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#Taekookau where Jungkook is the heir to the Jeon pack , when the moon goddess shows him his mate : an orphan unworthy of his name. He doesn't think twice about rejecting Taehyung in favor of marrying his lover and casts him out of the pack. Ten yrs later, they meet again.

⭐ Werewolf au ⭐ Explicit Sexual Content. ⭐ Top Jungkook / Alpha Jungkook. ⭐ Angst / Implied Non con but not btw Taekook. Ill probably start this soon ❣️
Tags : 🍒 Mpreg 🍒 Prostitution/ Sex Work. 🍒 Graphic Violence 🍒 Hurt/ Comfort 🍒Heavy Angst 🍒Jeongguk is 4 years older than Tae. 🍒 Morally Ambiguous Characters 🍒 Explicit sexual content.
Note : This isn't a new Au, its from my old account ..A number of people hve me messaging me about it💕💕💕 So i thought I'll post it here❣️
I haven't properly started this fic but here's a snippet of it
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Hello! This is a heavy angst fic , Please interact as much as you can ! Your thoughts while reading will help me write better. Chapter 1 ~~ Akrasia. Akrasia ~ the state of mind in which someone acts against their better judgement through weakness of will.
Kim Taehyung had once been beautiful. He remembered a time when he had soft, silky brown hair like chestnut and honey, eyes a deep dark chocolate and a smile that could stop a grown man in his tracks.
He had a slender body, lithe and willowy and skin so soft and lush, it bruised at the lightest touch. A delicate little doll, they used to call him. The prettiest prettiest doll. But everyone knows that dolls are made to be played with.
Played with, broken and beaten and finally thrown out with the rest of the trash. Taehyung pressed the ice pack under his eye, wincing. The man had been drunk, angry, horny and broke. Taehyung had told him he wouldn’t suck him off unless he paid upfront.
And the bastard had punched him in the face. And now, Taehyung would be out of business for two days at last. Not a lot of men wanted to fuck a mouth on an ugly bruised face.
And Taehyung’s leg was hurting too much for him to go all the way, no matter how much they offered to pay him. A gust of wind came through the broken shards of the nearest window and Taehyung shivered.
He was in the dirty bathroom of a seedy club in some alleyway, dressed in a threadbare plaid shirt and a pair of leggings that were more holes than fabric. He had worn some of his old fishnet stockings underneath them, the cheap fabric chafing his skin.
As he pressed the icepack against his cheekbones, Taehyung let himself cry. The first few years on the street, Taehyung had thought that if he didn’t cry he could get tougher.
Now he realized crying was like a valve to release some of the pressure that kept building up behind his skull. It was an outlet. A reprieve almost. So when he felt like crying, Taehyung cried. Wherever he was. It didn’t bother him if people stared.
People always stared. Besides he always felt better afterwards, even if his circumstances never improved. Swallowing the dryness in his throat, Taehyung grabbed the crutch from against the wall, slotting it under his arm . He wasn’t completely immobile without them .
With a little effort , could certainly walk. But they helped keep the pressure off his foot. So he used them whenever he could. A social worker had got it for him after catching Taehyung curled up on a subway, unable to move because of how much his leg hurt.
The kind lady had taken him home and gotten his leg looked at and then when the doctor said that corrective surgery would cost a few million won, she had given him an apologetic smile. Taehyung hadn’t minded at all.
The lady had shown him more kindness than his own family and friends had and he was grateful . He accepted her gift of 50,000 Won and a nice hot meal, and the crutch too.
It had taken some getting used to but Taehyung had quickly learned that the best way to use crutches was by considering them as an extension of his own limbs. These days he was quick on his feet with them and he only left them at home when he was going to turn a trick.
It wasn’t easy, putting weight on his sore foot. But Taehyung shouldered through the nights because he had to. Hunger was more painful than any pain in his body. Hunger drove you insane. So he endured it.
He was usually in a lot of pain on those nights but by now, Taehyung had numbed himself to pain.
Taehyung began to find comfort in the aches that plagued him every night: his leg from the badly healed bone fracture, his hands from doing odd jobs for people all day just for a few measly bucks, his insides from letting some bastard fuck him raw in the back of his truck.
He told himself that the pain was a reminder that he was alive. They had tossed him out of the pack, thrown him out of his home, separated him from everything he knew and loved in the hope that it would kill him, but it hadn’t. They had failed.
Taehyung was alive. He had survived. Taehyung’s pain was…constant. He couldn’t escape it. It was better to embrace it. Like an old friend he could trust to always be there. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The apartment he rented with Jimin was on the first floor of a relatively nice building. They moved here after Jimin found out he was pregnant. The omega wolf had been stunned, had no idea who the father was. But they had come up with a plan pretty quick.
After two days of mourning what could have been but never would be, they had put up an ad in the papers for adoption. Pups born of pure omegas were rare and there were a lot of rich couples without kids, looking to pay good money for the chance to be a parent.
They would have to give the baby up but Jimin had told Tae that he didn’t feel nearly as guilt as he should. He would feel worse trying to raise the pup here as the child of a whore. It wasn’t an insult to either of them.
People tried to use it as such but Tae and Jimin knew it didn’t define them. They did it to survive. That’s all. It was like any other job, really. At least that’s what they’d told themselves, in the ten years they’d been together as brothers.
So it was for the best that they give the baby up and Jimin had agreed to the adoption all though his wolf ached at the thought of it. Besides, he was going to get paid for it and perhaps, with the money , Tae and him could finally move out of Seoul and go somewhere else.
Jimin spoke of a village in Busan, not far from where he was born. He said that everything cost less there and the people were kind. And Taehyung and Jimin could buy a little hut or cottage and live out the rest of their lives in peace.
Taehyung could stay at home and cook because of his leg and Jimin would work in the fields and bring home money.
It was a fanciful dream, perhaps a bit too much for two scrawny prostitutes who couldn’t afford more than two square meals a day. But dreams cost nothing, and were the only luxury and Tae and Jimin could afford to indulge in.
Dragging himself up the stairs with the crutch by his side, Taehyung was panting by the time he reached the door. He used his key to let himself in, calling out a cheeky, “ Honey, I’m home.”
As he entered. Jimin sat on the couch, a half opened pack of crisps on his lap, staring at the old laptop on the table. Taehyung had stolen it from a client.
Well, the client had left it at his place and Taehyung had acted like he’d never seen it when the man had come looking for it again. He lost the customer of course but the laptop was a huge help. Taehyung could look for jobs faster, because everything was online these days.
But he had no education so he didn’t really get any of those jobs. But still, no harm in trying right? Taehyung was sure that someday, some diner or café would hire him , even if it was to wash dishes and clean the floors and stuff. It would be an improvement.
A steady pay check. Jimin couldn’t work anymore, his scent cloyingly obvious in pregnancy and Taehyung didn’t want him to anyway, lest the baby get hurt. Taehyung felt very protective over the little one, although he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep the baby once it arrived.
But as long as the pup was with them, he would take good care of it. “I puked twice.” Jimin pouted. “ I should have just not eaten. You skipped breakfast and let me have the sandwich and I couldn’t even keep it down.” The mention of food made Taehyung’s stomach growl.
He hadn’t eaten since last night and it was now four in the evening. But he waved off Jimin’s concern. “Did you eat your prenatals?” He asked, squinting a bit to take in the sigh of his best friend on the couch.
The vision in his right eye was getting worse he thought with a grimace. Jimin nodded and held out the packet of crisps . Taehyung took it but didn’t eat any, instead rolling the bag up and using a rubber band to keep the air out.
Jimin had a lot of cravings and salted chips were one of them. He would wake up in the night wanting more. He moved to place the bag in the dented tin box with the rest of their snacks. It was woefully empty and Taehyung wanted to cry again.
The 15000 won in his wallet wasn’t going to be of much use to them for too long. “Tae..” Jimin said softly and he quickly smiled, turning to his friend.
“Yeah, Chim?” He moved to lower himself to the floor next to the boy and Jimin ran soft fingers through his hair, the touch gentle and soothing against Taehyung’s throbbing skull.
Jimin’s touch was the only gentle thing he had known these ten years and Taehyung let himself enjoy it, leaning into the older boy’s thigh, letting his eyes flutter shut. “Someone answered the ad.” Jimin whispered. Taehyung went still, heart leaping in his chest.
“What?” He gasped, staring at the boy in shock. Jimin nodded. “They’re from the Jeon pack, in Busan.” Just as quick as it had risen, Taehyung’s hopes crashed and burned, icy cold shooting up his veins as he fought to keep his composure.
The name alone was enough to send him into a panic attack, and he dug his fingers nails into the flesh of his thigh, the physical hurt distracting him from the mental anguish that filled his heart. “ The.. Jeon pack?” He whispered, the name bitter on his tongue.
Fate was a cruel , cruel mistress, he thought angry tears welling inside him. What had he ever done to deserve this. But he stayed quiet. He hadn’t told Jimin about his old pack, merely claiming to be a runaway. And he couldn’t say anything now. Not when Jimin looked so hopeful.
“Yeah. They called a few hours ago.” Jimin smiled. “ Tae do you think this is it?” Taehyung stared at him, willing himself not to start sobbing . He wanted to cry and beg Jimin to say no. He wasn’t ready. He wouldn’t ever be ready to face anyone from that place.
They wouldn’t even remember him probably. They wouldn’t even know. And that would just make it all so much more unbearable for him. To them he was nothing. He had no value . And thought he wanted to prove them wrong, he knew deep down he couldn’t .
There was nothing in him of value. And that was the truth. Trying to stave off the nausea in his chest, he exhaled shakily. “I think we need to know more , Jimin.” He said carefully, voice only shaking a little bit. Jimin nodded, humming.
“I know. But the guy sounded really nice. He had a really deep voice too and I told him the truth you know. About what I did and not knowing about the pups parentage . He said it was okay. Their pack has a shaman apparently and he can tell if the baby has any health issues.
And even if it did , they would be able to heal it in the womb itself.” Jimin sounded awed. Taehyung on the other hand could only stare. He knew all about the shaman in the Jeon pack. A liar. He had looked Jungkook in the eyes and lied to him about Taehyung.
Had called Taehyung a whore and a thief in front of the whole pack and Taehyung would never forget the look on his mate’s face when the man had said it. Jungkook had stared at him like he was worthless. And over the years many people have made him feel that way.
Many people have called him that. But the only time Taehyung had believed it so completely was when his own mate had looked at him that way. He snuggled closer to Jimin, licking his lips. There was no point, he thought tiredly, thinking of the past.
Everytime he thought of it, he relived it. And time didn’t heal wounds. Memories reopened them. It had been ten years. Jungkook had married a week after Taehyung had left the pack. Kicked out of the pack to be more precise but, well, semantics.
He had found his way to Seoul and Taehyung had sat , alone and cold and wet under the awning of some store, watching the ceremony play out on national television.
Drenched to the core and starving, he had stared at the handsome man next to his mate and all he could think was that It was supposed to be him, there on the alpha’s side. He was his true mate.
And yet Taehyung had spent that night and every night after for the last ten years, alone and cold and hungry. Punished for something he never did. Jungkook had taken a minute , one small minute to judge him unworthy and Taehyung had spent the rest of his life paying for it.
Taehyung pulled himself to the present , mulling over Jimin’s words again. “What does he want to do , next?” Taehyung asked carefully. Jimin leaned in closer. “He wants to meet us. With his pack alpha.” Of course. The pack alpha would be involved in bringing in any new member.
It was to be expected. But it still hurt him. Deeply. It was a painful ache, one mixed with a lot of longing. Taehyung had once worked in a recycling factory that recycled old books. He’s taken a lot of romance novels from there because Jimin loved reading them.
The omega despite their circumstances was a romantic. Jimin’s mate had been killed when he was just eleven. And he had run away from an abusive father. And the omega loved reading about true mates and happily ever afters.
Taehyung had read one , out of curiosity. It had left a sore taste in his mouth. All the books had the heroes groveling in apology, realizing the error of their ways and begging for a chance.
And Taehyung had fooled himself for a long time those first few years, that Jungkook would come looking for him. That he would realize his mistakes and come to set things right. And Taehyung had even imagined yelling and cursing the alpha out, but ultimately forgiving him.
Because he was his mate . the moon goddess had picked him out for him. They were meant to be together right? But the days turned to weeks. The weeks to months and the months to years. Taehyung waited and waited and waited. But Jungkook never came.
And Taehyung’s heart , that had once held the alpha in it, got whittled away into nothing but dust.
So now he would have to rely on his mind. And his mind told him that if this man belonged to the Jeon pack, he was probably wealthy and stable. The Jeon Pack was one of the most prosperous packs in the country after all. The baby would have a good life. It wasn’t about him.
It was never about him. Taehyung was nothing more than background noise in the life of people who actually mattered. Like the baby. The baby mattered . A lot.
And if giving the baby the life it deserved meant setting aside his own pain and swallowing whatever little bits of pride he had left, then Taehyung would do it. He would do it a hundred times over. “So let’s meet him.” He said softly and Jimin’s fingers stopped.
“Really?” Jimin asked eagerly and Taehyung smiled. “Yeah, let’s go meet the head alpha of the Jeon pack. “ His voice was hollow . “Do you know who he is?” Jimin asked curiously. Taehyung swallowed. “ His name is Jeon Jungkook.” And he’s the worst thing to ever happen to me.
Taehyung sat huddled against the window seat of the train, his crutches tucked in the seat underneath and a pair of sunglasses on to keep away the glare from the sun. His eyes were getting worse he felt, staring out of the tinted windows at the rolling landscape outside.
Jimin sat on the seat right opposite him, fascinated by another one of his romance novels, feet tucked under his body and one arm gently cupping his belly. He wasn't showing much, but he was really skinny and that made the little bump pretty obvious. Taehyung watched him.
He looked soft and bright in the late morning sun, his skin golden and glowing. He looked like a respectable young man, with his new shirt ( a pale mauve with tiny patterned tangerines all over it ) and his neat black slacks. His hair was neatly combed, his shoes polished.
Taehyung had insisted on all of that, despite Jimin's protests that it was just a waste of money. Money that they didn't have and couldn't afford to waste. But Taehyung knew that first impressions mattered. How many times had he been turned out of places because of his clothes?
If they were going to make this work, then Jimin would have to look good. Taehyung could only hope his own presence wouldn't be an impediment of some sort. He had cleaned up too, but there was always a cheapness to his appearance he felt. One that made him seem pitiful.
Taehyung glanced down at his feet again. He was trying not to think too much of what was coming, lest he lose his composure. He had to pretend he didn't know them. That he had no idea who any of them were. He was only there to support Jimin. No one should see him.
He stared out of the window. The train rumbled along, closer and closer to the Jeon territory and Taehyung saw the shift in the landscape. The fields looked more lush, the roads buzzing with people. There was an air of prosperity here, a sense of health and happiness.
Nothing at all like Seoul, which was neutral ground for packless wolves from all over the country. The big city was crowded and messy and full of greedy, selfish people who didn't care much about anyone but themselves. Packs were different. Packs looked out for their own.
Taehyung swallowed as his skin went a little cold at the thought. Well, most of the time they did. He saw the trees and the woods and the rolling hillocks in the background. This was home. This was the land he was born too. The place he had such deep ties to. His wolf howled.
But it wasn't joyful or even hopeful. It was a mournful tune he felt , laced with grief and despair. Tae would never again belong to anyone or anywhere. The Jeon pack had orphaned him in ways that could never be reversed. "Tae?" Jimin's voice was soft. Taehyung smiled at him.
"What is it?" he asked quietly, leaning forward and lightly touching the omega's knees. His own legs hurt from sitting for such a long time. "What if they say they don't want the baby?" Jimin said quietly. Taehyung took Jimin's hands in his own.
"Then we ask them to pay us back for the train fare and the clothes and we come back home. We put the ad up again." he smiled. " Don't worry about that Jimin. We'll find a way no matter what happens. Okay?" Jimin looked uncertain but he nodded after a few seconds.
Taehyung glanced at the book in his hand, looking for ways to distract him. "Do you like the story?" He asked brightly , pointing at the cover. The alpha's betrayal, the cover read. He grimaced. Jimin glanced at the book and sighed. "The alpha is an asshole." he muttered.
Tae chuckled. "Isn't that how they all are? in your books..." he smiled a little. " You told me you like it when they're jerks at first." "Yes, because it feels good to see them humbled in the end. Pay for their crimes so to speak." The omega grinned. Tae felt his smile falter.
"Its good that it happens." he said carefully. " In your books. Doesn't always happen in the real world, you know." Jimin nodded, running his hand over the cover. "How do you think it feels to be loved by an alpha?" Jimin asked curiously. "Do you think it feels good?"
Tae felt an odd sense of revulsion at the words. He wasn't fanciful like Jimin. Love for him would always be a bait in a trap. Very appealing to look at, tempting too , but ultimately dangerous. But he usually kept his cynicism to himself. Because Jimin wasn't broken like him.
Over the years, Taehyung had seen an innocence in his best friend, one that he fought tooth and nail to protect and keep safe. Jimin , despite their circumstances, still believed the best of people, still saw a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. "It must be." he smiled.
"People write stories about it." he pointed at the book. " They make movies out of it. They write poems about it . It must be something special." he shrugged. " Right?" Jimin's face brightened at that. "Right?" he said excitedly. " I think it would feel good too."
"And I was thinking," Jimin continued, " Even if it isn't me, the pup would find love right? If they grow up in a pack like this , with parents who love them." he smiled. " So this is a good thing right ? What we're doing?" Taehyung thought Jimin was too good for this world.
"Yes, of course." he said softly, ruffling the omega's head gently. " Are you thirsty? You haven't drank any of your water." He pointed out, reaching for the small bottle and opening it up for Jimin. The omega smiled before sipping his drink and leaning back again.
One of the overhead speakers beeped. "Another twenty minutes and we'll be reaching our final stop for this trip. Please make sure you collect all your belongings." Taehyung felt his throat go dry. He wished there was a way to prepare himself for what was to come.
There was a man waiting for them at the train station, with a small board in his hand which read, Park Jimin. Tae hung back a bit as Jimin walked over to the man, smiling wide. He already felt like he was surplus. His heart raced as he kept his head bowed. It had been 10 years.
He didn't want to accidentally meet someone's eye and see any kind of recognition there. Although that was probably unlikely. The Taehyung they had once known had been the most beautiful omega in the entire pack. He looked nothing like that now. The crutches dug into his arm.
The man was staring at him now, looking a little worried. "There's a medic room over there." he said hastily, " Would you like me to get you a wheelchair?" Tae blinked, suddenly defensive. He swallowed and shook his head hastily, shifting his weight from one foot to the other.
The man looked uncertain but turned back to Jimin. "My name is Namjoon." he smiled, twin dimples lighting up on his face. " I was the one who spoke to you over the phone. Me and my husband, Yoongi... We're the ones looking to have a pup.." Namjoon stared at Jimin's bump.
Jimin smiled and nodded. " I understand." he said brightly. " Will we be meeting him too?" Namjoon nodded quickly, reaching for the small bag they had brought along, slinging it over his shoulder. He was tall and strapping. He glanced at Taehyung. "Are you sure you're fine?"
Taehyung nodded, already starting to move towards the exit. He glanced at Jimin but the alpha was gently holding him by the arm, leading him slowly. Taehyung felt out of sorts and miserable all of a sudden, his head starting to ache. Kindness from strangers always made him wary.
Nothing in the world was free, he felt. If Namjoon was kind now, would he expect them to pay for it in some other way? He forced himself to not think that way, but it was hard. They reached the parking lot and the alpha made them wait while he got the car. "He's handsome."
Jimin said at once and Taehyung saw the twin spots of color on Jimin's cheeks. Oh, no. He gave his friend a chiding look. "He has a mate." he said carefully and Jimin flushed. " I know." he whispered, looking away. Taehyung's head ache worsened. He felt like people were staring.
He kept his head bowed as Namjoon brought the car around. It was a large black SUV and Taehyung saw the Jeon Crest, embossed into the windshield. His heart leapt a little as he saw the tiny red and olive flag stuck to the bonnet. He felt cold all over. The car came to a stop.
"Hello, welcome to the Jeon Pack." A deep and bright voice called out cheerfully and Taehyung felt his heart turn to ice as he stared at the person who was sitting behind the wheel. Jeon Jungkook was looking right at him with a pleasant smile. Taehyung stared, frozen.
There was not an ounce of recognition there.
Tae felt a sharp lancing pain right in the center of his chest. Like someone had stuck a sharp icicle, through the gap between his ribs, straight into his heart. The end dug in and twisted, turning his blood into ice and sending pain all over his body. He couldn't breathe.
He stood completely still staring at the alpha while Namjoon helped Jimin into the back seat, before returning for him. "Will you be more comfortable up front?" Jungkook asked casually, looking worried. " The seats recline and you can rest your leg." Tae couldn't quiet cope.
Jungkook was talking to him like he cared about him. Like he wanted to make sure he was alright. How was that possible? In what world was something like this possible? Was it because he didn't know who Tae was? Was Taehyung the only one who got to see the monstrous side of him?
He felt tears brim over swiftly, so swiftly that he couldn't stop them, the hot wetness spilling over his lashline and down his cheeks before he could take his next breath. And he turned away, heart racing. "No." he choked out. " I'll go back." He walked over to the back seat.
Jimin saw his face at once, and his eyes widened. But Taehyung held his finger up to his lips, shushing him gently. Namjoon held the crutches, and then helped him climb into the car, before tucking them under his feet again. "Are you comfortable?" The alpha asked, smiling.
Taehyung settled back against the seat and nodded, not quiet trusting himself t speak anymore. His lungs felt compressed, air not entering in the way it was supposed to. He wasn't sure why he had thought Jungkook at least would recognize him. Why he had been so certain of it.
He stared at the back of the seat, unseeing as Jungkook started the car and began driving again. He felt , all of a sudden , like he had lost himself completely. Like he wasnt there anymore. A nobody. He felt his throat go dry. If his mate didn't recognize him no one else would.
His head started spinning a little and he blinked back more tears. "Tae? " Jimin asked urgently. "Are you alright?" He couldn't quite say. There was so much pain inside him it was clogging his senses. He couldn't see past his tears, couldn't hear past the ringing in his ears.
"Tae..." Jimin grabbed his arm, shaking him a little and Taehyung felt the world tilt before he could get himself together, his head hitting the door next to him with a dull thud and darkness starting to creep in on the edges of his vision.
He was falling, into some deep dark abyss and he was terrified of what was going to happen when he hit rock bottom. His anxiety and fear spiked and he choked out a broken, " Jimin ah.." before his eyes rolled into the back of his head, and everything went black. 🍒🍒🍒
"Does he have any medical conditions? Any allergies to medications?" The healer at the medical center pressed a stethoscope to Taehyung's chest, looking worried. Jimin , pale and stricken, shook his head. "We don't go to hospitals much." he looked guilty. " its too expensive."
The head alpha exchanged glances with Namjoon , who also looked worried. Jungkook turned to the healer and gave him a curt nod. "Do you need to run tests?" he asked carefully and the healer nodded. "He's exhausted. He needs rest for now, but I have to check him out."
Jungkook nodded. "Anything you need." He turned to Jimin. " Jimin ssi, you may not be able to head back to Seoul right away. Is that alright?" Jimin looked worried. "I just want him to be alright. Can I stay here with him?" The healer shook his head. "He needs rest, Jimin ssi."
Namjoon cleared his throat. "We have a spare room in my home, Jimin ssi. If you're alright with it, you can stay with us. Its just me and my mate there. You can rest for the night and we can come see him first thing in the morning." "He's been taking such good care of me." Jimin
whispered, shaking his head, his scent distraught. "i should have been caring for him too. I didn't pay any attention.. I don't even know when he last ate..." Jungkook blinked at that. "you don't know when he last ate?" he frowned. " Does he miss a lot of meals?"
Jimin glanced up at him , and then looked back and forth between all three men. "Not everyone in the world is privileged." he said softly. " Taehyung and I work for every square meal everyday. The day we don't work, we don't eat. Its how its always been." He said quietly.
Namjoon made a small stricken sound in the back of his throat. "Fuck just..." He closed his eyes before turning to Jungkook. "I'm going to take Jimin ssi home. He's been on his feet for too long. He should be resting. Will you take care of him?" he said quietly.
Jungkook nodded swiftly. "Of course." he gave Jimin a reassuring smile. " Don't worry. I'll be here with your friend and make sure he's taken care of. I give you my word as pack alpha. You should rest well. You can visit him tomorrow." Jimin looked uncertain.
"Will you send for me if he wakes up? It doesnt matter if its in the middle of the night. I don't want him to wake up and wonder where I am." Jimin said quietly. Jungkook smiled at that. "Yes, of course. I'll send for you at once if he wakes up. But I don't think he will."
Jimin walked over to the bedside, leaning down and brushing the hair from Taehyung's forehead, gently. He leaned over, pressing a kiss to his forehead before moving back and bowing to Jungkook. Namjoon held his arm out and he took it , following the alpha out of the room.
Jungkook watched them leave and then moved to the small couch by the side of the room. He settled into it and reached for his phone. He quickly dialed his home, waiting as the call went through. "Appa!" a cheerful voice called out, making him smile. Warmth bloomed in his chest.
"Juwon-ah..." Jungkook said softly, " Shouldn't you be in class?" he asked chidingly and the five year old giggled. "I wasn't feeling too well, so Dada said I could stay home today." He explained. "You aren't well? What happened, pup?" he asked worried. "My tummy hurt."
"But Dada gave me some magic potion and I'm all better now." Juwon explained. "that's good to hear. Is Dada there?" he asked carefully. "Yes. Wait please." Jungkook smiled, glancing at the figure on the bed. The omega was still asleep. He felt a pang of sympathy.
The omega looked exhausted, with an ashen pallor to his face, body nothing more than skin over bones. He already knew he wouldn't be sending them back to Seoul. At least until the baby arrived, he would try and persuade them to stay here. It was the least he could do.
"Jungkook..." The tired voice on the other end made him sit up straighter. "Mingyu?" He said softly. " Is Juwon okay now?" There was a silence. "Is Juwon all you care about?" his mate snapped. " I told you I had a head ache when you left in the morning? Can't you check up on me?"
Jungkook closed his eyes, frustrated. "Maybe don't be jealous of your own child." he said quietly. " And you had a headache because you drank too much again. Its your own fault." Mingyu did not reply and Jungkook sighed. "I don't want to fight. I won't be home tonight."
"Why?" Mingyu demanded at once. " Where are you going?" "Nowhere... There's an omega here from Seoul. He's not keeping well and I'm going to make sure he's alright." He said quietly. The door to the cabin opened and a nurse stepped in. "Why must you watch him?"
The nurse reached for the small clipboard on the side and checked her own. She squinted. "Kim Tae..." she frowned. "yong?" "Kim Taehyung."Jungkook said clearly."His name is Kim Taehyung." There was a sharp intake of breath from the phone. "What did you say?" Mingyu asked quietly.
"What?" Jungkook asked confused by the tone of his voice. "What did you say the omega's name was?" Mingyu demanded. Jungkook frowned. "Kim Taehyung. Why?" There was a beat of silence. "My head ache isn't better at all. I think I should come there." Mingyu said firmly.
"Now?" Jungkook frowned. " What about Juwon...I'll get you something from the healer. Don't come here." "You can come home and watch him. I'll stay there . I could do with a night's rest." Mingyu said quietly. Jungkook groaned. There was no reasoning with Mingyu.
" If you're coming, bring Juwon along. Don't leave him alone at the pack house." He said quietly. Mingyu hung up without responding, and Jungkook sighed, placing the phone back in his pocket. He heard a small groan from the bed and sat up straighter. Taehyung moved a little.
Jungkook stood up quickly, moving closer to the bed. The omega was groaning, brows furrowed and his lips parted. He looked like he was in pain and Jungkook stared, worried. He reached out, almost touching him before stopping himself. Taehyung whimpered in his sleep.
He reached for the small bell on the side of the bed, the one that would alert the nurses outside, but as he leaned over the bed, Taehyung's hand shot out, gripping his arm. "No." The omega mumbled, " Don't touch me." Jungkook went completely still, his skin going cold.
The door opened and one of the nurses stepped in. "Alpha Jeon?" she bowed quickly. " Is everything alright?" Jungkook stepped aside, making to move away but Taehyung's grip on his arm stayed, tight and firm. "Don't leave." Taehyung mumbled, voice breaking. " I'm sorry."
"He's in pain." Jungkook said quietly, his own voice shaking a little. " Can you do something to help him?" "Pain... " She hesitated before reaching for Taehyung's shoulders, gently waking him up. "Taehyung ssi?" She shook him again, " Can you hear me? Are you hurting somewhere?"
Taehyung's grip on his arm stayed firm and Jungkook placed his hand over the omega's , stroking the ice cold skin gently, trying not to lose his footing. His knees felt weak and his hear pounded inside his chest. Something about Taehyung made his heart race.
The nurse began from his feet. touching gently. As she lightly gripped his ankle, Taehyung gave a shrill cry of pain and Jungkook felt his heart squeeze tight at the sound of it. He stared down at where the nurse touched him. "His leg. He uses crutches."
"Is it hurt somewhere?" The nurse frowned. " He's not wearing any cast or wraps. " She looked confused. "Taehyung ssi... can you hear me?" " Just Give him pain killers." Jungkook said swiftly. " He's not in his right mind to respond to you now." The nurse bowed.
"I need to talk to the healer first. Please wait , alpha Jeon." she moved away quickly, closing the door behind her. Jungkook sighed, leaning closer, so he could speak close to the omega. "Taehyung ssi.. We're going to help you with the pain." he said gently. " Can you hear me?"
Taehyung shuddered, his entire body trembling . As Jungkook watched the omega blinked slowly, eyes fluttering open and fixing on his own. Taehyung's eyes held so much anguish in them that Jungkook recoiled, stricken. The omega stared at him, his gaze reaching deep inside him.
"Taehyung ssi..." he tried again and the omega closed his eyes. "Don't..." the omega whispered. " my name." Jungkook frowned confused. "What?" He leaned closer so he could hear better but Taehyung turned his face away from him. Jungkook stood up, confused and disoriented.
"Alpha Jeon, please step aside. " The healer's voice made him move and he watched as the man moved to check on the omega, glancing at him curiously. "Your mate and son are here, they're looking for you. " The man said quietly. Jungkook glanced at Taehyung before nodding.
He moved to the door and peered out into the hallway. Juwon was the first to spot him, letting out a loud, " Appa " Before running over to him. Mingyu followed at a slower pace and when he reached him, the omega looked upset. "Why are you here? Come home. " Mingyu said.
Jungkook didn't respond. Instead he glanced back at the room and then at Juwon. "Did you see the healer? For your headache? " He asked quietly. Mingyu didn't respond . "Where is the omega from? " He asked gruffly. " Is he not from around here? " "He's from Seoul. "
Mingyu bit his lips. "Can I see him? " He asked and Jungkook stared, genuinely taken aback. "Why? " "Is he not a guest in our pack? Am I not your mate? I should check on him. " Mingyu said firmly. "Watch Juwon. Let me go-" Jungkook grabbed his arm, stopping him.
"That's not necessary . go get your head looked at and take Juwon home. Let him rest and you can rest too. I promised taehyung and his friend that I would watch over them while they stayed here. You can go. " He said firmly. "Do you know him? " Mingyu asked quietly.
Jungkook frowned. "What do you mean by that? How would I know him? " He shook his head. Mingyu glanced at him and then at the door again. "Has the shaman taken a look at him?" He asked quietly. "No right? " "Not yet. " Jungkook said, watching as the door opened. T
The healer stepped out and turned to him. "He's asking for his friend. " He said quietly. "I'll be right there. " He said firmly. He turned to Mingyu. "Go home now. I'll be back tomorrow. " Mingyu glanced at the door again. "If someone else can stay with him.. "
"Why are you still going on about that?" Jungkook demanded. "I told you already I'm going to stay here with him. " He snapped. Mingyu stared. "Are you getting mad at me now? Because of some omega you don't even know? Do you hate me that much? " Jungkook flinched.
After ten years, he knew better than to get into arguments like these. There were no winners and he would always be left with a sore taste on his tongue for the rest of the day. "Just go home. " He said tiredly. Mingyu gave him one last look before moving away, calling for Juwon.
He waited till they left before turning and going back into the room. 🍒🍒🍒
Taehyung heard the door open again and he flinched as Jungkook stepped in through the door, locking it behind him. He felt his body go taut with revulsion, his head starting to pound. The pain in his leg had dulled a little. But his chest felt like it was going to cave in.
He shouldn't have come here, he thought miserably. He should have asked for Namjoon and his mate to meet them in Seoul. What a fool he had been, thinking he could do this. He couldn't. He felt sick at the sight of Jungkook. Physically sick. "Taehyung ssi? " He closed his eyes.
His name on Jungkook's tongue felt wrong. He didn't want to hear it. But Jungkook didn't seem to sense his despair or his disgust. "Are you feeling a bit better now, Taehyung ssi? " The alpha asked, stepping closer to the bed. Taehyung wanted to throw up. He nodded.
Jungkook didn't recognize him. And he wasn't entirely sure why but he wouldn't question what was undoubtedly a blessing. Now he wouldn't come in the way of the adoption in any way. He had been worried about that. "Jimin is resting well. You should too. " Jungkook said softly.
Taehyung finally, finally turned to look at him. He took a deep breath and stared at him, taking in every single feature. Jungkook looked better now than he did ten years ago. How unfair life could be. Jungkook looked handsome and healthy. He ran a wealthy, prosperous pack.
And Taehyung? He was barely alive. There was no word to describe how miserable and lonely and hurt he was. And now, Jungkook wouldn't even feel guilty because he didn't even know who Taehyung was. How unfair and dirty life could be. The omega felt miserable.
But he stayed quiet. Because they were here for a reason. And that reason was so much more important than any twisted wish for revenge. He didn't have any high goals of vengeance. All he wanted was for the pup to have a place to grow up. Nothing else mattered.
They would go back to Seoul. And then all he would worry about was his next meal. He would go back to the streets, and he would probably die there. And Jeon Jungkook would live out his life in comfort and honor, uncaring of what he had done to him.
Taehyung shifted around on his side, turning his back to the alpha. He closed his eyes and felt angry tears burn his eyes. How unfair, he thought once again. 🍒🍒🍒
( that's enough for today I think. * applies soothing balm on everyone's heart * I shall return with more pain. Jungkook is.... Not a bad man. But also not a very good one. Sighs.
When Taehyung woke up in the morning, he felt hot all over, his skin burning up and his eyes watery. His throat was dry and he was really thirsty, but his limbs refused to cooperate. His legs in particular. "Taehyung-ah... Don't move..." Jimin's soft voice made him still.
He managed to blink his eyes open, but his vision was still blurry. He could make out a silhouette, vague and formless really , to his side, and small soft hands lightly holding onto his own. "Wa...ter." he managed to choke out and there was a sharp intake of breath next to him.
Taehyung felt a strong arm wrap around his torso, lifting him off the bed with ease, but he couldn't stay up, body sagging backwards. But whoever was helping him, acted quick, sliding onto the bed behind him, holding him up so he was cradled against their chest.
His skin felt like it was on fire, and his mind was very groggy, lips parting in a desperate need to take in some moisture. Something cool pressed against his lips, fresh cold water wetting them, and he gulped it down, desperate to sooth the parched dryness of his throat.
He felt his body go lax when he was done sating his thirst, his limbs turning to jelly almost. "Taehyung ah... Can you hear me?" Jimin was asking and Tae had to put all his effort into turning his head, looking at the omega. "Jim..." was all he got out. "Tae, your leg..."
Taehyung tried to focus. What was he saying? His leg? What about his leg? "I don't think he can listen now, Jimin ssi..." A distressingly familiar voice came from right behind him, close to his ear. Taehyung went still. "Taehyung ssi?"
Taehyung threw all of his strength into pushing himself away from the voice, whimpering when his body protested the movement. "Don't move, Taehyung ah..." Jimin was saying, reaching out and grabbing his arm and he felt panic build up his throat. He had to get out of there.
"Taehyung ssi...Can you hear me?" This was someone else. The voice was sweet and low. " Can you hear me?" He could. "You can? Good... I'm Seokjin." the voice said quietly, " focus on my voice." Taehyung swallowed. "Good...I need you to answer me. Did you hurt your leg recently?"
Tae closed his eyes. "Hurts..." he managed to choke out, trying to point at his thigh, but his hand barely moved. "Yes, it probably has been hurting you for a long time." Seokjin sighed. " But did you fall recently?" Had he? He didn't remember. "Okay. Its alright ."
"You have an infection in your leg. And your leg, well, an old fracture hasn't healed properly. The pain is going to keep getting worse and we need to fix this as soon as possible." Fix? Fix how? He couldn't afford to fix anything. "No." He choked out. " Can't.. "
"You don't have to worry." Seokjin continued. "We're going to do this for you. You'll be unconscious for the surgery but the pain will go away. I'll make sure you don't hurt again, Taehyung ssi. Please trust me." "Jimin ah.." "its okay.. Taehyung, it's okay.." He couldn't fight.
There was a darkness hovering on the edges of his vision, threatening to take over again and he couldn't fight that either. He felt himself being held, carefully , before being laid down on the soft bed again. His leg throbbed and then someone was pressing a needle to his hip.
The last thing he remembered were rough, calloused fingers stroking his hair, brushing the strands away. A hand that most certainly was not Jimin. 🍒🍒🍒
There was a field. Lush and green with tall, vibrant stalks of green grass, rows and rows of bright copper green stems and feathery leaves. Bluebells and sunflowers grew all over, interspersed between the rows of grass. Taehyung stood , barefoot in front of the field.
He glanced back up at the beautiful landscape, blinded by how clear it looked. He could see it so well. He stared down at his feet, Wiggled his toes, confused. He shifted his weight, from one foot to the other. "It doesn't hurt." he said , awed and confused.
"is it supposed to?" A voice said next to him and Taehyung jumped, eyes wide. Jungkook stepped up to stand by his side, not looking at him. instead the alpha kept his gaze on the long winding road in front of the them. The late morning sun, high on the sky. He was barefoot too.
Taehyung stared at him, feeling a sharp, sharp ache bloom right in his chest. He was supposed to hate him. But he couldn't remember why. "Why are you here?" he whispered. Jungkook turned to look at him, surprise on his face. "I don't know." the alpha said quietly.
Tae turned back to the fields again, an unbearable sadness taking over him, his fingers starting to shake and his lips wobbling. "This isn't real." he whispered, tears brimming over his lashline. "You aren't real." Jungkook's smile faded. He looked sad. "I'm sorry." he whispered.
Taehyung closed his eyes. The sunbeams falling on his face felt so real, the warmth of them heating him up. He felt a hand slip into his own, fingers linking with his own, gripping gently. "Come with me." Jungkook said quietly. " There's a valley , far over there." he pointed.
Taehyung blinked up at him. "What?" he shook his head, confused. "It has flowers." Jungkook smiled. " Pretty flowers and orchards too. Tangerines and apples and cherry blossoms and pears. I want to show them to you. Come with me, Tae." Taehyung frowned. "We shouldn't."
Jungkook blinked, looking hurt. "Why not? Its a beautiful place. I want to share it with you. Come with me, please." he begged. Taehyung felt a sense of foreboding. "No." he whispered. "I can't." Jungkook pulled away, staring down at his feet.
"I have to go, though." he whispered. " I have to go there. They're expecting me." Who? Taehyung shook his head. "I can't go." he whispered back. Jungkook looked stricken. But he nodded. "Okay, I understand. Wait here then. Wait for me."
Taehyung felt his skin go icy cold as Jungkook's hands left his own. His instincts screaming at him to hold on. He couldn't lose him. "Jungkook..." he whispered. "I'll be back." Jungkook promised. " Wait here. Right here. Don't leave, Taehyung ah.. okay?"
Taehyung felt something clog his throat. Somewhere thunder rumbled. He stared up at the sky and there, over the hillocks, black storm clouds were rolling in. "It's going to rain." he called out, desperate. But Jungkook was walking away. He turned. "I'll be back. Wait for me."
Taehyung watched him walk away, every instinct inside him screaming at him to rush after him. But he stood rooted in spot. He stayed still. And he waited. 🍒🍒🍒
( additional tags : this fic will have endgame yoonminjoon )
Jimin sat on a worn out rocking chair, one hand curled around his belly, the other gripping the arm rest, watching Namjoon's mate as he worked out in the yard, sawing a piece of wood into two. The alpha, Yoongi, hadn't exchanged more than two words with him and Jimin was anxious.
When Namjoon had first brought him to their home, Jimin had been in awe. The large two story house stood right in the middle of vast expanse of fields and woodlands, with a graveled pathway leading down to the main road. There was a beautifully kept yard and a kitchen garden too.
Jimin had seen the pool and the backyard and he knew right away that this was a place where his pup would be happy. Joyously so. There was so much space to run and play, and shift whenever he wanted. And then Namjoon had helped him down from the car and they had met his mate.
At first from a distance, Jimin had assumed he was an omega. He was short, only an inch or so taller than Yoongi himself, and he had clear porcelain skin. He looked very pretty, and Jimin had felt envy. But then they had stepped closer, and the scent of alpha had made him reel.
"Hello." The alpha greeted him, bowing politely. " Thank you for agreeing to see us." He had a low , deep voice. Soothing almost. In fact there was a stable, calmness to his demeanor that immediately put Jimin at ease. He smiled wide and held a hand out. "Hello, alpha."
Alphas mating alphas was pretty much unheard of and Jimin had felt a little awkward at first. It felt like a small blip in an otherwise perfect situation and Yoongi seemed to sense his discomfort. "You think its odd that we're both alphas?" he asked quietly. He didn't seem angry.
But there was a definite narrowing of his brows. Jimin shook his head at once. "That's not it.. it's just..." he hesitated, " the pup would need an omega to raise them." he gently cupped his belly, " I mean for the first few years at least, someone has to stay home and..."
"Oh, Yoongi stays at home." Namjoon said at once. " I work with Jungkook at the pack house but Yoongi will be here with the pup the whole time. Please don't worry." "You don't work?" Jimin asked, genuinely surprised. Yoongi had stiffened a little and Jimin had felt terrible.
"I didn't mean..." he trailed off hesitant. " I just... i thought all alphas liked going out to work." he felt foolish even as he said it. Yoongi cleared his throat. "I do woodwork for the pack" he explained calmly. "My workshop is in the backyard. I do work, Jimin ssi."
Jimin had nodded , too embarrassed to say more. He wanted Taehyung. Missed him terribly and his heart was still twisting in his chest from worry. Whenever Jimin worried, he knew his scent turned sour. And both the alphas sat up at once. "You should lie down for a while."
And that had been that. Now, with Taehyung in for his surgery, it was just a time of waiting. Namjoon and Jungkook were there with Taehyung at the hospital and Yoongi had driven him home so he could rest. But Jimin was sick of resting. He was pregnant not invalid.
So after lunch, he had made his way out to the patio, settling down on the chair there. Through the gap between the wooden slats he could watch Yoongi as the alpha worked on something, leaning over his work bench, long hair in a ponytail. The sun was warm today.
Yoongi had looked up at him when he had come out but he hadn't said anything. Instead he had kept working. Jimin realized it was a pattern. The alpha didn't talk much. He was meticulous, slow and methodical as he measured and cut. Jimin stared at his hands.
He had beautiful hands, with long thick fingers and the omega couldn't help but blush a little. He blamed those damned romance novels of his , and his pregnancy hormones that made him needy and clingy. But Yoongi was handsome . Really handsome. And he couldn't look away.
Yoongi seemed to send his heavy gaze. The alpha looked up at him, and his brows went up. "Can i help you with something, Jimin ssi?" he called out and Jimin turned red. "No. No..I.." He bit his lips. "I'm fine." Yoongi held his gaze. And then he reached for the hem of his shirt.
Jimin felt his eyes go wide as Yoongi grabbed the fabric with both hands, tugging his t shirt up and off his body, leaving him in nothing but his worn blue jeans, the sun catching the sheen of sweat all over his torso and his back. Jimin stopped breathing altogether.
Yoongi smirked at him, wadding his shirt up into a ball and lightly stretching his neck out, dabbing at the sweat there, licking his lips as he smiled softly. Jimin stood up so fast, he almost knocked the chair down. Yoongi chuckled softly. "Be careful Jimin ssi." The omega fled.
🍒 Yoongi watched the omega all but run inside, and felt a little bad. It was just that Jimin was so easy to tease. He had never seen an omega more transparent. Or shameless. The sweet scent of his arousal was impossible to ignore. And it was there around Joon and him.
But they were supposed to be making him feel good enough , so they could build their family together. If Namjoon found out he had done this , he would be in a lot of trouble. Sighing a little, Yoongi grimaced at his own impulsive actions. Maybe he should make a few amends?
He tossed the shirt on the large wooden tub they used to wash their clothes, in the side of the yard, before making his way over to the porch and inside. Maybe he could make it up to Jimin. He stepped into the living room and then picked his way to the kitchen.
He found Jimin hunched over the water dispenser, trying to make sense of it. "Thirsty?" he asked softly. The omega jumped. "Oh...uh... yes." he flushed, and Yoongi didn't miss the way he couldn't look at his face. Or his body. "Would you like some lemonade?" he asked gently.
Jimin watched as the alpha moved to the pantry, returning with a pair of lemons and had to grip the back of the chair to keep his knees from giving out on him. He watched Yoongi set about making lemonade for him, trying to think of something to distract himself.
"Your pack alpha is very kind." he said carefully, " Just so they could talk about something to combat the heavy silence." Yoongi looked up at him. "Who, Jungkook?" he smiled. "He's easily the best man I've ever known. He was the one who asked us to answer your ad in the papers."
Jimin smiled at that. "He has a beautiful family." he said quietly. Yoongi nodded. "Him and his true mate, they've been in love with each other since they were very young. By the time they were eight years old, everyone in his family knew they were going to be together."
"Their son is very smart too. He'll be the next alpha , and he's already following Jungkook around, all the time. He wants to be just like his father." Yoongi laughed. " Would you like sugar in it? A lot or little?" "A lot." Jimin smiled shyly. Yoongi nodded.
"What about you?" Yoongi asked carefully. " What's your story , Jimin ssi... If you want to talk about it, that is..." Jimin hesitated before shrugging. "I was around six when my true mate died." he explained hesitantly. " It was just me and my mother and well, she sent me away."
Yoongi paused in the middle of pouring the drink out. "What do you mean she sent you away.?" he demanded. Jimin bit his lips, embarrassed but also a little worried. But if he lied, the alpha would know. His scent always gave him away. "She thought I brought bad luck."
"My father died when I was born and then my mate died so she... " he hesitated. " She was old fashioned that way." "Are you saying she turned out out of the house because your mate died? When you were six years old." "She sent me to my aunt in Seoul. I..uh ..ran away from them."
Jimin didn't like talking about that. "I met Taehyung in Seoul when we were both seventeen." Jimin continued. " He said he ran away too from his pack. They were very cruel to him." "Which pack was that?" Jimin shrugged. "He doesn't like talking about them." "His leg..."
"It was messed up when I met him." Jimin explained. " He tried to get help for it but everything cost money and we didn't have any." he trailed off, taking a sip of his drink. " He used to cry a lot at first but then one day he just stopped." he looked away.
Yoongi's hands shook a little as he placed the jug down. He stared at Jimin in disbelief. "Where do you live? Both of you?" he asked quietly. Jimin smiled at that. "We rent a room over a bar. Its small but clean. It's enough." he hesitated. " But not enough for a pup."
Jimin looked up at him then. "Sometimes you look like you're scared I'll change my mind." he said softly. " I just want you to know, I won't . I can't afford to raise a baby. I can barely afford to eat myself. Taehyung has been paying for my living too but he can't anymore.
Imagine bringing a pup into a life like ours. I won't ever be able to do that. The baby shouldn't be punished just because it was born to me, right? So I will give him to you, no matter what. You don't have to worry at all Yoongi ssi." he smiled brightly.
"Why do you do that?" Yoongi asked shakily. Jimin blinked. "What do you mean?" "You say the most devastating things with a smile." Yoongi protested. " It's not... It's..." he trailed off. Jimin smiled at that too. "You don't like it when I smile, alpha?" Yoongi blushed.
He cleared his throat. "You should rest. We'll go see your friend in the evening at the hospital." He said quietly. "Can I watch you working again?" Jimin said quickly. " i don't want to lie down anymore." Yoongi stared at the omega. how did one say no to that face, he wondered.
"Alright." he found himself saying. " Come on." 🍒🍒🍒
"You told me you killed him." Mingyu hissed, hands closing around the old shaman's robes, shaking frantically. " You told me you killed him, you lying old fool." The shaman closed his eyes, his old age making it impossible for him to fight off the stronger omega.
There was no reasoning with insanity, so the shaman stayed quiet, curling up against the wall and closing his eyes against the onslaught. After a few more moments, Mingyu pulled back , screaming out loud in frustration. "I cannot believe he could come back here. How dare he?"
Mingyu paced the length of the room, sweat beading across his forehead. He couldn't breathe. His heart raced and there was fury building up inside him. Jungkook was his. His. No one could have him. No one else. "I want him dead." he whispered. " I'll kill him myself."
He closed his eyes ,furious. "The mate bond.." he said sharply. " Did you at least sever it?" he demanded. " Or did you lie about that too?" "Of course I severed it. Why else would Jungkook be with you all these years." The shaman muttered. Mingyu frowned. "I don't believe you."
Mingyu could feel something change between him and Jungkook the past few months. Before, they would argue, but they always made up again. Jungkook always apologized, always came back to him. But lately, he stayed away. Aloof. Something was wrong. He knew it.
And now when that dirty whore had arrived, he had seen a side of Jungkook come out that was new. Jungkook was glued to his side . Caring for him like he was his.. Like he was his mate. Mingyu felt sick. He wouldn't allow it. He was Jungkook's mate. No one else.
He had to get rid of him. He had to do it at once. But how? And then it struck him. Yes. Yes of course. He turned to the shaman, smiling. "That child." he said quietly. " The pup in his friend's belly. The one they want to leave with us. That's the reason he's here, isn't it?"
The shaman felt his skin turn to ice. He looked up at the omega in horror. "No." he whispered. " You mustn't think of such evil, child." he shook his head. Mingyu scoffed. "What evil? There's no right or wrong when it comes to love, old man. Don't you know that?" he smiled.
Yes. He could do this. He would do this. It was the right thing to do. He had to do it, to protect his family. Jungkook and Juwon. He was ding it for them. He loved them. No one could love them the way Mingyu did. He glanced at the shaman again. "This is your fault."
"If you had killed him back then, none of this had to happen, old man." He moved out of the shaman's hut, his mind already running in circles. 🍒🍒🍒
Tae woke up to a dark room. There was a low beeping somewhere to his right , but otherwise he couldn't make out any sound, except for the soft sound of someone breathing evenly, close by . He stared up at the ceiling, taking a few deep breaths himself. He couldn't quite move.
There was a heavy numbness in his lower body, and a grogginess in his head as well. It felt like he was underwater and he swallowed a few times, trying to get his voice out. When he finally parted his lips, all that came out was a tiny groan that was more a whimper than a sound.
He closed his eyes right after, even the small action taking a toll on him. His thoughts stayed vague, disjointed. But it went round and round, landing on the same 3 people. Jimin. He had to protect him. The pup. They had to find him a home. And Jungkook. He swallowed.
There was nothing to be done about Jungkook. Jungkook was just another pain to be endured, like everything else that had happened to him. Yes, that was it. Jeon Jungkook was just a terrible thing that happened to him. He exhaled, eyes fluttering again. He was here in Busan.
It felt surreal. He was back again in the place that he was once born. Taehyung wasn't sure what he had expected, coming back to this place. But it certainly wasn't this numbness. There was nothing inside him, just an aching emptiness, a hollow feeling of nothingness really.
Busan was no different from Seoul. Jungkook was no different from the countless alphas who had hurt him over the years of his life. For years now he had nursed a strong, burning anger for Jungkook. He had spent so many hours of his time agonizing over what the alpha had done.
But all that had changed, when he had seen Jungkook. Because Taehyung had spent ten years hurting and living in pain. But Jungkook? Jungkook didn't even remember him. Jungkook was the pack alpha, beloved and cherished. A kind man, apparently. He felt nauseous.
"Taehyung ssi..." Jungkook's voice came from beside him, low and worried. Taehyung barely felt any surprise. He was always here apparently. It was just the way things were. "Taehyung ssi can you hear me?" Gentle fingers touched his own . His skin burned. He couldn't cope.
"Its early in the morning now," Jungkook said. " A few hours to dawn. The surgery went well. Seokjin hyung said in a few months you'll be as good as new." Months? What was he saying? " it must be painful. If you need me to get the nurse, can you squeeze my fingers?"
Taehyung didn't move. Jungkook stayed quiet for a few more moments. "My son broke his arm when he was three years old." he said quietly, " he was in a lot of pain, it broke my heart." Taehyung felt his own heart turn over. Son? Jungkook had a son? He felt his eyes burn.
"I think you've had a hard time in Seoul." Jungkook continued. " I just want to say, if you're looking for a pack to take you in, we would be more than willing to offer you that." The sheer irony of it made him want to laugh. But he stayed still. Jungkook still held his hand.
The alpha began stroking the back of his hand with his thumb, a gentle gesture that was probably meant to provide comfort of some sort. Taehyung focused on the touch of his fingers, trying to see if it felt any different from the countless men who had touched him over the years.
It didn't. His body would never take anyone's touch as a sign of comfort. Taehyung had realized that a long time ago. Kisses, hugs and gentle touches meant nothing to him. No matter who was touching him or how, he felt nothing but numb and empty. It would always be that way.
It was just yet another thing Jungkook had taken away from him. The joy of physical intimacy. That feeling of being connected to another human being. Taehyung would never have that. He would never have a son he could worry about. Or a husband who would raise that son with him.
The aching emptiness inside him just grew tenfold at that.He closed his eyes, feeling miserable. Jungkook's fingers on his hand stopped moving. "You should rest well" The alpha said quietly."I have to go home in the morning but Namjoon hyung will be here instead, with Jimin ssi."
He made to move away but Taehyung gripped his hand with the very little strength that he had. Jungkook made a small sound of surprise. "Taehyung ssi? Are you okay?" He leaned over him then, close, staring into his face with worry. Taehyung stared back.
He gathered all of his energy, swallowing drily so he could get his voice out. Jungkook leaned in closer so he could hear him. "Your son.." he managed to choke out." name?" Jungkook blinked down at him. "My son's name?" The alpha smiled at that. "Juwon. His name is Juwon."
"Juwon." Taehyung whispered. A good strong name. HE closed his eyes again, letting himself relax against the sheets. He wasn't entirely sure why he wanted to know. But for some reason, the name made him feel some kind of warmth. Juwon.
Juwon who was proof that Jungkook was capable of love It was just Taehyung who hadn't been deserving of it. "I'll bring him along in the evening" Jungkook continued." He likes meeting new people." Jungkook stood by his side for a few more moments. And Tae let himself fall asleep.
The next time that Taehyung woke up, the room was bright and sunny, loud with the sound of voices chattering. His kind picked out Jimin's sweet musical voice and he groaned at once, eager to see him. He had been anxious all night. "Tae?" Jimin was by his side in an instant.
The pain in his leg had lessened, considerably and he took a few deep breaths. "Drink some water , come on..." Jimin said quietly and a second later, Namjoon was by his side , along with the doctor he had met earlier, both of them helping him sit up. Taehyung turned to the side.
And went completely still. Because there on the couch in the corner of the room, sat a man he hadn't seen in a long , long time. A man who had haunted his nightmare for years. His breathing hitched and his pulse started racing. The shaman stared back at him, eyes dark and steady.
( i need to go out , I'll be back soon... The plot will get a little dramatic next , as secrets are revealed and people start getting their karma )
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