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werewolf/vampire jeongcheol au! Yoon Jeonghan was running away from his crime as a red eyed man, with fangs. So much so he crosses the border. The one that divides vampires to wolves. From there he meets, Choi Seungcheol a werewolf and head alpha of the pack.

DISCLAIMER ⚠️ - purely fictional, do not take it seriously ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ - TRIGGER WARNING 🔞 - RATED M 🔞 - Quote rt to comment 👋 - Enjoy!
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A/N: Enjoy the update! 💖
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"Give me back my son" Seungcheol growls as he hears it from the wolf's lips. Seokmin was his pup now, there was no fucking way that this wolf was going to take back what's his now. "And what? so you can kill the last one?" The father smiles, surprised that Seungcheol knows.
"And if I tell you yes? What would you do?" "I know you better than yourself, Hoseok" Lee Hoseok. An alpha that Seungcheol would never imagined to cross paths with. He heard about his pack, They practiced abuse to omegas and to their children.
"Oh really? What have you heard?" "Lots and lots of things, bad things" Hoseok smirks at this and cocks his head to the side. "Are you sure? I'm sure that thing behind you has done way more worse things" He can feel that Jeonghan stiffen behind him but he isn't backing down.
"What do you even fucking know about doing worse things? I'm sure you have become an expert at those?" Seungcheol's voice got deeper ad Jeonghan can feel that this argument was going to turn bloody. Infact, the bloodiest he has ever seen.
"Is that all you can say? When infact you are defending murderers" Jisoo hid behind Mingyu as Hoseok kept talking. He knows this wasn't his fight but he can't help but his blood was boiling at this point. "We don't want trouble" Mingyu says infront of him.
Hoseok laughs, allowing the other wolves to howl in laughter. "You have my son, that is trouble for me" Minghao only holds Seokmin behind him, gripping his hand. "You abused your omega and your children, that's the bigger problem" Seungcheol says and Hoseok raises his brow.
"Stop digging aorund the grave we all know that's tradition-" "Fuck your tradition then, you just have a big ego to feed that's why you kill" Hoseok only rolls his eyes at Soonyoung's statement. "You would too if that little mate of yours gives birth" Soonyoung growls.
"Don't fucking talk to my mate-" "You know Soonyoung, I think it would be better to leave your mate. Children are a fucking drag and your mate is just extra baggage-" Soonyoung couldn't take it anymore. He lays down his mate and instantly turns to wolf form.
"ATTACK!" All wolves turned ballistic. Trying to claw each other's napre, trying to peel off the skin and just go crazy. Seungcheol reached Hoseok's neck, biting into it and the wolf growls, kicking him in the stomach.
"SEOKMIN!" Jeonghan screams out, grabbing the pup and started running to the mountain, with Jisoo helping a pregnant Jihoon who couldn't leave his mate. It was either Soonyoung or death. "W-Wait! Jisoo, I need to-" "Come on Jihoon. We need to run!"
Jihoon couldn't. He watches blood just splash on the ground. Bits of fur everywhere. He watches his mate fight. How his mate suddenly got blood drenched, trying to kill the wolf he was fighting with. Jihoon has never seen his mate like this. And it was scary.
But he wasn't going to leave his mate behind, not after they are going to have a child together. He wiggles out of Jisoo's hold successfully. "Jihoon!" He doesn't care anymore. He shifts into his wolf form and pounces on the wolf Soonyoung was fighting.
He bites into the nape, he digs his paws into the ground making him lie on top of the wolf and bites harder. The wolf growls, even howls asking for help but his other members were busy. He looks up, his vision getting darker and he sees Soonyoung.
The wold whimpers for mercy but it doesn't stop the alpha as he bites into the throat and proceeds to rip off the head. Blood spills everywhere, The wolves head thrown agaist the feet of Hoseok who was fighting Seungcheol.
"FUCK!" Hoseok thinks as he licks his lips, looking down on the head of his member. Seungcheol pounces on him again but Hoseok sees this and throws him to a tree. "YOU LITTLE FUCKER!" Hoseok growls at him and Seungcheol looks up to see Hoseok running towards him.
"I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!" Seungcheol widened his eyes and before Hoseok could even get to him, someone already did. Jeonghan jumps on Hoseok, with fangs out and bites into the neck, ripping the skin apart.
Seungcheol watches how Jeonghan rips Hoseok apart. He claws his way to the throat, pulling out every single vein in Hoseok's body. He scratches on the stomach, even if Hoseok wasn't responding anymore.
Jeonghan made sure that Hoseok was just blood and pieces of body. He made sure that he ripped him apart. No one was going to tear his family apart even if it's Seokmin's father. At last, he rips the head out of the body and smirks at it. "Fucker" He throws it somewhere.
Mingyu was having a rough time. The wolf was too strong for him and he already had several cuts on his back and stomach. He tries to claw him again and received another cut to his face. He knows he can't win this fight without help. And what help he got in a blink of an eye.
In a blink of an eye, Jisoo in his fox form was already growling at the wolf who didn't think anything of it. Mingyu and Jisoo looked at each other for a split second and Jisoo nods at him. He was distracting the wolf.
"Come on, you bastard" Jisoo growls, stepping back as he lures the wolf closer to him until Mingyu was out of sight. The wolf was getting brave. He even howls in laughter as Jisoo tried to claw him but failed and then pushes down the fox who whimpers.
The wolf soon gets cocky even licking Jisoo's head as if he as his mate but doesn't notice and was too late to realize that Mingyu claws his open, digging through it. Jisoo pushes off the dead wolf off of him, feeling disgusted but Mingyu licks him clean.
Minghao growls and kicks the wolf in the stomach to try and get off of him. The enemy may be on the thinner side but he was quick. Quicker than Minghao if that was possible. The wolf howls in laughter as Minghao tries to bite him but it was no use.
Suddenly a rock was thrown at the wolf's head, a big one that cause him to loose his balance. Minghao looks up to see Seokmin in his human form holding two giant rocks that was heavier than himself. He widened his eyes as Seokmin throws another rock at the wolf's head.
Minghao stopped it before Seokmin could even throw the last rock. He runs up to him and pulls off the rock using his mouth and throws it somewhere. The wolf was dead and that was all he cared about now.
Seokmin whines and looks at Minghao. He didn’t know what he even did wrong. He was just trying to help yet Mighao stopped him. “But-“ Minghao shakes his head and licks Seokmin’s face for an apology. He was going to show his mate the peaceful world from now on.
“Hao! Seok!” Jeonghan calls out and widened his eyes as he sees a dead wolf on the ground, several hits on the head. He looks up and he sees that Minghao was teaching Seokmin that killing was bad, that killing other wolves were bad unless for hunts.
He can already see that Seokmin wasn’t they type to kill anybody and to be honest, Jeonghan liked that. It showed how pure Seokmin was and now that he will have a mate like Minghao, he was sure that Seokmin was going to have a beautiful future.
“What are you thinking?” Seungcheol asked him, in his human form and Jeonghan looks at him with a smile. “Just out baby, growing up way too fast” Jeonghan says, feeling his heart flutter. They were going to be alright.
“Do you think they could have done this?” “Who?” “Them” Junhui whispers to Wonwoo, watching how his assistants and guards clean up the mess of dead wolves. Wonwoo looks at him with a nod. “They are probably happy somewhere now, let’s just leave them alone”
- Fast forward - “It’s not fair!” He knows very well that he was being a brat and right now he doesn’t even care anymore. Minghao raises his brow at Seokmin, not wanting this behavior any longer. “I’m sorry but I can’t-“ “Why won’t you mate with me?”
“You aren’t ready yet-“ “Bullshit, Minghao! I already presented! I am a omega!” Seokmin glares at him. Minghao rolls his eyes. But before he could even say anything, Seokmin was already storming off to their shared house leaving Mighao alone in the woods.
It’s just wasn’t fair at all. Seokmin had presented years ago (He was exaggerating it was only a few months ago) but Minghao wouldn’t mate with him. He already imprinted on him and yet Minghao still denies him? He storms into his small bedroom and roughly closes the door.
“Stupid alpha and his stupid face and his stupid wolf and his stupid-“ “Yep, keep doing that to your mate” Seokmin widened his eyes as he sees Jeonghan standing by the doorway, smiling at him. “Papa” Seokmin whispers, blushing madly from embarrassment.
“I heard heavy footsteps from you and an angry rant. What’s wrong?” Jeonghan asks, sitting down on his bed. “Minghao’s being a big meanie! He won’t mate with me even after I presented!” Seokmin whines to his papa who chuckles.
Seokmin and his daily rants were always his favorite thing in the world. “And why is that darling?” Seokmin pouts. “Because he always says that I am not ready yet! It’s-“ “I agree with Minghao” What? Jeonghan frowns at Seokmin’s sour expression.
“B-But papa-“ “Seok, don’t you see it? It’s not because you aren’t ready to mate it’s just that you aren’t mature enough. You always get mad at Minghao whenever things don’t go your way” “But I am always right!” “That’s how your papa Cheol also talks to me”
Seokmin sighs and Jeonghan smiles at him and pats the empty space beside him. The omega follows his command and suddenly becomes a big baby to his papa by leaning his head on Jeonghan’s lap. “Minghao still doesn’t even want to mate with me” Seokmin whispers.
Jeonghan chuckles and shakes his head. “Dear, if Minghao doesn’t want to mate with you then why did he wait for you to grow up? Why didn’t he just mate with somebody else then?” Jeonghan sees that Seokmin was still denying reality so he decides to tell him something.
“You know, your papa Cheol also had to wait for me” Seugcheol had to wait for many months after they settled into their new home. Jeonghan wanted to see if Seungcheol would get tired of him because he was so nervous. What if Seungcheol rips his head off?
What if Seungcheol wanted to change his mind and mate with an actual wolf? What if Jeonghan started to regret everything? What if Jeonghan and Seungcheol were just not meant to be together? That one night, Seungcheol decided it was time.
He took him slowly, asking if it hurts. He always asked Jeonnghan for permission in everything he did to his body. He would always ask for Jeonnghan if he wanted to stop. But Jeonghan didn’t want to. Hence, the gold mark on his neck.
“Your papa didn’t give up on me and will never give up” Seokmin smiles, wishing he had a love story like his papa’s. “And you know who your papa reminds me of?” “Who?” “Minghao” Seokmin whines as he hears the name again.
“Seungcheol and Minghao are so alike. Careful and patient with the ones they love even if they wouldn’t benefit from it. Yet if their loved ones get hurt, they would do anything for them to ease the pain” Jeonghan explains brushing through Seokmin’s hair.
“They always look so strong on the outside but melt them a little bit and they will turn gooey” Jeonghan jokes and Seokmin chuckles. “But you need to understand, Seok. Minghao and Seungcheol would only want the best for us. They only want their mates to be comfortable”
“It doesn’t mean Minghao rejecting you is saying that he doesn’t like you. He just wants you to be comfortable, knowing that you made the right decision of being mates with him. Mating is a very big decision” Seokmin just sighs and closes his eyes.
He knows that he was probably too young to be mated, being too fast without even exchanging “i love you” with each other. However, he knows that Minghao was the right alpha for him. But now that Jeonghan explained Minghao’s motive, he respects the alpha’s decision.
“I just wanted to be mated” “I know that but the right time okay? You and Minghao have endless of opportunities to become mates and so much time. I just think you need to grow up a bit more” Jeonghan says, giving a motherly smile. It was like teaching little Seokmin again.
But a more bigger body of Seokmin if that made sense. Suddenly someone knocks on the door and Seokmin lets out a soft “come in” and they both see a pregnant Jihoon. “Hey, lunch is ready” Jihoon says, widely smiling.
Seokmin gets up from his bed and Jeonghan copies him and grabs his hand. “Talk to him yeah? I don’t want another alpha whinning again. I already have enough from your other papa complaining how he didn’t get an elk” Jeonghan groans out and Seokmin nods.
They both go to the kitchen to see an also pregnant Jisoo helping Jihoon to place the plates on the table. The blue mark on Jisoo’s neck made Jeonghan smile. Once they settled in a few years ago ,Mingyu claimed Jisoo who also couldn’t wait any longer.
Beside Jisoo was in fact Jeonghan’s favorite son out of the pack (Don’t tell Seokmin). “Hey, Chan. You feeling better?” Chan was the son of Mingyu and Jisoo, a mixed breed of a wolf and a fox. “Hey, papa Jeonghan! Where’s papa Cheol?” Speaking of the devil.
“Guys! We caught some fishes and an elk!” Seungcheol screams out, proudly holding the elk’s head. Blood dripped down and Jeonghan groaned. He was going to clean up again. “Hey babe” Jeonghan softly glares at the alpha.
“What did I tell you to not ever present me the head?! Also you ruined the floor again!” Jeonghan hisses out making Seungcheol whimper as if he was a child. Seokmin just shakes his head, not even knowing why Seungcheol was even the alpha of the both of them.
“B-But-“ “No buts! You better clean up now or I will seriously go mad and-“ Jeonghan gets cut off by a kiss and widened his eyes, attempting to push off the alpha but the other was stronger than him. He knows that Seungcheol kissing him would calm him down.
And it works. Every freaking time Jeonghan starts to nag, with just a kiss from Seungcheol and he instantly would shut up. I mean, who wouldn’t? He sighs as Seungcheol pulls away with a smile. “I hate you” “I love you too”
“Hey” Soonyoung whispers, approaching his mate with a bag filled with meat. He places a kiss on his forehead, his nose to his cheeks and lastly to his lips. “How’s little Soonji?” Jihoon chuckles as Soonyoung touches his belly. He was days away from giving birth.
“You don’t even know if it’s a girl yet, idiot” Soonyoung chuckles. He doesn’t know but he can feel it. Their next child was going to be a girl. “Where’s Han-“ “I’m right here!” Hansol. Jihoon smiles as Hansol approaches him, carrying a bucket with fishes inside.
Kwon Hansol. The first child to be ever born onto their pack and the wolves, the fox and the vampire didn’t know what to do when Jihoon was in labor. They were stressing him out, even his mate was stressing him to the point that he had to lock himself in a room to give birth.
Soonyoung just slept at the door, waiting for his mate to come out of the room to present their child while the others anxiously wait. Jihoon would always cherished how Soonyoung bawled over their baby, and then their baby crying also because of his dad.
It wasn’t the best labor memory but Jihoon always kept replaying the memory and soon he was going to give birth to their new child and he couldn’t wait any longer. The dream of them having a big family was slowly coming true.
“What you making?” Mingyu asks, putting the fish on the table, ready to eat. Jisoo looks at him and smiles. He puts down the knife. “Fried fish and of course your favorite, grilled deer for you” Jisoo says, placing the playe filled with food on the table.
“Well guess what’s my new favorite?” Mingyu asks, wrapping his arms around Jisoo, caressing his huge belly. “What?” “You and this little bean” Jisoo chuckles and kisses Mingyu’s cheek. “And what do you want to call this little bean?”
“Hm, I don’t know. You think about it and then - OUCH!” Mingyu whines as Chan pinches his arm in anger. He was yet still their only child and he ain’t going to be forgotten like this. “But I’m also your little bean!” Chan pouts.
Mingyu looks at Jisoo, asking for help but the sly fox just suddenly had a conversation with Soonyoung and Jihoon. “Chan, you know you are a big bean now! So you are my favorite big bean!” Mingyu says but it doesn’t take away the pouting.
“But I’m still little!” Mingyu chuckles and ruffles his hair, a whine comes from his son. “Really? Are you sure you are still little after I take you out hunting?” Chan’s eyes twinkles at this. He always wanted to go out hunting with his dad.
“Little beans don’t do hunting, only big beans can” Chan nods hands on his waist and pushing out his chest. “Then I am a big bean now! The biggest bean!” Mingyu chuckles and kisses Chan’s forehead. “You are all my favorite beans” Mingyu thinks.
Seokmin smiles as he sees the happy families infront of him. He gets jealous every time. “Hey, bud. I heard about you and Hao” Seungcheol says, sitting down next to him and hears Seokmin groan. It was time for Seungcheol’s dad talk of the day.
“Don’t groan at me, pup” Seungcheol says using his deep voice and the wolf sits up straight. “It’s not really my fault! It’s his!” Seokmin tries to get his papa on his side but as usual it doesn’t work. “Seok, you need to talk to him. This isn’t just about mating”
“But it is-“ “It’s more than that, pup. Minghao is a very patient wolf and will do anything for you but to see you so desperate to be mated it just doesn’t sit well with him” Seungcheol explains. He also thinks Seokmin was not ready to be mated.
“You just both need more time to mature and get ready for what’s going to come as a pair, as a couple. It can lead to straining the bond and cutting it if you don’t feel the same way for the next years or so” Seokmin just sighs. His papa’s were right.
It was better to wait for a few more months or years to get to know and understand each other. He doesn’t want to get hurt neither he wants to hurt Minghao. It can cause emotional and physical damage that can’t be forgotten.
Seungcheol sees that Seokmin was quiet, a sign that his son understood what he meant and he smiles. “If you want to go talk to him, he’s outside by the shack. Don’t come back unless you both settled things” Seungcheol commands him and he follows his orders right away.
Seokmin goes outside and sees the figure he was looking for. “Okay, deep breathes in and out. Calm yourself Seokmin. Why are you shaking? Stop shaking-“ “I know” He freezes as he approaches Minghao who was cutting some wood for the spears later on.
Minghao drops the wood and stands up, looking at the nervous Seokmin. “H-Hao-“ “Do you want to mate now?” The question makes Seokmin freeze. It was an impulsive decision that he doesn’t want to make now but can’t help that he feels jealous that he isn’t mated.
“N-No” Minghao sighs and pushes his hair back in frustration. “Then why were you pushing me earlier-“ “I just thought that y-you didn’t want me” What? Minghao widened his eyes and shakes his head.
“If I didn’t want you then how come I waited this long for you? If I didn’t want you, how come I imprinted on you? If I didn’t want you-“ Minghao stops walking until he was only inches away from Seokmin. “then how come I did this?” Minghao grabs Seokmim’s face and kisses him.
The younger widened his eyes as he tries to stop the alpha but suddenly as if a switch flipped and his knees weakened. He kisses him in return, wrapping his arms around Minghao’s neck, the alpha smiling and wraps one free hand on his waist.
Feeling that Seokmin was pushing him away for air, Minghao pulls away, foreheads touching each other. “I love you, Seokmin” Butterflies. Seokmin can feel butterflies in his stomach. He smiles. Finally. “I love you too, Hao”
Minghao smiles, the three words he has been dying to say for the past years of waiting on him. “I’ll wait for you until you are ready” Minghao says and Seokmin nods. Suddenly, Seungcheol’s loud voice can be heard. “Lunch is about to be finished! Come inside now!”
Minghao and Seokmin walk back, hand in hand, smiling widely as if they discovered the greatest treasure on earth. They both walk in the kitchen and sees that their family was beaming at them happily. They were happy. Finally happy.
Sitting down next to each other they were served with all different kinds of meat where they thank each and every one of them. “Hey, Hansol?” Jihoon asked his son who was muching on the fish. “Yes, pa?” “Have you found any possible omega’s you can court?”
Soonyoung stops eating as well and looks at his blushing son. Luckily for Soonyoung, Hansol was an alpha that he can teach how to hunt and control their anger. “There is isn’t it?” Soonyoug is teases his son. Jihoon chuckles. “What’s his name?”
“Seungkwan” Oh. Both Soonyoung and Jihoon looked at each other, worried. Seungkwan was the son of Wonwoo and Junhui, both retired from the council but still powerful. Jeonghan, who was sitting next to Seungcheol looked at them.
“They are good people, you know?” Jeonghan hasn’t told them yet about what happened a few years ago and doesn’t think it will be important now. “Especially Seungkwan” Jeonghan says and Hansol smiles at him, nodding in agreement. Jihoon sighs.
“We know that but-“ “Jihoon let him explore. If it doesn’t work out then that’s fine. It’s just life after all” Jeonghan says, pitting a piece of fried fish on Seungcheol’s plate. Jihoon and Soonyoung looked at each other again.
They weren’t sure with Hansol and Seungkwan. Even if Junhui and Wonwoo were now on low profile, they are still scared of them. “Come on, pa. H-He’s perfect” Soonyoung chuckles. “That’s what I also said to my parents about Jihoon” Jihoon glares at his mate.
“But pup, he’s kinda powerful. Are you sure about this?” Jihoon asks Hansol, still skeptical if Hansol was really set on Seungkwan. “I-I don’t know, pa. I like him and I want to court him-“ “Then go” Hansol widened his eyes.
“Pa?” “You can court him but we need to meet his parents before you both can mate, don’t disappoint me” Jihoon says, eating a piece of keat that Soonyoung cut for him. Hansol felt giddy, felt really happy that the adrenaline of courting Seungkwan was making him excited.
Jeonghan looks at every single one of them, seeing how happy they were. He was glad that he didn’t run away when he had the chance, was glad he trusted wach and every one of them and years passed, they were still the same people. They didn’t change at all.
They just grew up a bit. “Hey, what are you thinking about?” Seungcheol asks his mate, worried that Jeonghan was spacing out again. “Nothing just really happy now” They were all free. They were happy and Jeonghan would never have any other way.
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