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May 4, 2019
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Yoongi and Jimin have been sneaking around to avoid explaining their nosy friends about their relationship. Keeping the secret becomes too hard during finals week... Yoongi is stressed and only wants to cuddle his boyfriend, stop interrupting! #yoonminweek19 #yoonminweek19_d1

🍂 prompt: college/university au 🍂 this au is one of the two I came up with last so I apologize for the meds this drabble will be 🍂 fluff fluff fluff and as always, attempts at comedy 🍂 mentions and vague descriptions of sex
🍂🍂🍂 What happened was that neither Yoongi nor Jimin could name the nature of their relationship. Jimin was only the friend of a friend that was working on a project with Yoongi’s roommate and out of a sudden it escalated to them kissing on the floor of the living room.
They thought they were friends with benefits. Even though they didn’t consider each other friends at the time, they used that name. However Jimin kept wearing Yoongi’s clothes and he kept bringing coffee to the studio and doing all cute stuff that friends with benefits don’t do.
They didn’t tell anyone. They didn’t because Tae would get mad at them for not making it official, Hoseok would whine at being a third wheel, Namjoon would psychoanalyze their lack of a label and Jungkook just loves teasing. So they stayed quiet about whatever they had going on.
And also it was quite exciting sneaking around. Yoongi noticed it got Jimin riled up, whenever he would steal a kiss when Hoseok went to the kitchen to get snacks, when Yoongi waited for him outside a club after pretending he had already left, when they’d hold hands under a table
They both liked the whole drama of hiding around, pushing Yoongi inside a closet when Taehyung barged into Jimin’s room, pretending they have a blanket on top of them because it got cold not because Jimin was jerking Yoongi off in the living room. It was fun, and really hot.
So they didn’t tell anyone they were friends with benefits. And when Jimin confessed he had have a crush on Yoongi all along, ever since they met and Yoongi was eating cereal in his boxers and complaining about the grading system, they didn’t tell anyone they were boyfriends.
It’s what they had gotten used to. It’s what they know. They never really discussed why they couldn’t date in the open, it just happened. It was their friends, it was the sex, it was more comfortable. Yoongi doesn’t complain about not discussing, he hates confrontation.
So now, two days before the first finals week they are going through as an official (?) couple, they are hiding. Yoongi is tired, he has one essay and one group project to give in on Monday and it’s already late. He glances between his laptop and Jimin, who is reading on the bed
Laptop. Title of the essay and ten open tabs with articles he hasn’t read yet Jimin. Laying on his stomach on the bed, nice curves and soft sweater. He’s playing with his pink highlater, probably bored like Yoongi is too. Laptop. Jimin. Laptop. Jimin. Yoongi quickly stands up.
He wants hugs and he wants to sleep. Of course Jimin whines when Yoongi throws himself on top of the younger. “Hyung! I’m reading! Get off!” “Need rest.” “Hyung... You’ve been working for two hours, you don’t need rest.” Jimin squirms around to gently push Yoongi away.
“You’re comfortable,” Yoongi mumbles. He doesn’t move and tries to stay as still as possible for Jimin to give up. The younger sighs. “Okay, come here.” They move around so Jimin is now on top of the pillows, a little bit on his side and Yoongi curls on his chest. It’s soft.
Jimin is near the end of the article he’s reading. Only missing three pages. He tries highlighting something but it’s hard with a whole body between him and the paper. Jimin is so productive, Yoongi pushes the article away. “You get so annoying when I don’t pay attention to you”
“Don’t be productive, I feel guilty for not reading,” Yoongi pouts. “You’ll read later,” Jimin reasons, picking his papers up. “You’re tired so you won’t understand anything. Just sleep.” Jimin is the best boyfriend. Yoongi tries to fall sleep to the sound of Jimin breathing.
Right when he’s about to fall asleep he notices something pink on Jimin’s neck. He pokes it. “You got highlater here.” “What?” Jimin tries to look at it but he can’t, he only cranes his neck back and widens his eyes looking down. He looks ridiculous, it makes Yoongi laugh.
Jimin is soft and warm. Yoongi quickly falls unconscious. He stirs when he feels Jimin tensing and it’s because Hoseok’s voice can be heard loud and clear, meaning he’s home already. Jimin, as an instinct, tries to push Yoongi away but the elder only nuzzles closer. It’s warm.
He’s tired. “Hyung, we’re not alone,” Jimin tries waking him up but Yoongi only hugs him closer. “Hyung...” Before Yoongi can complain about being tired Hoseok opens the door with much violence, Jimin is still, Yoongi sighs. “Yoon! You won’t bel-Ah! Jiminie, you’re here.”
Yoongi only closes his eyes, pretending he’s asleep. Jimin quickly catches on, and he makes a “shhh” sound, lifting a finger to his lips. “Hyung is asleep,” Jimin whispers. “Ahhhh,” Hoseok says. “Okay....” Yoongi is tired, Jimin is warm and at this point, he doesn’t really care
The first day of finals and Yoongi finished his essay and handed his project. He’s walking back to his dorm so he can start editing his dissertation when he sees Jimin in the university’s coffee shop. He’s studying with Taehyung and Namjoon. Like a magnet, Yoongi walks that way.
Jimin looks cozy because of his oversized cardigan and beanie, and he’s wearing big glasses that make him look adorable. Yoongi wants to hug “Hey, Yoongi hyung!” Namjoon greets him when he sees him walking into the shop. Yoongi bows a little but his eyes are set on what he wants
Jimin gasps when Yoongi sits on his lap. “Uh— Hey Yoongi hyung,” Jimin says shyly. Yoongi is tired, he lifts Jimin’s cup of coffee and twirls it around. “Y-yeah, you can drink some.” Namjoon and Taehyung are frozen. Yoongi takes a sip and then grimaces. “It’s too sweet, Jimin.”
“Then don’t drink it,” Jimin sticks his tonge out after saying. Yoongi wants to kiss him but he still has some shame left considering Namjoon and Taehyung are looking at them like they have three heads. Yoongi only squirms around until he feels Jimin‘s arms circling him. Soft.
“What the fuck?” Taehyung says after a long silence. Yoongi shrugs. “I’m tired” Taehyung gapes at him, like that’s not enough of a good excuse to want to have Jimin hugging him. Yoongi ignores him. After a while they start studying again. Jimin’s chin rests on Yoongi’s shoulder
Day three of finals week. Yoongi finally sent his dissertation and now he has to study for Linguistics and he’s stressed and he doesn’t understand anything and he’s not really reading but complaining loudly to a tired Jimin. Jimin shuts his laptop when Yoongi starts groaning.
“Come here,” Jimin taps on the matress. Yoongi goes. He sits with his back on the headboard and watches as Jimin searches for his textbook. “Okay, you have to read and I need a break,” Jimin announces. “Aish, don’t go... It’s easier to study when you’re with me,” Yoongi pouts.
“I’m not going away,” Jimin giggles. He leans over to kiss Yoongi, a wet slide of lips that leave Yoongi wanting more. “You’re going to read and I’m going to help you get rid of that stress.” Yoongi raises an eyebrow. He already knows the answer but he asks nonetheless, “How?”
Jimin only smiles, little seductive grin, like the one he had on when Yoongi kissed him for the first time. Little shit knows what he wants. “Read to me out loud,” Jimin asks as straddles Yoongi. “You’ll learn the concepts faster,” Jimin baffles. “Really?” Yoongi scoffs.
“Sure,” Jimin smiles. “And I loooove linguistics, wanna hear you talk to me with biiig words,” he jokes. Yoongi is fond. “You’re silly.” Jimin shrugs. “I like to hear your voice.” “Okay, I’ll read out loud.” Yoongi quickly finds the chapter he’s supposed to read and starts.
Yoongi hasn’t even reached the first subtitle when Jimin is pulling his sweatpants down. He drags his boxers down too, and Yoongi hisses at the cold air against him. Jimin tsks. “Keep reading, baby. Want to know more about semantics.” Yoongi keeps reading with a shaky voice.
Certainly this is the best way to relieve stress and study at the same time. Reading about syntax aloud while Jimin sucks and bobs his head up and down. Jimin always have such great ideas. Yoongi has one hand holding his textbook up and the other one massaging Jimin’s neck.
Yoongi’s head falls back and hits the headboard when his cock hits the back of Jimin’s throat. Yoongi lets the text book fall down, after a few attempts of reading out loud that only ended up in broken moans at the end of phrases. Jimin, good student as always, doesn’t like it.
“Hyung,” he whispers from where he’s kneeling. “Don’t stop reading.” “Ah, Jiminie, you want— ah, you know I can’t finish a sentence when you’re doing that.” Jimin sucks just the tip. “You’re no fun.” The way he uses his tongue has Yoongi gripping the blanket. “If you say so.”
Before Jimin can reply Yoongi’s phone is ringing. Jimin doesn’t move, cock on his mouth. Yoongi doesn’t move either. He was enjoying it. He looks at the screen and sees Seokjin’s name. “I gotta pick this up.” They have a group project. Jimin nods and starts to take Yoongi out.
“No, no, don’t,” Yoongi pleads. “Don’t stop, I really need that or I’m not going to survive until Saturday.” Jimin blinks up at him. Innocent if not for the cock on his lips. He nods and takes all of Yoongi again. Yoongi picks up. Seokjin is rambling. Jimin is blowing him.
He actually lasts for a long time. Steady breathing, occasional intake of air but nothing too tragic, he even answers to Seokjin with a leveled voice but it takes no time until Jimin is setting up a faster pace and— “Oh! Fuck,” Yoongi moans into the phone. Seokjin stops talking
“Yoongi what the hell?” Seokjin is loud. Jimin is desperately rubbing himself on the mattress while still sucking Yoongi. He definitely liked that Yoongi said that on the phone. It got him so riled up. That’s so hot, Yoongi moans. “Are you having sex?” Seokjin screeches.
Ah fuck it. “Yes and I’m going to hangg- ah, hang up now, check your kakao or something.” Seokjin is appalled. Just when Yoongi is going to press the end button he hears Seokjin shouting. “Wait! With who?!” Yoongi hangs up and pulls Jimin up to finish relieving stress together.
Yoongi hates finals. Not only are they a pain in the ass but by the end of the week they had swallowed Jimin up too and they couldn’t see each other. But they are finally over and Jimin has been free since the morning but Yoongi still has to hand one last paper and then he’s free
The moment he pressed send he’s grabbing his phone and going out of his dorm to Jimin’s and Jungkook’s room. Halfway there he realizes he’s wearing flip flops, but he can’t be embarrassed, he has a good reason. He misses Jimin, and his cute face and he just needs his boyfriend.
When Jimin opens the door to his room Yoongi is kissing him. Jimin is surprised but then he just relaxes into the kiss, throwing his arms around Yoogi to pull him closer, and inside the room. Yoongi doesn’t even notice Jungkook sitting on his desk with wide eyes and confusion.
“Hyung, are you wearing flip flops?” Jungkook says slowly in the middle of the silence. Yoongi finally notices him. He looks between Jungkook and back to his hands grabbing Jimin’s ass, up back to Jungkook who has a concerned face on. “Yeah?” “What the hell, that’s so weird.”
Yoongi thinks his hand on Jimin’s ass are weirder. “Well... I was in a hurry.” Jungkook nods slowly. “Ah— I get it, maybe I should leave so you can have the place for yourself,” Jungkook dances while he teases. “Why aren’t you surprised?” Yoongi asks though. They are a secret.
“Surprised? what, why?” Jungkook snorts. Yoongi doesnt answer, he only softly taps Jimin’s ass impatiently. “Everyone knows you and Jimin have a strange exhibitionist relationship,” he waves Yoongi off as he picks his stuff up. “Nothing new.” Jimin is speechless. Yoongi is too.
Yoongi is tired because of finals, that’s why he snaps at Jungkook. “It’s not a weird exhibitionist relationship! What the fuck? We’re boyfriends!” “Oh,” Jungkook says. “Makes sense.” He finished picking up his stuff. Yoongi scowls, and turns back to Jimin who is madly blushing
“What?” Yoongi asks. Jimin looks happy. “It’s the first time you’ve said that to someone else.” “Huh?” “Called me your boyfriend in front of someone,” Jimin says excitedly. “You‘ve never said it before...”
“I love finals!” Jimin says between giggles, he kisses Yoongi again. “You’ve been so couple-y with me in front of everyone!” “Oh no, take that back,” Yoongi complains, “I hate finals.” But actually if he can see Jimin that happy he guesses he kind of loves finals too.


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