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Jun 26, 2018
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markhyuck au where donghyuck is a somewhat famous fashion icon on instagram and mark has a giant crush on him

- time stamps don’t matter - please quote instead of replying - I love u thank u for reading
donghyuck’s instagram
donghyuck’s friends
mark’s friends
anyone but chenle
are you trynna catch this love?
new post!
I Almost cried
reading the comments
mark is now following donghyuck on twitter!
hey :/
new post
can’t press send
something stupid
message back
lmfao cute
mark’s account
someone pinch me
it’s what he deserves
donghyuck is now following mark
a challenge
dedicated to donghyuck
but he calls all his fans that
let’s get closer in the future
I’m so touched
green sweater
softer look
or should we call u babe
i know how to feel
all hail chenle
my king🙏
congratulations I’m so proud
random convos at 4 am
someone woke me at 4 am
maybe we can meet one day!!
as long as you wear one too
fbi hours [OPEN]
personal request
messing around
do you have a twitter account?
this friendship is over
ask him yourself
I might have said too much
let’s meet mark (yes I am aware there is a spelling mistake sorry)
listen to chenle
I missed u
hyuck :)))
it’ll be so cute
mark omg uwu


I have been getting so many requests for the memes I use in my markhyuck au so im just gonna post them all right here!!
two new posts from mark!
let me be soft please
why hasn’t he messaged me yet
first of all
just take a chance
it’s time!!!
photos are on the way!!
come get your man🤪🤪🤪
the sweetest
renjun and jaemin
tag yourself I’m mark
I have no one but myself
donghyuck is now calling mark
except mark
we’ll meet soon
next week
two types of people
when I meet him
also I have a question: should I keep this all fluff or some angst?
no one can outshine you
I have to leave now
I’m going in
they meet
is it too soon to say I’m in love
confident mark hours [OPEN]
new post from leehyuck!
new post from minhyung!
sounds like a date to me
held myself back
you’re so confident all of a sudden
my feelings are growing
your point is?
how would you know that if you don’t have a twitter?
come over
“not boyfriend”
you missed me that much?
your cheeks are turning red
new post from leehyuck!
are you guys a thing now?
who’s hand?
dm me
the only one
took you long enough
a crush
can we talk?
I’m so sorry donghyuck
is this real life?
I’ll wait
date night looks
maybe I will
happy for you
the date we’ve all been waiting for
I wanted to ask you something
my boyfriend
updated profiles!
update on the other couples!
random soft posts
random posts from nomin
I truly love you so much
hi everyone! thank you so much for reading my markhyuck au! this has been my absolute favorite au to write and I’m actually really sad it’s over! I hope you all really loved it as much as I did! I just wanna say that I appreciate you all so much!
this is going to be my last au for a while because I’m starting school soon! I hope you will support any aus I make in the future!
if you have anything you want to say or questions you can leave them here or dm me!
here are my two previous completed aus if you are interested!…


my aus


#정대현 + #김현아 + nct dream ♡ kjh
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