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At 25, Yoongi opens up a bakery that specializes in mochi. The best seller is a soft pink mochi, a treat he's been practicing since he could reach the kitchen counter, a replication of the sweet he gave to his childhood sweetheart, Jimin, for Valentine's Day when he was five.

Based on this prompt (and dedicated to @hm as well)…
everyone shut up and think about childhood friends yoonmin and yoongi having his first school valentines day and when he goes to buy the treats for his classmates he sees these soft pink mochis and he has his mom buy them so he can sneak them to a baby jimin two grades below him
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Yoongi is three years old when he first meets Jimin, peering down at the bundle his mother is carrying while Mrs. Park waves from her bed. "Yoongi? This is Jimin, he was just born!" his mother says, and Yoongi coos when he sees the red chubby cheeks emerging from the blanket.
"Cute!" Yoongi mumbles, poking at the blanket. His mother goes to scold him but she stops when Jimin's tiny hands grab Yoongi's finger and clutches it tightly. "Are you going to watch over him?" she asks after a few minutes of Yoongi staring at the baby in awe.
The toddler nods his head in excitement, head bobbing up and down so quickly his mother is concerned that he'll hurt himself. "Take care!" Yoongi insists, "take care of Dimin!" Mrs. Park laughs from the bed, "I'm glad he'll have you looking over him." "Always!" Yoongi agrees.
- - - Yoongi is six when he and Jimin are finally at the same school, his class sharing the same space as the daycare that Jimin is in. He's kept his word to Mrs. Park and watched over Jimin, listening intently to the toddler's babbles and making sure Jimin was safe with him.
When his first school Valentines' Day event comes around, his teacher tells the class that they'll have time to make and write their own Valentines for their classmates. If they want, they can ask their parents for some sweets to share as well. Yoongi is so excited.
His mother takes him to the store, hand holding his as they walk through the candy aisle, passing the bakery on the way. A soft pink mochi in the bakery display catches Yoongi's eye and he tugs his mother's arm to get her to stop. "Can we get that one?" he asks in earnest.
"I thought we were going to get chocolate for your friends?" his mother asks, though she lets Yoongi drag her over to the display. Yoongi shakes his head. "No, this one is for Jiminie!" he explains, as if it's obvious, "it's soft and pink like his cheeks! It's perfect!"
"Jimin isn't in your class, sweetheart," his mother tries to say but Yoongi looks up with bright wide eyes, lips wobbling at the idea that he wouldn't be able to share the perfect treat with his best friend. "I guess we can give it to him after school." So they buy the mochi.
Yoongi doesn't wait until after school, choosing instead to sneak into the daycare during his recess to see Jimin, raising a finger to his lips to signal Jimin to be quiet as the toddler almost shrieks in happiness. "Yoonie!" Jimin giggles, reaching out for his best friend.
"Jiminie," Yoongi whispers back, holding out his arms for Jimin as the toddler wriggles into his embrace. "I brought you something." "For Diminie?" Jimin asks, hugging Yoongi tightly, and the older boy nods, pressing a wet kiss to Jimin's forehead. "Just for you."
They share the mochi treat as Jimin's class joins Yoongi's on the playground, Yoongi carefully handing Jimin small pieces so the toddler can eat it easily. "Is good!" Jimin tells him, face very serious as he pats Yoongi's cheeks with his sticky hands. Yoongi can't stop smiling.
It becomes a tradition. Every Valentines' Day, Yoongi sneaks down to Jimin's class and brings him a soft pink mochi, accompanied with some sort of card as he grows older, wanting to give Jimin everything he could to make the younger boy happy.
- - - The first time Yoongi feels his heart beat a little faster around Jimin is when he's ten, sneaking into Jimin's classroom on Valentines' Day with his pink mochi sweets and Jimin smiles at him like he usually does. But for some reason it feels different.
It's when Jimin stuffs the mochi in his mouth, two at a time, his cheeks puffing like a chipmunks from how stuffed they are, voice muffled as he tries to say "thank you Yoonie!" around them. The boy's face flushed pink like the mochis and the soft giggles when he's done eating.
Yoongi clutches his chest watching Jimin enjoy the mochis, it feels weird for his heart to be beating so fast. He lets out a frustrated sigh, unable to put into words how it feels, and Jimin is immediately by his side, pressing his hands over Yoongi's. "Yoonie, are you okay?"
"My heart hurts, Minnie," Yoongi says with a frown, his heart beating even faster as Jimin's eyes grow wide in panic. "No!" Jimin whispers, frantically pressing kisses on the hands over Yoongi's heart, loudly smacking his lips after each kiss. "D-did I kiss it better?"
Yoongi's heart beats even faster, but he just nods, not wanting Jimin to look so scared and sad any longer. "You always make everything better," Yoongi says instead, and Jimin brightens, eyes closing into crescent moons as the younger boy grins. And everything is alright.
- - - Yoongi is fifteen when he finally realizes that he's in love with Jimin. It strikes him as he's lounging on Jimin's bed, watching as the younger boy models some of the new clothes he's bought recently, Jimin bursting into giggles each time he makes a ridiculous pose.
And instead of laughing along, Yoongi is struck speechless by how cute Jimin is, how sweet his laugh is, how happy the thirteen-year-old is. He wants Jimin to always be happy like this, wants to grab Jimin by the shoulders and tell him he’s absolutely breathtaking.
But in that moment, Yoongi stays silent, content to watch as Jimin runs and jumps on the bed beside him, the younger boy curling up on his lap and looking up at him, poking at his cheeks. ("If I'm a mochi because of my cheeks, you're a mandu!" Jimin had proclaimed years ago.)
"Whatcha thinking about Yoongi?" Jimin asks, and Yoongi can't find the words he wants to say. So, instead, he pretends to think about his response, waiting until Jimin's guard is done, and tickles him instead. Jimin squeals in surprise and tries to get away.
- - - Yoongi is eighteen when Jimin confesses to him. It's February 13th. They're walking back home from school in the rain, Yoongi holding up the biggest umbrella he owns, Jimin holding onto his free arm to stay as close to Yoongi as he can to stay dry.
There's a box of mochis in Yoongi's backpack. He'd meant to leave them in Jimin's locker for Valentines' Day the next day, but there wasn't any time that he wasn't by Jimin's side. The mochi ends up on the ground when Yoongi drops his backpack, jumping from the sound of thunder.
"Yoongi!" Jimin yells in shock, both from the sudden loud clap of thunder and the sight of Yoongi on the ground along with his backpack and umbrella. "Are you okay? Are you hurt?" "I'm okay, a bit of a scare," Yoongi wheezes, wincing at the cold rain hitting his face.
"So dramatic," Jimin teases, pushing back his now wet hair to keep it out of his face as he bends down to grab Yoongi's things. His hands brush against the box of pink mochis and he pauses, picking it up gently with a soft smile on his face. "For me?" Yoongi can only nod.
Jimin looks down at the mochi, then back to Yoongi. "Can you close your eyes real quick?" "Sure?" Yoongi says, doing as he's told, confused and cold from the rain. He feels something press against his lips, and his heart leaps for a moment before he realizes it's a mochi.
He accepts it into his mouth, chewing it, still confused as to why his eyes are closed when something else presses against his lips. And...those are definitely lips now, more specifically Jimin's lips. On his. Jimin lips are on his. They're kissing. Yoongi chokes on the mochi.
No, like he literally chokes on it. He pulls away from Jimin, trying not to cough on the other boy as he tries to dislodge the mochi from his throat. Jimin makes a noise of concern, patting Yoongi's back. "Is it going to be like this every time I kiss you?" Yoongi wheezes.
"You kissed me!" Yoongi shouts, once he manages to swallow the mochi, "you kissed me with your stupidly big pink lips!" Jimin giggles, leaning forward to kiss Yoongi again. "Is that a problem?" "No!" Yoongi assures him, "I didn't know, I don't, I-" "Just kiss me." "Okay."
Yoongi doesn't know how long they sit there in the rain, Jimin having made his way into his lap as they kiss sweetly despite the weather, forgetting about the rest of the world. "I like you," Jimin confesses once they break apart. "A lot." "I like you a lot too," Yoongi murmurs.
- - - When Yoongi is 21, he decides to switch majors. He and Jimin have been together for three years, the younger sneaking into Yoongi's architecture studio with snacks and support as the elder works on project after project with little rest, and Yoongi realizes he's not happy.
Jimin is freshly graduated, the little spoon on the couch as they watch television together when he tells Yoongi he wants to go to college to become a nurse. Yoongi, in turn, tells him he's switching from architecture to a culinary school, specializing in sweets.
"You'll get a little more sleep," Jimin whispers, turning his body so he was facing Yoongi, hands reaching up to trace the bags under Yoongi's eyes. "Mhmm," Yoongi hums, holding and kissing Jimin's fingers. "You brought me snacks and support for years, it's my turn now."
- - - Yoongi is 23 when he thinks about his life after culinary school, deep in thought as he waits outside Jimin's dorm with handmade pink mochis in hand. They have reservations for dinner this Valentines' Day, but the mochis are tradition, and Yoongi has finally perfected them.
"Yoongi," Jimin sings, waving good-bye to his roommates as he steps outside the apartment, bringing Yoongi back to reality. "My Jiminie," Yoongi whispers, "my pink mochi." The younger man preens, shaking his head so Yoongi gets a good look at his pink hair. "Do you like it?"
"I love it," Yoongi says, cupping Jimin's face with his free hand and kissing his boyfriend's hair, forehead, cheeks, lips. "You looks stunning, but anything looks stunning on you." "Yoonie!" Jimin hisses in embarrassment, "stop~" "Can't stop the truth, sunshine."
"As always," Yoongi says suddenly, presenting his mochis before he forgets, "pink mochis for my lovely boyfriend. Made them before I came over." "You made these?" Jimin gasps, clutching the box to his chest. "I'm keeping them." "Well, they're for you." "Don't ruin this."
- - - "I think I want to open a bakery after college," Yoongi confesses to Jimin over their dinner, the pink mochis resting safetly (albeit half eaten) on the seat beside Jimin. "Or some kind of shop that sells mochis and sweets." "You should, they're delicious," Jimin agrees.
"Y-you don't think it's silly?" Jimin blinks. He sets down his fork and leans forward to look Yoongi straight in the eyes. "You're passionate about it, you're good at it, and you want to do it. It's not silly. I'll support you no matter what you decide to do." Yoongi tears up.
"I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm kind of in love with you and in this thing for the long haul," Jimin teases, reaching his hand across the table to tangle his fingers with Yoongi's. "We're a team. I'm the cute nurse and you're the kick ass baker-to-be."
"No, you're mistaken. *I'm* the cute baker-to-be and *you're* the kick ass nurse," Yoongi disagrees, a weight he hadn't noticed before suddenly lifted from his shoulders. He felt much lighter now, but then again, being with Jimin always felt like he was floating.
- - - Yoongi is 25 when he opens up his bakery that specializes in mochi. The best seller is a soft pink mochi, a treat he's been practicing since he started learning how to cook and bake professionally, a replication of the sweet he first gave to his Jimin two decades ago.
He and Jimin live in the loft above the bakery, his boyfriend newly graduated and working on getting his certification to become a registered nurse. It was not a life Yoongi had imagined when he first gave Jimin that pink mochi years ago, but he could never regret it.
The domestic life suits them, Yoongi thinks, as he wakes up at 5am, looking down at where Jimin is sprawled across his chest, pink hair all in his face. He doesn't want to wake him up, but the prep work for the bakery has to be done. "Sorry," Yoongi whispers, and rolls.
Yoongi thinks the growl that spills from Jimin's lips would be terrifying if: a. the growl hadn't ended with a squeak as Jimin yawns, barely awake b. his boyfriend wasn't pouting c. Jimin didn't immediately fall back to sleep after Yoongi finishes rolling off the bed.
"Cute," Yoongi mumbles, pressing a kiss to Jimin's forehead. "I know," Jimin sleep answers before covering himself back up with the blanket. Yoongi is reminded of how small his bakery is every morning he walks downstairs, the sight of his few tables the first thing he sees.
Each table has a pink tablecloth on it, decorated with flowers and little hearts courtesy of Jimin, the younger man insisting that they needed to be decorated with Valentines' Day just around the corner. "You're getting more customers now, get in the spirit!" he'd teased.
It was a little terrifying to get into the spirit of Valentines' Day this year though, Yoongi had wanted to say, but he couldn't. Because he was going to propose to Jimin this year, and it had to be a surprise.
"Isn't a Valentines' proposal a little cliche?" Hoseok asks him as they work on the prep for morning service at the bakery, Jimin already having left for work. His best friend from college and manager of the bakery, Hoseok was the only one who knew about Yoongi's plan to propose.
"It's our anniversary, and we never usually do anything wild for Valentines' Day," Yoongi says, shoving another few trays of cupcakes into the oven. "It's just another day for us, except that I usually give him pink mochis. He won't be expecting it." "That's cute," Hoseok coos.
Meanwhile, across town, Jimin is worrying about the same thing. "He usually gives /me/ something for Valentines' Day and then we just spend the day together like usual, there's nothing special we do special after that, how do I plan a surprise proposal without tipping him off?!"
"I got it, instead of a cock ring that night, slide the engagement ring on instead," Taehyung suggest through his mouthful of food, Jungkook and Seokjin nodding in agreement beside him at the lunch table. "First of all, his dick is huge," Jimin points out, "second of all, no."
"You're no fun," Jungkook pouts, "live a little, Jimin. Make the engagement spicy." The younger man wiggles his eyebrows suggestively and Jimin cringes. "I want it to be cute," Jimin sighs, laying his head on the table. "Why is this so hard?" "Because the world is homophobic."
"You're so helpful, Seokjin," Jimin mumbles into the table, and the oldest man just pats his back. "Don't worry, we'll help you for sure, you have the three of us on your side, it's going to be great, Jiminie." "We're gonna get you your man!" Jungkook cheers, and Jimin smiles.
- - - Yoongi is 25 when he and Jimin propose at the same time. It's Valentines' Day and they'd gone out for dinner at a nearby diner, cherishing the company over burgers and fries, sharing a milkshake, eating the mochis Yoongi always makes now. A usual date night.
Nothing about the pink flowers and mochis scattered around the bakery sets him off because that's what he'd asked Hoseok and his boyfriend, Namjoon, to set up while he and Jimin were at dinner. He doesn't notice Jimin's lack of reaction to all of it when he drops to his knees.
When he looks up, Jimin is also on his knees. They're both on the floor. Which wasn't the plan, but there's a jewelry box in Jimin's hands too. They're just two gay men, in a bakery filled to the brim with flowers and mochi sweets, on their knees with rings. On Valentines' Day.
"You're proposing?" they burst out at the same time, both shocked. They pause. "I'm proposing!" they continue at the same time, pouting when they realize that this is going nowhere. "I want to marry you!" Jimin yells, a little upset that his surprise failed, but more happy.
"Well, *I* want to marry *you*!" Yoongi shouts back, helping Jimin to his feet so they're not just kneeling on the ground. "Fine!" "Fine!" "Well I guess we're getting married!" Jimin shoves a ring onto Yoongi's finger. "I guess so, fiance!" Yoongi does the same for Jimin.
"Happy Valentines' Day!" Jimin aggressively pouts, shoving some flowers at Yoongi's chest. "I love you!" Yoongi replies and then they're making out, Jimin's legs wrapped around his waist as they shut off the lights and make their way upstairs to the loft.
- - - Yoongi is 26 when he stands at the altar, dressed in the reddest suit he find with Hoseok and Namjoon behind him in white suits. Seokjin, Taehyung, and Jungkook are across from him, also dressed in white, giving him thumbs up when the organ music starts playing.
Jimin is a vision in pink, from his suit to his hair, and Yoongi can't stop the smile that spreads across his face when his fiance (his soon-to-be-husband!) gives him a tiny wave from behind his bouquet. "Hey mandu," Jimin whispers once he's beside him. "Hey mochi."
The ceremony is a blur, but Yoongi remembers tasting the happy tears on Jimin's lips when they finally kiss, new rings on their fingers, and he can't believe it all started with a pink mochi when he was five. "I love you," he whispers, pressing kisses all over Jimin's face.
"I love you more," Jimin murmurs, squeezing their hands together. "We gotta head to the dinner now though before Jungkook dies of starvation apparently." "I'm hungry!" the younger boy whines from by the doors. ((Jimin throws the bouquet at Jungkook's face after the dinner.))
- - - Yoongi is 28 when he and Jimin think about adopting. The bakery is constantly expanding, more workers and locations being introduced each time Yoongi blinks, business having picked up after several television appearances and recommendations. He can afford to be hands off.
Jimin is working hard as a pediatric nurse, working with children and their parents everyday, and Yoongi notices the look in Jimin's eyes every time he talks about the kids that come in, how cute the babies look going home with their parents. "Do you...want one?" he asks.
"Want what?" "To adopt a kid?" They're laying in bed, still in the same loft above the bakery where it all started, and Jimin curls up onto Yoongi's chest. "Are we ready for something like that?" Yoongi wraps his arms around his husband and squeezes. "We'll find out, I guess."
- - - Yoongi is 30 when they bring Yeonjun home to their new loft, a new space over Yoongi's biggest bakery and close to the hospital where Jimin works. It's large enough to start a family while working, and Yoongi knows this is where they'll start a new chapter of their lives.
"Welcome home, Yeonjun," Jimin whispers, and the one-year-old babbles out happy nonsense, waving happily at Yoongi and the room in general. "We love you." Yoongi walks up and wraps his arms around Jimin, making sure to get Yeonjun into his embrace as well. "I love both of you."
"That's gay you know," Jimin whispers, and Yoongi snorts, resting his head on Jimin's shoulders. "I know."
((And they live happily and gayly ever after.)) 💕💕💕💕💕The End💕💕💕💕💕
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