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Mar 4, 2023
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-BEST- A BW #TWEETFIC Sometimes B couldn't really believe how lucky he was to have this kind, happy, and beautiful man in his life. The day didn't exactly started out right for B, and boy did it show. It even came to a point that W was ignored.



God, him ignoring W. The mere thought shudders him, and he didn't think it was possible. Yet here's his Bun, ever so patient, giving him the space that he thought was needed, and making everyone else understand that he's just having an off moment.…
B glances at his Metawin again and sighs. W really is his best partner. W really is what's best for him. "I love you." B whispered. W smiles at his Bai. "I love you, too." -end- #ALTERNATEUNIVERSE
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