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Jul 24, 2018
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[ markhyuck au] ㅡ when mark's best friend lucas fell in love with a third year, his logical next step was to force mark to fake date him. mark, being a good sport, complied, oblivious to his other best friend's huge crush on him ㅡ side luwoo & nomin

mark's best friend lucas ㅡ a dance major from hong kong, he doesn't always have the best ideas
donghyuck's best friends jeno ㅡ goes to university with him, can't go two words without mentioning his boyfriends name. creative writing major jaemin ㅡ also goes to uni with everyone else, photography and film major. all he does is take photos of jeno basically
donghyuck, lucas and jeno's tutor jungwoo ㅡ an english lit major, top of all of his classes so naturally he's a tutor. cares for donghyuck and jeno as if they were his own
introducing johnny
ㅡ [ thread end ; thank u for reading my au 💞 ]
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