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kendall⁷ (semi hiatus)

kendall⁷ (semi hiatus)

Mar 3, 2019
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jikook au where youtuber jimin is trying to get tickets to see his favorite group in concert but they keep selling out before he can. he gets ticket sent to him anonymously and everyone thinks its from the group themselves, not their shy manager jungkook.

-quote or reply -dont mind timestamps or any minor details -please ignore my typos -i hope yall like it <33
1. SNG aka 소나기
2. jungkook (hes not private but no one knows his twt)
3. jimin
4. jungkook and sng fight
5. mock jungkook, get sent to variety shows.
6. jimin is excited
7. little did taehyung know he was right
8. jungkook is getting popular among... some... fans
9. jimin is y/n
10. jungkook kinda agrees ???
11. jimin has a point
12. jungkook really is shy
13. jungkook was a trainee
14. cute ?
15. 8 devices
16. sold out
17. tickets were sold
18. but not to jimin
19. jimin :((
20. jimins sad
21. someone give this boy sng tickets darn it
22. his* puppy dog eyes
23. pretend this works this way
24. jimins gonna cheer up
25. the tickets
26. jimins freaking out
27. fan theories
28. jinin believes fans
29. jungkook is :( not happy
30. jimin and his friends are not calm
31. jungkook, sweetie....
32. jungkook is a hardworking manager
33. taegiseok rise!
34. side characters
35. sng say it wasnt them
36. jimin says some things
37. jimin has some emotional moments
38. jungkook :( a baby
39. so they notice jungkook being weird
40. cuddle time
41. 1 week
42. jungkook is bitter
43. theyre all 11
44. hoseok will get to the bottom of this
45. jungkooks in his feels
46. they are very excited
47. some more drama ig
48. jimins crushing
49. some debating in the sng gc
50. and so jungkook confesses
51. its tea time
52. gays on a mission
53. high school musical 3 & excitedness
54. sng execute stage 1 of their plan
55. jungkook will have to face jimin
56. stage 2 is ready to go
57. tomorrow
58. theyre getting ready
59. jungkook needs time
60. pre-concert photos
61. Part One
62. Part Two
63. i promise this is part 3
64. part four
65. part five
66. post concert
67. jungkook still denies it
68. still dont know
69. jin has a plan
70. they ship jikook
71. so do they
72. jin has an idea
73. so jin & hoseok chat
74. and so the gc happens
75. its good
76. and so they freak out
77. literally so crazy
78. some talking
79. taehyung did something
80. taehyung sure is acting strange
81. jungkook is ready to murder
82. and so he reveals himself
83. jungkook is an emotional gay
84. surprise, so is jimin
85. jungkook, the drama king
86. cute, theyre being cute
87. theyre tweeting now
88. thank you taehyung
89. jimin makes a discovery and jin almost spills the beans
90. contact change
91. the l-word
92. theyre friends
93. jimin thinks being friends is okay
94. they have a plan
95. jungkook is trying to catch a delcatty leave him alone pls
96. jungkook is a brave boy
97. jungkooks hyping himself up
98. didnt go as planned
99. and so jimin freaks out
100. they broke him
101. theyre going thru it
102. jungkook is an idiot
103. good ideas from yoongi & hoseok
104. anti jungkook squad bc
105. happy ending for the otp
106. part one
107. part two
108. big gc of gays
109. jungkook is ready
110. happy endings
END -sorry this one took longer than normal but im really happy with it 💗 thank you so much to everyone who read it and liked it. i know the ending was a bit bland but i had it planned from the very beginning and like it. if an opportunity comes i might expand on this au!!
so thank you again for reading it 💗💕💓💘 im so happy if you enjoyed it and i hope you got some joy out of it!
kendall⁷ (semi hiatus)
basically: i love bts. she/her. im bi lol
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