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Dec 22, 2023
6 tweets

1/ EigenLayer has just surpassed $1 billion in TVL after introducing 6 new liquid staking tokens and raising their global cap from 120k ETH to 500k ETH.

2/ Of the six new LSTs, 5 of them were successful winners of the EigenLayer x Jokerace Ethereum and Mantle LST contest. They are: swETH - @Swell ETHX - @Stader Labs osETH - @StakeWise wbETH - @Binance ankrETH - @Ankr
3/ So far, @Lido's stETH, @Swell's swETH and @Stader Labs's ETHx have led the pack in terms of deposits.
4/ Notably, Swell’s TVL has soared from $119 million to $225m - a 89% increase in 5 days. Additionally, of the 92,155 swETH minted through Swell, 70% (64,528 swETH) has been restaked on EigenLayer.
5/ Stader’s LST (ETHX), whose TVL has increased by 45% to $140 million, similarly has a high EigenLayer restaking rate of 58% (34,832 ETHx).
6/ So far, Lido has been the first to reach the 200K individual cap. Currently, only 57,358 ETH remains until EigenLayer’s global LST cap of 500k is reached.
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