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"heard you got your first quest to the human world," "Finally!" "Excited?" The angel squats down, clearing some clouds to have a good view of what's below. "Petrified." He answers the opposite. Kai doesn't know how long he's been an angel but Taemin, a fellow winged

creature shares with him about his own first task as an angel. Taemin is a thousand and thirty four years old when he's sent to earth for his mission and Kai assumes he's probably older than his friend. "Come on, humans are human but you," Taemin pats his back as encouragement
and to show his support for his friend. "You're almost a deity. You can control things and can change the-" With his fingers, Kai kept Taemin's nosy mouth shut. Amidst the miracles they can create lies limitations. Just because they got the power it doesn't necessarily means
they should. "Just atleast tell me what your mission is?" Kai retrieves his hand from his friend's face and lets his eyes travel into the view underneath the fluffy cloud they are swinging. Kai was never told about his mission but the gods just showed him a picture of a boy.
The mission wasn't what Kai expected it to be. Easy and smooth. For the quest is more than sitting down and keeping an eye on the little boy. Kai's been on earth for around two months now and hasn't found his mission yet. He's literally hunting for the boy at the moment.
The angel had swept every day care centers, hospitals, orphanage and every apartment building there is yet no trace of the little one. Another day passed, Kai is impatiently sulking in a random bus stop when he felt a soft tap on his left knee. He raises his eyes and
is surprised to see a pair of dark round orbs staring at him blankly. As if the heavens helped a little in this seemingly impossible quest, the boy showed up at the day he began to deteriorate. Round face, red cheeks, plump lips. It's the boy he's searching for. "Let's go?"
Yet, even before Kai could lift a finger, the boy immediately faltered away, the angel losing him when the bus door closed. "Wait," Kai screams in an attempt of stopping the two but he reacts way too late. Eye to eye with the boy, Kai can do nothing but stare.
After the first encounter, everything went well for the angel. He discovered where the boy lives, what kind of parents he has but still clueless to figure out his mission. Kyungsoo- the boy's name- grew up to a loving parents. His mother is a pediatrician while his father
works for an entertainment company as a cameraman. The family of three is living a simple but abundant life. Kyungsoo is a playful and cheerful kid that sometimes Kai would only watch him play from a distance. The angel wonders too, Kyungsoo had once touched his skin but Kai
can't even come close to the boy. He knew that it's the innocence of the four year old is what made Kyungsoo see him but not even once Kyungsoo talked to him. Years passed, Kai hasn't left Kyungsoo's side. The angel stayed next to the boy, protecting, guiding little Kyungsoo.
Miracles exist but Kai can do limited. Summer, Kyungsoo just turned seven. The boy is heading home after buying a quarter of onions, an errand his mother asked him to do. Kyungsoo is staring at his reflection of a car when his sight meets Kai's. "I had pancakes today." He
tells Kai. "You ate a lot, it's delicious isn't it?" Kai answers. "Why can't mom see you? Are you a ghost Mister?" It's the first time Kyungsoo spoke to Kai. The four year old is growing and is starting to question things. Kai lightly shakes his head, smiling. "i'm your
guardian angel. I look after you to keep you happy and safe." Kyungsoo's eyes grew seeing Kai ruffles his hair. He looks up but can't see the angel's hand on his head. Confused he shot their reflection another look and still found Kai's fingers on his hair. "Only you can see me."
Kyungsoo understands nothing and a few more questions are lingering in his mind. The seven year old kept them to himself though realizing that the man means no harm. "Okay Mister-" Kyungsoo pauses trying to figure out what to call his angel. Kai doesn't understand at first but
quickly gave his name upon reading the boy's mind. "-Mister Kai. Let's go home and I'll show you my new robots!" Kyungsoo beams happily. Kyungsoo didn't mention a word to his mother nor his father about Kai. Everyday, Kyungsoo would wake up to a smiling Kai greeting him
goodmorning. After having their breakfast and spending a day in school, Kai would help little Kyungsoo with his homework. The two became friends after Kyungsoo spent more time in his playroom than actually going out to the playground with his human friends. Kai became someone
Kyungsoo can rely on to, at nights when he's vulnerable to nightmares, Kai would blow them away. His parents grew curious about Kyungsoo's strange behaviour but after seeking a professional and learning that their only son is completely normal, they ended up believing Kyungsoo
found himself an imaginary friend, something normal to his young age. "mister?" Kai closes the book he's reading when Kyungsoo calls for him in the middle of the night. "Here." Kyungsoo automatically wraps his hand around Kai's point finger. Apparently, Kyungsoo can touch
Kai but never the other way around. "i had a nightmare." "what is it all about?" Kai asks, tucking the child warmly in his favorite blankie. "Y-you left me, because I've been a bad kid." Kyungsoo replied and kai heard a soft sob. Kai smiles warmly. "Impossible. I'm your
angel aren't I?" That is when Kai realized that his mission was to look after Kyungsoo until he grows old, builds his own family and dies of old age. "I wont leave you Soo, that, I would never." "Promise?" "I promise." kai replies wearing a reassuring smile. "Okay Mister."
// "Are you not excited for this trip, love?" Kyungsoo's mother sounds worried about the state of his son. Kyungsoo looked unhappy, the usual full of life toddler had become the opposite. "Mommy, I can't find Mister Kai anywhere." "Your friend?" "Yes mommy." "Maybe he
went home to visit his family?" Kyungsoo doesn't answer, his eyes still on the side of the road watching the world consumed by the snow. Winter has come and it's his eighth birthday the following day. The three of them are driving into the cabin where his father booked them.
"Do angels have families too, mommy?" "Ofcourse they do baby," Kyungsoo nods his head and allows his eyes to rest, maybe the time he wakes up, Kai is already sitting next to him. But shortly, Kyungsoo was awakened by his mother's worried and shivering voice, the woman
is reaching her hands to hold Kyungsoo. "Mommy, what's wrong?" "It's nothing honey, we're okay." But kyungsoo isn't dumb to understand that his father panicking in the driver seat while trying to keep the car on the road means danger. "Mister Kai?" Kyungsoo turns around but
found the angel nowhere. "Kyungsoo, hold tight baby," his father warns and Kyungsoo follows like a good child. He held onto his mother's hands and closed his eyes, repeating, chanting his angel's name like a mantra. Kyungsoo heard his father repeatedly uttering I love yous to
him and his mother, but he kept his eyes closed until he passed out. Kyungsoo didn't know how long he had been sleeping but when he woke up he was not in the car nor in a mountain cabin where their family is supposed to celebrate his birthday. None of his parents is around and
only a grown woman in a long white doctor's gown came to his side. "Hi," the woman smiles softly. Kyungsoo blinked. "How was your sleep?" "Where is my mommy?" Kyungsoo asked. "Do you remember what happened?" "Can you please call my mama? I'm scared." The doctor clears her
throat but kept her composure, trying to hold the stretch on her lips not to scare the survivor. "I'm sorry Kyungsoo, but your mommy and daddy went to heaven." Kyungsoo isn't dumb not to understand that his parents passed. But he's only seven- eight- and he's so young to lost
his parents. Heaven is a happy place Kai would say and at the moment it's the place Kyungsoo wishes to be. With his mommy and daddy, with Mister Kai. Kyungsoo turns to his side and after one teardrop trickles down hiw face, kkyungsoo let out a sob bearing his pain.
Midday, ignoring how the sun shines bright, Kyungsoo lays in a few old chairs lined up at the school rooftop. On the side of his mouth is a bruise he failed to cover with a make up that the principal easily recognized that is caused by school violence. "Kyungsoo," Baekhyun,
the class president speaks. "Kyungsoo," he repeats but Kyungsoo stays unmoving. Unlike him whose hobby is exchanging punches against his enemies, Baekhyun is a good church boy who excels in class with flying colors. "Chanyeol didn't come home last night. Do you know where he is?"
Kyungsoo sits up and eyed the other male. "No." Kyungsoo and Chanyeol are friends. At first, Chanyeol can be compared to Baekhyun, running for the top 1 in class but after befriending Kyungsoo, he, Chanyeol began adapting to Kyungsoo's violent lifestyle, leaving the possible
convenient future in his past. "But I definitely walked him to his dorm room last night." "kyungsoo, im worried. Sehun's gang has been sending him death threats." Kyungsoo raises a brow. He didn't know about it nor did Chanyeol tell him about the seriousness of the war.
"dont worry. I'll look for him." The first place Kyungsoo ran to is where he last saw Chanyeol. He is sprinting in the stairway with sweats dripping on his body. "Chanyeol? Chanyeol?" He bangs into the door. "Open up, it's me." However, no matter how loud he knocks he receives
no answer from the inside. Instead, a pat on his back makes him look behind him. Time slowed down for Kyungsoo, the world seemed it stopped for him when his eyes landed on a pretty familiar face he's long long wished to see. Sharp jawline, plump lips and intimidating eyes.
In his mind, kyungsoo already called the man his name multiple times but his brain doesn't work, his lips, a finger, not even a muscle is properly functioning in Kyungsoo's body. "You're the third person who knocked on that door this day, whoever rents the room isn't home right
now." The other tells him. Kyungsoo couldn't provide an answer with his blank mind. He only stood there with brain flooded with questions for the other. Not chanyeol related but everything related to his dark past. "See you later," the man's lips curled into a smirk. "Kyungsoo,"
When the other man left Kyungsoo, that is only when his brain, his muscles and lungs worked. He's finally able to speak and move his legs. The next thing Kyungsoo knows is him chasing after the man, lungs trying to catch the stolen breaths and legs stopping in an intersection.
Kyungsoo looked to his left, then to his right, he inhaled deep and looked ahead. Where did the man possibly run to? "Kyungsoo!" Baekhyun's voice can be heard but he doesn't matter, nor chanyeol matters because Kyungsoo waited all his life to finally meet Kai again.
Kyungsoo was about to run towards his left but a strong grip on his wrist stopped him. "Baek, please i need to go." "Chanyeol," baekhyun hiccups. "They got chanyeol." Baekhyun cries showing kyungsoo a photograph of chanyeol bound in a chair, looking helpless and vulnerable.
Seated on a chair, kyungsoo looks calm but Yixing can see how white his friend's knuckle is. Kyungsoo might be silent about his alliance's captivity but inside, he's already fighting a bloody battle to save chanyeol. Baekhyun is pacing back and forth, trying to save some
money in exchange for his boyfriend's freedom, he's calling almost everyone he can rely on. Kyungsoo only breaks his silence when he speaks. The faceless leader of Sehun's gang demands for Kyungsoo to come and pick his friend but Yixing and the rest of their members believes
that the opposing gang is planning to harm Kyungsoo and losing a leader is losing an entire member. Yixing wouldn't allow Kyungsoo but stubborn as he is, Kyungsoo threatened his subordinates if they happened to follow him. Money isn't the goal, but Kyungsoo's downfall is the
true intention of the rival gang. Kyungsoo arrived at a secluded warehouse where he was expected. Darkness welcomed Kyungsoo and chanyeol is bound and gagged in the middle of the abandoned area. "Chanyeol!" Kyyngsoo runs to where his friends and as he unties his friend he
felt a tap on his cheek. He turned around and saw the same man he met today, he's grinning, pleased to see Kyungsoo. "I told you we'll see each other today didn't I?" "Help me untie him, he's in danger," kyungsoo pleads and the man easily complied, undoing a knot. As
The man helped Kyungsoo free his friend, Kyungsoo kneeled and pulled the tape off Chanyeol's mouth. "Kyungsoo he's not a fri-" Kyungsoo felt something strong hit his head, a block of wood he assumed but even before he can figure it out he felt dizzy and fell unto the ground.
Kyungsoo woke up groggily due to the strong impact of the hit. But what awakened him is a loud sound of someone groaning and begging for forgiveness. He forces his eyes open and through his blurry vision he pictures a bloody man on the ground receiving loud kicks from several
men. "I'm sorry you've got to witness this," the man whispers to him, pushing Kyungsoo's face back to his abandoned shoulder. "But this asshole deserves this after hurting you," "M-mister Kai.." kyungsoo calls out in a whisper, still not catching up with the truth.
"what?" The man asks him. "Enough, throw him into the dungeon. Don't give him food and water for the day." kyungsoo heard the command but is too weak to keep his consciousness, slowly he drifted back to sleep. The next time he wakes up, Kyungsoo is inside of a huge room with
a comfortable soft bed. It was luxurious for his body but it might have helped with the dizziness as he finally felt better. A man was smoking on the balcony he spotted. Kyungsoo almost dragged his feet into the man whose back he hasn't seen for twelve years. His angel, his
protector. Despite the physical pain he went through growing up, Kyungsoo hasn't shed a tear. Because he doesn't want someone else to see him weak for being an orphan. But Kai finally showed up and Kyungsoo can only cry everything. Stretching his arms only to wrap them around
the man's waist, Kyungsoo leans his cheek against Kai's back and lets himself cry silently. "Is chanyeol safe?" He asked. "He's safe Kyungsoo. Dont worry." "Thank you." "You shouldn't thank me." Kai giggled as he unwrapped the arm around him and faced Kyungsoo. "Thank your
self for complying to my request." The man stepped back and extended a hand. "Kim Jongin," he introduces himself with a different name and it confuses kyungsoo. "if you havent figured things out yet i can do the honor of enlightening you. Kim Jongin, the leader of Sehun's gang."
Surprised is an understatement to describe how heavy Kyungsoo feels. He felt betrayed by none other than himself for trusting someone who resembles the man who vowed to protect him. He takes a step backward in fear mixed with the pain of disappointment. "No." "Glad to
finally meet you my favorite one." An angel he once was but now returns to Kyungsoo's dark life as a villain. Kyungsoo isn't understanding things. Kai. Is kai truly a product of his imaginative mind? But if he is why does he look like Jongin? Or does he even remember how Kai
looks? He was only four and his brain can be playing tricks on him. "You're evil," kyungsoo spats. "I sure am, Kyungsoo. Sehun's right anyway, you're a feisty one." jongin reaches for Kyungsoo's face and before the latter could avoid his finger, Jongin had already thumbed a
teardrop away. "But could be weak. Earlier, I punished my guy for hurting you. I already sent Chanyeol home safely but with a few cuts." Jongin explains. "What do you want?" Kyungsoo barks angrily. "My cold dead body?" Jongin clicks his tongue in dismay. "You're not getting
my point, Kyungsoo." "I'm not a fortune teller just say it straight to my face." Angry, Kyungsoo is. "understand one thing first, i dont want you dead because if i do, you won't be standing here right now." Kyungsoo smirks. "Do you believe in angels, Kim Jongin?" He asks
before his brain can stop his tongue. Jongin looked confused before smirking devilishly. "i can be one if you want." "Because I do believe in angels," Kyungsoo whispers and jumps down the balcony. Kyungsoo closed his eyes, reminiscing his parents' smiling face because he
misses them so much. If they are alive right now, they might be disappointed in Kyungsoo's way of living, but its better than not having them around. He despises Kai, he promised to keep Kyungsoo happy but it wasn't even long until heaven took back everything he had.
"kyungsoo." Kyungsoo is pretty certain that he heard Kai or Jongin's voice in his ear, arms around him as if they're cradling him to safety. Kyungsoo opened his eyes and peeks. Jongin- kai or whoever he is is hugging him tight. "Who are you?" Kyungsoo asks.
/ Kyungsoo is in a hospital bed, lost in his whirlwind of thoughts and deaf to his friends' interrogation. Baekhyun is snapping his fingers, bringing Kyungsoo back into consciousness. "Chanyeol?" "Yeah?" "Have you met Kim Jongin before?" "Who?" Chanyeol asks confused.
"Kim Jongin, he's the leader of Sehun's gang." "Ah, him," Chanyeol scratches his nape, his arms are almost covered with bandages. "Sehun's the only one who has seen his face." He confesses. "and you," "He helped me untie you remember?" "Im sorry Soo, the thing is, I could
hardly see anything because of my head injuries.." "Why are you asking though?" Baekhyun joins. "He looks like him.." "Who?" Baekhyun asks. "Kai." "Oh my god? For real?" Chanyeol overreacted that it intrigued his boyfriend. "Who is Kai?" Baekhyun asks. "My angel." "Huh?
"When I was seven, I lost my parents to a car accident. The crash was horrible that it almost broke the car into half." Baekhyun's surprised gasp echoed inside the ward. "But I survived, not even a cut or a bruise making the rescuers doubted if I was in the car when it happened."
"are you?" Kyungsoo nods. "Kai saved me, I was unconscious but I'm pretty sure I heard his voice. He stopped the time and laid me safely into the ground. He said he can't save my parents because they weren't his humans to save.." Baekhyun isn't buying the whole angel shit
thing but kyungsoo's story got him invested and kept his confusion to himself. He'd ask Chanyeol later. "and Kai, he- he saved me again." Kyungsoo breathes out, not having confidence in his own statement. "I fell from the twentieth floor but," he looked at his frame. "no cuts."
⏮️ If his parents didn't insist for him to socialize with his friends, Kyungsoo wouldn't be enjoying the park with his playmates and Kai is glad to see the seven year old play normally. Kai sits silently, smiling and not tearing his eyes off the human. "Having fun under the
sun?" Kai doesnt turn to his right. "Kai, you've been ignoring the deities. It's been three weeks since they requested your return." "That's Kyungsoo, the cutest boy. He's jholly." kai proudly points at Kyungsoo. "He's turning eight in two days." "He won't." Kai's smile
vanished as he turned to Taemin. "What did you say?" "The mortal is going to pass tomorrow along with his parents. I saw his name on the list." Then Kai turned to search for Kyungsoo, his non existent heart skipped a beat momentarily when his eyes cant find him anywhere.
Until his giggles erupted from underneath the slide, there Kyungsoo is, playing tag with a boy who lives two floors above their apartment. "i will not allow that." "You can't do anything about it Kai, you're just an angel and we can't disobey the gods." "Go back taemin,
I just need to talk to Kyungsoo." "Kai, i have to bring you back with me." "Then wait for me." Kai immediately abandoned his angel friend and ran to kyungsoo. The little boy waved at him and he smiled in return. Kai whispered into the boy's ear and Kyungsoo pretended he's
hungry and bid goodbye to his friends. The little boy is skipping his way, singing a lullaby as the elevator transports him back into their unit. They entered the room and into Kyungsoo's bedroom. The boy sat in the corner and Kai joined him, hugging their knees into their
chest and giggles together. But Kai has unsettling feelings inside. Taemin's revelation haunts him. "Kyungsoo, can I tell you something?" Kyungsoo nods his head. "Tonight I wont be next to you." Kyungsoo pouts. "Why?" "I'm going home tonight, to get your gift." Kyungsoo
gasps excitedly. "And tomorrow, before the night ends, i promise to be with you again." "You promise mister?" Kai nods but lending an ear for Kyungsoo who whispers. "i want a baby brother," Kai laughs. Mrs. Do isn't feeling well lately, showing symptoms of pregnancy. "Okay."
Kai didn't leave that night until Kyungsoo was dreaming a happy dream. Promising the boy he'd be back and never leaving him again. Kai returned to heaven along with Taemin. He was scolded for ignoring the calls but begged upon seeing Kyungsoo's name in the list. He pleaded
to grant Kyungsoo a long healthy life but the heaven couldn't undo what's already written. Hours and hours and hours, Jongin begged, traded his wings for Kyungsoo's life but still, the heaven was deaf. Time is ticking short for Kyungsoo and if the gods couldn't grant Kyungsoo
life then Kai will save his human with his own hands. Taemin stopped him but his friend couldn't win against his despair. Kai walked into the gate but got his skin burnt when he pries it open. He winces in pain but he cant lose any more time. Using his wings as his shield from
the burn, Kai pushed the gates open and pushed and pushed and only pushed. He's screaming in pain as his wings keep on burning. "Wait for me Kyungsoo, wait for me." White pure wings turned into grey ashes, he's quickly losing feathers and it weakens him. But Kyungsoo has to
be saved, he promised his human. Kai is on the verge of passing out when he successfully opens the gate, his wings withering like flowers in a desert sand.
Kyungsoo's cry can be heard when Kai arrived at the accident, he was trying to run but the more his feather falls out the heavier his shoulder becomes. "kyungsoo, im here." He says weakly, still forcing his feet to move. Snow kept on pouring and it makes it difficult for him.
"mister kai," he heard Kyungsoo call for him and gathering every strngth left in his body, kai ran as fast as he could. He spotted kyungsoo upside down after the car had turned spiraling down the road. Kai stopped the time and took the boy into his arms and encaged him in his
half burnt arms. "You're safe. You're safe." When kyungsoo passed out in his arms, soon kai did. And when he woke up, he's back into the heavens sorrounded by the gods discussing his punishment. "You broke one important rule and you easily gave up your wings." For an
angel, their pair of beautiful wings is equal to their life. It's their most prized possession and Kai sacrificed his to break a rule. "As a punishment, you'll be sent back to earth with nothing, not even your name or your memories. You won't be granted happiness or emotions,
just a life filled with miseries and longing." Kai accepted his fate, he was literally a beggar for food and shelter when he was sent back into the human world. He lived from place to place, settling into the safest place he could find as soon as the sun set. But one
night when he was sleeping underneath a bridge he heard chaos, fighting and moaning. There, in a distance are two groups of teenagers who are punching each other's faces with their bare fists, some are using woods and skateboards. He was not to interfere but this one helpless
boy is accepting all the punches, shielding his body with his own injured bleeding arms and worried he'd pass, Kai stepped in and helped the boy. He managed to scare off the attackers leaving him and the blond boy in the crime scene. "Sehun," the boy introduces himself to his
savior. Kai scratches his head, he couldn't remember his name but with unforgotten memories of his human. "I don't know what my name is." He honestly tells the human. "Jongin, I'll call you Jongin."
Jongin's in the warehouse's rooftop. Standing there he feels superior seeing everything small beneath his feet. He was punished a lot of things but one didn't work on him. To forget his human. Jongin's path crossed with Kyungsoo's after Sehun found him his human.
Uncertain he was if Kyungsoo still remembers him but after their last encounter, pretty sure the deities failed to erase him off Kyungsoo's memory. Kai. His name's Kai? He looked up to the clouds. He's not missing his home not even regretting his choices but just reminiscing.
And deep in his thoughts the rooftop door opened and closed. Footsteps approaching but it wasn't Sehun's. Jongin moved quickly but before he could grab his shirt burning fingertips touched the bare skin on his back. "I've never seen your wings." It's Kyungsoo's voice. Kai
couldn't move not because he malfunctioned but because he couldn't hide or deny his scar anymore. "i wonder how beautiful they are." Kai or Jongin or whoever steps back and turns to face kyungsoo. "They are pretty." He gave them up for Kyungsoo's life. "Really really pretty."
Kyungsoo nods. "What happened to them?" Kyungsoo laughed but his eyes couldn't stop producing tears. "Can you show me now?" Kai shakes his head and just pulls Kyungsoo into his arms. He just want to hold his human. Kai cried. Not because he lost everything for this boy but
because he's finally able to hold Kyungsoo without restriction from the gods. "Kyungsoo, c-can you let go of me now?" Kyungsoo looked up to meet his angel's eyes. "What do you mean?" Not liking what to come next. "Im no longer an angel, I can't protect you anymore."
"but you don't have to be one to protect me." "I did stopped protecting you the day i asked sehun to be your enemy." "But when I jumped down, you chose me." kyungsoo's hold on the angel tightened when the latter loosened. "Kyungsoo, there are things you need to understand,
alright?" Kyungsoo nods his head, willing to listen. "I'm not an angel anymore so I don't have any reason to be around you. Second, I'm not a mortal like you and the heavens still own me Kyungsoo. I'm not a free creature like you are," kyungsoo's hair is long enough for kai to
tuck some strands behind his ear and he did. "Third, i want you to live properly, stop involving yourself into gang wars and live your dream," "I only want you kai, that is the only thing that will make me happy." "But we can't. I can't. I dont have any powers left and please
promise me something, do me a favor. Set your life straight and do what I said." Kyungsoo cried no, begging for Kai to stay like this, afraid that after this meeting the gods would break them apart again. It made kyungsoo question the gods but kai explained that he did
unnecessary things and they're only punishing him. "Close your eyes," Kyungsoo complied when Kai's fingers softly pressed his eyelids close. "Be happy Kyungsoo, because seeing you laugh is enough for me." kyungsoo cried even if he's keeping his tears from falling.
"Mister, mister Kai?" he called out when kai's warmth was replaced by emptiness. His hand doesn't feel Kai any longer and when he opened his eyes. Kyungsoo sees only glitters sparkling into thin air until they are all gone. He tried to gsther each in his palm but like
ashes, suddenly it's gone. Kyungsoo cried because he's sad he lost his angel, the person he was laughing with bwck when he was a child. Kyungsoo was hurt and soon his friends came running and hugged him. But no one felt like Kai.
After saving Kyungsoo and breaking the same rule twice, Kai lost not only his wings but his life. He knew he's not going to last soon and surely Kyungsoo will come after Sehun. Kai made Sehun promise not to tell the story to Kyungsoo but Sehun begs to differ. The story
revolves around the mortal too and he deserves to know the whole truth. For his peace of mind, for closure of an angsty chapter of his life. Kyungsoo's eyes are a little swollen when Sehun sits close to him. The taller is trying to find the perfect word but no words are fitting
to explain the sacrifices Kai committed for his human. "His scars, what did he do to have his wings removed?" Kyungsoo asked first and sehun doesn't know where to start. "It's because of you." Sehun answers frankly. "You were meant to die when you were only seven but Kai
gave up his wings to save you. The heaven forsakes him and he was punished. He wasn't an angel, not a human either. He's in between and died when he saved you from falling." Sehun acted deaf at the painful sobs coming from Kyungsoo. He's seen Kyungsoo weak, bloody and helpless
countless times but this is the first time he saw the shorter cry. "He was punished to forget you but Kai," Sehun sighs. "..can lose his recollection of his name but not you." The crying continued and Kyungsoo buried his face in between his knees and cried silently. "You mattered
to Kai." That day didn't end however with Sehun, Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Kyungsoo bearing their memories of the fallen angel that changed their lives. The next morning, Kyungsoo feels a little lonely and is feeling the pain in his heart without a reason. It just felt
like it, he woke up sad and missing someone he's no memory of. The End ✨✨✨✨
EPILOGUE 📌 Doctor Kyungsoo couldn't help but to glance at his wall clock every now and then. His secretary made a mistake accepting patients instead of scheduling them for next week's consultation. It is Baekhee and Chanhyun's third birthday party and after missing their
first and second birthdays, Kyungsoo couldn't afford to miss this year's party which is in less than an hour. "Wendy, how many are left?" "This is the last one doc. Kim Junhee. Four years old, just a runny nose, no cough and temperature's normal." Kyungsoo smiled and
told his secretary to bring in the last patient. "Good afternoon. Kim Junhee?" A bratty spoiled litte girl in a ballerina outfit enters, his hair neatly tied into pigtails with a man following her naughty tracks. "Yes, that's her." The man says, tiredness hinted in his tone.
Junhee seems like a pain in the ass. "Will you give her a shot doc?" The man asks. "Well it depends on-" "Oh, two shots? That's stings." The man cuts off Kyungsoo. At first Kyungsoo wondered but is quick to notice how the child behaved properly after hearing she's receiving
shots. "Maybe three if she doesn't behave." The girl gasped and quickly ran and acted like a young lady in his father's lap. Kyungsoo smiled and it was the first time he looked at the father's eyes. His heart hurt but in a good way. "Thank you doc, she's a handful."
Kyungsoo laughs. "I can see that.." Kyungsoo asked a series of questions about Junhee and the father gave him every small detail while the pediatrician checks on her body. "Junhee is healthy, the runny nose might be caused by the weather so keep your house temperature high and
make her dress up warmly if you go out." Kyungsoo advises while jotting down some medicines for her. "These are the medicines. I wrote down the instructions and you can return after a week for her progress." "No shots uncwe?" Junhee asks the man and Kyungsoo blushes for
calling the uncle her father. They look alike and none can blame Kyungsoo if he mistakenly referred to him as her father. "No shots because Junhee's a good girl.." Kyungsoo pats her hair and Junhee blows him a kiss. "i want to give you candies but at the moment you're not
allowed to. How about you come back after seven sleeps and get it?" Junhee nods and gave him a thumbs up. Kyungsoo then turns to her uncle. "Mister- uh," "Jongin. Call me Jongin." The man gave Kyungsoo his name. "Thank you for the help doc," "It's my job.." Jongin clicks
his tongue. "Uh, doc, is it too early to say that i want to know you more?" Kyungsoo blushes, he's got clients and patients who also tried to burn down his wall but kim jongin, he's different and his heart oddly yearns for him. Kyungsoo hands in the prescription. "See you in a
week pretty Junhee," Kyungsoo smiles at his patient without answering Jongin's question. "see you in a week, Mister Kim." Jongin didn't insist further afraid to scare off the pediatrician and only bid his goodbye. But as they walk down the long hallway, after reading the
prescription his smile widens, calling Junhee happily. Below the page is the doctor's personal number. It's a success isn't it? The end ~
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