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Mar 19, 2023
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i think about the 2020 rolling papers bts wrote for each other all the time so i’m going to make a thread of all the messages that make me especially emotional (tc: BTS_Trans)

yoongi to hobi “to hope, who stretched his hand out first, i’m always grateful”
jin to tae “taehyung-ssi, i’m not good at being the first one to reach out, but i’m good at listening. so please call me anytime.”
tae to jungkook “please don’t be sad, don’t try to hide things and please take care. you don’t have to talk about it but at least show us some signs. we got you :) adorable maknae”
tae to jimin “my irreplaceable friend, please take care and if you’re going through a hard time, just like how you stretch your hand out to me, i’ll go to you with a smile.”
jungkook to namjoon “you’ve really had it hard these past 7 years. it must have been even harder having to be responsible for the rest of us 6 members so for that, i’m really grateful. our eternal leader.”
jungkook to hobi “i am a happy person because i met someone precious like you.”
tae to hobi “hyung, you know there are time where i can’t talk to anyone but you, right?” thank you for always checking in on me first, and let’s meet soon. i was so thankful when you reached out and asked me if something was up.”
yoongi to jin “jin you have the power to bring people joy. thank you for being by my side.”
namjoon to yoongi “if it were not for the existence of you, i think this 7 year journey would have been very tough. i hope, more than anyone else, for you to genuinely no longer be sad and for you to be happy. i love youuu.”
jimin to jin “the hyung-nim that feels the most like a friend to me in the whole world. to the hyung who has allowed me to experience new set of values while living life, who has taught me about what’s important as i live right now- i’ll always be grateful.”
jin to hobi “jiwe-hope, thank you for always making me smile. it’s my fortune to have met you, you know that right?”
hobi to jimin “for 7 years, i’ve leaned on you a lot for support and received so much strength from you!! in a way it seems like you are my driving force. i’m always thankful for you and i love you!!”
jungkook to tae “taehyung-ssi, you’ve been really quiet these days so i was worried but then i saw you have fun at the bangtan karaoke and my heart felt at ease. take care and if you’re going through a hard time, please reach out to someone, no matter who it is. stay strong!”
jimin to tae “i hope that you, taehyungie, only encounter things that make you smile. don’t forget that you always have us and me by your side, and i hope that you lean on us. thank you always”
yoongi to jungkook “i hope that only bright and joyful things will happen for jungkookie.”
yoongi to namjoon “it’s 10 years that we’ve spent together, i haven’t said this in the past 10 years but i depend on you a lot. thank you.”
tae to jin “seokjin-ah, i always feel bad but at the same time am really grateful to you for always worrying about me. i love you a lot.”
jimin to namjoon “no matter who i’m speaking to, i always tell them that you’re the person i respect the most. i’m grateful that you’re our leader and even before our leader, you’re my hyung and that makes me truly happy. please stay as my hyung in the future.”
jungkook to jin “thank you for showing us what joy is as the oldest hyung.”
tae to yoongi “i’m happy to see that you’ve gotten brighter than before. do take care of yourself. everyone feels really happy whenever you smile.”
jin to jimin “you’re a really amazing friend. i think because i’m together with you, i’m so happy.”
namjoon to tae “you speak logically and with a lot of clarity now so don’t doubt yourself and speak up as much as you want. i love you.”
namjoon to jungkook “thank you for choosing to stay by our side when times were exhausting. i always feel inspired by your passion and it gives me strength too. i trust you. i love you.”
hobi to namjoon “when it comes to you, every word i say to you is always carefully thought out. because to me, everything i say about you is so precious!!”
jimin to yoongi : the words you said to me when we were trainees. you said that you wanted me to be a part of the team, that u wanted to do this together w me. in some ways, it's thanks to those words that i was able to reach where i am now.”
jimin to jungkook: it’s our maknae, he who receives all the adoration. do always stay the same. please just take care of yourself. let’s enjoy life for a long time. follow me
i’m so sorry for making u all cry with me (i’m not) but to lighten up the mood: from jin to namjoon “namjoon-ah, i'm so happy that you're a part of our team. if you were the enemy, id be terrified."


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