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Jan 8, 2019
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127. CEO

128. you’re fired
129. moon enterprises
130. i’m so sorry
131. fucked up
so... taeyong going ✈️ getting murdered amirite
again !! update with a lot of narration, but it’s GOOD 👁 also a disclaimer ⚠️ i did my research for this, but the stuff written here should not be taken that seriously, for i am no expert on BDSM. be safe and talk to your partner when trying this kind of stuff !
132. johnten are scared
133. orders
134. sir
135. ⛓
136. make me behave. this is very important folks !!! never act on your partner when you’re really angry at them. it can be dangerous and one of you could end up hurt.
137. he’s fine
138. thinking
139. he needs to learn
140. who am i 😳
141. safeword also important !! ALWAYS have a safeword when you’re doing these kind of things !! be safe friends !!
142. begging
143. this is what you wanted
144. red
146. they’re okay
147. talk to you tomorrow
this is the first time i write something so,,, rough (and it wasn’t even that rough ajdbjdnd) so sorry if it’s messy 👉👈
148. fall even in more love
149. in your arms
150. loved
151. we’re fine
uhhhh i came back with fluff because of all the angst i dropped on y’all yesterday 😔👉👈
152. breakfast 🤩
153. 🥴
154. scared puppy
155. actually.......
156. i read about it
157. end of a good day
158. morning
159. lovebirds
160. jaehyun’s dick
161. pissed (in case y’all don’t remember/know, laceythighs is ten and suitandtie is johnny)
162. new friendships
163. they’re all over the place
164. we’re leaving
165. pay me hoe
166. your friend ?
167. he’s been waiting
168. my boyfriend
169. 💥
170. shock
171. possessive
172. y’all wanted car sex so i delivered
173. don’t you dare
174. aftermath
175. anniversary
176. monday
177. move in
178. he forgot
179. uuHhHhHh
180. what he did
181. a lifetime
Y’ALL ITS OVER 😭😭😭 i can’t believe it ended so soon, but extending it even more it will just be too much. i hope you found it as fulfilling as I did, and that reading this AU made you as happy as making it made me.
this is NOT the end of bratty taeyong and soft jaehyun. i’ll be writing one shots about them on my ao3 (sunraybun), as well as some for johnten 💝
Don’t forget to leave your thoughts and comments !! Reading everything you guys have to say always encourages me to continue writing content 🥺💖💝💖🥺🥺🥺💓
also,,,, one last poll,,,, for science,,,,,,,


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