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Dec 16, 2018
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Yoonmin AU Logical Yoongi, who doesn’t believe in fairytales, keeps dreaming of a sweet tempered, giant black wolf. Meanwhile Jimin, a newly adult werewolf, keeps dreaming of a pretty boy with pink pouting lips and dark cat eyes.

It’s a werewolf AU and it’s gonna be kinda cute, fluff mainly with some angst cos I love angst and a fair amount of magical elements and good old fashioned fantasy^^
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The town Yoongi lives in isnt of much significance to the world. It’s mainly suburban houses of varying sizes and shapes stretching as far as the eye can see in dull shades of greys and white. It’s quiet, people stay out of people’s business and keep their heads down as they-
pass each other on the street. Traffic is always a nightmare, people not fully grasping the importance of public transport to the environment, and the main source of entertainment is a little movie theatre that showed only one movie a week. Yoongi is pretty sure-
the management plays Rock Paper Scissors to decide which new release is worthy to be shown in their shitty theatre. Namjoon calls it limbo; the town is home to mainly students who attend the huge university in the city about 15 minutes away on the underground,-
and Namjoon likes to philosophize that the town is filled with hopes and dreams of a new generation that have to prove their worth to make it or fuck around until they fail. Yoongi just thinks it’s an insignificant hole in the world and is thankful that the rent is cheap.
But to the furthest northern point of the town, the grey scale fog of buildings thins out to make way for the earthy browns and greens of a lush forest that’s so dense with trees sometimes the gold of the sun’s rays can’t even invade the thick branches.
It’s eerie in that silent ominous way that surrounds large natural areas that are untouched by the corrupted hand of man. The height of trees is intimidating, the darkness endless and it’s an unwritten rule that no one ventures far into the forest for fear of never returning.
Yoongi knows that there is a perfectly logical reason as to why the few brave souls that have ventured deep into the woods have rarely come back. What with the density of trees phone signal is limited and the fact its hard to see the sky-
from the forest floor means navigation is tough. But Namjoon, being the dreamy moonchild he is, preaches of strong nature spirits that are cheeky with their handling of oblivious humans and lead them away from their path. Of which is nonsense and Yoongi refuses to entertain-
the stupid fairytale. Fairytales are stuff for kids to keep them innocent and excitable before they have to face the harshness of the real world. At least, that’s what Yoongi thinks because he’s a man of logic, favt and proof. Show him a real life fairy and maybe he’ll-
change his mind. He doesn’t even bother going north, there’s literally nothing there besides a few old cabins and the boarder line of a forest he has no interest in. And yet here he is, standing before the giant trees, encased in the thick mist of the forest under-
a pearlescent full moon. The sky above his head is an inky black, not a star in sight and it terrifies him how vast the night is. He can’t be sure whether it’s cold or warm, yet his breath trails in front of him in steamy tendrils and his hands shake as though he’s shivering.
He feels like he’s waiting for something; a Big Bang that will explode brilliantly before his eyes and the anticipation is making his heart thump like a brass band in his chest. It’s so quiet, a thick ringing silence that feels so wrong and yet Yoongi can’t find it in-
himself to care nor worry about it. Not when something’s coming. His eyes cast down from the endless night sky to the endless forest before him, breath catching as he sees it; sees what he’s waiting for and suddenly his nerves shiver across the surface of his skin.
Two bright, brilliant yellow eyes peer out between the thick trunks of the forest, gaze piercing right through to Yoongi’s soul and he feels his heart beat slow. He waits, unable to move even if he wanted to, feet glued to the floor as he watches the eyes take all of-
him in, as if weighing up the type of person Yoongi is, judging his life and his value as though it’s written across his face. And then slowly, ever so slowly, a paw appears from the shadows of the forest, stepping out of the tree line and closer to Yoongi.
The animal slinks out of the dark, fur shaggy and as inky as the pitch black sky above them, glistening under the silver of the moon with every inch closer to Yoongi. Automatically, Yoongi thinks it’s a dog, but logically he knows it can’t be considering the animal-
is just so big. Bigger than a wolf, but that’s probably the closest animal that Yoongi can think of to adequately describe this beautiful creature. Beautiful, so beautiful, elegant and intimidating and everything Yoongi’s soul screams for - but he doesn’t know why.
Eventually the wolf stands inches from Yoongi, face turned up so that those yellow eyes glitter under the moon, locking Yoongi’s own gaze. Gingerly, the Yoongi reaches a hand out, pausing with the tips of his fingers hovering above the shaggy black fur between the wolf’s ears.
He cocks his head to one side, as if asking for silent permission and instead of receiving a yes or no answer, the calm tempered wolf knocks his own head into Yoongi’s warm hand and closes its eyes. Yoongi gently runs his fingers through the silky smooth fur, slowly-
scratching behind the wolf’s ears and watches with warmth content as the animal melts happily into the touch. He giggles, a little deep sound that echoes with utter awe at the situation whilst his logical brain screams at him about how, well, illogically this all is.
And then, just as Yoongi opens his mouth and licks his dry lips to talk to the sweet tempered wolf, the scene before him bleeds like a chalk drawing in the rain and the irritating buzzing of his morning alarm brings him back to reality.
He pulls his phone of his bedside table to glare at his third alarm, not really surprised that he slept through the first two, and heaves out a sigh that turns into a deep yawn. The high pitched squeak of his bedroom door echoes through his ears until he sees Namjoon—
in all his morning bedhead glory— brushing his teeth with a glazed look in his eyes. “Sleep well?” he mumbles through the toothbrush in his mouth, a large glob of toothpaste unattractively landing on his night shirt. Yoongi huffs rolling around in his warm bed, trying to-
find the strength to get up and start the day. “It was alright,” he mumbles, pushing himself up into a seated position and rubbing at his eyes. Despite the fact his sleep was plagued with such a vivid bizarre dream, Yoongi does feel well rested. He just wishes he could-
afford to sleep longer. Namjoon hums leaving his toothbrush to hang in his mouth so he can fold his arms across his chest and lean against the doorway. “Same dream again?” Yoongi nods, scratching at the back of his neck. “Clearly I’m drinking too much coffee, but it’s-
the only thing that’s going to get my through finals week.” “This is the fourth night in a row you’ve had the same dream now, aren’t you at least a little concerned?” his best friend mumbles with a cock of his eyebrow. But Yoongi merely scoffs throwing his covers off and-
shivering in the cold morning air. “It’s just a dream namjoon, I’m stressed and it’s been scientifically proven that when a person is suffering from over stimulated stressful days it’s harder for the brain to switch off.” “Did you know that four is a bad omen?” “I don’t-
really care.” Namjoon rolls his eyes and wanders out of the bedroom, probably to go finish washing up in the bathroom. Yoongi stretches, slips his cold feet into his slippers and shuffles out towards the kitchen in search of coffee. “Did you say you dream of a dog?”
Namjoon calls from the bathroom as Yoongi flicks the kettle on. “I suppose? But it’s way bigger than a dog, probably a wolf or something,” he says. The sound of Namjoon’s heavy footsteps plod through the little apartment until the stupidly tall man is standing by the sink.
“Dogs, especially black ones, can be an omen of change as well as an omen of death,” he comments casually as if talking about the weather. “Well great, so I’m going to die am I?” Yoongi scoffs. The mugs Namjoon pulls down from the top cupboard clank clumsily onto-
the counter. “Not exactly, we can’t always be certain what dreams are trying to warn us off, we can just speculate.” “Or,” Yoongi begins, spooning large mounds of instant coffee into each mug. “It could just be a weird dream triggered from stress.” The kettle-
bubbles noisily and angrily as the water boils and Namjoon lets a long sigh fall past his lips. “You should head warnings, hyung.” “Dreams are not warnings,” Yoongi argues for what feels like the millionth time. “Just because old wives tales say they are doesn’t mean it’s true.”
Namjoon hums, contemplating Yoongi’s words for a brief moment. “Have you ever wondered why we even have old wives tales and folklore? Why they came about?” “They’re warnings passed down from older generations,” Yoongi replies just as the kettle whistles. “Don’t-
clip your toenails at night else you won’t see you’re parents funeral is a morbid way of saying the lighting at night is bad and you could hurt yourself clipping your toenails. But the world has changed we have electricity and old wives tales are just irrelevant and dated now.”
He pours the steaming water into the mugs slowly, enjoying the smell of coffee as it permeates the air and awakens his sleep riddled mind. “But still you admit that there is some truth to them, despite the fact they are dated?” Namjoon asks swiping up his coffee.
“Well sure, but before you try and get all devils advocate on me, the idea that dreams have prophetic elements to them is utterly nonsense and there’s no proof.” “But the idea still comes from folklore and wives tales, so surly there must be some logic to it?” Namjoon argues.
Yoongi groans, feeling as though he wants to bash his head into a wall. “This is why I hate debating with philosophy majors, facts and figures mean shit to you.” The smile across Namjoon’s dimpled face is cheeky and triumphant. “I know isn’t it great?” “No it’s really not,”
Yoongi grumbles, gulping down a scolding mouthful of coffee. “They’re just dreams Joon-ah. The wolf dog thing is a figment of my overworked mind. So can we drop it?” Namjoon ponders Yoongi’s question with a teasing lilt to his smile before nodding.-
“Sure we can drop it,” he agrees. “For now.” It was bold of Yoongi to assume Namjoon would drop any topic he finds particularly interesting. But small victories are everything, and he uses this win to slip out of the kitchen to get ready for the day. __________
Jimin wakes the way he always does; with an overwhelming feeling of tranquility and warmth thrumming through his veins. There’s a large smile on his face, pulling at his cheeks before he even has his eyes cracked open and the furs he’s snuggled up in feel so comfortable-
against his flushed skin. The golden rays of the sun slip through the cracks in the curtains of his window, heating the cold autumn morning and leaving a crisp air about the room. There’s a mound of warmth beside him— gangly limbs wrapped securely around his little frame-
and warm breath puffing against the nape of his neck. Jimin taps gently at the large caramel hands that are clasped together around his waist. “Taehyung-ah, good morning,” he whispers softly into the peaceful quiet of the morning. Taehyung ruffles gently beside him, snuggling-
closer to Jimin’s body warmth with a few nonsensical words mumbled sleepily under his breath. Jimin giggles, feeling all too giddy and all too excited for an early morning such as this. “Tae Tae, wake up, I have to tell you of my dream.” His best friend doesn’t-
stir at Jimin’s words, but he can feel the younger wolf bristle ever so slightly at the mention of dreams. “Did you dream of the boy with the pretty pink pout and dark eyes standing under the full moon?” Taehyung whispers hoarsely against Jimin’s heated skin.
With a soft nod of his head and a beaming smile now seated comfortably across his face, Jimin lets out a whimsical sigh. “This is the fourth night now, he giggled when I nuzzled against his hand.” “Cute,” Taehyung comments offhandedly. “He is!” Jimin replies in earnest.
“He radiates warmth, a different kind of warmth to the one I’m used too. Yet even though I’ve never felt it before, it’s everything my soul craves.” With every word Jimin shares with Taehyung, he can feel his best friend’s wide smile grow against his skin. “You know-
what this means,” Taehyung utters so softly into the room, treasuring the words as they’re shared between the two of them. “Your soulmate is waiting for you.” —————
When the sun sits a little more predominant in the sky and has chased the morning frost from the ground, Taehyung wakes a little more coherently as Jimin places their breakfast on the floor. “They might not be my soulmate, the dreams have only been over four nights not seven,’
he says, tangling his fingers together just to untangle them again. “What if this is a warning?” Taehyung hums, lounging in the furs and twirling patterns with his finger tip across them. “How do you feel, when you dream?” A content sigh pasts Jimin’s lips as he-
shuts his eyes and remembers. “Peaceful, tranquil, an air of foreboding but in an excited kind of way, like anticipation is holding me at the throat,” he whispers softly, delicately. “You don’t feel panicked? Scared?” Jimin shakes his head. “I want to be there, with them,”
he explains. The chuckle the erupts from Taehyung’s mouth is deep and rumbled, laced with sleep. “Then it’s not a dream of warning, believe me, mother has had plenty of those and I’ve had to sit with her while she tossed and turned through them.”
Taehyung is the eldest child of the clan’s soothsayer, a position that is passed down through bloodline but can only be harnessed once the wolf comes of age. Though the younger of the pair still has a few months to go until he comes of age, his knowledge on prophetic-
dreams is extensive and Jimin has been confiding in Taehyung since he awoke from the same dream two nights in a row. Jimin curls up into a tight ball on the floor of the room, looking a little forlornly down at the steaming bowl of porridge. “But this dream isn’t good,”
he whispers as though the walls have ears and he needs to be cautious. Maybe the walls don’t physically have ears, but living in a small clan means people always talk, people always know. Jimin cannot let the members of his village know, he just can’t. Taehyung, being-
the empathetic soul he is, finally slips off the bed to join Jimin on the floor bringing the furs with him. He shuffles over until his side is squished parallel against Jimin’s flopping the fur over the two of them and huddling them close. “Having a soulmate is always good,”
Taehyung says, his deep baritone echoing through Jimin’s chest in a way that brings calm to his soul. “But the soulmate I have isn’t /normal/,” Jimin protests a little weakly. “I’m already an outsider, I’m scared.” “No matter what happens I’ll stay with you,” Taehyung-
announces in a no-nonsense tone. If there’s one thing Kim Taehyung is it’s stubborn, doing whatever he wishes once he sets his mind to it, regardless of whether it’s the done thing. “Do you think we could abandon you? You’re family, blood be damned.” “What can you say-
in the face of tradition? Wolves are all about traditions, and letting me stay was the biggest tradition the clan ever broke...” Taehyung knocks their foreheads together. “Breathe, Chim, just breathe,” he says softly. “You don’t have to tell them anything.”
“But I will eventually. I can’t ignore the call to my soulmate, Tae, that’s suicide!” There’s a cheeky snicker of a smile across the younger’s face, pearly whites glinting dangerously. “But you don’t have to explain the specifics, just that you’ve had the week of dreams-
and need to leave to find them. They don’t need to know who your soulmate is.” Jimin hadn’t realized how fast his heart had been beating, how nervous and anxious he was growing until suddenly he takes a gasping breath of air. Almost as though he had been stuck under water-
for too long. “C-can I do that? Won’t your mother know I’m hiding something? Or lying?” “Mother wouldn’t want to put you in a dangerous position, you’re her favorite son.” Jimin rolls his eyes. “That’s because I actually help around the den. It won’t hurt you to clean up-
after yourself every once in a while.” Taehyung leans away to scoop his bowl of warm porridge into his hands. “Either way, she would vouch for you. Besides, you still have two more days, don’t worry about things that aren’t here yet.” With a playful knock to Taehyung’s-
upper arm Jimin titters in mock disapproval. “This is why people think you’re a space case.” “Nah, I’m just spontaneous,” Taehyung counters with a cheeky wiggle of his eyebrows. “And wolves hate spontaneity.”
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