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Mar 16, 2019
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After Jimin eats a cupcake from a mysterious bakery, he realizes that he can suddenly read peoples thoughts. And this is how he finds out that his worst enemy, Min Yoongi, is also secretly in love with him

Tags: Misunderstanding, Enemy to Lovers, Romance, Mind Reading, Magic Shop, College Au, Urban fantasy, Alice in Wonderland, Group Project, Pining from afar. Humor, Hand Holding. Fluff. Interdimensional Witch Kim Taehyung.
Jimin has many friends, and one enemy. He hates MIn Yoongi so much that he won't call him by name, instead referring to him as 'that evil cat-man' whenever talking about him in converation. "He beat you fair and square," Jungkook says. "It was just a talent show."
Jimin's still sore from his runner up title in last week's, year-end show. "Don't talk about that cat-man in front of me," Jimin hisses. "I don't want to think about him for the whole, entire summer." "He beat me too," Jungkook adds. "I don't hate for it. He's a nice guy."
Yoongi's won the year-end talent show three times in a row. The man is a god at piano playing, and Jimin can't figure out why. Every piece he's written is astounding. But still, Jimin hates him. "It's because he's so fucking cocky about it," Jimin sighs. "How exactly, hyung?"
"During the show," Jimin says, "he winked at me. It was like he knew he was gonna win, and then I had to stand there while they gave him the trophy!" "M-Maybe he had something in his eye," Jungkook defends. "And then after, I tried to shake his hand," Jimin adds. "But he-
"-was so disgusted that he just sped off, leaving me there, looking like a jackass." "Maybe he had somewhere to go," Jungkook laughs. "Like me. I have to get to lunch. I'll see you later." Jimin sighs, trying to get the man out of his mind, while he makes plans for the summer.
They officially have one more week of class. With any luck, Jimin won't bump into the senior and then he'll never have to see him again. Only, Jimin's never been that lucky. On his way back to the dorms, he accidentally crashes into the cat-man, books scattering everywhere.
Jimin's feels like he's bruised his tail bone as he gathers his books. "Watch where you're going!" Yoongi stands there, face flushes, not helping him. "Y-You should watch where you're going." the boy replies, not bothering to look him in the eye. The utter disrespect!
Jimin stands up, fury clouding his senses. "If I can't dance from this, I'm gonna sue you." Yoongi doesn't answer, face tomato red, which Jimin guesses is from anger. The piano player spins around and walks off without another word. How rude. Jimin can not stand that man.
The Junior walks off in the opposite direction, not sure exactly where he's going, when he notices a little bakery that wasn't there before, nestled between two buildings, colored mint green, and a sign above reading, "General Store" Jimin's hit with enticing sweet smells.
After the day he's had, Jimin decides that he deserves a treat. He timidly walks inside. The whole shop is filled with sweets, lollipops, soda, cupcakes and muffins, all the same color, mint green. There's one man at the counter, and he's mint green too, hair and eyes.
His name tag is white with gold letters. "Kim Taehyung." "Hello." the tall, handsome man greets Jimin with a smile. "How can I help you?" "What kind of bakery is this?" Jimin asks. "Everything's the same flavor." "Bakery?" the man replies. "This isn't a bakery."
Jimin's confused. What else could it be? "Candy store?" The man laughs, eyes glimmering almost unnaturally. "This is a Magic Shop, young man." Jimin frowns. "Young man? You don't look older than me." Taehyung tilts his head. "That's true... I don't /look/ older than you."
Jimin sighs, before laughing at himself. What is he getting all worked up for? This bakery is probably themed, where they try to make it more whimsical by forcing the workers to play characters. "So," Taehyung continues. "What would you like? I can tell you've had a bad day."
Jimin nods, "Yea, it's been pretty bad. I bumped into this guy and he was just--" "Ah, don't like him very much?" Taehyung guesses. "And the whole school is in love with him," Jimin adds. "He's nice to everyone but me. It's like it kills him to speak one sentence to me."
"So you want him to speak to you more?" Taehyung wonders, picking up a lollipop. "No," Jimin laughs. "I don't want him near me. I just want to know how he keeps writing that fucking amazing music." Taehyung puts the lolly back. "So you want to know what's in his head?"
Jimin nods. "Yes! Then maybe I can figure out why he's so different towards me too." Taehyung claps his hands together. "I have just the thing." The worker puts one cupcake on a plate and presents it to Jimin. There's a little tag on the thing that reads, 'Eat me.' "Here."
It looks delicious. "Thanks," Jimin says, pulling out his wallet. "How much do I owe you?" Taehyung checks a little book. "A smile." "A smile?" Jimin repeats uncertainly. "So it's free?" Is this guy flirting with him or- "It's not free," Taehyung says. "It costs a smile."
Jimin smiles awkwardly. "There." Taehyung sighs. "That'll have to do. Thank you for your patronage. Run along now." Jimin takes a small bite out of the dessert. It's even better than he imagined. "This is amazing." Taehyungs lips don't move but somehow Jimin hears. "I know."
Jimin convinces himself that the guy's a ventriloquist or something before exiting. He finishes his free cupcake and heads to class, and that's when he hears loud and clear from the man walking next to him, "Nice ass." "Excuse me," Jimin hissed. "What did you just say?"
The man blanches. "Uhhh, I didn't say anything?" Jimin hears other people, whose lips are definitely not moving. 'What's that guys, problem.' and 'He's acting so weird.' The Junior quickly excuses himself. What's happening? He calls Jungkook on his cell, head swirling.
Jungkook appears five minutes later, half a burrito in hand. He sits next to Jimin on the benches. "What's wrong?" Jimin doesn't know how to explain. "I ate this cupcake and now I can hear people's thoughts!" "Ah," Jungkook laughs. "Edibles." "No! It was a magic cupcake!"
"Right," Jungkook continues, not believing him. "I'll take you home." "I can read your thoughts," Jimin says. "You don't believe me." "If you can read my thoughts, what number am I thinking of?" Jungkook asks. Jimin scans his head. "Eighty-five." Jungkook's smile fades.
"T-That was-- yes," he stammers. "I saw this on youtube once. How are you doing it, hyung?" Jimin pinches the bridge of his nose. "It's not a magic trick, Kookie. They gave me a free cupcake and I-- I told him I wanted to know how Yoongi writes his music. Then this happened."
Jungkook still doesn't believe him but-- "Maybe if you go back they can give you something to undo it." That sounds reasonable. "Ah, why didn't I think about that?" But then... he does have this opportunity. "Thanks, I-uh-I should get to class first." Jungkook salutes him.
This is the perfect opportunity to get into Yoongi's head. Jimin beelines for the music building. When he arrives, Yoongi is already there, sitting at his usual spot at the piano. Jimin picks up one of the mics from the bin and sits down a little bit a ways.
There's a group fawning over Yoongi's playing. Jimin hears their thoughts, mostly admiration, some of it vaguely inappropriate. Then he locks eyes with Yoongi and hears the man's first thought. Jimin'd expected it to be something awful, instead- 'He looks so beautiful today.'
Jimin can't believe what he's hearing, his heart beating wildly. 'Come on, Min,' Yoongi thinks. 'Stop looking at him, you're making him uncomfortable. You know he hates you. Nice Job. You're in love with someone who hates you." What? Jimin can't even process it.
With that, Yoongi looks away, focusing on his playing, head filling up with music, but also images of Jimin dancing, the choreography from his last show. "Oh fuck," Jimin whispers. That's where Yoongi's music comes from. It's inspired by Jimin's dancing. What the fuck?
Jimin runs out of the room, chest heaving. He jets out of the building, skipping class altogether. By the time he gets back across campus, his lungs are burning. It was so wrong of him to listen in like that. There's only one problem. The Magic Shop is gone. ~~~ TBC ~~~
AN: If you could have one meal~
Jimin doesn't know what he should do? He can't live like this for the rest of his life. He doesn't want to read people's minds forever. And that's when he sees a note, a mint green envelope propped up against the side of the building, neat script with his name on the face.
Jimin picks the letter up. On the other side, it reads, 'Open me,' which he does, using his nails. There's a message from Taehyung inside. "I'm sorry, I had to close up early. We're having a party in my home universe. I'll be back two days from now at noon,' - Tae.
Jimin can manage two days of this. He just needs to steer clear of Yoongi. It's not fair that he should know the man's feelings before he's ready to say them out loud. But he was never going to. He was never going to admit that he had feelings for Jimin. He'd already given up.
What should Jimin do? It's obvious. It changes nothing. Unless Yoongi says something, Jimin can't do anything, reject or otherwise. He should act as if nothing's different. They're still enemies... or at least very aggravated acquaintances, if that was a thing.
Slowly, Jimin heads back to class. Hopefully, he can still get the main point of the lesson, and the final assignment before period officially ends. "I'll stay out of his head," Jimin whispers to himself, wiping his brow, and trudging along the grass, through the shortcut.
Jimin quietly goes back in, quickly sinking into his seat. No one notices, no one except Yoongi. 'He ran out of here real quick. I'm so worried. What if he sick? He looks pale.' Yoongi wonders. Jimin doesn't react. Why is he concerned anyway? It's not his business.
The Junior focuses on the teacher instead, getting images of the instructor's plans of heavy drinking after class ends. "--will be worth 40% of your grade." Prof. Kim says. "If you fail the final assignment, you will most likely fail the class, even if you have 90 now."
Jimin starts taking notes. "Your presentation should last ten minutes," the teacher continues. "It'll be a collaborative effort, groups of two or more." Jimin scans around, wondering who he should work with. "I've taken the liberty of pairing you all up," Mr. Kim says quickly.
There are groans of protest, and Jimin gets a flurry of curses in his head from the other students. "It's easy to work with a friend," Prof. Kim says loudly. "In the industry, you'll be working with strangers, even people you don't like. You might as well start now."
The professor lists out the groups one by one, and they pair off and disappear. Then finally- Jimin hears Mr. Kim's thoughts loud and clear. 'I'm gonna pair them up. He's in love with this guy, right? The one who hates him. That should be fun.' "Min Yoongi and Park Jimin."
They're the only two left in the room besides the professor. Yoongi stands, face red. "I don't want to work with him." If Jimin couldn't read his mind, he would've been so offended. 'Jimin would be so uncomfortable. I should just ask the professor for another partner.'
"The pairing is final," Prof. Kim says. "You can work together or fail together. Jimin do you have a problem too?" Yoongi sneaks a look at Jimin and thinks. 'He's upset. Fuck! this is all my fault.' Jimin shakes his head. "I'm fine. I'll make it work, Sir." "Good."
With that, Prof. Kim leaves with a big smile on his face. Jimin slowly approaches Yoongi, who turns to greet him. "He's just fucking with us because I told him-" how much I like you. "-something private. I can get him to change his mind. Jin-hyung is kind of a friend."
Now Jimin's faced with a dilemma. Should he work with Yoongi or not? And for what reason. "I-It's fine," Jimin says. "Sometimes you'll work with people you don't want to. Grow up and just do it. You have your phone. I'll give you my number." Yoongi freezes, eyes wide.
'Oh my god, he's giving me his number. Say something! Fuck! I can't think. He's so beautiful up close. You idiot, stop being such a spaz, no wonder he hates you.' Jimin ignores it. "Your phone?" Yoongi clumsily fishes out his cell and hands it over. Jimin enters in his digits.
"When are you free," Jimin asks. "We only have a week to get this done." 'For you... I'm free anytime. Day or night.' "Tomorrow," Yoongi says. "Afternoon." Jimin's cheeks burn, reeling from the difference between the man's soft thoughts and crass words. "Great. I'll text you."
As soon as Jimin gets back to his room, he plops on to his bed. He's so confused. A few minutes later, his roommate, Hoseok comes in, smiling wide. The man's thoughts are unhindered and bright. "You won't believe what happened to me," Jimin says, face pressed into the pillow.
"Did you win the lottery?" Hoseok asks "Prof. Kim paired me with Min Yoongi for our final project," Jimin says. "But that's not all, something else happened, something you won't believe." 'Did he finally confess?' Hoseok thinks. Jimin springs up. How does Hoseok know too?
"What happened?" the redhead asks. "I--uh-- found this really great bakery," Jimin lies. "I'll show you sometime." "So you're not upset about Yoongi?" Hoseok presses. "You hate the guy." "I also need to pass this class," Jimin says. 'Wow.' "That's really mature of you."
Before Jimin can answer, his cell goes off. It's Yoongi. "I should take this," Jimin says. Hoseok salutes him. "I gotta shower anyways. Lemme know how things go, yeah?" "Sure," Jimin says, before putting the cell to his face. "Hello?" "Hey, it's me. I-uh-plans," Yoongi says.
Jimin can't read the older's thought through the phone, which he's grateful for. Though previously he would've hung up on the man for being so reticent, now he doesn't because he knows Yoongi's struggling. "Right?" Jimin coaxes. "Okay? What plans? Explain please?"
"My house?" Yoongi offers. "Tomorrow?" Jimin's stomach flips. He thought they'd meet at a practice room at school. "Why?" "My piano's nicer," Yoongi says. "And my living rooms bigger, you can practice here." Weird Flex, but okay. "Sure," Jimin says. "Text me the address."
Yoongi hangs up without saying goodbye. A minute later a text appears on Jimin's screen. Jimin's frustrated. He understands that Yoongi's nervous, but does the older realize how rude he comes off as. "It doesn't make a difference," Jimin hisses to himself. "You still hate him."
The next day, Jimin's wearing his nice clothes for no reason, as he heads to Yoongi's house on his bike. It's in the nicer part of town, the building sectioned off with a gate and a guard. "Name?" "I'm Park Jimin. I'm here to see Yoongi?" The gate buzzes open a second later.
It's a spectacular building, supercars in the parking lot, expensive motorcycles locked up on the side. Jimin quickly chains up his shoddy bike before beelining for the elevator and pressing it for the seventh floor. He's nervous. But why is he nervous? He shouldn't care.
He rings the doorbell once, and he hears running on the other side. Yoongi answers, dressed casually in his bunny slippers. "H-Hi," the Senior says, gesturing in. Jimin puts his bag down, scanning the area. It's the nicest place he's ever seen. "Where are we practicing?"
'Stay calm, he's just a normal guy. Just cause you've been crushing on him for three years, it doesn't matter. Be cool and show him around.' Yoongi thinks. "The living room is through here," Yoongi says casually leading him inside. It really is bigger than the practice rooms.
Jimin nearly trips, rewinding. Three years? What? "I've kinda been working on a song," Yoongi offers. "You wanna hear it?" "Uhhh." Jimin's face is burning. "Sure." 'I've been writing it for three years, ever since I first saw you. I hope you like it.' Yoongi thinks.
Yoongi sits at the piano. "You can come up with the choreo for it. I think." Then he starts playing, something slow, and lonely. Tears prickle in Jimin's eyes as he listens. What kind of song is this? Why is it so sad? And that's when there's a loud noise near the front door.
Yoongi stops playing and Jimin's heart aches, wishing he'd continue. The front door unlocks, swinging open. "It's my roommate," Yoongi says, before looking up. "I thought you weren't coming back until tomorrow." Jimin turns to greet the stranger, bowing low. "Nice to meet-"
But it's not a stranger. Jimin knows him, the green hair, the green eyes. It's Taehyung, smiling darkly at him. "Oh, Jimin. Nice to see you again." "You know each other?" Yoongi asks. "Intimately," Taehyung says. Jimin can't think. What the fuck is going on? ~~~ TBC ~~~
AN: Taehyung is
'Have they hooked up?' Yoongi thinks. 'Fuck. It's not your business if they have.' Jimin's voice comes out an octave higher than usual. "I've just seen him around campus." "He came into the shop I work at," Taehyung adds. "The Magic Shop." Jimin freezes. Does Yoongi know?
"Right," Yoongi says dubiously. "Gotcha." "Speaking of which," Jimin adds. "Can I talk to you in private for a minute, Taehyung?" The green-eyed man smiles, pointing a long finger upwards. "Why don't you step into my office, Jiminie." "I'll only be a minute," Jimin says.
Yoongi's thoughts aren't really words anymore, just feelings, a wave of protectiveness, a rush of jealousy, and one emotion above it all, sorrow. 'I was too late,' the senior thinks solomly. 'No, I never even had a chance, to begin with.' "Sure," Yoongi answers. "Okay."
Jimin quickly follows Taehyung up the spiraling staircase to the second floor, more like a sectioned off area, really, cozy and small. Taehyung locks the door, before taking a seat at his desk. "So?" "He knows," Jimin says pointedly. Taehyung smiles at that. "Maybe."
"Don't fuck with me," Jimin curses. Taehyung sighs, rolling his eyes. "He knows and he doesn't know. I've told him that I'm a witch and I work at a magic shop, but he doesn't believe me." "You've been playing me since the beginning," Jimin hisses. "Why are you doing this?"
Taehyung smiles. "Because it's fun!" "What?" Jimin says, folding arms, fury making his blood boil. "Why do you think I let a human live with me?" Taehyung adds. "And besides.... unrequited true love, do you know what a powerful ingredient that is? It's so tragically rare."
Jimin doesn't know what to make of that sentence. "Unrequited true love," the Junior repeats. Does that mean Yoongi is his true love? No way! Taehyung has to be lying. "True love. Soulmate, you know?" "I need you to stop this mind reading thing," Jimin hisses. "Right now."
Taehyung frowns. "Any Magic Shop business has to be dealt with on site. Come by tomorrow, I'll help you then." Jimin turns to leave. "Fine." He doesn't believe Taehyung one bit. How does someone even collect 'unrequited true love'? It's impossible. Ridiculous.
Taehyung laughs, throwing his head back, and reading Jimin's mind. "Some times he has nightmares that no one will ever love him. He cries in his sleep and I collect the tears. That's how." Jimin's heart clenches. "You're a monster!" "I know," Tae replies. "Off you go now."
Jimin's knees are jelly as he walks back down the stairs. Yoongi's waiting for him nervously. He has some sheet music in his hands. "I made you a copy," the Senior says. Jimin shakes his head, coming to his senses, before accepting. "W-We should get back to practice."
Yoongi's hands are shaking. 'Something's wrong?' the senior things. 'Jimin's upset. Is it me? What did I do?' Jimin reaches out, placing a hand on Yoongi's shoulder, and Yoongi's head floods with thoughts. 'OH FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK HE'S TOUCHING ME WHAT THE FUCK. STAY CALM-'
"It's a work thing," Jimin says, trying his best to smile. "I don't really know him that well. Let's get back to work, ok?" Yoongi's mind is screaming. 'Fuck, he's so beautiful. He's smiling at me. Why is my heart beating so fast? I should say something! AHHH!" "Ok," he says.
Yoongi goes back to the piano. "It's not really done, yet." Jimin nods. "It's okay, just play what you have." Yoongi smiles softly, looking at the keys fondly. He starts again, the same tune, somber, and slow, growing more beautiful by the second, the last bloom of the summer-
This is how Yoongi sees Jimin, the final flower to bloom and the most beautiful, before everything fades to winter. Jimin's chest hurts. He doesn't deserve it. He's been nothing but awful to Yoongi, just because the guy didn't talk to him, all cause he was jealous.
"Jimin?" Yoongi asks. "Are you alright?" Oh. He's crying. Jimin quickly wipes away a tear. "Uh, yeah, allergies. I have some choreo in mind. Let me try a few moves out while you play." "Sure." Yoongi hums. They practice for the better part of two hours before Jimin's spent.
"I should get going," Jimin says, watching the sunset. 'I don't wanna say goodbye,' Yoongi thinks. 'Practice went by so quickly.' Jimin feels the same.... strangely "Sure, have a safe trip home," Yoongi says, managing a small smile. "Uhhh.... hold on," Jimin pauses. "Wait."
He's suddenly nervous. "Do you want to go get a beer?" Jimin asks. "I know a great bar. It's still early." Yoongi's thoughts are loud. 'OH MY GOD. IS THIS HAPPENING? AM I DREAMING? DID HE JUST ASK ME OUT? NO. WHAT AM I THINKING? HE'S JUST BEING NICE!" "Sure," Yoongi says.
The Senior grabs his jacket on the way out, looking really dapper in a leather bomber. They head down the elevator and Jimin unlocks his bike from the rack. "It looks so outta place here," Jimin comments, looking around at the supercars. "It's pretty close by. We can walk."
"Oh unless you don't mind hitching a ride," he adds, walking his bike towards the exit. Yoongi goes rigid. "I-I don't mind." Jimin hops on, using his leg as leverage, while Yoongi climbs into the seat above the back wheel, hands on Jimin's shoulders, unsteadily.
Yoongi's mind is on repeat now, saying the same four words. 'Is this really happening?' "It's ok, hyung," Jimin says softly. "You can put your arms around my waist. I don't want you to fall." Yoongi nods, doing as he's instructed, brain screaming. 'Ah fuck. I might pass out.'
Jimin peddles, adjusting for the extra weight, laughing internally at Yoongi's thoughts. 'I'm so close to him. He smells really good. Get a hold of yourself, Min. What if he's pranking me. Ah fuck it, I don't even care.' With that, Yoongi presses his cheek to Jimin's back.
When they get to the bar, Jimin orders two pints, carrying their beverages to the back, a nice quiet booth. It's awkward. Yoongi's looking at anywhere but Jimin, slowly sipping his drink. 'I should say something, I can't think of anything. I'm so boring. God, why?'
Jimin's finally got an opportunity to help Yoongi, make up for at least partly what he's done. "So," the Junior says casually. "How long have you been living with Taehyung?" Yoongi counts in his head. "About two years." "So you know him pretty well then?" Jimin asks.
Yoongi shrugs. "He's secretive and a bit eccentric. I mean the guy honestly believes he's an all-powerful interdimensional witch. I don't wanna rain on his parade since he's a pretty decent roomie." "You ever think about moving out?" Jimin says. "I bet the rent's expensive."
Yoongi shakes his head. "I don't pay the rent. I was- I was in a really bad place financially when Tae offered to let me stay with him. We split the bills and groceries." Taehyung didn't mention that part. That's not the picture the witch had painted. "Really? That's generous."
Yoongi smiles, feelings of fondness, brotherly love, respect, all for Tae. "Yeah, and he gave me this tea," Yoongi adds. "I used to have really bad nightmares, and now I don't have them at all. Maybe he really is a witch!" Jimin forces a laugh. That's-- Tae was lying. But why?
The next day, at noon, Jimin marches onto campus, right to the building between buildings. The Magic shop is there again, this time colored completely in a soft, creamy yellow. Taehyung's blonde now, his eyes a bright amber. "Hello, friend," Tae greets him. "Welcome back."
"You lied to me," Jimin hisses. "Why? You were helping him! Why did you let me think that you-" Tae laughs. "I just thought if I played the big bad villain, then you'd be his hero. And I was right!" Jimin flushes, brain short-circuiting. "You-- take this power away!"
Taehyung places a fizzy lemon soda on the table, a straw poking out of it. "Undoing magic is much harder than doing it," Tae says. "This will cost much more than a smile, Park Jimin." Jimin's livid. "I'll pay it." Taehyung tilts his head in amusement. "You can't."
"I don't understand," Jimin hisses. "This costs whatever you love most in the world," Tae huffs. "And you're very simple because what you love most... is yourself." The witch is serious; Jimin can tell. But, he can't just give himself away. He's fucked. ~~~ TBC ~~~
AN: And the sideship is....
"This is not over," Jimin says, point a finger at the man. "I'll be back." Taehyung quirks an eyebrow, so proud, so cocky. "I look forward to it, Jiminie." Jimin spins around and marches off, hands curled into fists. When he's far away enough, he slumps into the nearest bench.
He's lost. He feels powerless. "How dare he make me feel back about loving myself," Jimin hisses. "Loving yourself is a good thing!" Useless tears fall down Jimin's face. The Junior hunches over, his head in his hands, heart heavy. What will he do now? "Jimin?" a voice says.
Jimin slams the breaks on his tears, wiping at them fruitlessly, before looking up. It's Yoongi, concern coloring his features. "A-Are you alright?" 'He's sad,' Yoongi thinks. 'What should I do? I'd do anything to make him feel a little better. Fuck. Who the fuck made him cry?'
Jimin shakes his head. "I'm just stressed. I'll be okay, hyung. I don't wanna make you late. You should go." Yoongi's thoughts are singular and clear. 'I don't wanna let go.' The senior takes the seat next to Jimin, cheeks flushed bright pink. "What's wrong?"
Frustration, anger, disappointment all well up inside. Jimin hunches over again, covering his face, sobbing into his hands. "Who did this to you?" Yoongi asks, sounding more confident then he ever has, and furious. "Tell me." 'I'll fucking kill them for hurting you.'
Jimin shakes his head. "It's my fault, hyung. And now I can't get out of it." Yoongi has a strong urge to hug him, hold him, comfort him, kiss him, but he stays firmly where he is. "If its a problem you can't solve, maybe you can tell someone you trust." 'Me.... trust me.'
Jimin knows he can't tell Yoongi. "I-I trust you, but I can't tell you. It's not really-- I hope you understand." Yoongi's heart skips a beat. "Fuck. I-- he trusts me." "I have to go. Thank you, hyung." Jimin runs off. He knows there's someone who's helped him through things.
Jimin runs all the way to the dorms, dashing into his room. Hoseok, who's always dropped everything to help, is laying on his bed, reading an assigned text. "Hyung," Jimin says, heart beating hard, sweat dripping from his pores. "I need your help. I have to tell you something!"
Jimin spends the better part of an hour explaining the situation. Hoseok doesn't interrupt, even though the most unbelievable parts. "What should I do?" Jimin asks. "So an all-powerful witch wants you to give up what you love most," Hoseok asks. "And you love yourself most."
"Yes!" Jimin confirms. "But if you can read minds," Hoseok asks. "Why don't you just read his mind and figure out what he's planning?" Jimin blinks a few times. "Because... I can only read his mind when he wants me too." "Ah...damn... lemme think," Hoseok huffs. "Hmmmm."
The man's eyes light up, and he slams a fist on to his open palm. "I got it. You should find someone else who will buy the drink for you, someone who loves something trivial." "I--" That's not bad. That's actually brilliant. "I could do it," Hoseok offers. "Show me the way."
"You would do that for me?" Jimin stammers. Hoseok smiles. "Of course, I would." Jimin's stunned. He can't believe how generous Hoseok is. And even more, that Hoseok is so open, trusting him with so little to go on. They head back to the shop, Jimin leading the way.
Taehyung is smiling to himself, humming a lazy song, while reading a magazine. "Back so soon, Jimin. Did you figure it--" Tae begins, before he spots Hoseok there too. The witch's face drops, losing all his cavalier. He seems almost afraid now. "H-Hoseok?"
Hoseok frowns. "Do I know you?" Taehyung shakes his head, visibly shaken. And Jimin knows why. The witch's guard his down, his mind becoming an open book. Out of all the people in the world, in every universe imaginable, Hoseok is Taehyung soulmate, his one true love.
"I want to buy that drink for Jimin," Hoseok says bravely. "Take whatever it is that I love most!" Taehyung seems so much more human than before, eye shining with tears. "I-- what you love most is dancing, if you trade it away, you'll never dance again." Hoseok nods. "Do it."
Jimin's stomach clenches. "What? Wait! No! You can't trade that away. We'll figure something else out!" Hoseok shakes his head, placing a hand on the table. "Give me that drink!" Taehyung doesn't look like he wants to play anymore. "N-No. We're out." "Wait," Jimin pleads.
Hoseok smiles triumphantly. "I knew it. You're secretly a nice guy, aren't you?" Taehyung's brain goes haywire. 'Fuck, he's perfect.' "Get out," Taehyung hisses. "We're closed now." Hoseok points at the man. "We're not leaving until you tell Jimin how he can fix this."
Taehyung's eyes flicker between them, frowning deeply. "You-- all you had to do was be a little less self-centered." Jimin steps back. That's stings. Taehyung's heart splits in two, so sad that he's made a bad impression towards his soulmate. "You're not welcome here anymore!"
With that, the entire store disappears around them, becoming an alleyway once more. Hoseok's stunned. "Holy shit," he says. "He really was magic." Jimin's stomach twists, going over Taehyung's final words. He's not sure what to do. "Hyung? I'm really sorry. I'm so selfish."
Hoseok smiles at him. "You're still figuring yourself out. Besides, I was never gonna really give away my dancing." Jimin explains to Hoseok what happened, as best he can, expecting the older to be furious with him. "Soulmate, huh?" Hoseok replies. "I guess he'll be back then."
"That's it?" Jimin says. "You're not mad?" "Hmmm," Hoseok shrugs. "I mean I just found out my soulmate is a hot as fuck, all-powerful witch. I'll live. How about we grab some dinner and discuss what to do next?" "You're amazing," Jimin manages. "You know that?"
Hoseok laughs, bright and bubbly, so impossibly well adjusted. "Bitch, I know." They head over to the cafeteria, and Jimin treats the older to a huge meal. "So you need to be less selfish," Hoseok says, sitting down. "That was his clue. What do you think he meant?"
Jimin sighs. "I think it's pretty straightforward. I should be less of an asshole. God, it took reading people's minds to realize it." Hoseok pats Jimin's shoulder. "You're dedicated and talented, and focused. You're kind and a little high strung but... ooh I think I got it!"
"I feel like you need to love something else, more than yourself," Hoseok says. "Be less self-centered!" Jimin frowns. "That's-- but I've never been in love. I dunno." Hoseok scratches his chin. "Hmmm, I'll keep thinking, Jiminie." Jimin manages a small smile, and that's when-
-he spots Yoongi sitting alone, across the cafeteria. "Hold on," Jimin says, standing. "I'll be right back." The Junior quickly walks over, plopping down in front of the man before he notices, eyes blinking wide in surprise. "Jimin?" "Hey, hyung."
Yoongi's thoughts run rampant. 'He looks better than before. Did my advice help? I hope so. Fuck, he's sitting with me. Don't panic, Min. Be cool.' "Hey," Yoongi casually says. "You feeling better, Jimin?" Jimin nods, a rush of bravery coursing through him. "Yeah."
"So you figured out your problem?" Yoongi continues. "Kind of," Jimin says. "Listen. I have to tell you something. I want to apologize for how I was. I don't hate you, Yoongi. I was just mad that you won.... but you deserved it. You're an amazing piano player."
Yoongi turns bright red. His brain goes off like a siren, not making sense anymore. "You're an amazing dancer," Yoongi sputters. "I-I only, my piano-- because you dance." Jimin's heart is pounding hard. It's now or never. He needs to be honest, and selfless. "There's more."
Yoongi settles down. "What?" Jimin's head drops. "I know you're gonna think I'm crazy," the Junior says. "But I've been invading your privacy. I'm so sorry. I should've told you right away. I-I can hear your thoughts. I know you're in love with me." ~~~ TBC ~~~
AN: If you could eat one meal~
Yoongi's expression darkens. "W-Who told you?" Jimin blinks a few times. "You did. I read your mind." Yoongi doesn't understand. "So, I was that obvious. Fuck. So you already knew." Jimin sighs. He's not explaining himself right. "No, that's not it. Let me start over."
Yoongi's heart is splitting into pieces. 'Of course, he'd figure it out, Min. Who wouldn't be in love with him? You've prepared yourself for this. Don't cry. It's just a rejection. It's not the end of the world.' "Okay," Jimin begins unsteadily. "I-I-" 'Fuck this hurts.'
"I ate this magic cupcake," Jimin continues. "It gave me powers. I read your mind and that's how I found out." Yoongi frowns, tears spilling out of his eyes. "If you want another partner, you could just ask. Don't make something up. You're starting to sound like, Tae."
Jimin locks eyes with the older. "Taehyung was the one who gave me the cupcake. Please.... you have to believe me." Yoongi's conflicted. He thinks of Taehyung as his brother. "So he was the one who told you! I can't believe he'd meddle in my life like that! Fuck!"
This is going terribly, a train wreck, the Titanic. Jimin bites at his lip. "He was only trying to help you. I think he wanted me to know what was in your head. But I was the one who looked. He never actually told me to. It's my fault." Yoongi still doesn't believe him.
What can Jimin really say to prove it? "I've really been in your head," Jimin continues. "It's a beautiful place. But it was private, and it was wrong to snoop. I know how you see me. And I don't' deserve it. I'm the last bloom of summer. When you play, you think of me."
"Y-You can really read minds," Yoongi stammers. 'Fuck. He knows what a fucking wreck I am?' Jimin reaches out, cupping Yoongi's face. "You're not a wreck. You're one of the sweetest guys I've ever met." He brushes the older's tears away. "And you're beautiful, Min Yoongi."
Jimin's suddenly possessed, feelings taking over. He leans forward and gently kisses Yoongi's forehead. The older deserves so much better, to be taken care of and loved. "I'm sorry for everything," Jimin says. "I'll let the professor know it was my fault." With that, he leaves.
Once he's out of the cafeteria, he loses all composure and runs back the dorm. He flops down on his bed and cries into his pillow. A few minutes later, Hoseok comes in. "What was that about? What happened? I had to put your food in a takeaway box- You're crying!"
Jimin's incoherent, explaining the situation as best he can. "I told him everything. I don't want him to hate me. And then I ran." Hoseok listens patiently, taking a seat beside the bed. And when Jimin's finished. Hoseok, one of the nicest guys ever, says, "YOU FUCKING IDIOT."
"Huh?" is all Jimin manages, shocked. "YOU COLOSSAL DUMBASS!" Hoseok shouts. "Don't you think you should've at least stuck around and heard what he had to say? You just decided everything yourself. YOU CALL HIM RIGHT NOW, PARK JIMIN!" "But-" Jimin protests. "RIGHT NOW!"
The senior's eyes are red, and he stares past Hoseok, locking gazes with Jimin. "C-Can I come in?" Hoseok quickly ushers the man into their dorm, before leaving himself. "Talk this shit out. I'll be back in one hour." The dancer slams the door and stalks off.
Yoongi's quiet, taking a seat. Jimin's not sure what to say. "I'm sorry, I ran," Jimin begins. "I was overwhelmed and I-I don't want you to hate me." "You can read my mind, right?" Yoongi asks. "So how do I feel about you?" "I don't-" "It's okay, you have my permission."
Yoongi's feelings are singular.... and they haven't changed. Though the Junior doesn't understand why. Jimin chokes back a sob. "You still love me." Yoongi offers him a soft smile. "Thank you for telling me the truth. But I'm gonna need the full story. Everything."
He catches all the light in his eyes, every star in the universe. Jimin takes a deep breath and starts from the beginning, every detail he can remember, even reciting Yoongi's thoughts back to him, to his chagrin. And when he's done, he waits for Yoongi's response.
"I'll talk to Tae," Yoongi whispers. "We're gonna fix this, Jimin." But still, Jimin doesn't understand. "Why?" "Hmmm?" Yoongi replies. "Why do you love me?" Jimin whispers. He's not prepared for the flood of images from Yoongi's head, every smile, every jump. Wings.
Yoongi laughs. "You're passionate and-- it's hard to explain, Jimin. But I love you as you are, even your flaws." Jimin's heart skips a beat. Yoongi pulls the Junior to standing, hand warm. "Come on, let's go talk to Tae together. I'm sure he'll change his tune."
They drive over to Yoongi's apartment, quietly. Yoongi's head is filled with Jimin's song, trying out different endings, none of them quite right. When they get to the place, Taehyung's sulking in his room, curled up like a caterpillar in bed. "Go away," Tae hisses.
"I know everything," Yoongi says. "Everything." Taehyung's not impressed. "I've been telling you all along. You just didn't believe me." "You're gonna give Jimin that antidote," Yoongi says, arms folded. Taehyung reaches over and tosses something at them. Jimin catches it.
It's the soda, bottled, mint green. "Take it," Taehyung grumbles. "I don't care anymore." Jimin's relieved and also... a little guilty. "Listen, Tae." "Go away!" "About Hoseok," Jimin continues. Taehyung turns over, eyes bloodshot, frowning. "What about him?"
"You should just talk to him," Jimin offers. "Don't make the same mistake that I did. You didn't make as bad an impression as you think." Taehyung's eyes light up. "Really?" "He thinks you're hot as fuck, apparently," Jimin continues. Taehyung smiles. "Really?"
"I'll leave his number before I go," Jimin says. Taehyung's smiles widen. "Thank you." They close the door, letting Taehyung rest. In the kitchen, Yoongi uses a bottle opener to pop the top off. "Are you sure you want to do this?" Yoongi asks. "No take backs."
"Why wouldn't I?" Jimin asks. Yoongi shrugs. "I'm not exactly the best with my words. It took me three years and my friend ended up telling you everything." Jimin smiles. "In the future, you'll just tell me right?" Yoongi nods. "I promise." Jimin downs the soda.
It tastes amazing, minty and refreshing. And then- "Well?" Yoongi asks. "Can you still hear what I'm thinking?" Jimin tries, focusing hard. It's gone, nothing, blank. "Nope," Jimin says. "It worked!" Yoongi smiles, patting his shoulder, "Great!"
Jimin feels like dancing, jumping for joy. He's elated. "I didn't want my chaotic thoughts affecting your answer," Yoongi says. "My answer?" Jimin repeats, confused. Yoongi nods, staring into his eyes earnestly. "I want to know how you feel about me." Oh... fuck. ~~~ TBC ~~~
An: Thank so much for sticking with this! Much love
"You're really putting me on the spot here," Jimin says. Yoongi flushes. "I-I'm glad you can't read my mind anymore. I'm going crazy. You don't have to tell me right now. But I-I need an answer after finals." The last song. The last dance. "That's fair," Jimin says. "Okay."
Yoongi takes his hand, softly placing a kiss on his palm. "We have a lot of work to do to make up for lost time. Maybe you should stay over tonight." Jimin's stomach fills with heat. "Do you have an ending for that piece yet?" Yoongi shakes his head. "I need some inspiration."
And now Jimin really, really wishes he could read Yoongi's mind. "We should have dinner first before we get to work," Yoongi says. Neither of them had managed to eat at the cafeteria for one reason or another. Now that the truth is out, Jimin realizes he's starving.
Yoongi cooks up some pasta, quick and easy, white sauce with chicken. It's delicious, paired with ginger ale. It's quiet. Jimin realizes how much he'd relied on the mind reading before. It's much hard to navigate now. "So... the project," Yoongi says, cheeks flushing. "Ideas?"
Taehyung comes down the stairs, much more his chipper self, his golden eyes sparkling softly. He sticks out his phone, handing it to Jimin. "Chop chop." It takes a second for Jimin to catch up. He enters Hoseok's number as a new contact. "He likes to be spoiled," Jimin says.
Taehyung smiles brightly. "I know. He is my soulmate after all." Yoongi offers Taehyung some pasta. The witch refuses. "I'm going out, but I have something for you guys instead." Jimin tilts his head. "For us." The witch places a glass butterfly on the table. "Here."
It catches the light, almost glowing from within, its wings a royal blue. "Is this a magic butterfly?" Jimin asks. "Will it give me the ability to fly or something?" Taehyung laughs. "It's not magic, Jimin. But, you will fly." The witch abruptly leaves with a wink.
"Okay, I didn't get that at all," Jimin says. Yoongi, however, smiles wide. "I think I got it." Jimin realizes he now must wait for Yoongi to say his idea out loud, patiently, while the man muses. "This is our project," Yoongi says. "You're the butterfly." Wings.
A rush of images flood Jimin's mind, inspired choreography, delicate wings that help him take flight. "Ohh, I got it," Jimin says. "I have to practice." Yoongi can't get to his piano fast enough, pulling out his sheet music and revising. The two work tirelessly into the night.
It's nearly 3 when the two call it quits, eyelids sticking together. Jimin takes a quick shower, borrowing Yoongi's cookie print pajamas, which are way too big for him. Then comes the daunting task of deciding who should get the bed. "You're my guest, I'll sleep on the floor."
At the risk of sound like a line from a romance novel, Jimin says, "Let's just share the bed." Yoongi flushes, pausing for a full minute, which Jimin now knows is the older's processing time for standard requests. "Okay," the Senior finally says. "S-Sure. Let's do that. Yeah."
Yoongi switches off the light and crawls into bed, curling up against a free pillow. Jimin does the same, resting on his side, setting his alarm for the morning. Even with them both of them in, there's still plenty of space. They could sleep comfortably in separate sections.
And yet- Yoongi sneaks a glance, cheeks flushing, apparent even in the dim, cool light of the moon. "Jimin?" Jimin ignores his own frantic heartbeat. "Hmm?" "If someone told me last week I'd be here, I'd tell them to stop smoking that good shit," Yoongi admits.
Jimin makes a noise something between a cough and a laugh. "Still," Yoongi continues. "It's so much different than I imagined... and harder to let go. So if this doesn't work out and you--" the senior pauses, swallowing hard, "C-Could you hold my hand? Just until I fall asleep?"
Jimin's heart hurts. He reaches out and takes Yoongi's hand, holding onto it tightly, weaving his fingers through. The older sighs contentedly, eyes sliding shut, smiling gently. "Thank you, Jimin." And like that, they fall asleep, Jimin never letting go.
The days pass by quickly, winding down to their performance. On the night of, the whole school is there, probably for Yoongi, just to hear him play. Prof. Kim is in the front row, wearing glasses that he doesn't need, a clipboard in hand. He calls off the names one by one.
Jimin sits backstage, wearing a tracksuit over his costume. Yoongi's nervous, having changed the ending of the song just half an hour ago. Jimin has no idea what he'll be dancing too, even though his choreo is done. And that's when Jin calls their name to end the show.
Jimin's drowning in his nerves and he realizes, as quiet and steady as Yoongi appears, he's freaking out too. The Junior takes Yoongi's face into his hands, pressing their foreheads together. "We can do this. We're gonna be great." "What if I fuck up?" Yoongi asks.
"Keep your eyes on me," Jimin whispers. "Forget about them." They walk out onto stage hand-in-hand to applause. "Our project is about change," Yoongi says. "Metamorphasis." "To begin as something fragile and small, and to bloom into something beautiful," Jimin continues.
This is Jimin's story on a personal level. He'd begun this week in a completely different mindset, petty, angry, jealous. He's become more compassionate, empathetic, understanding. He really is the butterfly. Yoongi takes his seat at the piano, nodding to Jimin.
The Junior sheds his tracksuit, throwing it off to the side, reveal a glimmering blue bodice, hundreds of gems sewn into the fabric. He curls up, as the song begins, slow and somber, and sad. The spotlight on him is weak at first, growing as he does.
Jimin times his first jump to the music, as Yoongi plays the first set of chords. He keeps his arms at his waist, landing with a spin. As the music blooms, he does as well, throwing his hands out to reveal a set of glorious royal blue wings, fluttering in the breeze.
Jimin briefly looks over at Yoongi. The senior's watching him intensely, him and him only. Jimin leaps high into the air. For a moment, he's completely untethered to the earth, totally free. And now for the part that Yoongi changed in the song.
Jimin's muscles are starting to ache, his body catching up with his mind. He jumps once more, unbounded from flower to flower. Yoongi's music is softer than before, not as jaunty as originally planned, a feeling of falling... of falling in love. And then for the final jump~
With enormous effort, Jimin leaps into the air, landing perfectly on one foot. And then it's over, the last wave of notes, dying off to the silence. Jimin gasps for air, completely spent, and then the tears well up in his eyes and he sinks to the ground. The spotlight closes.
It's followed by thunderous applause, people jumping out of their seats, giving him a standing ovation, throwing flowers on the stage. Yoongi rushes to him, wrapping an arm around him. "Jimin, are you alright?" Jimin nods. "I get it now." "Jimin?" Yoongi repeats uncertainly.
"You're the flower, hyung," Jimin explains. "You're the last flower of the summer, the one I'm supposed to be with." Yoongi flushes, watching him carefully. "What are you saying?" "You wanted my answer after the final," Jimin says. "And here it is.... I want to be with you."
"You do?" Yoongi says, eyes tearing up. "Tae told me that you were my soulmate," Jimin says. "I didn't believe him... but he was telling the truth. I love you. I'm sorry you had to wait so long for me to find you." Yoongi laughs. "I would've waited forever, you know?"
Jimin giggles through his tears. "I know." With that, he leans in capturing Yoongi's lips, tasting so sweet. Warmth blooms in his chest, heart singing. "Well!" Prof. Kim says loudly. "I have to say that was the best performance I've ever seen. Nice kiss too."
They fly apart, suddenly remembering that they have an audience. The professor smiles smugly. "You guys pass with an A. Nice work." Jimin bows one final time and the two walk off the stage, sneaking in another kiss on the way. The Junior's never been this happy.
They leave the building, having finished the school year with a bang, hand-in-hand. Jimin knows he won't ever let go, chest puffed out in pride. Yoongi is his soulmate, his fellow adventurer, and they have so many things to come, magical or otherwise. ~~~ FIN ~~~
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