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Jun 6, 2018
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taekook au where jungkook is in a happy relationship with his girlfriend,and his best friend always makes sure to support him. he doesn't know that taehyung cries himself to sleep- hopelessly in love with his best friend.

dont mind the dates and time
1. best friends support each other.
2. but behind the scenes...
3. date locations (btw i messed up the name so yoojin/eunji: same person dont worry :))
4. our spot :(
gonna update later 💤 ask me stuff while im gone
Just a quick question... Do u guys
5. come over
6. it was halfway through their game when eunji entered the room, tossing off her stiletto heels and making her way over to them. taehyung offered a small smile, and she wrapped her arms around jungkook who put down his controller to kiss her.
7. "came sooner babe?" jungkook asked as eunji giggled against his lips, and taehyung makes sure to keep his own eyes glued to the tv screen. "yeah it was cold" she pouted. taehyung glanced out the window. it wasn't cold.
8. "grabbed some take out though babe" she chirped, and both males turned to see the white bag on the counter. jungkook's eyes lit up, and he jumped out of his seat on the couch. taehyung paused the game slightly annoyed.
9. "you're the best" he heard jungkook exclaim from the kitchen. taehyung waited for the two to stop talking, but the small bear hug jungkook gave eunji ended up turning into a full on make out session. taehyung felt the bile rise in his throat, and he cleared his throat making
jungkook pull back from the kiss. his lips were slightly swollen, and just the sight of him looking like that made taehyung want to cry. "you two are at it again~" he sighs, 'tsk'ing at the two blushing pair. jungkook sheepishly rubbed the back of his head. "i'll leave u two?"
10. jungkook's face falls and he steps forward "no tae you can stay, look eunji got us take out!" he pointed, and eunji nodded along. "it's okay" taehyung said with the most effort, happiness laced through his tone. "you two eat alright? i have an exam to study for, i gotta go!"
11. taehyung ends up running back home, the feeling of nausea not seeming to disappear from his gut as he threw himself onto his bed and let out a low groan. "why am i like this?" he whispered to himself, digging his face deeper into his pillow.
12. take out the takeout pls :(
13. Your not in love with him, right tae?
Im thinking about updating later today, my cc is here pls dont be afraid to tell me ur thoughts on the au so far! 💕
14. with eunji again?
15. taehyung enters the noisy restaurant, glancing around the crowd of heads to find a familiar couple at the end of the room. jungkook sat there playing around with eunji's hair, while her eyes were glued onto her phone. taehyung puts on a smile, avoiding the queasy feeling and-
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