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Four Pillars

Four Pillars

Dec 26, 2023
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: : Jito, the Ruler of Solana MEV 🧵 1. The Rise of Solana, and Jito at Its Forefront 2. Primer on Solana MEV 3. Jito, the Ruler of Solana MEV 4. What's Next? Article by @pillarbear : : FP

1/ Back from the Ashes Solana is back after FTX crisis. On-chain activity, sentiment & enterprise deals surging. Jito's rise as leading liquid staker w/ MEV rewards instrumental in growth
Source: Solana Thesis, @SyncracyCapital
2/ Solana's MEV Problem Solana's ultra-low transaction fees have unleashed a relentless MEV bots attacking the network. These bots exploit arb opportunities, congest the network with spam transactions, and waste resources through constant failed txs
Source: Solving the MEV Problem on Solana: A Guide for Stakers, @jito_sol
3/ What does Jito offer? Jito's solutions - MEV-enabled client & liquid staking token - address issues in MEV extraction & liquid staking. Boost network efficiency & health. Strategic moves cement position as top Solana liquid staker
4/ Rising Adoption Jito client reduces spam & enables validators to capture MEV revenue. Adoption 46% since Aug'22 launch. Liquidity via jitoSOL token surged to $500M+. Recent Lido exit & lucrative airdrops strengthen market position of Jito
5/ Reimagining Liquid Staking Jito's liquid staking token jitoSOL offers auto-compounding yields & shares MEV profits. Uniquely positioned to be a core DeFi asset as usage in lending & DEX pools unlocks revenue
6/ Decentralization Vision Jito's upcoming StakeNet protocol manages validation & delegation on-chain via decentralized keepers & governance. Mitigates risks of centralized liquid staking designs prevalent currently
7/ Coordinated Expansion Jito's ascent transforms liquid staking landscape while enhancing Solana's security, decentralization & efficiency. Hybrid model aligns incentives across validators, traders & stakers - signaling coordinated growth
8/ You can see the full version of "Jito, the Ruler of Solana MEV" in the link below:
Four Pillars

Four Pillars

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