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elle⁷☾ seven mates

elle⁷☾ seven mates

Mar 6, 2023
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minimoni ~ omegaverse ~ prof/student thinking of alpha prof NJ who has a massive commute crush on a pretty, sparkling, mysterious male he sees on the train he takes every day to campus but then the new semester starts, and his pining crush is now his student — omega JM

(MORAL DILEMMAS, power imbalance, seduction) NJ is a bit distraught now, the younger omega sitting front and center during his every lecture. The alpha unable to even keep eye contact with him though he can feel JM’s attentive eyes never leave him through out the whole class.
The alpha had always had a strict rule: never ever mess with one of his students. Yes they were all adults and most in their senior years or beyond because of the level he taught, but still…the power imbalance was something NJ never wanted to touch. Until JM. Until this omega.
He had watched (not a creepy way he swears JM was just hard to look away from) JM for over a year on their morning commutes, sometimes even seeing him in the evenings. He had rarely ever been alone, so NJ hadn’t ever gotten close enough to scent him. To figure out his subgender.
NJ wasn’t an alpha who approached random people in spaces like trains or bookstores or shops anyways. He liked his own personal alone time so never wanted to intrude on anyone else’s. But those few rare times JM had been alone on the train, staring out the window and humming+
+NJ had contemplated approaching him. Complimenting his clothes or jewelry or the new hair style he had. But NJ was a coward and now…now it was too late. JM was fully untouchable. Off limits. Completely out of his league anyways. But it seemed JM was set on torturing him.
“Professor,” JM’s pretty, friendly voice startled NJ as he was packing up his class materials. They were in a large lecture hall for this class so he was always lugging around his messenger bag full of his class things. His shoulder was beginning to ache because of it.
NJ felt his face heat with how close the omega was, his plush lips smiling friendly at him, half his body swallowed up in a oversized purple hoodie. Pretty freshly blond hair framing his face perfectly. Silver sparkling in his ears. Scent subdued but still there—
like a fresh spring day after a thunderstorm. NJ was so fcked. “Y-yes, JM?” NJ asked, adjusting his horn-rimmed glasses and watching as JM followed his hand before his eyes met his again. “I was wondering if you offered any one on one tutoring during your office hours.”
NJ’s brain seemed to stutter to a stop as JM tilted his head, waiting patiently for the alpha to answer him. But a thousand inappropriate, completely absurd, totally out of bounds thoughts of him and JM alone in his office filtered through his mind before he could respond. Fck.
“W-well there’s the tutoring center if y-you’re struggling,” NJ said, clearing his throat and pulling at the collar of his shirt that was suddenly far too close to his sweaty neck. JM pouted at him. Small fingers messing with the strap of his book bag slung over one shoulder.
“The tutoring center is full for this course, and I thought it might be best to get the knowledge straight from the source. I promise I won’t be too much of a burden. I’m a fast learner, but I just need a little personalized attention,” JM said, biting at his bottom lip.
NJ should say no. It’s too much of a temptation. It could lead to inappropriate situations. The board would have a fcking field day if he was reported fcking his student in his own office… No. Wth was he thinking. He had to get a grip.
JM was doing nothing but asking for help. He was his student and NJ owed him the respect and professionalism the alpha always gave his students. So what if he was the prettiest thing NJ had ever seen and the very subject of his late night wet fantasies…
The omega was his student now. Not a stranger on a train. And he was his professor. He should start acting as such. Act like the well behaved fully adjusted alpha not at all the pervy or horny or smitten alpha his brain was screaming he was. He was fine. This would be fine.
“Of course, JM. My office hours are open to personal tutoring. When did you want to make an appointment?” NJ asked, doing his best to remain as chill and calm and cool as possible though his heart tripped over itself when JM’s entire being lit up with his smile.
“Wonderful! I’m so appreciative, professor. I promise I’ll work hard. How about your Thursday hours? From 4:30 to 6?” JM asked, pulling out his phone and bouncing slightly on the balls of his feet. Cute. NJ loved cute, small things. JM was so cute and small. And cute. Oh no.
elle⁷☾ seven mates

elle⁷☾ seven mates

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