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S.L. Kanthan

S.L. Kanthan

Feb 27, 2023
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A 🧵on Syria. Yesterday, several senior Arab lawmakers visited Syria to end the chaos unleashed on the prosperous country for the last 12 years. Under the US leadership, the brutal proxy war conspiracy involved Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, Israel, UK, France & more.

Syria was a peaceful, prosperous, secular Muslim country where all religious people lived peacefully -- Sunnis, Shiites, Alawites, Christians, Jews, Kurds etc. In 2009, the NY Times named Syria as one of the 10 best places in the world to visit!
But the mad American imperialists and globalists decided to destroy Syria for various reasons. Here's how a whole bunch of hyenas attacked the lion. (Sort of like how how NATO countries are attacking Russia. But the Syrian attack was done covertly)
Jihadists and terrorists flew into Syria from all over the world. At least 100,000 foreign Islamists fought against Assad in this fake "civil war."
Saudi Arabia and Qatar provided most of the funding -- billions of dollars for logistics, weapons, jihadist wages etc. Jordan was the base for CIA training for terrorists -- branded as moderate rebels. Just across the Syria-Jordan border, they ignited the first fire in 2011.
Turkey was the prime logistics central for jihadists and weapons. Turkiye also benefited from this war: 🔹Syrian refugees who provided cheap labor 🔹Syrian oil sold by ISIS at a great discount 🔹Hope of grabbing a big chunk of Syria
Israel wanted to steal natural gas in Golan Heights, the land that Israel stole from Syria in 1967. Israel armed/funded Islamic jihadists! Yeah, how geopolitics works -- like US arming/funding Nazis in Ukraine. Israel even treated the wounded Al Qaeda fighters.
UK and France also played big roles. Defectors from Assad's government fled to Paris, got paid a lot, and worked against Syria. These secular guys were the propaganda faces for the jihadists. UK organized the White Helmets, the fake "humanitarian" group that was just Al Qaeda
The US was Chief Propagandist and Chief Weapons Supplier. Insane lies emanated from US media every day; And thanks to the American Empire, everyone around the world repeated the same atrocity propaganda.
And billions of dollars of deadly weapons were given to Al Qaeda/ISIS fighting Assad in Syria. All were sneaked into Syria through Turkiye.
Assad & Syrian military fought bravely for 5 years. Then, it was about to collapse when Iran, Hezbollah and Russia came for rescue. However, USA managed to split the country and creat two regions: Idlib - Al Qaeda central; and a Kurdish area. Divide and Rule by psychopaths.
Let's hope that Arab leaders feel guilty and stupid for working with imperialists to destroy their own region. Middle East is a vital region in a multipolar world. Cooperation, peace and progress in this region is pivotal. End 🧵
S.L. Kanthan

S.L. Kanthan

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