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Lol, I found this video and I gonna see if someone I know is there

First 30 seconds of the video and I already found Fate, this is a record (Timestamp is on the prints)
He's gonna cover this thread lmao
2:15 - "Throught out of this I change my mind, now I think that jerks off to anything remotely as a kid is a PEDOPHILE" Who tf is this guy think it is lol, already in the beggining of this video you can see he can't differntiate reality from fiction He's a fool
2:32 - Oh he lookes at our profiles lmao, I love that these normies got so offended at some drawings
2:40-3:00 (parafphasing) "I always thought that they talked about petite women, but its literal 6yo, 'it's not ideal' " I wonder what type of drawing he's seeing bc it's not children lolThey try so hard too see children in it, it sound like projection lol
A few seconds later he says that's straight up cp, this guy is too high Until now he regurgitated the same default anti points rn, they're all the fucking same
He faked throwing up at this idolmaster girl, I can't make up this shit HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
"You beat you meat to this 🤓" Yes, she's hot
Starting to found some people I know here
This part he's not showing any tweets so I'm gonna reply to his points until he's come back I'm making y'all a favor so no one of us need to watch this video anymore
4:41-5:00: "You only bring this slightly older character when there's discorse around them, I don't see any of you actively engaging with this fictional character that look slightly older that you can justify to the general public" Oh boy I need one more tweet for this one
What he's complaining is that the lolis he's see is "way too young" than other he's see "in dicussions", the exemple is this artwork show sooner vs Tatsumaki that's "slightly older" ( He says that she looks like 12) The Idolmaster girl he complained "looks 5" for him-
And she isn't even "5yo", he has a really strong delusion of trying to guess what their "actual age" is Even that's part is irrelevant bc drawing has no age, the mf could at least research who the character is before using his shitty argument This idiot made 0 research
5:22 "If u mother saw this, she would khs 🤓" Wow what a idiotic """""argument"""" I'm not even gonna comment this
5:31-5:46: "If you manage the fact that it's pedophilic hammered in their heads, they start this tirade of BS like: 'It's actually not real, so it's okay, it's fictional haha' " What fact? hahahahha, it really shows the arrogance of antis to think that they say a single fact lol
How these people "hammer down this fact" lmao We do not care what these people think what's pedophilic or not, it's drawings The argument that isn't real is too strong for them to argue against becaus they do not think, the only use their feelings and nothing else
5:46-5:56(and to 6:12): "And a lot of arguments that they have, they're just difficult to respond at first bc you don't expect to counter argument something so fucking braindead" Skill issue Research what you talking about or shut up, how someone are so proudly ignorant...
6:12-6:30: Now he's trying to use the moral argument saying that lolicon being legal is a loophole and it should be considered pedophia, wich is idiotic People didn't decide lolicon to be ramdomly legal, those counties reseach that and decided that it's harmless
6:33-712: Now he's saying that if we still let lolicon legal he's saying that the law would permit deep fakes or AI generates CP, this doesn't makes any sense bc none of this is comparable to another, this is dumb
And in the same section the idiot is saying that you could justify beating to cp if you can justify loli, this shit is litterary braindead holy fuck This two aren't the same thing and only an brainlet don't know the different
Tamaki sighted XD He's denying the accusations of bodyshaming but he litterally is He thinks were's desperate so we're using this lmao; H'es basically bodyshaming a lot in this video, and the tread on the video shows
He tried to explain that the adults that "looks like children" have body defects and if you're atracted to these women you're a pedo anyway He's a bodyshamer and ignorant as well
Idk this kirby acc but I would not let him be out lol
He tries to backpedal a bit an say that if you reomantic atracted to these woman it's fine, but if is sexual then you're a pedo Lmao how do he know the intentions of other so easily like that? 😂
Found Haru again lol Also that pic of Tatsumaki that he compained before
He's complaining now that all the girls that people here likes aren't "even 8yo" This guy is pathetic "And I pointed out as a creep for pointing out that" Yes motherfucker, the only one seeing children on those lines on a screen are you, not us
10:28: "...And they will turn around like: 'Oh you you mean that you are ok with underage people that looks overage cb our fav pastime is calling other people pedos'; and I say u r a very special of reddit intelectual; ofc I woudn't date anyone underage" ...
We are using you pathetic logic against you idiot, looks like that the only thing you care is appeareance, and not actual age of people, if you don't wanna be called pedo for that, then get a better argument Stop using this argument on drawings and on actual people
Around 10:50-11:00 he tries to say that he don't think that dating a minor that looks overage is fine bc he has a "high moral compass on age gaps" Bicth you don't need to virtue signaling something that is common sense, that's looks more like some projection than anything
11:29-11:37: "I really really wish that it was fucking illegal so I could report those fucking degenerates to the police, I would and I would take the time out my day to do so" Cope and seethe, really, cope so hard so you can stop doing those pathetic clickbaity thumbnais
11:46-11:54: Now he's gonne try to debunk one of ours "biggest arguments" wich is the GTA argument Like I imagined, that guy is going full on "BuT SeX Is dIfFeReNt hUr dUr" It isn't the brain know to differentiate fiction from reality in every case, sexual or not Bad gotcha
12:54: "there's studies that shows that loli shit increases sexual crime against children" WHERE THOSE STUDIES? WHERE'S THE SOUCE MF? (also the tweet bf that was 11:46-12:54*)
Around 13:00 - Now he's coming with a slippery slope argument saying that we'll be tired of lolis and we would assault kids What a stupid mentality, hye acts like he personally know every single one of us, what an idiot
13:42 -14:02: here seeing that he admist that he lost is hilarious and they're being a bitter loser for an entire minute Also, Sassi spotted lol, and the guy censored her tits 🤣 he's complaining that her avatar looks like a 12yo with ther tits out, I can't make this shit up lol
14:02-15:04: man this guy is seething so much that I actually reccomen people see only this part lmao He's also mad at this tweet someone replied to him of that guy being horny at Klee lmao
15:05-15:38: Lol, how he was mad at that tweet he say that we are "people that 'attacks censorship' but threats and doxx people"; I woulkd like to see some proof of that, or are your only gonna create shit of thin air?
15:38-15:43: he said he like mosty of the argument but the final part angered him so he just said "it's straight up gay af" and ended right there the part where he suposed to even critique and defend his points, he doesn't care
15:43: he's repeating himself saying that in the past he thinked that it was only creepy not he thinks he's a pedo, also making a reference of Fate's post, he's really afraid to name drop him lol
16:10-18:40(end): Conlusion, all of that part was name calling us and accusing us of being pedos, it was cringe Also he said that we should k ourselves again, so edgy lmao That maybe was a waste of time but it was fun to debunk this idiot in real time, thank you for reading!
na see who he mentionedin the video I compiled in few tweets here everyone mentioned…
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