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Oct 9, 2018
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[MEANIE AU] Wonwoo has been struggling enough being the secretary of the CEO so when the said CEO is sick and must be retired, Wonwoo is forced to stuck with his son which he refused to admit he has a crush on.

you know the drill πŸ‘‡ πŸ’œ dont reply & quote instead πŸ’š ignore the timestamps πŸ’œ pics aren't mine πŸ’š english is not my first language so i apologize if there's any grammatical errors πŸ’œ enjoy~ πŸ˜‹
Basically this is a company that makes a newspaper called The Daily Seoul. The famous newspaper posts news about violence and crime which are most feared one amongs it's competitor.
All of them are Wonwoo's coworker but Seungcheol, Joshua, Jun, Minghao, and Seokmin already knew Mingyu before they're acquaintance at the office.
heads up: this is gonna be slowburn so pls be patient & prepare your heart πŸ˜„ β€”start! πŸ’»πŸ“ 
Mingyu first day at work didn't really went well
not just a regular coffee but a hot coffee.
it's a rough day one
how's the new boss?
don't make him wait
"bUt He MiGhT"
and then Wonwoo tweets after spending 15 minutes in Mingyu's office:
no drama?
cheer up lazyass
a lunch plan
he's trying.
about last night
a morning chaos
blame it on the alcohol
he trusted him.
why Jeon?
yeah, what kind of bullshit
the CEO perks
a treat from a generous brother 🍴
cheap romances
not his type?
hi~ how is it so far? pls drop your thought πŸ˜„
tomorrow is a busy day indeed
how's the meeting?
a bothside confusion
J πŸ‘€
a dirty secrect
someone getting interest
when thursday comes
what kind of dad?
welcome to a whipped club
an apology.
tea? β˜•
rise and shine πŸŒ…
should he?
he finally replied
duty call
he feels //attacked//
outfit of the day :)
just fyi :)))
minghao knows something we didn't 🌚
time to spread the gossipβ„’
weekend's plan
should we? :)
an old acquaintance
just because πŸ˜‰
a fun game
someone's playing with fire
everyone's relate to jeonghan's tweet on a spiritual level
change of plan?
not really necessary
he's debating with himself
kim mingyu and his authority kink
a conversation by the pool
he came in conclusion :)
bestfriend SOS
thank god for meme
wonwoo entering the suffer world
he just being mingyu
a day in japan
((pretend two weeks has passed)) looking forward to the drama πŸ˜‰
birthday preparation
mingyu caused him a headache
when midnight strikes
birthday greetings
his dearest hyung indeed 😊
a thank you note πŸ“
bestfriend SOS part 2
β€”strange feeling.
how was the updates? πŸ˜‹ share me your thought!
it's a brand new day ;)
should we ask?
when both of you in the stage of denial...
he ///sad///
at least wonwoo isn't the only one who sad
special delivery! πŸ˜‰
there's two types of friend
almost midnight in Busan πŸ‘½
mingyu thinks his life is a mission impossible
bodyguard vs. tiny won
panicked wonwoo coming through
the next day, mingyu went MIA
a hell of mess
he won't.....?
this is how a conflicted heart works
he got so stressed :(
finally, a message after he went missing
will he give up just like that?
a bad bestfriend
seungcheol to the rescue
guess who ended up sitting next to each other :)
so close but still so far
an after movie party indeed
a drunk parade
cheol being the big bro he is
a delivery drunk message for Mr. Kim :)
wonwoo realized his shit in the morning
mingyu keeping his promise
unexpected phone call
jihoon is suspicious
cheol banned him from coming
a sleepless night
they're making peace
FBI duo?
he count on him
someone's finally up
casual conversation
an order
a long ride πŸš—
goes to Anyang pt. 1
goes to Anyang pt. 2
goes to Anyang pt. 3
🚨 emergency 🚨
they both planning on a self suicide
minghao panicsβ„’
phew, that was a looooong update! thought? πŸ˜‹
minghao found a not-so-friendly-hacker
in the episode of what happened to lee jihoon
a negotiation with the devil
jihoon's temprament is scary
friends mentioning each other
the mission is about to start
someone's going back into the business and someone's missing
no reply
another no reply
again, seungcheol to the rescue
minghao asking for a death wish
long-short story
down for some crime scene?
Daegu Mission Pt. 1 (ps: jihoon is really into this)
Daegu Mission Pt. 2
Daegu Mission Pt. 3
soonyoung (kinda) snapped
wonwoo try to be honest :)
some encouragement tweets
unexpected holiday
knowing more
the bell's ringing
baby :)
(pretend a week has passed) choosing sides
if something happens...
a brand new week! now that everything's get back to normal ...a couple of absurd thing happens
1. a pet request
yeah, totally not absurd
2. The Coffee Machineβ„’
here comes hansol
sherlock holmes would be proud
any complaint?
3. workshop? cancelled.
voicing their mind
we all a lee chan
'''''something unprofessional'''''
the happiest man alive
soonyoung can be worried too
update on the (real) case
meet the epitome of a determined man: Jun's dad
a confused colleague
a panic colleague
a worried colleague
confession time
the best for the last
finally, the day of the meeting
its getting frustrating
all we can do is pray
2 hours later
a misconception
settling things down
he's indeed lucky 😊
another problem solved
β€” the end. woah i finally finished it πŸ˜… thank u for keeping up with this story until now, you guys are the best. i'm not planning to making a new one at the moment, cause real life has been eating me up & i dont wanna give false hope on the update.
but in the meantime, this is me deadass wrote a whole 16k fic. thought you guys might wanna give it a try. until the next AU! πŸ’œπŸ’š Ain.…


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