought these bikes to the shop. Says the bikes needed too many repairs so they sold it to us for a good price. Not gonna lie though, the repairs were a lot of work and is expensive as fuck, but it paid off in the end.”
Taehyung hums at that. Intrigued at the newfound piece of information about the twins. “Is that why you took up mechanical engineering then?” he asks. “To follow your dad’s footsteps and take over the shop?”
“Kind of.” Jungkook shrugs. “I mean, it was my choice since I like fixing up cars and bikes. Plus, I’m not too bad at math so I picked that because I liked it. Our dad didn’t really pressure me or anything. He just wanted us to go to college and get a degree.” Taehyung smiles
at him. Though, he feels kind of a bit jealous. “Good for you,” he replies. “What about you?” Jeongguk asks, looking at him as he finishes his corn dog with one last bite. “You said your parents picked pre-med for you, right? Is it because one of them is a doctor or something?”
“My mom is a nurse,” Taehyung says. “She was supposed to go to med school after graduating pre-med herself, but she married my dad then had me not long after so she wasn’t able to pursue it.” “Which leaves you to live out her dreams, then?” Jungkook asks, tone careful.
Not at all accusing, making Taehyung nod at him with a sad smile. “Damn, sorry to hear.” Taehyung sighs at him deeply. “Don’t be,” he replies. “It’s not my first choice, sure, but at least my future is secured now, right?”
“Still,” Jeongguk says. “It’s not your choice. It’s your future. You should get to decide what to do with it.” “Yeah well, it’s not like I have a choice. My parents–” he trails off, not knowing how much he can share since the topic is a bit heavy
and he doesn’t really want to ruin the easy going atmosphere around them. “Let me guess,” Jungkook quips in, throwing his corndog stick on the trashcan next to him and looking at Taehyung as he claps his hands to remove the crumbs off them. “They're the controlling type?”
Taehyung frowns sadly. He doesn’t really want to speak ill of his parents, but then again, would he be really speaking ill of them if he were just saying the truth? “I mean, I know they mean well,” he tries to defend weakly.
“I know they’re just looking out for me and just want my life to turn out okay, so I can’t hold that against them.” “I understand where you’re coming from, Tae. I know they’re just parents being parents, but,” Jeongguk says, licking his lips as he chooses his words carefully.
“Guiding someone to make the right choice is different from controlling someone to make their preferred choice. You’re your own person too, Tae.” “And even if you make the wrong choice, then so what?” Jungkook adds, crossing his legs and leaning back on the bench.
Eyes watching the small boats passing by along the river. “It’s your lesson. Not theirs. It’s how you grow.” “When did you two get so wise suddenly?” Taehyung teases lightly, looking over at the two of them. But he has to admit their words strike a chord within him that’s
beginning to make him see things in a different light. “Are you two the same people who were boxing each other for show the other night?” The twins snort at him and roll their eyes at him at once, making Taehyung giggle.
“Like we said,” Jeongguk says. “We’re not really made of money and the fights help our dad out with some of the expenses.” “Plus a lot of people seem to like it.” Jungkook adds with a grin. “I know you did, Tae.”
“Oh shut up,” Taehyung says, slapping him on the thigh with blushed cheeks as the twins laugh. “Seriously, when will you ever stop mentioning that?” “When you admit it,” Jungkook replies, smirking at him. “C’mon, just say it. I promise I’ll stop.”
“Say what?” he scoffs, crossing his arms and controlling himself from reacting in the way the twins wanted him to. “That I enjoyed watching you two punch each other at some sleazy warehouse while you’re both half naked?”
He did, Taehyung thought to himself. But he is never going to admit it out loud. But could he ever hide anything from the twins after everything? Nope. “Wasn’t that hard to say, right?” Jeongguk teases, looking at him with a playful glint in his eyes. “I knew it.”
“I didn’t–” Taehyung tries to complain, eyes widening. “No take backs,” Jungkook says, grabbing Taehyung’s shake and taking a sip from it. “Nothing bad about complimenting someone.” “You two are impossible.” Taehyung mutters to himself.
“I wonder why I keep hanging out with the two of you.” “Want me to answer that?” Jeongguk grins. “No.” Taehyung mumbles, trying to hide his flusteredness by stealing his drink back from Jungkook and taking a sip from it.
“But kidding aside though,” Jeongguk starts to say, copying his twin's posture. “Is- is that why you were kind of upset earlier?” Jeongguk’s tone is conversational but Taehyung can still hear the concern and curiosity behind it.
Masking it with his casualness to make him open up. Something that he appreciates and is effective. “Yeah,” he admits. “Being a pastor’s son is really… I don’t know.” A label that everyone expects him to live up to. A responsibility. A burden.
Taehyung sighs. “It’s a lot to handle with only so little space to work with if that makes any sense.” he manages to say in the end. “Other people’s expectations can really do that.” Jungkook nods. “Limit you, I mean. It removes the extra space for you to make mistakes.”
Taehyung smiles. Once again, they understand between the lines. “Exactly.” he says. “And don’t get me wrong, I do like some of my duties. I like to do volunteer work and help out the poor and all those other things that come with the title.
I just don’t like the eyes on me, you know? I don’t want to be expected of great things. Things that I can’t do.” “But you are doing great things, though.” Jeongguk points out, looking at him with a warm smile.
“I read that flier about the talent show and saw that all the show’s proceeds go to the children’s hospital. You’re literally volunteering your free time for this, Tae. Isn’t that a great thing?” “It’s nothing, really.” he shyly says. “It’s not something I haven’t done before.”
“And that makes you even greater,” Jungkook says. “I can count on one hand the number of university students who would offer their precious time to do what you do, Tae. And trust me, it’s not a lot.”
“Stop.” he blushes. “Again, it’s something that’s expected from me as my dad’s son. I’m not being modest or anything, but doing those things comes with my title. It’s something that I was raised to do. Sacrifice.”
Silence envelops the three of them as his words simmer in the air. Taehyung was not the type to voice out his complaints. It’s another thing that comes along with being the pastor’s son and his strict parents’ child. So it’s
nice to let it out and have someone else know. To vent and just let those bottled up feelings loose. He knows by saying this, the responsibilities and expectations won’t go away but it’s nice to just release those repressed feelings inside of him to give him air to breathe.
It’s nice to have someone– /someones/ who could lend him a listening ear. “Anyway, enough about me,” Taehyung says, tone light to bring back the easy atmosphere they had going earlier. “Tell me more about you two.” He hears one of them clear their throat,
obviously still thinking about what he had just said, before Jeongguk sits up and looks at him. “What do you want to know?” he asks. Taehyung shrugs. “I don’t know. What about something that I don’t know? Any sob stories too?” he jokes lightly.
Jeongguk hums. “Our mother died giving birth to us,” he says, making Taehyung pause and look at him with a shocked look. “There were some complications from what our dad told us.”
“I-” Taehyung stutters. Now feeling guilty about complaining about his parents when the twins lost one. “I’m sorry. I-” “Oh don’t be,” Jungkook says easily. “It was a long time ago.”
“Still, I’m sorry,” Taehyung says firmly. “You should’ve told me before I went on that whole rant about my parents. It was insensitive of me.” “It wasn’t, don’t be silly.” Jeongguk says, bumping shoulders with him with a smile.
“It’s not really something that makes us sad anymore. Sure, mother’s day was kind of depressing sometimes, but it’s not something we cry about at all.” “Regardless, I’m sure there’s a part of you that longs to have met her.” Taehyung says, placing his drink on the ground
and each grabbing one of the twins' hands and squeezing it in comfort. “To experience having one, I mean.” Jeongguk and Jungkook shoot him a smile, and before Taehyung knows it, they’re both turning their hands and gripping his hand back. Effectively making him blush.
“It sucks to not meet her, sure.” Jungkook continues to say, not mentioning the hand holding. “But dad is enough. He did his best raising two twin boys.” “And he did a great job, if I do say so myself.” Taehyung smiles.
Feeling his hands begin to sweat at the intimacy of the twins’ holding it and their little sharing session. “Thanks, we’ll let him know,” Jeongguk replies with a smile. “And to give your parents the benefit of the doubt, Tae. They also did a good job raising you.”
“Still think they’re kinda controlling though,” Jungkook quips under his breath, making Taehyung snort. “No offense.” “None taken,” Taehyung replies, easing his hands out of the twins' grips since he saw someone look in their direction.
Already missing the warmth as soon as they let go and tucking them underneath his thighs as he sways back and forth. “They can be a little too much but I love them.” “We can all love our parents but still think they can be too much.” Jungkook says.
“And if it’s any consolation to you, just know that you won’t have to pretend or sacrifice anything when you’re with us.” Jeongguk nods. “Yeah, what he said,” he replies. “And if they get too much, you can lean on us.” “Same to you,” Taehyung smiles. “You can lean on me too.”
The rest of the day is spent with more talks about each other, watching boats pass by in front of them, soft smiles exchanged and just enjoying each other’s companies until it was well into the afternoon and they all needed to go back to uni to get some school work done.
And as agreed, Taehyung rides with Jungkook this time and lets the latter wear the helmet for him even though he was fully capable of doing it himself. (Not that he minded) And the three of them, well two since Taehyung was just a passenger, driving past cars that were also on
their way back home as city lights turn into a blur and wind blows past them. Soon, they were parked outside Taehyung’s dorm building and were standing by the pavement next to it, fidgeting on their feet as they lacked anything to say.
Still too caught up by the great day they had that was about to end. “Anyway, I had a great time,” Taehyung is the first to break their silence. Smiling at both of them. “Thank you for today.” “Thanks for coming with,” Jeongguk says. “I know you had stuff to do, so, yeah.”
“It was nothing,” Taehyung licks his lips. “I- I actually needed the distraction as you both can tell.” “Well if you need any more distractions, you know who to call.” Jungkook grins. “It’s me by the way. Not him.” “Or me.” Jeongguk says, rolling his eyes at the twin.
“I’m the better twin anyway.” “Are not.” “Are too.” “Okay, I’ll keep you /both/ in mind,” Taehyung interrupts, rolling his eyes at them. “You two go home safely now, alright?”
“Alright.” the both of them say, shooting Taehyung a warm smile before they turn around to each head out to their bikes to ride back to the frat house. He stays there, watching as the twins stand next to their respective bikes, grabbing their helmets.
Taehyung cannot help but bite his lips, still filled with that fuzzy feeling that replaced the heaviness he was feeling that morning. Fuzzy feelings that the twins were both responsible for. He remembers that feeling about riding their motorcycles earlier.
His hesitancy to try it at first because of certain misconceptions that his mother planted in his head, and could not help but think it was oddly like this thing that he’s been wanting to try out with the twins– date.
Something he wanted, something that’s within his reach if only he holds his hand up. Something that’s so close, but the chains were holding him back. Until he remembers that the twins have the key. Taehyung decides to take that chance.
“Hey,” he says, walking up to them and making the twins look at him with twin looks of confusion. “Wait. I, uh, wanted to tell you something real quick.” “Sure,” Jeongguk replies, perching his helmet on his motorcycle while his twin does the same. “What is it?”
He inhales. “So,” he starts, feeling a bit nervous, a bit unsure but it still felt good. “About that date you wanted to go with me…” The twins’ eyes widens, ears perking up as they listen to Taehyung attentively.
“Uhm.” Taehyung tucks his hair behind his ear, looking down on his feet. “Is– is it too late to accept?” “No.” the twins say in unison, making Taehyung stifle his smile.
He musters the courage to look up to find Jeongguk and Jungkook grinning at him from ear to ear, hope and happiness shining along with the stars in their eyes. Taehyung sucks up a breath. “Okay,” he replies, giddy and excited. “Okay.”
“Okay.” Jungkook says too, reaching to pinch his cheeks with the boyish grin still plastered on his face. “Text me when you’re free. I’ll handle the rest.” “Me too.” Jeongguk smiles, ruffling Taehyung’s hair. “I’ll wait for it.”
“Okay.” he replies. He sounds like a broken record, sure, but it’s the only coherent thing that he can manage to say due to the butterflies swarming in his tummy.
“See you then, Tae.” Jungkook says, fiddling with the helmet in his hands. A flash of hesitation crossing in his face for a split second before he mutters a quick, “Fuck it.” under his breath and deposited a kiss on his cheek, causing Taehyung to gasp in happy surprise.
Jeongguk scoffs at the other. “No fair.” he says, and before Taehyung could even recover from the last peck, Jeongguk does the same to his other heated cheek, making the butterflies shift into zoo animals. Fuck.
“See you on the date!” Jeongguk says. “I’ll make sure our date it better.” Jungkook grins. “I-” Taehyung shakes his head, suddenly remembering his other dilemma. “Wait, I uh, before you go. Is- is this a bit awkward? I mean, me going out with each of you separately I mean?”
“Nope.” Jungkook answers with a chuckle. “I mean, I get why he likes you, Tae.” “And besides,” Jeongguk smirks, looking at his twin with a challenging glint in his eyes. “We like being competitive.” Taehyung swallows. “I- okay.” he says, a little unsure.
Of course, they catch on to his insecurities and shoots him a smile. “Don’t worry, Tae. If all else fails, there’s always plan B.” Jungkook says, before he wears his helmet and begins to straddle his bike.
“Plan B?” Taehyung asks, looking at Jeongguk who was rolling his eyes at his twin amusedly. “You’ll see.” Jeongguk says before doing the same.
And before Taehyung can question them even more, the sound of twin motorcycles’ loud revving echoes outside, mimicking the sound of his heartbeat and making Taehyung take a step back to allow the twins to back the corner.
They wave at him goodbye. He can almost see the smirk in their smiles before they ride away into the direction of the fraternity house. Leaving Taehyung there, still at a loss of how to react after what he just did.
It feels like he was laying on a floating cloud as he goes back to his and Jimin’s door. Despite his fears and hesitations, the feeling that the twins left him with is still so strong. So right. Wrong, but right.
He enters the dorm to find Jimin sitting on his bed with a conflicted look on his face, hands clasped together as he looks at the floor. Taehyung raises an eyebrow at him. “Hey?” he says, closing the door behind him and throwing his keys on his desk. “What’s up?”
Jimin looks at him, licking his lips. Before he says, “So, you’re going on a date huh?” Taehyung’s heart still. And in that moment, he knows what it feels like to drop from a cloud.
⬖ ⬘ ⬗ ⬙
The zoo in Taehyung’s tummy now feels like a swarm of bees, stinging and rendering him frozen as he stands in his and Jimin’s dorm with its venom numbing the euphoria that was running through his veins as he stares as Jimin’s accusing and hurt look.
Taehyung feels panicked. He feels like a bucket of iced water was poured over his head, waking him up from a sweet dream so he could wake up to live out one of his many nightmares. He’s afraid and he suddenly misses the safety that the twins always come along with
and the courage they give him to accept himself more. But they aren’t here. Taehyung knows that he can’t have them in every one of his battles in his new journey, and he also knows that this is something that he should deal with by himself. His first giant to defeat.
The giant, who’s in the form of his 174 cm best friend, that is. Taehyung sucks up a deep breath, mustering all his courage so he could coherently try and open up this part about himself to Jimin. “Jimin, I-” he tries to say, trying to look for the right words to say. “I-”
“I thought I was your best friend, Tae,” Jimin interrupts, tone tinged with a bout of hurt as he slowly stands and approaches him. Though, the accusatory look on his face is slowly turning into a softer one. “You promised. No more secrets.”
“I- I know what I said, Mimi.” Taehyung sighs, the slump on his shoulders returning as he looks down on his feet. “I’m sorry. I meant to tell you but, I guess… I guess I was just scared of what you would say.”
“You were scared of /me/?” Jimin asks, looking at him with eyebrows scrunching. “Me? Your best friend since preschool? Your soulmate?” “Listen, I-” Taehyung tries to say. “You know it wouldn't have been a big deal to me, Tae,” Jimin retorts, lips frowning.
“You know I would have supported you.” “I know. God, Jimin. Don’t you think that I know that?” Taehyung replies, tone a bit exasperated. Hugging himself and feeling small even though he was a few inches taller than his best friend.
“Didn’t you think that I’ve thought of telling you?” “Then why didn’t you?” the other asks, looking at Taehyung intensely. “I mean, it’s just me, Tae. I’m not some random person. It’s just me. Just Jimin.”
“And that’s exactly why I didn’t tell you,” Taehyung says, tone louder and conflicted. Making Jimin close his mouth and listen to him. “Like you said. You’ve been my best friend for as long as I can remember, Jimin.
You are the only person who has always been there for me, who knows nearly everything about me too. Everything was just happening and changing too fast, and I needed you to stay the same.” Taehyung is gasping for air at this point as he slowly lets out drops of his frustration
and guilt. “I didn’t mean to put you in the dark. I swear, but I was just making sure of it myself first too. I was testing the waters out,” he explains, tone tired. “But you beat me to it. And I’m sorry. I swear I didn’t mean to.”
They’re both silent now, save for Taehyung’s ragged breaths due to his outburst. Feeling needles prickle his skin as he waits for his friend to reply. Eventually, Jimin sighs at him and places a hand over his shoulder before gently grabbing his hand
and pulling him towards his single bed. The fight has left Jimin’s eyes as they sit and as the latter shoots him a patient look. The corner of his lips twisting into an apologetic yet reassuring smile.
It reminds Taehyung so much of when he and Jimin were younger. Even though they were practically the same age with only a few months separating them. Jimin liked to act like he was so much older, like he was his protector.
He remembers the times when they were in middle school. When kids would tease Taehyung as too soft, too flamboyant and too odd. Something that made him insecure, but Jimin would always come to his defense and tell those kids off.
Sure their parents would scold them once they found out because ‘that’s not how God’s children were taught’ and all that jazz, but afterwards, he and his friend would always find themselves entangled in one of their childhood beds, hands gripping each other as words of
reassurance escaped their lips. Something that hadn’t changed throughout the years. Something that’s constant. “Listen, Taetae. I get it.” Jimin starts, squeezing his hand and rubbing the back of it with a pad of his thumb.
“I’m sorry for coming at you like that. I- I didn’t mean to sound judgmental. I guess I was just surprised. That’s all. I really didn’t expect that to happen, actually.” “I- I know,” Taehyung replies, looking at him with bitten lips. “I didn’t expect it to happen either.
It just– It just did.” “I understand.” Jimin smiles. “It was like for me with Hobi hyung too. At first it was just an attraction, or at least, I thought it was an attraction but over time, I just became sure that it was something else. Something more. You know?”
Taehyung nods, because it’s the same for him. When he first saw the twins, attraction was an understatement. He thinks bewitched is a better term because he always finds himself staring at the other, admiring the stars in their eyes, the art on their skin and
the brightness of their smiles. But then he got to know them. And sure, it isn’t as long as his other existing relationships. It’s been barely two weeks since they first laid eyes on each other but Taehyung doesn’t think he has met anyone he’s clicked with as fast as the twins.
He hasn’t met anyone who understands him so much, and is just so good to him. So good. Meeting Jeongguk and Jungkook was just a surreal experience for him. And thinking about it now, he didn’t think he was this whipped for them already, but funny how things go.
“I know what you mean,” Taehyung replies. “It- it was like that for me too.” Jimin grins at him happily, his eyes turning into half crescent moons as he looks at Taehyung. “I’m happy for you, Tae.” he says. “I really really am.”
Taehyung smiles back at him. “Thank you, Mimi. I’m happy too.” he replies, sighing in relief at how easy it is. Honestly, he wonders why he was even nervous in the first place since he knew Jimin was going to be understanding as usual. It feels like he can breathe freely again,
like a thorn was pulled out of his chest, as he watches Jimin nod and let go of his hand so he could lean on the wall next to the bed. “So?” he says, tone more chipper. “Tell me all about it, then. I want to know all the details, Tae!”
He bites his lips, mood lifting thanks to the other’s excitement. “There’s really not that much to say, really.” Taehyung scratches the side of his neck, feeling his face hot since this is kind of his first time opening up on the whole being gay and going out with boys thing.
“I- I haven’t even been on that date yet. I still have to ask.” “Okay, fine. But how did it all start?” Jimin asks eagerly. “Is that who you were texting with after all this time then?” “Yeah.” he blushes, trying to stifle the smile from spreading on his face.
He fails, of course, and it causes Jimin to laugh and shove him. “Good God,” he says gleefully. “I never thought I’d actually see the day you fall for someone, Taetae.” “Me too,” Taehyung replies, slapping his foot away since Jimin kept poking him with it. “And keep
the excitement down. It’s still so new and I’m still trying to figure my feelings out.” “You don’t have to figure things out, Tae.” Jimin snorts. “If you know, you know. It’s not a problem that you need to solve or a riddle you need to answer. It shouldn’t be complicated.”
Taehyung bites his lips. “It seems complicated,” he whines with a pout. “I don’t want to hurt or disappoint anyone.” “Then don’t,” Jimin says easily, rolling his eyes at him. “Just go with the flow and I’m sure things will be clearer for you.”
“But it’s not that simple.” Taehyung furrows his eyebrows “You’re the only one who’s making it complicated,” Jimin replies. “And it’s because you’re overthinking that pretty little head of yours. Take it from me, Tae. I mean– look at my relationship. It looks complicated, yeah?”
“Yeah.” Taehyung nods. “I mean, sure it was complicated at first, but like you said back at the frat house,” Jimin continues, smiling at him gently. “Love knows how to endure and eventually everything paid off. The only complications that me and Hobi and Yoongi hyung have these
days are our sleeping arrangements since Yoongi hyung’s bed isn’t even a queen size.” Taehyung snorts. Though he has to admit that he’s beginning to wonder how a polyamory would work out for him– not that he thinks that the twins would go for it, of course,
since one: they’re brothers. Womb mates. Surely it’d be awkward, and kind of a sin, to be in one with your brother. Plus they were competitive as heck, not even a minute after he agreed to go on a date with each of them, they’re already bickering about who’s going to take him
out on a better date. So it wouldn’t work. Being gay is already one thing. Being in a polyamory is another. But being in a polyamorous relationship with brothers? Taehyung could already see his cell in hell with his name on it.
“I guess you’re right, Jimin.” he eventually says. “I’ll just see how it plays out on– on our date and see how it goes.” “Of course I am! It’s why I was even offended you didn’t tell me in the first place, cause who else is going to give you great advice?” Jimin grins at him,
pulling him by the arm, causing him to fall on top of him before Jimin entangles his limbs around him affectionately. “But really, though. I’m really so happy for you, Taetae.” Taehyung scoffs as he attempts to detach himself from Jimin’s clutches,
but he can’t help but feel endeared by the other’s excitement on his new dating adventure. “Get off me, Mimi.” he whines weakly. “No!” Jimin says, still hugging him. “I’m gonna maximize all our cuddle time before Suji steals them from me.”
“I’m pretty sure you’re still gonna get cuddles even though me and–” Taehyung trails off. Wait. What? Jimin snorts, not realizing that he paused mid sentence. “Pretty sure she won’t let me go near you once it’s official,” he says.
“She’s been crushing on you since forever. I bet she’s gonna make up for all the lost time.” Taehyung starts to feel heavy again. Burdened. He completely forgot about that date his father asked him to go on that morning with Suji.
He was just too caught up with the twins that he had forgotten, too caught up in his own bliss to remember what he should be doing. He tries to swallow the lump in his throat. “Uh, how did you know by the way?” Taehyung asks, feeling uneasy. “About the, uhm, date?”
“Your mom texted me,” Jimin says, finally untangling himself from Taehyung and laying down on the bed, hands behind his head as he looks at him. “She asked me how I was doing, and she asked if I could help you plan that date you were going with Suji.”
Oh. Of course his mom would make sure that he actually goes on that date he didn’t intend to go on. Of course she would take matters into her own hands. Of course, he thought bitterly.
“Plus I saw the youth leaders’ GC,” Jimin continues, oblivious of his growing turmoil. “Heard you were going on that hike retreat too. Way to hit two birds with one stone, Taetae.” Taehyung smiles at his grinning friend weakly. Starting to feel conflicted over the situation.
Part of him is telling him to just tell Jimin the truth. Just say the words out loud so his friend could help him look for a way out of this mess. Help him with the real issue at hand. But then he remembers that warning from his parents earlier about separating him from Jimin
because they’re starting to think that Jimin might turn out to be a bad influence due to his church absences. He guesses his mom called to check on Jimin herself and perhaps give him this task to prove that he’s a good influence on Taehyung.
Fuck, he thought. This just keeps getting more and more complicated and the more he wants to tell his truth, the more pieces of his tongue get cut off. He’s now starting to wonder if there’s ever a chance he could be more honest. Be more himself and choose his own choices.
“You don’t look too happy, Tae.” Jimin frowns, ever the most observant. He tries to smile at him. Back to pretending once again. He said earlier that being with the twins was like pretending to be someone else,
but the more Taehyung thinks about it, maybe… maybe he’s just pretending to be the perfect pastor’s son all along. “I am.” Taehyung says– Taehyung lies.
⬖ ⬘ ⬗ ⬙
Days passed by in a hazy blur once the weekdays arrived, and in just a blink of an eye, it’s Friday already. Taehyung can feel the exhaustion hugging his bones due to the busy week he had finalizing some things for their talent show that’s in a week,
attending his classes, catching up on some of his projects and essays, and taking care of the church’s youth club’s hike retreat that’s set to take place on the weekend after the talent show. He’s beat. Tired is a huge understatement but instead of lounging in his dorm,
or perhaps, being dolled up by Jimin so they can go to the next party that his friend is invited to, he’s spending the start of his supposed weekend at the library studying for one of his classes because another test came back with not that high marks– something his parents would
not be too happy about since he just promised them that he’d put a little more effort in his studies. Plus, he kind of wants to be alone right now because he doesn’t want to bump into one of the twins. – The twins who have been hinting about the date that he agreed to go on
all throughout the week. When Taehyung met up with them on Tuesday and Wednesday with Jeongguk and Jungkook respectively, they had each been asking him nonstop about what he liked to do for fun so they could better plan their unscheduled dates.
Treating it as some type of competition. Taehyung indulged them with some answers and said he likes to play video games, paint if he has the time and supplies, or that he’s fine with literally anything since he also likes to try out new things– all of which they nodded to
determinedly, making him feel endeared. But secretly, he’s also feeling a bit guilty because of another date– a date that he didn’t want to go on with Suji. In a way, his packed schedule was like a blessing in disguise because he used that as an excuse to push their date back,
something the twins didn’t mind since Taehyung didn’t even have to act to show how stressed he is due to his tasks. After that misunderstanding with Jimin, his best friend threw in some suggestions as to where he could take Suji out on a date and even coached him as to how
he could ask her out. Even going to the lengths of Jimin pretending to be her and denying Taehyung every time he’d play along to his friend’s skit. (He wishes Suji would deny him too but he thinks it’s less likely.)
Taehyung is honestly at a loss. He remembers what Jimin said about just going with the flow and just letting things play out, but he can’t help but think that he’s being a little unfair, not just to Suji, but to the twins too because he’s still nowhere close to coming out
and he can’t look for a way to get him out of that date he’s supposed to ask Suji on at the risk of his parents pulling him out of college and separating him from Jimin. There’s just too many at risk. Too much to lose. And Taehyung cares too much to admit it to anyone,
but he pretends all is well. He’s a master at that anyway. But he does have to admit, it gets so heavy sometimes. It gets so lonely dealing with everything by himself and saying he’s alright when he’s close to breaking down any second.
He thought that things will be clearer for him as time passes by but it only became more hazy and hard to navigate. And as much as he hates spending his Friday afternoon studying, it’s also nice to escape everything for a bit. Forget about the decisions he needs to make
and the steps he needs to take before continuing to trudge on his journey. His phone has been ringing with calls and texts for the last hour. All from Jimin, and of course, the twins asking him where he is. All of which Taehyung ignored since, again, he kind of wants to be alone
and he’s still deciding as to how he can stall the twins from going on their dates until he deals with the whole Suji issue. But life has never favored Taehyung (Or maybe it does), since when he was just about to stand and get another book about human anatomy,
he saw someone drop a bag on the chair across from him, making him look up to find Jeongguk looking at him with a smile on his face. Clad in a black shirt, some loose dark pants, glasses perched on his nose and long hair brushed on the sides.
“Hey, Tae,” he says, sitting down on the empty chair across from him. “We were looking for you.” Taehyung swallows his sigh. Though, he has to admit, the comfort that Jeongguk comes with relaxes him easily. “Hey,” he replies. Attempting a smile. “What are you doing here?”
Jeongguk scoffs at him lightly as he cards his fingers through his hair. “I should be asking you that,” he says. “What are you doing in the library on a Friday evening? Don’t you have a free day tomorrow?”
“Studying,” he answers glumly, lifting up his notebook to show him some notes. “What else would I be doing here?” The other hums. “I dunno,” Jeongguk replies. “Thought you were hiding from us or something.” Well, he isn’t wrong, but he can’t tell him that.
“Nah,” he says, avoiding his gaze. “I needed to do some reading for one of my classes. One of my tests came back with just a passing grade.” Jeongguk scrunches his eyebrows at him. “Isn’t that a good thing?” he asks, tilting his head to the side. Looking like a puppy, making
Taehyung chuckle. “Well, if you’re an ordinary student then I’m sure it is,” he replies. “But if you’re someone on the dean’s list–” “Fine fine, no need to rub it in.” Jeongguk jokes lightly, grinning at him. “You’re a dean’s lister too, Gukkie.” Taehyung points his pen at him
as he rolls his eyes fondly. The other shrugs. “You’re forgetting that I study dance and you study all this medical shit,” he replies, grimacing at his books. “Plus you hate your major so that’s plus points.” Taehyung snorts. “I don’t hate it,” he reasons.
“It’s just… not my first choice.” Jeongguk hums, unconvinced, before he reaches for the book in front of Taehyung and closes it, making the latter scoff and try to open it again but Jeongguk puts a hand over it teasingly.
“Jeongguk!” Taehyung whines, trying to lift Jeongguk’s hand up. “I have to study!” “No, you don’t,” Jeongguk says sternly, not letting the book go and trying to steal it away from Taehyung’s vice grip. “You need to take a break.”
Taehyung clicks his tongue at him. “I can’t,” he replies. “I told my parents I’ll do better in school and I can’t–” “You’re already doing great,” Jeongguk says, successfully stealing the book and placing it on the chair beside him.
“You’ve been working yourself to the bone for the past week. Cool down for a second.” “I can’t,” Taehyung says, massaging his temples then leaning on the table. He’s only realizing how tired he is after Jeongguk stole his book away.
“I have so much to do. Sometimes I wish I had a twin so they could do half my work.” Jeongguk snorts. “Well, that would have been interesting.” he mutters under his breath, causing Taehyung to scoff and look at him.
“Jeonggukkie, please.” he begs. “I really need to get this done so I could at least get four hours of sleep tonight before I start on some more work.” Jeongguk looks at him as if he’s assessing the bags under his eyes, the state of his disheveled hair and clothes before he sighs
and reaches across the table with both hands to hold one of Taehyung’s hands. A concerned look appearing on his face. “C’mon, Tae.” he says softly. Taehyung blushes on cue, looking around the library to see if everyone’s there but only to find the librarian snoozing from her
spot behind her desk. “Jeongguk–” he whines. “Tae.” Jeongguk says firmly as he looks him in the eye. “You need to take a break.” “I will,” he reasons, finding so much comfort in the way Jeongguk is gently massaging his hand. “I just have so much to do right now, and I-”
“And they can wait.” Jeongguk interrupts. “Tell me this. When was the last time you actually did things for yourself instead of doing things for someone else?” Taehyung huffs. Honestly, it really shouldn’t be hard since it’s a simple question but the more he thinks about it,
thinks of when the last time he lazed in bed to watch his korean dramas or pick up a pencil to draw something, he comes up with nothing. Lately, it’s been all about church, school, clubs and being dragged along by Jimin to go to one party after another.
Heck, he can’t even recall the last time he had a full eight hours of sleep. Jeongguk seems to know, like always, and smiles at him. “See?” he says smugly. “You can’t even think of the answer.” “It’s not that, it’s just,” Taehyung tries to say. “I’ve just been busy with more
important things. That’s all” “Me too” Jeongguk points out. Shooting him a significant look. “Uni alone is already a lot of work and you have ten other things that you’re taking care of on top of that, but even if thats the case, you should always try to find time for yourself.”
“Like I said, Guk.” Taehyung sighs. “I’m used to sacrificing my time for others. It’s practically in my DNA. I mean… Church kid since birth. Right?” “I get it. Really. I get that helping others and making sure everyone is happy comes naturally to you, Tae,
but you shouldn’t overdo it,” Jeongguk replies. “Remember, the most important relationship you should have is your relationship with yourself.” Taehyung purses his lips. Sometimes he wonders if God put the twins in his life to serve as his guardian angels or something.
His someones to remind him to slow down and to take care of himself. Enjoy life a little more. He thinks of his relationship with himself, or his lack of one that is, and wonders if that’s the reason why he feels like a fish out of water most times.
If his selflessness was what’s causing his melancholia. Before, he used to serve out of joy and his willingness. But these days, it’s been more like an obligation than anything else. A hammer to knee reaction where if someone asks, he automatically says yes
with no questions asked. He didn’t realize he was frowning until Jeongguk, yet again, brushed the scrunched on his eyebrows and smiled at him gently. “Don’t worry, Tae,” Jeongguk says, tone oozing with gentleness and reassurance.
“It’s never too late to learn how to love yourself a little more.” Taehyung sighs. At that point, he had no reason to tell the other no, so he pushes his notebook away with his free hand and squeezes that other’s hand gratefully.
“I guess you’re right,” he replies with a small smile. “I think I should do something for myself for a change.” Jeongguk grins at him wide, eyes twinkling at him. “I’m glad you said that because–” he says eagerly.
“Well you might not remember the last thing you did something you wanted, but I do.” “Oh?” Taehyung raises an eyebrow at him. “And what exactly is that, then?” “I know you wanted to go on that date. With me,” Jeongguk says.
“Well, me and Kook but he’s not here right now and I am. So what do you say? Would you go out with me?” His smile slightly falters, but it manages to stay in the end since the butterflies have gone back to their fluttering as he looks at that boyish smile on Jeongguk’s face.
Plus he’s right. He does want to go out on a date with him. “Sure” he says, biting his lips to suppress his smile. “Good.” Jeongguk nods, standing up and grabbing his bag, perching it over his shoulder and reaching to hold Taehyung’s hand. The butterflies go wild.
“Now, let’s go.” “Right now?” he asks but standing up and retrieving his things on the table with one hand nonetheless since Jeongguk wasn’t letting go of him. “Right now.” Jeongguk confirms, pulling him along once Taehyung has his satchel on his shoulder
and half running outside the library. “C’mon let’s go!” Taehyung smiles as he allows himself to be pulled by the other, feeling elated and fluttery as he and Jeongguk sprint across the quad hand in hand to a direction that he doesn’t know where.
But it doesn’t matter, he thinks. As long as Jeongguk is there. It’s evening already, the sun long gone and the lamp posts are exuding a warm orange glow. Unlike most days, the quad was empty since everyone else was out to enjoy the weekend, making the campus look hauntingly
beautiful with its buildings bathing in dim lights from afar. He and Jeongguk run across the grass together, with the elder running a couple steps ahead and Taehyung following behind with their hands intertwined. Something that just makes Taehyung feel so safe, so happy.
It’s something so simple. It’s just holding a hand. But it says and feels so much. He guesses that this is what love kind of feels like. Yes, it’s too early to tell but Taehyung has a gut feeling that it won’t take him long to decide if it is.
They slow down once they reach the art department’s building. Like the rest of campus, it’s empty and dim with only the lamps outside lighting up the inside of it. They enter the building, still hand in hand and walk through the dark hallways together.
Taehyung finds himself squeezing Jeongguk’s hand as they bypass one door after another, confused as to what they’re even doing there in the first place when they were supposed to go on their date. “You’re not gonna murder me, right?” Taehyung jokes, looking at the elder man
as they round a corner together. “The school is empty and this hallway is so dark. It looks like the perfect place to murder somebody.” Jeongguk looks over his shoulder and smirks. “I hope I don’t.” he says secretively, making Taehyung lift an eyebrow up.
But before he can question him any further, they stop at a door and Jeongguk pulls a key out of his pocket. Shooting it inside the lock before pushing the door open to reveal a finely lit room filled with paintings and sculptures displayed and some tables pushed to the side
that had art materials on them. Taehyung finds himself letting go of Jeongguk’s hand to look around with eyes wide as saucers as takes in the room. The sight of what could’ve been flashing right before him. – this could’ve been his classroom,
his art could’ve been one of those masterpieces displayed if only he had the courage to tell his parents about his passions. His eyes lock with Jeongguk, who’s looking at him with a smile, making Taehyung clear his throat and lick his lips shyly.
“Uh, are we picking something up?” he asks. Jeongguk only smiles and lets his bag fall on the floor before he gestures to Taehyung to follow him further inside. “Nope,” he says, stopping by the middle of the room and gesturing for Taehyung to say before going
towards the table that had art materials there. “We’re making art.” Taehyung lifts an eyebrow as he watches Jeongguk grab a sketchbook and pencil, before the latter returns to him and hands him the materials. “Uh okay,” he replies, unsure.
Looking from the sketchbook to Jeongguk. “Where’s your sketchbook?” “I don’t need one.” Jeongguk shrugs. “But I thought we’re making art, though?” he asks, watching as Jeongguk pulls a chair and pushes Taehyung to sit on it. “Nope. Just you,” the other replies.
“I’m going to check off one of your wishlists on our date today.” Taehyung raises an eyebrow. “What wishlist are you– Jeongguk!” he exclaims, lifting up the sketchbook in his hands to hide his burning face when Jeongguk suddenly takes his shirt off.
“What in Christ’s name are you doing?” “What do you think?” Jeongguk asks. Taehyung could practically hear the smirk that’s accompanying the other’s sultry tone. “I-I don’t know,” he stutters, hands gripping the sketchbook tightly.
“But- but whatever it is, can we please do it with your shirt on.” Jeongguk chuckles at him, and instead of doing what Taehyung requested, he senses the other moving around and could hear more of his clothes rustling on the floor, making his face heat some more.
Holy shit. He is going to murder him. “Please put your clothes back on!” he begs weakly. “If I put them back on, how else are you going to start on that nude drawing you wanted to try?” Jeongguk retorts, making Taehyung’s face flush.
Fuck, he thought. Holy fuck. “Holy fuck.” he ends up saying, making Jeongguk laugh. “I’m guessing that’s good?” Jeongguk asks, before Taehyung hears his footsteps approaching him and sees a tattooed hand gripping the sketchbook in his hands and pulling it down.
Taehyung starts to pray under his breath and closes his eyes. Asking for forgiveness and wishes for strength to carry on because he has a feeling that he might not get out of this alive. Or at least, sane.
Jeongguk successfully takes the sketchbook out of his hands and Taehyung finds himself looking at a (Thank God) half-naked Jeongguk that’s only wearing a pair of C*lvin Kl*in briefs. He blushes as his eyes begin to climb up– from Jeongguk’s eight pack to his strong
and defined chest, his thick neck, strong jawline and dark eyes looking down at him. Taehyung’s pretty sure he resembles a tomato right now, but honestly, he can’t be blamed since the embodiment of sin is right before his very eyes. He gulps.
“I- I don’t think I can do this,” he mumbles, trying to focus on just Jeongguk’s eyes and not his bulging biceps or his thick wonderful thighs. The corner of Jeongguk’s lips twist sinfully. “Of course you can,” he says, before taking a few steps back to give Taehyung
the full view– not that it was any better, because again, Jeongguk is just so beautiful. A walking daydream. Despite his half naked state and his growing arousal, Taehyung can’t find it in himself to look away and appreciate Jeongguk more and the art decorating his right arm,
the muscles he worked hard on, his long silky dark hair and his eyes that are shining with mirth. Plus the fact that they’re all alone, like they’re in a world of their own, makes everything much more intimate. So intimate.
“Warn a guy in advance next time,” Taehyung mumbles weakly. “You’re giving me a heart attack.” Jeongguk grins at him from ear to ear and throws the sketchbook back in his direction. Taehyung catches it and places it on his lap, not knowing what to do with his hands since the
other is overwhelming him in a good way. “I hope it’s the good kind of heart attack,” he replies, rubbing his hands together and placing his hands on his hips. “So should we get started? How do you want me?” Holy fuck part four, he thinks. Jeongguk saying that should be counted
as a sin, Taehyung thinks. Feeling his cheeks mimic the temperature of hell. “You can’t say things like that,” Taehyung mutters under his breath. “You can’t just do this and cause me stress like this. I thought you took me out so I could relax?”
Jeongguk snorts. “You said drawing relaxes you,” he replies, amused. “And you were the one who said you wanted to try this.” “I know what I said, Gukkie,” Taehyung whines. “But I don’t know. I’m not so sure now.” “Do you prefer girls?” Jeongguk retorts with a laugh.
“Shut up.” Taehyung rolls his eyes at him, fiddling with his fingers. “I’m serious, Gukkie.” “I’m serious too.” Jeongguk replies. “If you’re worried about me or something, then don’t. I’m used to being undressed anyway.” Not helping, Taehyung thought,
as he continued to stare at his nails. Still shy. He knows it’s nothing but art and is completely normal for artists to do, but this is Jeongguk– he isn’t just anyone. Plus, he doesn’t want to admit that he hasn’t seen anyone besides himself naked before.
He hears Jeongguk sigh, though it's more patient than anything else. “Tell you what,” he says, making Taehyung look at him tentatively. “I’ll keep my underwear on. There’s plenty of other opportunities for the rest later, right?”
Taehyung gulps at the implications of another time, but he nods at him. Thinking he could deal with this state of his undress for the meantime. Baby steps and all. “Fine.” Taehyung agrees, placing his bag down and taking out one of his pencils from his pencil case
then sitting up straight to find Jeongguk taking his glasses off and placing it over his clothes. “Do you want me to pose a certain way?” he asks as he stands in the middle once again. “N-no need,” Taehyung replies, opening the sketchpad and setting it back on his lap.
“You- you can just stand there or sit. It doesn’t matter.” “I’ll stand,” Jeongguk replies, standing up straight and looking at Taehyung. Taehyung nods at him slowly, breathing deeply as he holds his pencil and looks at Jeongguk again.
Staring at his face and focusing on the shape of his head, the line of his jaw, the curve of his lips and so on before he returns to his sketchpad and begins to draw. Shifting his gaze from his sketchbook to the male from time to time, and feeling some of his nerves ebb away
as he gets used to the other’s nakedness. And despite how he felt before starting, Taehyung begins to feel the stress of the last couple of weeks– the last couple of months melt as he lets his brain shut down and let his hands take over for him. It’s been awhile since he
last properly drew something and only settling for quick doodles at the corner of his notebooks during class to sate his inner artist’s needs, so it’s nice, it’s healing to get to make some art again after so long. It’s nice to be reminded of what he loves to do.
“If you need a break, let me know,” Taehyung says after some time as he starts to draw Jeongguk’s arms and torso next. “I’m nearly done, I’m just working on your body.” “Take all the time you need, Tae.” Jeongguk tells him patiently. “I’m good. Don’t worry about me.”
“Thank you, Jeongguk.” he tells him with a small smile, hands still busy with the drawing. “And we can talk too if you want. I can multitask and I’m done with your face anyway.” “Oh okay,” Jeongguk replies, nodding at him slowly but body staying unmoving.
“So, what made you like art?” Taehyung hums, recalling the first time he picked up a crayon and a blank piece of paper when he was younger. “Well, initially I liked it because it was fun,” he starts to say.
“It lets me interpret things the way I see or envision the world, you know?” Jeongguk hums at him, listening intently. “When I was a kid, I used to be quite the oddball.” Taehyung chuckles as he starts drawing Jeongguk’s arms.
“I was teased and bullied a lot of times for it too.” “Who? I’ll beat them up?” Jeongguk replies lightly, causing Taehyung to snort since it’s what his twin said the other week. “Just some old classmates. I don’t know where they are now so no need to put these muscles to use,”
he replies softly. “And besides, if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have retorted to drawing or painting. Art helps me escape sometimes so I can make a world of my own. It allows me to make things more beautiful than what they are in real life.”
“So you’re saying you’re gonna make me pretty?” Jeongguk asks with a grin. Taehyung rolls his eyes at him fondly. “You- you already are,” he says, effectively making the apples of Jeongguk’s cheeks pink. A small win. “I’m just immortalizing it.”
“Keep feeding my ego like that and I’ll make you draw me everyday,” Jeongguk replies. “I’m not opposed.” Taehyung laughs, starting on Jeongguk’s tattoos next. “You’re a natural.” “Thank you.” the other says, wiggling his eyebrows.
“I asked for a friend’s advice on how to do this modeling thing, so I won’t be as fussy while you draw.” His hand pauses lining up Jeongguk’s tattoos as he looks at him and smiles, touched. “You did?” he asks.
“Yeah.” Jeongguk nods. “They were also the one who lent me the keys to the art room, and they told me which sketchpad to buy, so I hope it’s good enough for you. I wasn’t sure if you’d like something bigger or not, so I settled with the standard size instead.”
Warmth. That’s what Taehyung could feel inside. So much of it that it seeps out of the tip of his fingers and spills out of the smile on his face. He’s so touched, he feels so appreciated and it’s such a simple gesture. It’s simply just putting some thought into their date,
but Taehyung could not help but be overwhelmed by his thoughtfulness. Not just in getting to know how to be a good model or to pick out the best type of sketchbook, but it’s him knowing when Taehyung needs a quick breather. It’s him taking the time to know what Taehyung loves
to do. It’s everything he could ask for. “It’s perfect, Jeongguk.” he tells him. You’re perfect, was what he wanted to say. Jeongguk smiles at him, big and bright. “Good,” he says. “Cause it’s what you deserve.” There goes the butterflies again.
⬖ ⬘ ⬗ ⬙
If you told Kim Taehyung that he went out on a date with a man like Jeon Jeongguk a month ago, he would have pointed you into the direction of the nearest confession booth. Maybe he would have done some counseling too to make sure that the person
who told him that is in good mental state, or whatever. Because the Taehyung from a month ago is different from the Taehyung today. And the Taehyung today, despite how busy his Saturday has been due to his meetings and his studying, has not stopped smiling to himself whenever
he remembers that date he had with Jeongguk the previous night. The thought is dizzying if he’s being honest. It’s kind of hard to grasp, no matter how unexplainably happy he is, cause he never imagined himself to act on his desires and actually go for it.
Take that leap of faith and go out with a guy, but there he was. Back on his cloud, drifting around campus as if he’s floating and smiling at everyone who looked his way. Sure, he got a few confused looks in return but Taehyung could not care any less.
He’s happy and that’s all that matters to him at that moment. His and Jeongguk’s date lasted well into the night. After drawing the elder male and tucking his drawing of him in his sketchbook, they went to get some dinner at some fast food restaurant and talked some more about
whatever they could think of until the restaurant was closing up and was kicking them out. Jeongguk walked him back to the dorm like always, walking with a drag in his steps, and Taehyung suspected that it was because he was trying to make use of the remaining time they had– not
that he can blame him cause Taehyung was also counting the remaining minutes they had left. Once they were in front of his dorm building, Jeongguk smiled at him big and wide. Told him he hoped he had a great time and hoped they could do it again.
Taehyung replied with a shy yet bold, “Well you promised me more days like these, right?” that got the smile on the other’s face widening even more and replying with an eager, “Consider it done, then.” So in short, it was nothing but perfect.
It was nothing like that coffee date he went on Suji before where he was eager to leave and reluctant to share anything personal about himself. Everything was as easy as breathing, natural. After getting some dinner with his club mates and after reminding Jimin to go to church
the next day since his friend was staying over at Yoongi’s place again, Taehyung finds himself walking to the dorm alone. The euphoria he was running on slightly dwindling down since he remembers that he has to go to church too. But only for a bit, since
he finds a familiar looking bike– big bike parked outside his dorm building and certain male leaning on it, clad in tight black pants with rips on the knees, some combat boots, a black leather jacket over a gray plaid shirt underneath and a bucket hat on top of his head.
The fluttering in Taehyung’s chest returns with a vengeance when he sees him, him being Jungkook, grin when he finds Taehyung walking to him and standing up to meet him halfway in slow strides.
Taehyung finds himself biting his lips as Jungkook. Church going to the back of his head as he stops in front of the other male, finding twinkling eyes under the bucket hat. “Do you come here often?” Taehyung jokes, smiling while crossing his arms.
Jungkook smirks at him. “I hope I start to,” he replies confidently. Before he unashamedly begins looking at him from head to toe, checking him out. “You look pretty today, angel.” Angel?
“I’m only wearing sweats and a hoodie,” Taehyung mutters under his breath, shaking his head to control the sudden rush on his cheeks due to the compliment, the new pet name and the implication that Jungkook wants to come over to his place more often. Talk about going all in.
“And?” Jungkook snorts. “Doesn’t make what I said any less true.” Taehyung purses his lips and looks at him suspiciously. “Are you flirting with me?” he asks. “Not that bright today, huh?” the other teases, making Taehyung roll his eyes at him.
“But if the compliments and the pet name wasn’t telling enough, then yes. I am flirting with you.” Taehyung is no longer a human. He is nothing but heat. A puff of hot smoke with legs due to how Jungkook is making him feel.
Still, he tries to keep his composure and smiles at him. “Well, thanks for the clarification,” he mutters. “You don’t look so bad yourself.” Jeongguk grins and does a comical twirl to show him his outfit. “You like it?” he asks. “It’s my date outfit.”
Taehyung stares at him, beginning to feel even more suspicious. “Date outfit?” “Yeah,” the other replies. “For /our/ date.” Again. Puff of hot smoke with legs. “Oh,” Taehyung mumbles, tucking his hair behind his ear as licks his lips. “I wasn’t aware that I had a date today.”
“Well now you do.” Jungkook smiles at him. “If you’re okay with it, that is. It’s fine if you want to reschedule.” Taehyung hums as he thinks of an answer. To be honest, he still has to go to church the next morning and do some quick reading before going to bed,
but he remembers that lesson that Jeongguk had taught him the night before about choosing himself first. And if he wants to compare his choice between studying or going out on another hot date, the latter outweighs the other, so Taehyung shrugs and says, “I’m in.”
“Good answer,” Jungkook says, holding up an arm, to which Taehyung grabs with a fond snort. “And as beautiful as you look in your sweats and hoodie, you kind of have to dress up to this place I’m taking you.” “And where, may I ask, are you taking me this evening?” he asks.
“It’s a surprise.” Jungkook winks, leading him inside the dorms. “Can I get a clue so I could at least dress appropriately?” “Well, I won’t strip for you like Guk did,” the other says with a scoff. Looking peeved, making Taehyung giggle at him.
But he soon regrets it when Jungkook looks at him, corner of his lips twisting up and adds a sultry, “Unless you want to, that is.”
Taehyung pinches his arms over the jacket, making Jungkook laugh. “Don’t make me regret coming with you.” he threatens weakly as they enter the elevators together. Though, he has a gut feeling that he won’t.
⬖ ⬘ ⬗ ⬙
After driving halfway across Seoul and into an area in Yongsan where several bars and clubs were lined next to each other, Jungkook finally parks his motorcycle in front of one of them where a purple and blue neon sign that reads HEAVEN, the name of the club, is written on it,
making Taehyung snort in amusement at the irony of it. “You’re taking me to heaven, huh?” Taehyung asks as soon as he takes his helmet off and looks at the club’s exterior where a white gate is placed in front of the entrance where two bouncers dressed in white were guarding it.
“You sure you can get inside?” he jokes, making Jungkook snort. “Pretty sure you can take me as your plus one,” Jungkook replies as he climbs out of his motorcycle and helps Taehyung next. Grabbing the helmet from him and hanging it around his arm next to the helmet he wore
before holding Taehyung’s hand to help him climb out next. “Well since you’re a gentleman, I guess you can tag along.” Taehyung smiles, looking at the long line next to the gate and gesturing to it with a nod of his head.
“But I think we have to wait for a bit before we can go inside.” “No need,” Jungkook says, pulling him so they can go inside. “I brought their nicest angel with me so I think we can skip that.”
Taehyung rolls his eyes at him, cheeks still not immune to the blushes, and allows Jungkook to pull him and bypass the long queue of other partygoers that were waiting outside until they reach the white gates together.
He expects them to tell off and to go to the back of the line, but instead one of the bouncers simply nods in Jungkook’s direction, not even asking for identification, and opens the gates for them so they could pass through a velvet blue curtain behind the bouncers. Jungkook
pats one of them on the shoulder and pulls Taehyung inside a foggy hallway lit with only floor lights leading to some stairs at the end. “Stairway to heaven.” Jungkook explains with a grin as he holds Taehyung’s hand and intertwines it with his before climbing up together.
“Very witty,” Taehyung comments under his breath as he follows Jungkook behind. Holding onto his hand with a vice grip since he can’t exactly see his steps due to the darkness. “And are you sure this is heaven? I don’t think heaven was described to be this dark.”
“Well, we’re not in heaven yet, Tae.” Jungkook says over his shoulder as they continue. “I believe this is what you call, uh, what was it again? Purge or something?” Taehyung giggles. “Purgatory.” he suffices, making Jungkook nod.
“Yeah, that.” he says. “Sorry, the christian book I borrowed at the library wasn’t very detailed.” Taehyung raises an eyebrow at him as they stop at the top of the stairs where music is beginning to bounce through the walls. “Why were you reading a christian book?” he asks.
“Thought you and Guk didn’t believe in that?” “We don’t,” Jungkook replies. “But you do, and it didn’t hurt to know more about the topic so I picked it up a week ago.” “That’s sweet of you,” Taehyung replies softly.
“But you didn’t have to do that. We don’t have to talk about my faith or anything.” “I know,” the other says. “But I want to.” Taehyung only smiles at him widely before Jungkook pushes another door open to reveal the inside of the club.
Unsurprisingly, Taehyung hasn’t been to a club yet before for obvious reasons, but he’s heard enough from Jimin’s own personal experiences to imagine what it could look like. And from the looks of it, he decides that his imagination wasn’t too far off since it’s exactly
how he pictured it. – A vast, dimly lit room with only different colored strobe lights lighting up the place, a bar on one side where alcohol of every kind is displayed on the shelves behind it and some plush couches on the other side for people to sit.
A DJ booth where a huge led screen is behind it and in the middle, is a large dance floor where people crowded and danced as the DJ dropped the beats. “What do you think?” Jungkook asks from beside him, making Taehyung look to find the elder male looking at him wearily.
“Too much?” Taehyung smiles at him reassuringly and squeezes his hand. “No. It’s okay.” he replies. “It’s just new, but not something I’d say no to.” Jungkook nods, corner of his lips twisting up before he pulls him to the direction of the couches.
And as they make their way there, Taehyung could not help but notice a few lingering looks in their direction. Not that he blames them because Jungkook looks… heavenly, to say the least. But he couldn’t help but notice that he, too, was receiving the stares and not just from
women but men too. One of them even winked at him suggestively when Taehyung caught their eye, making him look away to stare at the floor and focus on the hand that was gripping his own. Soon, he and Jungkook are seated on one of the white couches located on the side.
A seat that was reserved for them, actually, since as soon as he and Jungkook arrived, one of the servers dressed in skimpy clothing, points them to it and takes the reserved sign away. “Are you some kind of VIP?” Taehyung asks, getting comfortable in his seat and looking down
on the menu. “Like I said, I have God’s best angel with me,” Jungkook replies with a smile as he looks down on his menu. “So want to get some drinks or do you want to dance?” Taehyung looks at the crowded dance floor and frowns.
He thinks he’s gonna need a drink (or five) before he can work up the courage to do his dance moves in public. “Drinks it is, then.” Jungkook laughs, standing up to go to the bar on the other side. “Anything you like? My treat.”
“Nothing too strong please,” Taehyung replies, starting to feel a bit uncomfortable at the thought of being left alone. “And not beer. I don’t really like the taste.” “Okay, I got you.” Jungkook nods before he squeezes himself through the litany of dancing bodies in the middle
to buy them both drinks and leaving Taehyung alone to entertain himself. He chooses that time to survey his surroundings and to go people watching. Eyes finding their way to the dancefloor to look at people dancing with their partners.
Men dancing with women, women dancing with women, and men dancing with men blissfully. Unjudged. Something that’s so refreshing in Taehyung’s eyes since if this were to happen in church, he’s sure they’d get at least ten eye rolls.
And actually, the more he stares at the dancefloor, the more he notices that the men dancing with other men ratio the other pairs more. Something that had Taehyung raising an eyebrow in suspicion before a flash of glitter catches his eyes
and he finds himself looking at a handsome waiter, dressed in a sequin dress, holding up a tray and setting some drinks down on the table. Smiling at his patrons with his lipstick smudged lips. Taehyung is not one to judge. Honest he’s not.
But he can’t help but stare with his mouth agape, more out of awe than anything else, as he follows the waiter around with a laser gaze. Strutting confidently and head held up high and no one– absolutely no one doing a double take, which makes it twice as more spectacular.
He begins to connect the dots slowly as he takes all his observations in. Scanning the area one more time until he finally finds that one thing to confirm his suspicions. The one thing being the strip poles located next to the DJ booth where people, correction: /men,/ were
dancing and twirling around as a crowd of men cheered and threw bills at them. Holy shit. Holy. Shit. And as if Taehyung needed any more proof, a guy around his age sits next to him on the couch and shoots him a wide smile that has Taehyung moving away from him slowly.
“Hey,” the guy says. Tone flirty. “You new around here?” Taehyung thinks he looks like a fish out of water due to the number of times he opened and closed his mouth at the lack of anything to say.
Flustered that some guy, other than the twins, would approach him and show him their interest. /Interest for him,/ that is. “I- I, uh,” Taehyung stutters, feeling his hands begin to sweat. “I-”
“Back off. He’s my date.” Jungkook suddenly appears, holding up their drinks and frowning at the male sitting next to Taehyung. “Find someone else.” The guy only sighs disappointedly and stands to walk away. Completely unperturbed at the idea that they– two men–
were out on a date. Sure it may be common for others, but for a church boy like him? He feels like Jungkook brought him to another dimension. A good one where everyone is seen as equal. A dimension where you’re free to be who you are and be with whoever you want to be with.
Taehyung kind of wants to stay there. “Sorry about that,” Jungkook says, setting their drinks down on the table and sliding a tall glass filled with blue liquid in Taehyung’s direction.
“I forgot to say that people are like vultures here. The moment they see you alone, they pounce.” Taehyung, still a little mind blown at everything he’s witnessed in the past ten minutes, responds by taking a huge swig from the drink that Jungkook bought for him.
Surprisingly liking the zesty and tangy taste that overpowers the bitterness of the alcohol it’s mixed with. “Guess you’re thirsty.” he hears Jungkook say as he puts his drink down on the table, and finds it half empty already.
Taehyung turns to look at him with wide, accusing eyes. “Jungkook,” he says, his frown looking more like a pout than anything else. Jungkook chuckles at him. “What?” he asks
Taehyung leans close to him, gesturing for him to come close so he could whisper something in his ear, to which the other obliges with a fond snort. “Are we in a gay club?” he whispers.
Jungkook laughs and pulls away from him as he shakes his head. “You don’t have to whisper it, Tae.” he grins. “There’s nothing wrong with it.” “You haven’t answered my question!” Taehyung whines. “Are we?”
Jungkook smirks at him devilishly, before he nods. “Yeah,” he confirms. “We’re in a gay club.” Taehyung downs his drink again. “Oh god,” he murmurs, making Jungkook chuckle and reach to hold his hand. “Don’t worry about it, Tae,” Jungkook tells him reassuringly.
“This place is pretty far so no one from Uni will see us here plus I’m sure none of these people go to church, so you’re good.” Taehyung is pretty sure that no goes to church here too, thanks. “It’s not that,” he tells him.
“I’m just surprised, but I promise it’s not in a negative way or anything. I’m just so new to all this and it all feels so surreal to be here.” “Well take it slow, baby,” Jungkook scolds him gently. “Especially on the drinks. That’s strong stuff you gulped there.”
“Sorry.” Taehyung blushes, licking his lips. “I’m just, I don’t know, a bit excited and a bit scared I guess. I mean, did you see that guy wearing a dress? No one blinked and I thought he’s gorgeous!” Jungkook snorts at him, shooting him a smile that causes his nose to scrunch.
“I’m a little biased cause I think you’re the most gorgeous here, Tae,” he tells him unashamedly. “But yeah, he’s pretty too I guess.” Taehyung scoffs. “Did you not see him?” “I did.” Jungkook shrugs as he takes his bottle of beer and drinks. “But my attention is on you.”
Jungkook really really needs to stop turning him into a pink cloud of flustered smoke due to his forward responses. But also, Taehyung kinda maybe doesn’t want him to stop at the same time. “I’m just amazed by him, that’s all.” he tells him.
Starting to feel the alcohol he inhaled earlier begin to cloud his thoughts due to how fast he drank it. “This isn’t really the type of thing I see everyday or even on rare days.” “And that’s fine,” Jungkook replies. “I’m not judging you or anything.
It’s actually a bit endearing. I’m just not interested in looking at anyone else. That’s all.” He wishes his glass would magically refill somehow, because Jungkook is on a mission to make him evaporate into nothingness before the end of their date.
“Anyway,” Jungkook says after he downs his drink in one go and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. “Wanna dance?” Taehyung looks from him to the crowded dance floor uncertainly, not too comfortable yet with these types of crowds despite the pleasant buzz he’s sporting
due to the alcohol and the club’s seemingly carefree and nonjudgmental vibe going. He can’t explain it. It sounds silly to worry about something that seems non-existent in this universe. But growing up with eyes always on him, waiting for him to mess up, makes him afraid still.
Of course, Jungkook seems to understand and shoots him a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry, Tae.” he says in a gentle tone, scooting close to him and wrapping a protective arm around his waist. “You’re safe here. You’re safe with me.”
His safe place, he thinks. Not a place. A congregation. Or a religion. But a person. Jungkook. The thought alone comforts him in more ways than one, and it’s enough to give him the strength to nod at him albeit hesitantly, causing Jungkook to smile before he stands
and pulls him into the direction of the dancefloor. They squeeze through the crowd together. Jungkook’s hand not leaving his waist despite the bodies that were bumping against them until they reach the middle and Jungkook turns to face him, a wide grin on his face
and begins to sway along to the music. Grabbing Taehyung’s hands and playfully making him sway with him, causing Taehyung to laugh and mimic his moves. Going with the flow and convincing himself to stop overthinking. Experimentally copying the way Jungkook is moving his hips
and stepping side to side but still feeling a bit self conscious at the people around him. As if sensing his reluctance, Jungkook lets go of his hands and begins to pull off the most ridiculous dance moves ever, making Taehyung laugh at him and causing everyone nearby to look
to look at him and cheer him on with happy whistles and screams. One of them even joined Jungkook in twerking in the middle. It effectively kicks up Taehyung’s confidence a notch and he starts to move less consciously and rolls his hips from side to side while Jungkook does
an impressive breakdance in the middle of the dancefloor. One of the guys next to him turns to him and dances with him from a respectable distance. It’s more friendly than anything else, encouraging too. And before Taehyung knows it, there’s a group of people dancing
surrounding him. Laughing and playfully swaying along with him until Taehyung finally forgets about his worries and dances with unmeasured steps, going along with the music and not shying away anymore from looks thrown his way since he knows that those looks aren’t judging,
but supportive. Welcoming. Jungkook is still dancing away close to him. He can feel his intense eyes on him. Ready to come to his defense if anyone oversteps. Securing his safety as promised.
But there’s also fondness there and pride. He looks so genuinely happy to see him enjoy and let loose. And Taehyung can’t help but wonder where someone can find a person like Jungkook?
Who’s ready to make a fool of himself and steal the crowd’s attention just to make you feel more comfortable? Who’s happy to see you win the smallest of battles as if he won himself? He thinks it’s hard to come across someone like him.
“Your boyfriend is really sweet,” someone whispers to him. Again, non judgemental. Like it’s normal for boys to be in a relationship with boys. It’s so refreshing. It’s so comforting. “You’re lucky.”
And he is. He’s very lucky to have caught the attention of someone like him. He’s lucky that out of everyone he could have discovered this part of himself– it was with the twins. “Thanks,” he replies mindlessly. Too busy smiling widely while
watching Jungkook approach him with a grin of his own and doing a funny rendition of the robot dance. “Please don’t make me regret coming with you!” Taehyung laughs as he lightly shoves Jungkook on the shoulder when the latter tries to hold his hands. “You’re the worst!”
“I’m the best dancer here! Admit it!” Jungkook says, turning him around and hugging him around the waist. Making Taehyung blush yet again. Hot puff of smoke and all. “Never!” he replies under his breath, looking at him from over his shoulder,
still grinning despite the heat in his cheeks. Jungkook huffs. He can feel his breath hit the side of his neck, making goosebumps erupt from it, before he leans in to whisper at the shell of his ear. Feeling his arms entangle tightly around his waist.
“It’s okay,” he mutters under his breath. “It was worth making a fool of myself to see you happy like this anyway.” Taehyung is just feeling too much and is experiencing new things at once. He’s overwhelmed in the best way possible, and it’s all thanks to Jungkook.
He always thought that falling in love was a falling in the literal sense. Spiraling down until you wait for it to hit. But to Taehyung it was the opposite. It felt like floating. It feels like you’re light as air and is one with clouds.
No burdens, no weight on his shoulders. No nothing. It feels like he’s free. Something he hasn’t gotten the chance to experience. Until now, that is.
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