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li⁷ | pls read pinned 😊

li⁷ | pls read pinned 😊

Mar 30, 2019
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april 6th, 2018.
you’ve been sitting down in front of me for hours, yet i just noticed that the tufts of hair under the grey cap you’re wearing are colored chesnut brown instead of the black i remember seeing beyond a year ago.
it’s insignificant, though, because your hair color changes in only three different shades: brown, very dark brown, and black. the cherry red you were sporting a few months ago doesn’t even feel real because you insisted to dye your locks back to dark.
doesn’t matter what shade your hair is, actually, because all i can focus on is the way your eyes seem to twinkle more than they usually do, a little brighter despite the scary leather jacket you’re wearing. it’s a crime, you know, to be a paradox like that.
what tugs at my hearstrings is that the playful glint you normally have along with the grin you’re displaying to me right now is gone, and in its place, i only see genuine happiness and adoration pouring out like honey out of your eyes. it’s a bit unsettling, in a good way.
“take a picture, it’ll last longer.” your tone is uncharacteristically soft, completely void of the teasing lilt that seemingly never even leaves your mouth. your grin dims to an even softer smile, making my heart clench because the softness is making me breathless.
i continue gazing into your eyes though, disregarding your sentence as the lights behind you blur to colorful orbs dancing around the corner of my eyes. their glow reflects on your eyes, tiny specks of white and warm orange tinting the roundness of them.
i don’t know what goes on in your head, but your teeth make a reappearance as you stretch your lips to form a smile not unlike the one before, and tears prick the back of my eyes as you stare at me like i’m your everything and more.
maybe i am your everything maybe you are my everything i don’t know, but i know that no matter what, i’ll love you all the same.
sunday, march 31st 2019. 02.22 am.
li⁷ | pls read pinned 😊
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