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Apr 23, 2019
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[#jikook] • ɘᴎiɒɔovoᴎ in which jimin is hired to be the nanny of two kids while their father is away, unknown to him that their father is the no good, infamous rockstar known for his troublemaker lifestyle on the news and the same boy he hated back in high school, jungkook.

note: none of the edits, artworks, songs, or pictures used in this AU belong to me! all the credit goes to the amazing artists out there in all categories 🥺💓 also! ignore timestamps okie 🥺
jimin park, 25 - gay - julliard music graduate - percussionist prodigy - currently jobless bc jimin is weird - lives with hoseok - hoseok + jin = bffs - has smol tattoos and piercings - owns a great dane named yama - hates jungkook bc of high school - artist when he wants to be
jungkook jeon, 23 - dropped out of hs in junior year - formed FIL himself - knows how to play most instruments - mostly talented at guitar and drums - his body is a literal canvas - broken up w/ his girlfriend of 6yrs - has 2 kids - doesn’t like jm that much anymore - bisexual
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