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Jul 3, 2018
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meanie superstar au! Mingyu is in a band and Wonwoo is a lowkey fanboy who feels emotional after concert 《 when my world wakes up tomorrow you'll be in another town and I knew when I saw your face, I'd be counting down the ways to see you 》

yall know the drill — quote, don’t reply — if somewhere along the story you get the “they won’t do that irl” feeling, ofc they won’t which is why this is called alternative universe — let’s pray together I don’t suddenly feel the need to make it sad in the middle of the story😃
i want to change their profile just because T ^ T here we have —mingyu: guitarist of a band called a-teen (too lazy to think of another name, sue me😭) —wonwoo: fan of Mingyu’s band, any other thing about him is stated in the bio🤓
Mingyu’s band : A-Teen Fandom name : two teen Jeonghan bass (he’s the most popular member if it’s not obvious enough from the followers), Jihoon drum, Seokmin vocal, Seungkwan vocal & piano (also i’m sorry shua is the only vocal team I excluded and replace with Mingyu T^T)
Hao is Mingyu’s bff and Cheol is manager of a-teen
it’s my fic so ofc these two will be Wonwoo’s bff ^^
Joshua knows Cheol and is some kind of friend with Jun, Soonyoung, Wonwoo. Vernon knows Boo. Chan is internet famous.
one day before a teen concert in wonwoo’s town
reupload lol. jun texts josh
Joshua will try arrange a meeting
wonwoo tweets clarification that gets -2 attention bcs duuh he’s only normal citizen
they tweet
they tweet after concert
wonwoo text his gc
oh no i probably make you sad🤭
someone angsting over his celebrity crush
Jun text shua again
shua texts cheol
cheol will try something
welp🤡 the blue one is mingyu
Cheol > shua then Shua > Jun
Jun > Wonwoo
the next day
series of tweet
Wonwoo talk to his gc
Mingyu talks with his bestfriend
part 2
we’re avoiding narrative on early part so skip to after mingyu meets wonwoo
Wonwoo tweets
Wonwoo talks to his gc about the meeting
continuation of Wonwoo’s conversation with his gc
and last
messy :)
Wonwoo rants on twitter
Wonwoo sweetie😭
it’s been a week
Mingyu tweets. Again, wonwoo sweetie🤣
idk what to say wonwoo😔
please say sike
pretend a few more day passed
no one updates about the two members TT
still no update
so he texts but bo reply
later on seokmin updates on instagram
and wonwoo tells his friends
do whatever you want mingyu
so.... it begins
Wonwoo’s twitter is really just him talk to himself most of the time🤧
wonwoo replies and bcs he’s not a solo stan ofc he would fanboy even if he’s not his bias. i mean i would too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
they really start on the wrong foot and there’s only me to blame😭 sorry
and at that moment mingyu knows he fucked up
they tweet (also let’s pretend celebrity life are a bit more fun in this au than how it actually is in sokor bcs this is just an au and i want them to be allowed to act funny and be crackhead)
pretend minghao and chan are acquaintances bcs they’re both famous
minwon texts continue
minghao is being unhelpful
another episode of mingy u being stupid 😩
normal citizen panics
Minghao texts mingyu
Wonwoo is just a good citizen who got played by bad people😩
skip again to few days later
there’s always those stan accounts who knows something, tweet it and make stan twitter a mess then leave everyone curious (whether their tea is actually legit or not🤷🏻‍♀️) anyway now they’re witch hunting wonwoo
it really be your own friend sometimes🤧
stan twt find him
wonwoo texts ‘jeonghan’ about it
mingyu’s solution🙃 this is for better or worse
yeah jun🤧
in the meantime wonwoo got a follow request from someone familiar (ignore the time as always)
wonwoo tweets
mingyu keep updating minghao
ignore the time stamp
wonu’s gc
wonwoo is upset
a lot of sorry going on there and wonwoo is ???
are you mad MAD now?
they’re having a group discussion
jun has functioning braincell
minghao says: goodbye cute changwon boy
mingyu continues apologizing
meanwhile wonwoo tweets
jun replies
and soonyoung made a psa
stan twitter turns to chaos. someone post screenshot of soonyoung tweet and now everyone find wonwoo. they can’t stalk wonwoo since he’s on private so the bestfriends it is
jun tweets, soonyoung and wonwoo reply. it turns into a blaming game
series of tweet. btw jun went private too
meanwhile in a teen gc
still a teen gc
a few day passed
wonwoo changes his uname and whole account. deletes everything related to mingyu. let’s go start anew
replies under wonu’s tweet
minghao follows wonwoo
just wonu being a regular stan twitter acc. giving 0 fucks about minghao following him and hyping everyone but the ‘love of his life’
wonwoo going✈️jeonghan lane somehow he becomes big account
minghao reports to mingyu
mingyu tweets
he files a complaint to minghao
wonwoo tweets
minghao and gyu again
minghao replies wonu’s tweet
wonwoo and jun
replies under hao’s tweet
wonwoo tweets
someone gain haters on stan twt🤧
wonwoo talks with his gc
wonwoo choose this path instead of just taking the bully
let’s start this~
wonwoo says🤡
mingyu tweets
wonwoo changes mingyu contact to 🤡 and complains ((he still doesn’t believe this is the real mingyu))
maybe mingyu wants his life turns to those y/n scenarios
pretend a few days passed again
mingyu is corny
wonwoo tweets, jun and minghao are having conversation under it and soonyoung is clueless
the heathen groupchat
wonwoo text mingyu about it
minghao is chaotic evil
this is on timeline read it from bottom
wonwoo dms minghao
minghao is getting on wonu’s nerve
wonwoo says fuck my life
this is replies under wonu’s comment . he snaps and—
bye i guess?
wonwoo doesn’t like like mingyu
it’s not a fanfic
he’s a tough one
it’s later later again
wonu’s tl
it’s getting annoying
won text mingyu
we need to talk
the talk
i don’t hate you
few days later what do you call that? a development
wonu tries to get mingyu into reading
jeonghan tweets to clown mingyu
i really do read
this how it is
series of unfortunate events
another text saga. this time mingyu ask about hair. any excuse to text wonwoo~
mingyu please listen to wonwoo😔
an instagram post
stan twitter losing it
last for today. this friend has mental breakdown
leave him alone
the heathen group chat
wonu has some crisis
his friends think wonu is dense
now minwon text😌
uh oh :)
let’s get back to their conversation first ;)
mingyu tweets
what a joke
btw that discussion was over, we’re moving on
text saga 1
text saga 2 (not related to the previous one)
text saga 3
twitter saga, that’s mingyu’s private account
twitter saga 2
twitter saga 3 :) if you know, you know
guess what ;)
why hmmm
twt wonu and text wonu are two different entities
wonwoo tell his friends
yes yes yes
next day~
much much later that night (sorry yall would have to imagine their meetup on your own)
two different feeling
you see it coming
wonwoo is being silly
eh :/
minghao have change of heart regarding his bestfriend’s relationship
d+idk . wonwoo responds longer today
mingyu asks his gc
just to get more upset
it’s a monologue
i’m sad
someone breaks his silence
mingyu has his receipts
give it some time
skip again
stan twitter
how about this?
doesn’t feel good right?
someone is petty
mingyu is having an attitude
tio stop hurting minwon challenge: failed
mingyu relents😌
mingyu soft hour
this is how it is from mingyu’s side
text between‘friends’ exhibit A:
my hand slipped. exhibit B😇
exhibit C
want to hear your voice
a facetime session
a conversation after that. mingyu just likes to tease wonwoo
at this point none of these people know how ‘being friend’ works
exhibit D
go figure
i can be that~
mingyu wants:
snail move but at least it’s finally something right?
exhibit E. they get more comfortable
exhibit F
wonwoo is totally not jealous
a twitter update
mingyu’s lockscreen
mingyu say
you can ignore this one
later later. someone is booked and busy💅🏻
well, mingyu ignores him so he shouldn’t bother anymore. with wonwoo, it’s this easy
meanwhile wonwoo and his friends
heathen gc
well, someone is no longer in denial but does it matter now?
if stars aligned
just your daily stan twitter
from bad to worse
stan twt
wonwoo’s friends are concerned
happy for him
meanwhile mingyu and minghao
random tweet from ateen
anyway don’t listen in secret superior :)
wonwoo 3am crisis
3am aka pinnacle of bad decisions
what just happened
minghao is sooo over it
and then morning comes
and while minwon are busy being stupid, things go from worse to worst
part one of the thread
part two
part three. end of thread
stan twitter
stan twitter 2
wonwoo. all this hate and he ain’t even talk with the love of his life anymore:”)
sigh,,, mingyu jinx it
so mimghao and mingyu discuss
still at it
honestly how does minghao have the patience for this
minghao snaps
minghao dms wonwoo
it’s getting out of hand
what would you do if you were minghao
wonwoo tweets
twitter user jeonwoo is gone
fuck. it
mingyu, sweetheart
look at wonwoo replying in a very peaceful manner☺️
for better or worse
don’t worry, wonwoo is okay
mingyu tells minghao too
at the meantime
back to square one. wonu makes new twitter account where mg doesn’t follow
mingyu deletes the picture wonwoo took from their (not) date in changwon
stan twitter
way to not make it awkward, mingyu
mingyu is a typing hazard
user baskervillecat and puppypuppet tweet
new day new madness
favorite ateen song~
will it be?
okay bye
look who hasn’t changed their lockscreen
mingyu please stop
i did
same old shit
good morning
he mad
in mingyu’s defense
i want us to be that
shit here we go again
they’re getting there
we’re going on another text saga
trying to work on their issue one by one
i’ll try
getting closer~ do you get mingyu’s reference?😔
another sequence of event
you know


there's not much to life anyway
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