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Nov 5, 2018
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“Jagi, nothing will change between us alright? All these fame and recognition that I’m getting right now—all of these will be useless if I don’t have you.” “But...”Lips trembling, Kyungsoo hesistated. He knew that it was only right to leave him right then, than do it later.

Behind the Korea's Sexiest Man of 2018 is a man named Doh Kyungsoo.
“I am just holding you back. You deserve more things than I could ever give you. If it’s not for me then you can be—“ “Baby,” Jongin tenderly kissed his boyfriend’s lips to stop him. It was a chaste kiss but was also heavy with longing. Both of them trembled down to their core.
Kyungsoo meant more than the world to Jongin. He loved the man so much, he would rather die than lose him. “I don’t want to be anything else but the man who loves you, okay?” Jongin whispered against the other’s lips. “So stay, Kyungsoo. Please. I’m nothing without you.”
Kyungsoo heavily sighed. He didn't know how to respond to his jagiya. All he wanted to do was to melt into Jongin's arms and kiss him senseless until the memory of that bitter moment would turn into nothing but a bad dream. He wanted to go back to the way they were before.
"Don't leave me, Soo...Please...not now. I need you, baby. I need you."
But Kyungsoo already knew it was too late.
He'd already made a decision. He would leave Jongin---the man that breathed life in him when he was nothing but an empty shell and the same man that constantly made him feel alive---for things that were much bigger than his selfish love for him.
Jongin's happiness. Jongin's freedom. And Jongin's stellar future without him.
"You don't need me, Jongin," Kyungsoo said. "You're way better off without me. I am such a failure. I couldn't even help you onstage. I couldn't help you practice your routines. Your fans hate me. Your whole management detest me! I---" "Fuck all of those things, Kyungsoo!"
“I don’t need them! And let them say whatever the fuck they want! Let them hate us! Fuck. By now, they should realize that if it’s not for you, I won’t even be onstage performing my ass off.”
Frustrated, Jongin let go of Kyungsoo. He stepped back a little, brushing his messy brown hair away from his eyes.
Damn it, he thought. His heart became heavy with grief and confusion as he watched his boyfriend stared blankly at him.
He knew that stare. They’ve been dating for almost two years at that point and Jongin knew it only meant that Soo had already made up his mind. It might be too late, even for him, to change Kyungsoo’s decision.
“And haven’t you heard anything that I’ve said? Being in love with you is enough for me, Kyungsoo. All the money, the fame, and the fans that I have are just some added bonuses in my life that I’m willing to leave anytime if it will mean I could have you forever.”
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von ⚡️✍🏼🩺🐲

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