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kendall⁷ (semi hiatus)

kendall⁷ (semi hiatus)

Jul 20, 2018
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jikook au where jimin is the owner of a twitter account dedicated to solo artist jeon jungkook, called "jungoo pics". this wouldn't be a huge deal if it weren't for the fact that jungkook is jimins rival idol who hates his guts.

[don't pay attention to dates, times, rts, likes, etc. im too lazy to change them(also ignore errors please)] -slight angst, fluff, wont be too long.
[0.1] meet jungoo pics
[0.3] meet jeon jungkook
[0.3] meet park jimin (who also owns jungoo pics)
[0.4] jimin and tae talk
[0.6] (missnumbered) jungkook likes jungoo pics tweet, jimin goes thru it on both his accounts....
[0.7] jungkook speaks to yoongi
(sorry just want to know before i create too many updates and can't change the plot) which side ship would you want?
[0.8] jungoo pics is very whipped and we might be gettin a jikook interaction laidease💅
[0.9] oh
[1.0] jimin is tired
[1.1] oh :)
[1.2] 🌙⭐🌙⭐
[1.3] what happened?
[1.4] leave. (time does matter in 2nd pic also look at the name to see whos speaking, the gc part didnt work)
[1.5] what happened pt.2
[1.6] yoongi is tired of jungkook being mean :/
[1.7] joon is just as tired 😪
[1.8] he goin [rest] 😔✌
[1.9] jungkook shut up plz
[2.0] jungkooks friends will literally fight him if he doesn't answer them
[2.1] jungkook talks to joon.
[2.2] top that you slut
[2.3] yoongi talks to his maybe boyfriends
[2.4] thanks 😜😜😜😜
[2.5] you what?
[2.6] im sorry
[2.7] moving on & im sorry
[2.8] fans speculate
[2.9] jungkook is.... goin thru it
[3.0] jimins hanging out with friends. moving on.
[3.1] yoongi understands now
[3.2] jungkook is confused
[please vote, it will affect the storyline and au]
[3.3] jimin is really trying to move on. but he can't.
[3.4] besest friends
[3.5] jungkook's poorly made list.
[3.6] yoongi and joon speak to kook
[3.7] sorry i had to include some crackheadness
[3.8] jungkook feels a lil insecure
[3.9] wbk that sis
[4.0] jungkook tries.
[4.1] ok so say
[4.2] this is not what we meant.
[4.3] i-
[4.4] fans figure it out
[4.5] 1 like = 1 prayer jungkook opens his eyes soon
[4.6] jungkook does some research
[4.7] taegiseok update pt1 owo
[4.8] taegiseok update pt2 owo
[4.9] keep his distance.
[5.0] frick allkflop & jungoo pics may be back
[5.1] jungkook is not as clueless as before.
[5.2] kook also tells joon
[5.3] JFK
[5.4] jimin realizes something
[5.5] jungkook rambles to jimin
[5.6] jimin discusses it with tae
[5.7] jungkook just wants his ass pounded and for fans to know that, guys 😔😔😔
[5.8] jungkook comes out. jimin defends him... twice.
[5.9] mom i love him
[6.0] thanks robby ray
[6.1] thank you.
[6.2] wait a second
[6.3] he's no longer clueless 😔✌
[6.4] yoongi: "wont do it"
[6.5] also yoongi: *does it*
[6.6] kook reflects
[6.7] men suck, a poem by jimin
[6.8] hobi just :( wants jikook together :(
[6.9] fans may have noticed
[7.0] one fan noticed too much
[7.1] other fans aren't happy.
[7.2] in conclusion: fuck
[7.3] manager hyung
[7.4] tell the truth
[7.5] explanation
[7.6] w-what
[7.7] lord plz help jungkook
[7.8] jungkooks plan
[7.9] jungkook wasnt joking
[8.0] jimin is terrified
[8.1] time for phase 3
[8.2] blockedt
[8.3] jimin,,, sweetie
[8.4] fine he'll do it
[8.5] uhhh
[8.6] jimin's friends are of no help
[8.7] talk.
[8.8] what next?
[8.9] on a real note
[9.0] jungkook and jungoo pics update
[9.1] happy ending for yoongis otp?
[9.2] so pure
[9.3] 4 months of tweets pt. 1
[9.4] 4 months of tweets pt. 2
[9.5] 4 months of tweets pt. 3
[9.6] 4 months.
[end]. thank you so much to everyone who stuck out till the end. ik this au was messy and not that great and the ending was rushed, but its my first completed au and im proud. thank you to everyone who read and enjoyed it, your support literally means so much to me 💜💜
ke my other aus as well! thank you so much :)
kendall⁷ (semi hiatus)
basically: i love bts. she/her. im bi lol
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