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Britt -10k words in March

Britt -10k words in March

Mar 16, 2023
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#iwaoi doctor au part 6 , surgery The day of surgery arrives. Oikawa stands next to Hajime as they wash their hands to prep to go into the OR. “I’m trusting you, Hajime,” Oikawa says, looking over at his exhusband seriously. “We’ve got this, Tooru. You focus on Yachi +

and I’ll focus on baby. In less than 8 hours, we’ll be celebrating.” Oikawa nods. They head in. ———— 13 hours later… Collapsing next to Hajime in the staff lounge, Oikawa stretches his back, cracking his whole back as he stretches. Hajime gives him a tired smile,+
“We fucking did it, Tooru. We did it.” Hajime’s arms wrap around him, holding him tight. It hadn’t gone exactly to plan but Yachi and her baby were safe, reunited in their private recovery room. +
The Oikawa procedure. Completed for the first time by doctors Oikawa Hajime and Oikawa Tooru. Their dream is a reality. “So what’s next for you?” Hajime asks, letting go of Oikawa and stepping back. Oikawa shrugs, “Heading back to my office. There’s no way I can steal you +
away, is there? I could use a ped surgeon.” “You’re not poaching my best surgeon from me, Oikawa,” Daichi says, walking into the room. He surprises the hell out of Oikawa by hugging him. “Thank you for saving my friend.” Daichi gets a pay on the head for that. +
Hajime moves away, looking at his watch, “Daichi, I’m off for the next three days. Do not call for anything other than Yachi.” Turning to Oikawa, Hajime just nods and says, “Bye, Tooru.” Oikawa waves. Daichi whacks him. “What the hell?” Oikawa demands +
“Go get him, dumbass.” Sighing, Oikawa frowns, “I think there’s too much baggage there.” Daichi stares at him. “What?” Oikawa snaps. Shaking his head, Daichi sighs, “Hopeless. His name is Oikawa Hajime. OIKAWA Hajime.” “Yeah,” Oikawa responds, “it’s too complicated to +
change back.” Daichi stares at him with an eyebrow raised. Oikawa’s eyes go wide as realization dawns. “Oh fuck,” he yells, “call me if Yachi needs me. I’m gonna go get my Iwa-chan.” He runs thru the hospital to the entrance, searching for the familiar spiky hair. +
A voice from behind him calls out, “7 minutes. Not bad.” Oikawa turns around to see Hajime standing off to the side of the entrance, leaning against the well. “Hajime.” “Tooru.” There’s a lot that needs to discussed but at this moment, Oikawa only has question. +
“Wanna go talk? 6th floor on call room is open tonight.” Hajime holds out a hand, linking their fingers together, “Talk, kiss, defile Daichi’s hospital, don’t really care what we do as long as I’m with you.” +
It’s a start, step in the right direction. They’re different people now. Independent. Better. And somehow Oikawa knows they’ll make it work this time. //end
Britt -10k words in March
Iwaizumi Rarepair acct ✨HQ multishipper✨NSFW ✨30+✨🔞 under 18 dnf/dni ✨pfp by @satanflowers and header by @KMyuutsu
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