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K is a DREAMER☕︎ 🖤🤍

K is a DREAMER☕︎ 🖤🤍

Mar 30, 2019
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kissed him in purpose!" it was not a question. JK tried to think and reason out but his hyung beat him to it again. "You broke inside his room knowing that he's there to see how he looks like and when you know that you don't stand a chance, you kissed him so you'll be

punished,hoping that Namjoon will exile you!" Jk was stunned. He immediately kneeled down in front of his hyung upon realizing his mistake. "My life is for you to take your majesty. I don't deserve your forgiveness."he said with a shaking voice. He's really very sorry this time.
"Your life isn't mine to take the moment you laid your hand on that Prince! You know that! And I swear to effing heavens my little brother, if Namjoon decides to ask for your head, I can't promise that I could save you this time." the King with exasperated voice.
JK realized the weight of his sin the moment he heard his hyung said those words so he decided to keep quiet and silently excuse himself. HE knows he f*cked up bigtime. So he just went to his own chamber, grabbed his journal and turned to the next available page as he write...
"Beautiful" then carefully close the journal he's been taking care of for 14 years. HE knows he's in big trouble but there's something in his heart that tells him that everything will turn out just fine. AS long as he knows where his home is. He's still in deep thought when
he saw a message in his phone. "The Cat is Away" HE would probably smile and celebrate if he receives that message on any other day, but this time, it makes him nervous. "Where the hell is the King going in the middle of the night?!" Jk asked himself as he look at his window!
Yoongi knows that it's not a good idea to leave the palace now. He doesn't even talk to Namjoon about his brother's punishment yet. But he trusts his bestfriend, he knows that he'll never kill Jk unless it's Prince V's will. But again, Yoongi is very good in reading people's mind
He knows that the youngest of the Kims is too kind to ask for a punishment that will require them to shed some blood or life! So he doesn't know why he's now driving his Rolls Royce Phantom VI. He knows how risky it is to roam around outside their kingdom but he feels like he
needed a fresh air. He needs a space from his brother before he could hurt him again. That's right, if there's one thing he regrets the most from everything that happened to his trip to the House of Kims is the fact that he broke his own brother's nose!
Yoongi keeps driving when he recognized a few cars following him. Of course the palace guards will never let him drive alone. When he noticed that the guards are keeping a safe distance from him, he just let them follow him around, until they reach The Pavillion!
Of course he knows that The Pavillion is one of the 5star hotel owned by the Parks. So he doesn't wanna create a chaos when he suddenly pops in. The people working there would probably recognize him, so he passed by the hotel and drove through the city of Seoul.
He passed by SNU and an idea suddenly hits the King.He open his dashboard to check if his emergency mobile phone is still there. when he saw the phone,he smiled and immediately dial the only person he knows in Seoul. "Hoseok! " he almost yelled the moment the other picked it up
Hoseok knows it's Yoongi's voice, but he's hesitant to answer because why on Earth would Yoongi call him in the middle of the night? and since when Yoongi learned to use a phone? But he was convinced that it's the real King the moment he heard the next line.
"Goddamn it Jung Hoseok! It's me, and yes I used this fucking mobile phone for emergency to call you because I have nowhere to go! So get your flat ass here so I could finally borrow your bed for a night or else I'm gonna ask prince Jk to break in your room and expose your stash
of gay porn!" Hoseok almost choke upon hearing the last line of the King. "uhhh, your highness, that's very not so King?" he said jokingly as he started his car to meet the king. "Just get yourself here Hoseokah!" the King said before ending the call.
*** Yoongi knows that there are royalty members who are trying to live a simple life in Seoul. He knows that his good friend Jung Hoseok is one of them. And he also know someone else who turned his back from the royal life to live a life here in this noisy city!
Yoongi is still in deep thoughts when he saw an unfamiliar car pulling over beside his car. He's now currently watching the silent crippling of water in the Han River. It's almost 4 in the morning so there's no one in there. "Your highness," Hoseok geeted him.
"Fucking finally!" Yoongi said as he followed the professor in his own car. The King decided to abandon his Rolls Royce to avoid extra attention from the commoner. He knows that his guards will take care of it anyway. "You drove your own this time" it's not a question.
"I needed a fresh air!" Yoongi tried to avert his gaze from Hoseok who can easily read his thoughts. "You needed a fresh air so you risked the head of the King of House of Min, also known as the General Commander of the Commission of Defense of the whole Kingdom. Wise!"
Yoongi knows that there's no point of denying or hiding it. Hoseok is too smart for this bullsh*t! "JK made a mess in the kingdom." he started trying to avoid the main reason of his sudden exploration. "A mess that Namjoon can easily get fix." Hoseok again.
"Damn it Hoseok, give me some slack!" the King slumped in the passenger seat as he keeps playing with the car window. "I am not saying anything your highness. I would never---" "I miss him" the King cut him off. it's just a whisper but Hoseok knows the weight of those words.
The two didn't talk after that. Hoseok guided the king to his penthouse so they could finally rest, but the Yoongi refuse to take his friend's bedroom. "I'm not gonna sleep in your bedroom Jung Hoseok." he said with his serious voice. "Omg! I can't believe this. Your highness,
I'm not gonna jumped in you while you're sleeping." Hoseok playfully told him. Yoongi shook his head and walked to the next room which is luckily an unused guest room. "I'm going to use this room Hoseokah, thank you very much for coming to my aid" he sincerely thank him.
Hoseok smiled when the King finally closed the door. He thought how Yoongi remained conservative through the years. He knows how the King never wanted to share a bedroom with anyone unless it's the one who he could marry. and they both know that there's only one person he likes
to share his life with, but the said person is too prideful to accept his fate. Hoseok turned off the light and went back to his own room when he realized something. He knows that he might lose his head if things go wrong, but if this will be a chance for the lonely King to be
happy, then he will risk it all. The professor dialed some numbers before he finally close his eyes and fall into sleep with a sweet smile on his lips!
THE PAVILION When Jimin announced that he’s hosting a party at the Pavilion, he knows people will surely come for free food,drink & probably sex! The young heir shook his head at the last thought remembering how he often avoid that kind of situation whenever he throws a party!
The truth is, he’s not excited at all. He doesn’t really like to party because first, he hates noise & clutters. He also hates every Dj he hired in the past because they couldn’t seem to produce a high quality music for his rave parties! But he needs distraction, so he did it!
As the people started to pile up outside the venue of his party, he gots bored. He knows no one in this party and the only two people he probably know haven’t showed up yet. So he decided to call Jungkook just to check if they are coming or not so he could leave his own party!
Jungkook immediately answered the phone when he saw who it was and informed him that despite of him and his bestfriend’s feud, he managed to convince the latter to attend. The boy with a raven hair look at himself at the mirror one more time before he finally went out.
Both Taehyung & Jungkook freeze when they saw each other! “Holy sh*t, Gukkie! Look at you!” Taehyung said while checking out his best friend. “Look who’s talking” Jungkook replied as he rolled his eyes. The two excitedly went inside their car as they drive to the Pavilion!
*** Yoongi started to doubt Hoseok when he noticed that they are going to the Pavilion's way. "You are not bringing me to the place where I'm thinking you're going,Jung Hoseok" a warning in the King's voice. "You said you wanted to relax, then I'll help you relax your higness.
"This is The Pavilion!" Yoongi said still a hint of warning in his voice. "Exactly!" "So what are we doing here?!" Yoongi asked but his eyes are already roaming around the place. "One of my students are throwing a party tonight, a masquerade party to be exact and he is in need
of a genius Dj who will beat the music tonight!" Hoseok said with a glint of excitement in his voice. He knows that this is very risky for the king, he knows that there's no room for mistake tonight, he's nervous but too excited for his friend. He knows how Yoongi loves music!
He took the masks he ordered and gave it to the King. "You have to wear this and promise me you'll never take it off your highness" he plead, still hoping Yoongi will agree with him. Yoongi look at him before he grab the mask. "Make sure you'll come back to pick me up later
my fairy-god-father!" the King said as he put on the mask. He got off the car and almost bumped into two gentlemen when he noticed the entrance of the Pavilion. There he was in his shining glory, Park Jimin, the only man he loves. The King almost tripped on his own feet when
Jimin waved at his direction. He almost wave back at him when he realized that he's probably waving at the two gentlemen walking beside him. So tried to act cool and walked passed through the beautiful male who's now smiling at the two lucky human beings.
Yoongi thought that the host of tonight's party will just ignore him, so imagine his surprise when Jimin himself called unto him. "Hey! you!" the short with a silver hair called out. He stops walking. "Are you hear for the party?" Jimin asked still carefully watching the man
with a golden mask. The guy nodded. "I hope you enjoy the night" he finally said as he welcome Jungkook and Taehyung who obviously prepared a lot for this party. Yoongi look back one more time before he proceed to the Dj's cave for tonight.
Jimin shook his head one more time. He must be really bored to think that one of the Kings of Bangtania will be out unguarded here wearing some cheap clothes and masks to attend his party. "No, that's the craziest thing you've thought Park Jimin" he said ti himself.
"Good thing that u know how crazy you always think Park!" Taehyung greeted him. Since he's still a bit dazed of the thought that just crossed his mind, he just gave his frenemy a tiny smile as he shifts his attention to Jungkook. "Jeon Jungkook?! Wow! Is that really you?"
Jungkook gave him a playful nudge as they walk inside the Pavilion. Everyone is already having fun, and the first thing Jimin noticed is how the music has changed into more upbeat one! Now the night is getting better. With a Jeon who looks like a snack, the young heir couldnt
help but smile now. "Taehyungie, didn't you say Jungkook isn't your boyfriend?" he asked the male who's still gaping at the things he saw in the party venue. "Ah, y-yes, he's my best friend!" Taheyung didn't know why he suddenly stuttered. "Then, you wouldn't mind if he'll be
my date tonight, right?" Jimin asked, as he already cling his other arm to Jungkook's muscular arm. "Well, that depends on Gukkie" Taehyung said after some time of consideration. Of course, he minds! He hates to share his best friend. But if Jungkook wants it, then so be it!
Taehyung can't look at his best friend. He doesn't trust himself around Jungkook lately that's why he agreed when Jimin asked Jungkook to be his date for tonight. He doesn't know what's going on with his stomach and heart, but he's too afraid to discover it now.
Jungkook looks at his beautiful best friend who's now very eager to leave & explore the place so he just nodded when Jimin asked him to be his date.Besides, he knows Jimin doesn't really like him as a man. He knows that Jimin is just being so clingy to him to provoke Taehyung.
Taehyung feels like something inside him broke the moment Jungkook agreed to be Jimin's date. But he doesn't wanna ruin the night and waste their efforts dolling up so instead of pouting and whining that his best friend was stolen to him by a garden gnome, he just decided to grab
his drink. He was sitting at the bar enjoying his Strawberry Mojito, the only drink he's allowed to drink according to his personal body guard who is now stolen from him. ANyway, the young art major look around as he listen to the music & he suddenly gasped when he saw the Dj
took off his mask. "King Yoongi," he mouthed as he watched the Dj put back his golden mask. Taehyung just had a single sip from his drink, & he could say that he knows by his heart how all the 4 kings of Bangtania looks like! And that Dj right there is Min Yoongi!
Yoongi on the other hand, tried to act it cool when he noticed the beautiful male at the bar watching him. HE almost dropped his masked when he realized that the said male probably recognized him based on his body language. The said male is wearing his mask so he cant be sure.
AS much as Yoongi is enjoying what he's doing, he knows that he needs to cut the night so short. He doesn't want to make a scene once the man started to tell everyone that one of the Kings is in the party. So he just finished his last set of music before he finally walked out
of the party. He still memorizes the ins and outs of the Pavilion so it's not hard for him to reach the garden at the back. The King mentally congratulated himself as he successfully managed to reach his destination. What he didn't know is, there's already someone in there!
Jungkook has been looking for Taehyung for minutes now. After few exchange of drinks with Jimin, the dance major confessed to him that he just threw this party because he just missed his family and that he just got bored. After that, he just left Jungkook without a word.
After more minutes of stumbling upon drunk bodies, Jungkook finally found his best friend at the bar. He's not wearing his mask anymore so Jungkook can clearly see how he smiles at the bartender who is obviously flirting with his now drunk best friend.
Jungkook closed the gap between him and his bestfriend and just right in time, the bartender got a little too touchy. “Don’t you dare f*cking lay your filthy hands on him.” he gritted through his teeth. The bartender looks at him with wide eyes. He couldn’t believe it!
Standing in front of him is no other than the Crowned Prince of Min. He looks a bit different,because of the hair colour but aside feom that, he’s sure it’s the prince. He knows he’s screwed! “I-im sorry your highness, please forgive me. I am begging you, please spare—“ “Woah!”
“Wait a minute dude! U dont have to! I mean, i just dont anyone touching my Taehyung so back off!” Jungkook cut the weird bartender who started calling him, what?! “Your higness my ass!” he said before turning to face Taehyung who’s now on the verge of falling from his seat.
“Tae...”he nudge him, but there’s no reply. When Jungkook look at his face, he froze. The long black hair of the beautiful boy is covering almost half of his face so he gently move away the hair before he wrap his other arm around the other’s waist. “Tae, let’s go home.”
When Taehyung is still unresponsive, Jungkook sigh. He knows that his bestfriend is a lightweight so he’s wondering why would he drink that much! He wanted ro ask him questions but he thought that he can ask him that later. “Okay, I’ll carry you now Tae” he said again before
scooping his bestfriend as he carry him, bridal style. “Istg, Kim Taehyung next time that we go on a party like this, you are not going to drink anything anymore!” he said with a smile on his lips when he saw that his big baby is pouting on his sleep.
Jungkook has no other choice but to put Taehyung down when they reached their car. Good thing that Taehyung finally wake up, but still tipsy. “Gukkie..why are we here already? U know i need to get the cute guy’s number inside” he’s pouting as Jungkook put on his seat belt.
“Cute boy? Who are u calling cute Tae? That pervert on the bar who’s about to—“ Jungkook wasn’t able to finish when he was cut off. “He wouldn’t have able to touch me in the firt place if you didn’t ditch me in exchange of that garden gnome” he said with his blurry words.
“G-garden gnome? Wtf, Tae did u just call Chim a garden gnome?” he’s cackling! When he saw him still pouting, he knows that he really made him upset. “I’m sorry Tae, I just thought u wanna get rid of me tonight so u could score a date? he said holding his hand.
“But you’re the one I’d like to date tonight! I dolled up because I wanna look pwetty for Jungkookie tonight.” SILENCE. Taehyung knows what he just said. He knows he mean it. But he’s not sure if he wants his bestfriend know about it, so he keep quiet & waited for a reaction.
Jungkook wanna combust when he heard the word! He’s not just sure if he wants to combust of happiness or he just want the ground to swallow him now because Taehyung might just said that because he’s drunk! Yeah, that might have been just a slipped up for Taehyung. So he doesn’t
know why did he reply like that. “But you are always the prettiest for Jungkookie.”he said without looking at the tipsy man beside him. Jungkook is beyond nervous, he doesn’t want to lose his best friend so he waited for his reaction too.Minutes later, he heard his soft snores.
He smile to himself as he hold Taehyung’s hand on his free hand. “You’re always the prettiest one for me Taehyungie. I am sure no one in this world will be as pretty as you.” he whispered as he bring the soft hand to his lips then continue to drive them back home.
The two drove back home safely. Jungkook gently tuck Taehyung in his bed before he went to the bathroom to freshen himself. And as he’s changing his clothes, he suddenly remembers Jimin who seems so strange. At first he was too clingy,then after staring at the Dj playing on his
own party, his rich friend just told him he’s bored and wanted to rest. Jimin even told him that he needs to find Tae before someone else does. He really doesn’t have any idea what’s gotten to his friend but he’s hoping the other is alright. Besides, he owes him tonight.
*** It has been two days ago since the Strange Party in The Pavillion. There are lots of gossip going around, and one of those is the Prince of House of Min being seen in the event. Min Yoongi scoffed at that news because he knows that Jk was sulking at home that night!
If there’s one thing he’s very grateful about is the fact that no one has seen him. No one except the beautiful man he spent the night with. The same beautiful man who owns his heart and soul. Min Yoongi’s still in his deep thought when he heard one of his attendants informing
him that kim Seokjin has just arrived to the House of Min. The King isn’t sure if he’ll be happy about this visit because he knows that Seokjin came not to chat, but to ask for Jk’s head! He’s hoping he’s wrong this time.
Seokjin look around the House of Min.. everything screams of luxury and power. He admires every details in the place despite the fact that he despise dark colours. He was about to lift one of the figurines he found on the center table of the living room when he saw the King.
“What a pleasant surprise to see you here Seokjin Hyung,”Yoongi greeted the beautiful man who’s now smiling back at him. “It’s always my pressure to visit your prestigious House,your majesty.” he said as he bow to the King. The two were both surprise when they saw Jk joined em.
"Welcome to the House of Min, Consort Kim Seokjin." Prince Jk politely greeted the King's lover. Both Yoongi and Seokjin smiled at the gesture. "Well, it's nice to see you too Prince Jk. I assume you were already informed of the reason I'm here today." Seokjin hates
beating around the bush so he immediately informed them the real reason of his abrupt visit. The King gestured them to sit down as the attendant brought their snack. Seokjin smiled when he noticed the prince's pale face. He knows that the youngest is really nervous knowing what
he did a few days ago in the House of Kim. He is about to tease him more when he heard the young Prince again. "With all due respect sir, how is he?" the prince with magenta hair asked. Jk knows how upset Prince V was when they left so he thought that it's just right to ask.
Seokjin glanced at Yoongi first before he look at the waiting Prince. "Well, he's doing fine now since I brought him some presents from the outside. After the "incident" where you were involved, he's been so difficult. He kept crying because according to him, you stole his first
kiss and that's unforgivable. You know that a kiss is shared only by married couple and you and my little brother is clearly aren't married yet!" Seokjin explains without noticing the King's sudden discomfort in front of him. He's too concentrated to Jk so he didn't see the King
trying to even our his breathing when Seokjin talked about sharing a kiss of "unmarried couple" as taboo. "Anyway, since you both know that you are bound to get married at the right time, Namjoon can't just behead you. So your life is safe, thanks to the kingdom's decree."
Seokjin almost laugh when he saw Jungkook finally let go of the air he didn't notice the youngest was holding in. Yoongi was about to comment when Seokjin decided to drop the bomb. "Namjoon will spare your life but Prince V wants to punish you for what you've done."
Jk suddenly feels so hot. HE doesn't know what to feel. So when Seokjin announced what would be his punishment, he wasn't able to comprehend it immediately. "w-wait, what? sorry but, may I beg your pardon?" Jk asked, his doe eyes widened. "You heard it right dearest Prince Jk,
Prince V wants you to serve him in the HOuse of Kim until your actual wedding day." SEokjin tried to maintain his serious face, but the moment Yoongi started to laugh beside him, the oldest lost it! "Yah, Min Yoongi why are you laughing?" he asked still can't stop laughing too.
Prince Jk couldn't feel his own heartbeat. He looks at the two laughing men in front of him as if they're madmen! "S-serve him?" he asked trying to make things clear in his head coz, Prince V cannot possibly mean to enslave him, right?! Right! Seokjin gave him a pitiful look.
K is a DREAMER☕︎ 🖤🤍

K is a DREAMER☕︎ 🖤🤍

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