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Mar 19, 2023
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I would like to further discuss desperate, insatiable, needy Mimo. Specifically how after c0ncerts, when their energy is overloaded, how Svng has to keep a hand on Mimo’s cock in the back of the car just to keep him busy until they get to their room. It’s nothing too crazy, but

If Svng didn’t keep that pressure over him, Mimo’d snap and drag him into his lap in front of everybody. So they sit in the last row. Faces neutral, aside from the satisfied pull on Mimo’s lips. Svng rubbing his hand over Mimo’s clothed erection. It must have been either too much
or too little, because when the car parks Mimo sends a look to Ch4n that has the eldest rolling his eyes and closing the door when the others get out. Mimo has Svng in his lap faster than the heartbeat echoing in his chest. Hands grabbing at Svngs clothes, lips licking their way
into his open mouth. It could be impressive how quickly they undress one another but Svng can’t think of anything else when Mimo is slicking himself up with a mixture of their spit. His mind radiates only with pleasure as the slowest Mimo moves this evening is to help Svng down
on his cock, which rapidly turns into needy thrusts when it’s established Svng is comfortable. They fuck like that in the car, air hot with their overworked bodies and dense with the smell of sweat. But Svng loves it anyways. Loves panting into Mimo’s mouth. Loves the desperation
behind every move. Because nobody has ever needed him this way, leaned on him, depended on him in a way that Mimo has. And that only adds a storm of fire to his gut. When they cvm it’s with words of adoration on their lips, soft sweet things honeyed on their swollen lips. They
laugh together as they redress their sweaty bodies, drawing a heart in the condensation fogging the windows in the car. And finally head back up to their room to clean up and do it all over again.


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