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Now I have my bearings slightly back, let me explain why I got the chills here 🤯 Jimin starts by saying "finally free" and goes into the golden ratio. He debuts. He's not a trainee anymore and is free to do his passion: music and dance. But not quite like that yet...

t the chills with him walking into the golden ratio �
He then steps into the Golden Ratio. So the Golden Ratio is seen as the god of art. Like a mold everyone needs to fit in to be acknowledged as great. (It's more than that but do your own research) Now Jimin has to start fitting a certain mold to be seen as a good artist.
As he walks into the ratio, into his career, he starts molding himself to what the industry asks of him. Always at the cusp of becoming that great artist he aimed to be. He gives 300%, but he never really reaches that point where he's acknowledged. His faults being pointed at.
He makes a decision. He decides on what he wants to be and goes for it, but he's still in the industry, still needs to fit into the mold. So he works hard for himself while also present what the others want to see. He can see he's getting there.
He reaches the center of the ratio as he reaches the point where he's finally happy with himself and ready to break the mold. Now he is a beautiful butterfly breaking its cocoon to fly away and show its beautiful colors. The ratio formation also breaks and he's "finally free".
I'm sorry if there's any grammar mistakes (or if you didn't like my interpretation of the golden ratio). Jimin is sick for this ... I swear I'll be playing this many times over for a long time #setmefree_pt2 #jimin
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