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May 5, 2019
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An Upgradable Downgrade Jimin was the campus slut until everyone suddenly stopped buying his services. what confused him more was when Min Yoongi, popular senior known for being filthy rich started availing 'new services' from him. #yoonminweek19_d1 #yoonminweek19

- this au is day one of my yoonmin week aus for 2019 - do not reply to the thread. only rt w comment. - this is an original work therefore if you spot similarities with other works it is by pure coincidence.
“Darling, I don’t give discounts for the best quality blowjobs.” Jimin rolled his eyes. “I gave you what you paid for, now give me what I worked for.” “Damn, no need to be feisty, whore.” The boy spoke as he gave Jimin the cash at the price they settled for.
Jimin counted the cash, then opened the bathroom stall for the boy the head out. Jimin didn’t even ask for his name. Jimin didn’t even care. After the boy got out, Jimin reached into his pocket, throwing the paper with the boy’s number into the trash bin. “That was quick.”
Taehyung, his best and only friend spoke as soon as Jimin walked out of the bathroom after brushing his teeth and using mouthwash. “Didn’t expect him to last longer than four minutes anyways.” “Do you have any more for the day?” He asked as they headed for their next class.
“I’ll take care of them later.” Jimin shrugged. This had been Jimin’s life ever since he was accepted into Haseul University, one of the most prestigious universities in the country. He started offering his services since the second semester of freshman year. Ever since then,
there was never a day when he didn’t have business to do. “Hey, doll-“ A guy form a group of jocks called out to Jimin, and the other boy did nothing but smile and wink back. “He still looks awfully pretty, clean and fresh for a school slut.”
The guy’s friend spoke when Jimin passed them. “Would have mistaken him for a virgin if he didn’t suck my dick before.” “His services are gold. But they cost a lot like gold, too.” Another friend butted in.
“You won’t find a slut that’s pretty and actually knows how to fuck at the same time.” The guy nudged his friend. “Remind me to put a paper on his locker and avail a blowjob tomorrow.” Jimin services pretty much ranged from ever single sexual activity people bring up.
Jimin did handjobs, blowjobs, he let people eat him and fuck him, anything. As long as it paid well, Jimin was up for it. Students, mostly boys, completely adored his services because of how accessible it was. All they had to do to avail his services was to slip a piece of paper
into his locker. On the piece of paper, their phone number and the most convenient time for them to meet Jimin. Then it was all up to Jimin to text them the time and place and they were good to go. But of course not everyone approved of this act.
“Here comes the slutty prostitute and his friend.” A girl named Kimmy whispered to her clique. “I can here you from here.” Jimin rolled his eyes. “And say it a bit louder, I’ll consider it as a free promo.” Taehyung sniggered.
“You only hate Jimin because your boyfriend paid to fuck him while he won’t even eat your ass.” “You’re still a whore.” Kimmy’s friend Jiho stuck her tongue out. “Say it louder, boo.” Jimin challenged. “Maybe if you scream until your lungs give out, it would finally hurt me."
After hearing the words ‘whore’ and ‘slut’ and ‘prostitute’ and various synonyms, Jimin became immune to the sting of the words. People could say it over and over again if they wanted. He let it hurt before until it hurts no more. This had been Jimin’s life for a whole year now.
And he had no desire for a change. - “Like what the fuck did I do? Did I change?” Jimin overdramatically complained to Taehyung a week later while they were out on the grass of the campus grounds, eating lunch. “Am I ugly and unattractive now?" “I’m sure that’s not it.”
Jimin had been going on and on about this for the whole lunch period. It came as such a shock to him when he opened his locker and there were no papers with phone numbers to be seen. He even moved his things, to see if the papers had slipped somewhere. But there were none at all.
The number of papers had been decreasing starting last week, and now they disappeared. “Is it because I take a while to text them back?” “All of them had always been willing to wait.” “Is it because everyone pretty much had a taste of me already so nobody wants me anymore?"
Taehyung sighed. “Certainly not. They’ll miss you after they’ve had you.” “Do people think I have some sort of contagious sexually transmitted disease?” “The fuck? No- of course not.” “THEN WHAT?!” Jimin pulled at the grass on the ground before tossing it in the air.
“I feel like I just got bankrupt from this. From earning in a day what my parents make in a month to earning nothing at all.” “Listen.” Taehyung said, patting Jimin’s shoulder. “If you need cash you know I’m always willing to let you borrow s-“ “No.” Jimin groaned, kicking at
the ground. “I don’t like having debts. It feels bad.” “But if you need it remember I’m here.” “I know.” The shorter boy said. “But I’m sure I’ll be back on track. I just have to find out what’s up.” - Jimin kept coming back to his locker in between classes,
somehow hoping that his costumers decided to put their papers in all in one go. But the whole day, there were still none. When the bell rang for his last class, Jimin was bummed as he dragged himself on the way out of the lecture room. When he passed by his locker, he wasn’t
sure if he wanted to open it, not wanting to feel disappointment again. But he still found himself reaching out, twisting his combination in and pulling it open. Jimin’s eyes twinkled when he saw a yellow sheet of paper, flying out of his locker and landing on the floor.
He hurriedly grabbed it. He could pretty much smell the cash in his hands already. But his eyes turned to big circles as soon as he saw what was written on the paper. Jimin shut his locker and made a run to find Taehyung. He certainly had to tell him this.
“I’M NOT.” Jimin defended as he reached into his pocket to retrieve the piece of paper that he had been taking good care of. Indeed he wasn’t kidding. It was a big deal because Jimin only received phone numbers written on his papers, but this one had a full name and ‘xoxo’.
“No way!” Taehyung grabbed the paper, bringing it closer to his face to examine it. “Is this The Min Yoongi? He must be a dumbass for writing his full name on the paper he gave to someone he’s paying to get a blowjob from.” “What if it’s like some prank or something?”
Jimin yanked the paper back before Taehyung could keep it for himself. “It looks like his handwriting.” Taehyung shrugged. “But why the fuck though? He’s Min Yoongi. Rich, smart, lives in a mansion, throws insane parties on his birthday, popular as fuck, h-“
“Okay shut up I get it.” Jimin said, typing the number in his keypad. “I guess we’ll just have to find out right now.” “Ask him if I can hook up with his cute friend.” Taehyung giggled excitedly as he watched Jimin press call. “Which one?” “Jungkook. He looks like a switch,
we’re perfect for each other." Jimin just laughed, pressing the phone to his ear. “I don’t even know his voice how am I supposed to tell if-“ “Hello?” “MOTHERFUCKER IT’S HIM.” Taehyung literally screamed, holding Jimin by the shoulders and shaking him so aggressively that
the other boy felt lightheaded after. “SHUT UP-“ Jimin pushed Taehyung away, wondering if Yoongi heard everything. “Is everything alright? Who is this?” Yoongi spoke on the other end of the phone. Jimin tried to act serious, but Taehyung was up on his feet
acting like his brain was bursting and it was distracting. “The more important question is who are you?” Yoongi furrowed his brows, looking at the number before pressing his phone back on his ear. “I’m sorry but you’re the one who called first? Shouldn’t I be asking who you a-"
“Just shut up and give me a name.” “Juan Dela Cruz” “Dumbass I mean give me yours.” Jimin demanded. “You didn’t specify what you wanted.” Yoongi shrugged. “And you’re acting like it’s my fault.” “You’re so damn difficult I just want to know who you are.”
Jimin rolled his eyes. “Unless it was just a prank and you don’t want a blowjob or a handjob or a good fuck.” “Is this Park Jimin?” Yoongi’s voice was evidently more excited when he asked. “For a moment I was starting to think that giving your phone number to
random people was your hobby.” “So it is you! You sound a lot cuter than they said you would.” Yoongi grinned. “You should have just told me it was you, I was waiting forever for you to text back! This call is such a pleasant surprise.”
Boys called Jimin hot, and the biggest compliment he got was that he was a ‘good fuck’ but cute? It was brand new. “W-what?” Jimin gulped, trying to not make it obvious that his confidence had suddenly faltered. “Listen, what do you want? Rates are different for a handjob,
a blowjob, and fuck and increases if you plan to do any kinky shit.” “I don’t want that.” Yoongi spoke. Jimin’s brows furrowed. “Then why’d you put your number in my locker then? You know only people who buy my services do that.”
“I know.” Yoongi spoke, for some reason Jimin could hear the smile in his voice. “But I want something different.” “Huh?” “How much would you charge for a date tomorrow at 6pm?”
- “I don’t want to do this.” Jimin said while he was on video chat with taehyung the next day at 4pm. “Then why did you say yes, then?!” Taehyung laughed. “I THOUGHT HE WAS KIDDING.” “Well he wasn’t. You gotta stop treating everything like a joke then be
insanely surprised when it isn’t” The younger boy rolled his eyes before he watched Jimin toss outfit after outfit onto his bed. “Those pants look nice. Yoongi likes ass I’m sure.” “He doesn’t even want to eat my ass.” Jimin pointed out as he held a top in
front of him in the mirror before throwing it back in the pile. “He likes you.” Taehyung wiggled his brows. “Imagine having the prestige of being labled as Min Yoongi’s crush.” “He does not like me.” Jimin rolled his eyes. “He just wants me out for dinner so he can
spread the word that I let him eat my ass for free. To avoid that bragging I won’t let him. Just help me pick out n outfit for fuck’s sake.” “He said he wants to take you on a date, which is completely different from just having dinner.” Taehyung pointed out.
“He’s taking you to a five star restaurant instead of a bar and you’re saying he doesn’t like you?” “Love is for losers.” “Keep thinking that and you’re never going to win.”
“Woah.” Yoongi said as soon as he stepped out of his car and saw Jimin sat on a bench. They had agreed to meet in a park near school and Yoongi promised he’ll pick Jimin up on time. Yoongi was surprised that Jimin could look this good. His beauty on a daily basis must have been
effortless if he looked this gorgeous when he makes an effort to make himself look good. Jimin saw Yoongi walking towards him so he stood up and ran his hands through his hair. It was a habit he did when he was nervous. “You look amazing.” Yoongi praised as soon as
he was stood next to Jimin. The other boy couldn’t even look at Yoongi in the eye. This boy was feeding his praise kink and they haven’t even had a single proper conversation in real life. “Did I keep you waiting for too long? I hope I didn’t it’s getting kind of dark.”
Yoongi guided them back to his car. It was awkward to an extent since Yoongi wasn’t sure if Jimin would let him hold him by the waist or put his arm around his shoulders of maybe even allow him to hold his hand. “Not too long.” Jimin spoke. “It’s fine, I don’t mind.”
“You could have texted me when you arrived so I could have drove a little faster or I could just pick you up at home next t-“ “Yoongi.” Jimin interrupted, earning all of the boy’s attention. “I’m fine, it’s fine. I don’t want you to fuss over me like I'm someone worthy of
being in your idle thoughts.” “You’re telling me not to treat you like how I want to treat you when you’ve been running in my mind for a month now?” The conversation was put to a pause when Yoongi opened the passenger’s seat for Jimin before himself got walked around the car
and sat on the driver’s seat. Jimin was thankful that he didn’t have to react to the last thing Yoongi had said. Jimin admits that he was bad at feelings as bad as he was expressing and accepting them. There was a silence that came to them while they were inside the vehicle.
In the meanwhile Jimin bussied himself with looking at the interior of Yoongi’s car, it looked just as gorgeous as the outside. He didn’t expect a student like Yoongi to be driving around a Porsche, even if his university was considered to be posh. “Is this your car?”
Jimin asked, grazing his hand lightly on the dashboard, scared that ha might leave a scratch on the pristine interior of the vehicle. “It is.” Yoongi answered. “This is hardcore.” The younger boy spoke. “Do you use this to drive to school everyday?”
“No.” Yoongi replied. “I use my Lexus for day to day drives.” “Then why’d you use this one tonight?” “It’s for very special occasions.” -
“Good evening Mr. Min!” The waited greeted as soon as they walked up to the entrance of what was indeed a five star restaurant. Jimin would know, he googled the place last night. “Hey, how are you?” Yoongi greeted. “I’m doing wonderful sir, hopefully you are too.”
The waiter replied cheerfully before his gaze dropped to Jimin. “Is this your companion for the night?” “He’s my date.” Yoongi spoke, subtly bragging about the other boy with him. “Alright I’ll show you to your table for two and I’m thrilled to serve you for the night.”
The waiter moved to lead them to a table and the two followed his tracks. As soon as they got to their table, Jimin moved to take a seat but to his surprise, Yoongi did the whole gentleman thing to pull his chair out and seat him properly. “Here are your menus,
just call for me when you’re ready to order.” The waiter spoke, laying down two menus one in front of the two boys. “Okay. Can I get your name?” Yoongi asked, opening his copy of the menu. “Juan Dela Cruz, sir. Always at your service.” He sent one last smile before he left.
"You and waiter boy seem close." Jimin spoke up as sson as Juan or whatever his name was, walked off. "I have absolutely no idea who he is. But at least he knows who I am." Yoongi shrugged. "Why does he know you?" "This is where my family goes for any event.
May it be birthdays or simple celebrations." Yoongi scanned the menu. "And this is where my father first took my mother out on a date." "Are you implying that we're going to magically be married and have children and our future children will then take their dates here?"
Jimin wasn't sure what emotion he wanted to exude as he spoke. "Aren't you thinking too forward with this? This is the first date." Yoongi just let the boy ramble on as he pleased, he only spoke after. "There's no point in dating anyone if you can't see a future with them."
"What?" "And lighten up will you?" Yoongi laughed. "We haven't even ordered and you're already going on about our future. Do you not know how dates work? Is this your first time?" That shut Jimin up, his gaze falling down to his unopened menu. "It is."
It looked like the information came as such a shock to Yoongi that Jimin was pretty much a date virgin. "For real?" Yoongi asked, just to verify that Jimin wasn't fooling around. "You don't have to rub it in my face." Jimin groaned, propping up his menu on the table
to his his face behind it so he wouldn't need to make eye contact with the boy in front of him. "So you're a date virgin?" Yoongi chuckled as he reach to grab the menu Jimin used to hide his face. "HEY-" Jimin tried to grab the menu bavk but Yoongi was too quick. So he then
just hid his face in his hands. "So what if i am?" Yoongi couldn't help but laugh at the younger boy's blushing red embarrassed face. "So it's really cute and now I'm more determined to give you the best date ever." "Why?" "So you won't go on dates with anyone else."
Just when Jimin thought he had gotten over the initial embarrasment, he was flushed a deeper shade of red again. Heaven knows how he was going to survive this whole night. "What do you want?" Yoongi asked as he flipped the pages of the menu. "I don't know."
Jimin confessed. Everything was new to him. "I'll buy you anything. Just name it." "Yoongi i can't fucking name it. I don't even know how half of these things are pronounced." Jimin complained. "Do you want me to choose for you?" Yoongi said after he sniggered
at what Jimin had just said. "Are you vegan or on a diet or something? I want to choose something appropriate for you. What do you like to eat?" "Anything." "How much of anything?" "A lot." "Well aren't you adorable." Yoongi grinned as he raised his hand to order.
It was just small talk here and there as they ate the appetisers. They mostly talked aboutuniversity and how hard lectures and examns could be. They talked about how cold it is recently and how they were both looking forward for the first snowfall of the year. What Jimin didn't
expect was that Yoongi didn't show any interest for the topic of Jimin and his 'services'. Jimin was silently thankful for that. The real conversations started rolling in after the first few bites of food were downed. Food always did a good job at giving a lighter atmosphere.
"What's it like having no siblings though?" Jimin asked after Yoongi told about him being an onky child. "Fun and kind of lonely." Yoongi shrugged. "I grew up with grown ups so i didn't really have anyone to play with. I guess an effect of that was why i was really
introverted up until high school." "Being the only child sounds so great. I wish i was one too." Jimin spoke. "I assume you have siblings." "A lot." Jimin groaned dramatically. "There are five of us." "Five?!" Yoongi spluttered. "I know right. I'm the eldest."
"Breadwinner?" Jimin sighed. "It's not like i have a choice." Yoongi swallowed his food before he spoke the next few words slow and cautiously. "Is-" He cleared his throat. "-is that why you need to make money?" Jimin just nodded. He didn't want to talk about it but
he felt like he owed Yoongi at least a bit of conversation about it for what the older had already done for him. "Do you make a lot in your-" Yoongi coughed. "-business?" "A lot." Jimin said. "Do you like what you're doing?" Jimin looked up, making contact with Yoongi's eyes.
"Will you call me a whore if I said that i do?" Yoongi shook his head. "We're humans. We're biologically programmed to crave for sex and another person's touch." Jimin would be lying if he said he felt any judgement at all with the truth he spoke. Yoongi was so
open minded that for some reason he wanted to see more of his mind. "You don't think it's wrong and dirty?" "I'll be honest when i say that i admire you for finding a way to make money." Yoongi started. "I can't say if it's right or wrong since i don't know your intentions."
Jimin was silent after, trying to out all his focus in making his heart stoo being weird backflips in his chest. He was certain he was just feeling this way because for the first time someone was being open minded about his situation. Just because Yoongi.
Jimin swore he wasn't going to let Yoongi open his heart the same way other guys opened his legs. Yoongi felt that Jimin no longer wanted to talk about it. "So where do you and your massive family live." "Uh-" Jimin paused his motions. "The west side."
Their city was separated into four areas that the people had named themselves. The north side, where the rich live. The west side, where the middle class lived. The east side, occupied by people who had movef to reside there but not born there originally.
And finally the south, where the poor gather together and struggle to get by each day. The area with sky high crime rates, dirty streets and few commercial buildings since they were almost fully inhabited by residential houses. Rich people usually avoided the south side,
knowing they would get rampaged by beggars and thieves. "You look like live in the north." Yoongi grinned. "What about your parents? What do they do for a living?" Jimin sipped down hus water before he spoke. "My dad's working abroad. My mom is a doctor."
"Seems like good occupations." Yoongi pointed out. "I'm surprised you're not living in the north yet." "Good occupations can't buy us luxury when there are seven mouths to feed." Jimin shrugged. "Is this why you've never been on a date before?" Yoongi asked, not
caring if it sounded too invasive. "Because you're too busy with your eldest child duties?" Jimin wondered if Yoongi thought that statement through. "I've never been on a date because nobody wants to romance me if they can get straight to the fucking anyway."
"I'm here." Yoongi pointed at himself. "I don't know if you're really oblivious but i like you. I'm treating you to the romantic experience you've never had because i think you're worth it." Jimin hoped that if he showed that he was busy finishing his food Yoongi would
stop pressing on this topic. "I know more about you and i know about your business, but i still like you." Yoongi confessed. "What do you think i am?" "You're crazy." Jimin announce. "I think you're insane." "I'm just crazy about you and everything you do."
Jimin looked anywhere other than the Yoongi. "Enter yourself into a mental health facility." "You're the only drug i need." "You don't even know anything about me." Yoongi was trying to make Jimin see himself in his eyes. "But i managed to catch these feelings for you
with the little information i have and who are you to say that i'll be turned off when i learn more about you? What if it makes me like you more? " "Those are your feelings. Not mine." Jimin argued. "It's not my problem." "I'm not forcing you my feeling on you.
All I'm asking is that you'd give me a chance." Yoongi let out a deep sigh." You certainly are something. I've never had to plead like this before." "Fine." Jimin spoke, downing the champagne they had. "But i'm charging you for all these new services." "Deal."
Their date wasn't over yet, but Jiin was already summarizing everything he learned from it. First, Yoongi was actually a good guy. He admits he thought Yoongi would be one of those assholes filled with the pride of their status but he wasn't. He hadn't heard a single
brag from Yoongi the whole night, and if there were a few that some might consider brags, Yoongi didn't speak as if he was bragging. Second, Jimin might have no comparison but he knew Yoongi knew how to treat someone he liked. He was a gentleman and the whole time
Jimin felt safe and cared for even if Yoongi was just a stranger a few hours ago. Third, Yoongi made him smile. Yoongi mad ehim smile the way nobody had ever managed to. The lip stretching smile that made his lips curl and his eyes smile as well. The type of smile that doesn't
fade that easily no matter how much he tried to wipe away. Yoongi took him to the same park he picked him up from after insisting a hundred times that he wanted to drop Jimin off at his house. But Jimin refused. "Thank you." Jimin said as Yoongi handed him the cash at the price
they talked about during the call. Jimin hated to say that he feels like a gold digger. Yoongi already paid for their dinner and now he was paying his date. But Jimin could do nothing but convince himself that this was business. Yoongi was nothing but a client to him.
"Thank you." Jimin said before he moved to get out of the car. That was new. He never genuinely thanked a client before. When Jimin stood on the sidewalk, he was surprised to hear Yoongi get out of the car as well. Before he knew it, the other boy was
standing in front of him, the biggest smile on his face. "I don't sell goodnight kisses." Jimin tried to sound unamused. "I don't kiss anyone. Not my clients, not even if they but sex from me." "No i-" Yoongi's gaze dropped to his shoes as he laughed sheepishly.
"- I just really enjoyed tonight. I've never had a date like this before. I thought I should thank you." "For what?" Jimin tilted his head, wondering where Yoongi's words were coming from. "You made me happy." Yoongi's eyes turned to cresents. "The feeling is addicting and
I'm glad you have me a chance." The older boy's hands were in his pockets as he spoke his mind. Jimin didn't understand why his face was heating up. "W-what? Don't get your hopes up, it's just a chance." "A chance is where everything starts." Yoongi giggled.
"Be safe when you head home. I'll ask the stars to watch over you until they're no longer in the sky to protect you. I don't want to suffer whatever it'll feel like to not live in the same world as you." Jimin nodded, moving on his feet awkwardly. "Yeah." He refused
to look at Yoongi, he committed that mistake earlier and he didnt want a re-do of what he felt when he did. "You too." Yoongi was just stood staring at Jimin, and when the younger noticed, he covered his face. "What are you doing?!" "What do you mean?" Yoongi asked.
"You k-keep looking at me like that. It's weird." "Oh." Yoongi laughed. "When I look at you everything goes in slow motion. When your eyes do that they act like a camera to capture every passing moment. It only happens in significant events, your mind wants to remember."
Jimin mustered his courage before he spok. "You keep saying things like that but I know you don't love me." "Not yet." Yoongi fired back. "I'll say them more when I finally do." "You only say that to get me to like you." "Those are your feelings. It's your problem, not mine."
Jimin narrowed his eyes. "Do you want me to fall in love with you? Is that why you're doing this?" "Well what kind of lover would i be if i didn't want to be loved in return?" "I'm going home." Jimin spoke, taking a few steps backward. "You should too."
Yoongi nodded. Jimin hated how the smile never faded from his lips. The mere thought that he caused that was making him think of more things. The younger boy kept taking steps backwards, and he only fully turned his back towards Yoongi when he was a few meters away.
Jimin noticed that Yoongi was still rotted to the ground where he was stood, not making any move to enter his car yet. He didn't give it much thought until the older spoke again, when Jimin was halfway down the street. "PARK JIMIN-" He called out, cupping his
hands around his mouth to increasd the volume of his voice. "I CAN'T UNLIKE YOU. I HOPE I'LL NEVER HAVE TO." "WHAT?!" Jimin heard it loud and clear the first time, but he judt didn't know what to say. Thankfully the streets were empty and only a few cars passed here
and there or else they'd be given a noise complaint. "GOOD NIGHT, JIMINIE." Before Jimin coukd allow himself to do anything stupid, he just continued on his tracks, breaking into a run when he reached the end of the street. The date just technically ended but Jimin
was already trying to forget everything that happened. He didn't want to remember anything aside from the cash in his pocket. Yoongi was just an infatuated boy and Jimin just happened to be his next prey. This was all just business, after all. Jimin was in it for nothing more.
- Thr excitement on Taehyung's face couldn't be painted when he finally saw Jimin the next day. "So?" He spoke, trying to hokd his laughter. "So what?" Jimin groaned. "Are you not even going to tell me how your legendary date with Min Yoongi went?"
"I don't remember anything that happened." Lie. Taehyung furrowed his brows. "Were you drunk or something?" Jimin shook his head. "I forgot it as soon as i got home. Crazy old lady was so mad." "Damn, what did she do?" Jimin was glad that Taehyung drifted to another topic.
"Nothing much. She was drunk, went to bed immediately." Jimin shrugged. "Turns out she's been hollering to my siblings the whole night." "Because you weren't around?" Jimin nodded. "I don't get what her case is. I'm never around at night anyways."
"Well the bright side is that she didn't hurt them." Taehyung pointed out. "I stopped seeing the bright side in this a year ago." Taehyung nudged Jimin's side, feeling the way the other boy's mood dropped. "Why won't you tell me about that date?" "That date won't matter."
"Why not?" Jimin groaned. "We have another one tonight and another one in two days. Another one the day after that and everyday next week." Taehyung had wide, surprised, unblinking eyes. "Holy shit. Min Yoongi works so quick." "I'm making him pay me for the dates."
"What th- Why would you do that?" Taehyung spoke. "The prestige of going out on a date with Min Yoongi is enough. Other people would PAY to date him and you're making him pay to date y-" "That's his problem, not mine." "Speaking of the devil, here comes your problem right now."
"Park Jimin-" And as soon as Jimin turned to look, the Min Yoongi was actually there, walking down the hallway followed by people considered to be his disciples. Jimin opened his locker, hiding behind the locker door. "Why the fuck is he here?!" He whisper-shouted
to Taehyung who was watching the scene excitedly. "Doesn't he know this will be the topic of all gossip for the whole month, what is he, insane?! I knew he was insane, i know he was-" Before Jimin coukd finish his statement, Taehyung yanked his form out of where he
was pressed to the lockers for protection. And he ended up directly in front od Yoongi, so close that he even bumped into his chest. Screw Taehyung for being the biggest bitch ever. Yoongi laughed, taking a step back when he saw how close they were.
"What are these?" Jimin asked like a dumbass after seeing that Yoongi was obviously holding up a bouquet of flowers. "They're for you." Jimin convinced himself that he only accepted it because the flowers looked pretty. "And what exactly do you want me to do with this?
Flaunt it around and tell everybody that Min Yoongi personally gave me flowers" "Exactly." Yoongi grinned, pleased at how Jimin marveled at the boquet. "I have classes the whole day so i won't be able to accompany you until our date later." "Bold of you to assume
that i would want you to accomoany me in any part of the day." "Bold of you to deny it." Yoongi did that thing again wherr he out his hands in his pockets as he talked to Jimin. Maybe it was a sign of respect or maybe it was so Yoongi coulf stop himself from
the desire to reach out and hold the younger boy. "I'll see you later, Jiminie." Yoongi sent him one last smike before he walked away. Jimin knew what it was like to be the topic of whisoered gossip along the halls even while he was in hearing range of the speaker.
But it was never like this. It was never of positive things and envy. "You're fucked." Taehyung sniggered ad he looked at Jimin who was as red as the flowers in his hands. "N-no I'm not." Jimin said, carefully outting the boquet in his locker. There was no way he was
going to bring that thing around and feed Yoongi's ego even more. What did Yoongi think he was to have the audacity to just give him flowers for everybody to see? His boyfriend? "That was actually kind of sweet." Taehyung spoke, following the other boy as he walked
down the hall with his hood up to not drag attention to his pink cheeks. "Killing flowers and giving them to someone who's not interested? You think that's sweet?" Taehyung playfully rolled his eyes. "Oh shush. You're only saying that because you don't like him yet."
"I never will." "I'm willing to bet on that." Taehyung challenged. "Twenty bucks if he manages to make you say yes to beibg his boyfriend in one month's time." "Deal. I'm up for easy cash." - Jimin had twenty bucks in his wallet a month later, next to the thick wad of cash
that were all Yoongi's payments for dates. Exactly a month had passed and Yoongi had managed to pay for dozens of dates. He took Jimin out at least 5 nights a week. They went on a total of 25 dates. And in all twenty-six, Yoongi was unable to get the special 'yes' from Jimin.
"I still think you're actually crazy." Jimin declared on their third date. "I'm still crazy about you and everything you do." - "When are you going to give up on making me yours?" Jimin sighed on their fourth date when Yoongi took him to the cinema. "When you finally are."
- "How long are you going to keep treating me like this?" Jimin asked on their eighth date when Yoongi rented out a private pool for night swimming. "Until i still have oxygen in my lungs and the energy to make you feel special." - "Why do you even like me?
Jimin turned to ask Yoongi on their fifteenth date while they watched the universe unfold before their eyes in the national planetarium. "Do I need a reason to?" "I won't be convinced that you actually do until you tell me why." Yoongi was in thought for a while,
watching constellations show up one by one. "If i was here with anyone else it wouldn't feel the same. And i prefer this feeling over anything else." "What does it feel like?" Jimin asked. Could they be feeling the same thing? "Why do you ask?" "I want to know if
i get the same feeling with you." Jimin waited for a response, but his senses were diverted to something else. As soon as he looked down, he saw Yoongi's hand inching towards his. They had never held hands before. This would be a first. Suddenly Yoongi's hand was wrapped around
his. The older boy moved in intertwine their fingers. Oddly, Jimin lets him. "How does it feel?" Yoongi asked, eyes still glued to the screen, they were watching a close up look on Saturn's rings. He wondered when he would be able to put one on Jimin's finger.
Jimin gulped. He was taking it in. The feeling was foreign to him as holding hands romantically was something ever did with him before. "Nice. It feels nice." "Being more descriptive won't hurt." Jimin could feel the heat from Yoongi's hands spreading to his.
Suddenly what they were watching wasn't the most interesting thing. "I'll save that for another date." Jimin spoke. "So you're saying yes to another date with me?" Yoongi grinned. "Don't get m-me wrong." Jimin was flustered. "It's not because i like you or anything.
I-it was just a business technique." "Sure." Yoongi chuckled. "Maybe you should teach me your ways sometime." - "Can i fix your hair?" Jimin said on their seventeenth date as he got into the car. "Why?" Yoongi looked at himself in the car's sun visor mirror.
"Not that you look ugly right now, don't get me wrong." Jimin spoke. "I just saw this hairstyle on the internet and i immediately thought that it would suit you." Yoongi smirked. "You think of me in your free time?" Jimin gulped, turning to face away from Yoongi. "N-no."
"You know i never anyone touch my hair." Yoongi spoke, smirking at the flustered Jimin. The infornation just made Jimin more embarrassed as he turned to face the window, covering the side of his face that Yoongi could see. "C'mon make me gorgeous." Jimin was surprised
when he felt Yoongi place a comb on his lap. "I thought you never let anyone touch your hair." "You're not just anyone." Jimin raised a brow. "I love you. That's why you're different from everyone else." Jimin was the embodiment of Lady Gaga's keyboard smash tweet.
"I've already let you fix my hair, why are you still embarrased?" Yoongi said while he was ten minutes into driving. "You-" Jimin used his hands to express his frustrations. "You said you loved me!" The younger boy announced it like it was some sort of crime.
"So what?" Yoongi chuckled. "It's the truth." "I-i you- That's-" Jimin groaned, his hands going to his face. "You're not supposed to say it at such a casual time like this. It's supposed to be special when we're under the stars or something as sweet as that."
Yoongi shrugged. "Too late, then" "Yeah you ruined it." Yoongi kept one hand on the streering wheel, the other one taking Jimin's hand in his. "I guess it's up to you to fix my mess." "How?" "Tell me you love me at a special time when we're under the stars or something."
"I don't love you." Jimin spoke, yet he held Yoongi's hand tighter. He had one hand covering his cheeks. "Not yet." "How are you so certain that i will?" Yoongi laughed. "To be honest i'm not that sure. But confidence is key."
- "I'm exhausted." Jimin said on their twentieth date when Yoongi took him out for an actual picnic at the park. "Then sleep." Yoongi spoke. They had just downed the entirely of the picnic basket Yoongi brought. "I can't." "Why not?" "I-" Jimin gulped. "I can't sleep
without hugging something." Yoongi broke into a laugh." You should have said you wanted to hug me. It would have been easier." Jimin was back to being the same color as the srawberries and cream they had for desert. "Come here, you need your rest." Yoongi invited.
- "Business has been shit lately." Jimin spoke. It was their twenty-fourth date. They were at a drive-in cinema and Jimin was munching on all the popcorn before the movie even started. "You mean your...." Yoongi said awkwardly. "Yeah. My dirty business."
Jimin spoke what Yoongi didn't want to say. "Why, what about it?" "Nobody has been leaving papers in my locker. It' been a whole month." Jimin voiced out his frustrations. "I had a few but they don't reply when i text or call them." "Not to be selfish but that's
good news for me." Yoongi grinned as he felt Jimin rest his head on his shoulder. "I can have you all to myself." "Oh don't be a dick." Jimin scolded. "You know i make money from that. I'm basically jobless now. I have student loans to pay, Yoongi."
"Shouldn't you leave the worrying to your parents? It's their job to make you go to school anyways." Jimin's body suddenly froze when he realized the amount of information he just let slip through his lips. "Besides, doctors make a good amount of annual income and if
your dad is working abroad then it would maybe be sufficient contribution as well." "Y-eah i guess." Jimin fell asleep in the middle fo the movie. He hardly remembers what it was about, all that instilled in his mind was the cute dog that came out ten minutes into the movie.
Yoongi knew it was none of his business to go and disturb an angem in his slumber when he was so beautiful yet so unaware, so he ended up calling Taehyung. "Hey uh-" Yoongi said when the other picked up. "Can i happen to know Jimin's address? He fell asleep and i don't
want to just drop him off at the park like I always do." Taehyung sounded tired as well, so he gave Jimin's address without much thought. When Yoongi got to the destination on his map that Taehyung claimed to be Jimin's house, he wasn't so sure. It was on the South Side.
Yoongi's eyes widened when four little kids, the oldest one looking to be around 13 years old peeked through the window of the said house. And before he knew it, the door was open and the four were on their way outside. At first Yoongi was counfused, but then he
got why they were looking at their direction. People here would die to see a Porsche, and having one parked directly in front of their house must certainly have been alerting. Yoongi didn't know what he should do at this point, should just carry Jimin to the door?
While lost in his thoughts, one of the kids, the boy who looked to be around 7 stood in front of the car. He cuppsed his hands on the window to be able to see inside through the car's tint. "IT'S JIMIN!" He announced loudly when he saw the sleeping boy. It only took that one
statement and the rest of the kids were pressed up on the window, calling out for Jimin. The fact that there were four kids outside started to make Yoongi confirm that this was in fact Jimin's house since he said something about them being 5 children with him as the eldest.
Jimin woke up to the familiar sound of his siblings making noise. For a second he thought he was back home in bed, and maybe the date was all just a vivid dream. But as soon as he opened his eyes, he saw two pairs of eyes peeking at him though the closed window.
The moment he smelled Yoongi's perfume, he knew it wasn't just some dream. Jimin got himself up of where he was sleeping on Yoongi's shoulder, his neck ached, but that wasn't what he was paying attention to right at that moment. "What the fuck?" Jimin turned to the older boy.
"What?" Yoongi asked, not exactly knowing how Jimin would react to the whoke scene. "Why are we in front of my house?" Jimin asked, moving to look through the window to confirm their location. "You were asleep and-" "Who told you?" "That's not the p-" "Was it Tae?"
"Yes but why does it matter?" Yoongi asked in a rush voice in case Jimin would cut him off again. "Are you afraid that i won't like you the same way?" "Oh quit being a fucking dick." Jimin snapped. "Not everything is about you." "Then why can't i know where you live?"
Yoongi thought Jimin was being pointless. "It's just your house, why would it matter?" "This is my personal life." Jimin bit back. "You can't just shove yourself in here like you belonged here." "Is this why you always make me pick you up in the park near school?"
Jimin rolled his eyes. "You don't even know what you've fucking done don't you?" "Well i would know if you weren't busy being vague as fuck." Yoongi immediately regretted the words when he saw Jimin press his palms to his face. "When i walk out of this car,
I won't have a future anymore." Jimin's voice cracked as he spoke, he tried to swallow the lump in his throat but it was getting too hard to breathe if he kept it down. "What do you mean?" "You don't understand." Jimin hiccuped. "You rich people never understand."
"Well why don't you make it clear for me then?" Yoongi spoke. "You have my ears, my eyes, my mind. You can't say i don't understand or that won't understand when you haven't even told me what the heck i'm supposed to understand." Just before Jimin could speak again, they noticed
the little kids all detach themselves from the car and run back inside. Jimin knew what was coming next. This was only the second thing he feared the most. Yoongi narrowed his eyes to see better. The door of Jimin's house was dragged open and there was a woman who stepped out.
"I wish you didn't do this." Jimin sighed, using his hoodie sleeves to get rid of any traces of the tears he shed. "I wish you did't do this so i wouldn't have to go through this." "Go through what?" His tone desperate for answers by now. What was Jimin going on about?
Jimin told knee in himself that it was alright to cry, just as long as nobody could see his pain shedding in liquid form from his eyes. He hates himself for letting himself look this vulnerable in front of Yoongi. "This." Jimin didn't look back as he pushed the door open,
slamming it shut before walking to the house like he was prepared to go to battle. "I KNEW IT." The woman said when Jimin was stood in front of him. "YOU'RE A LYING PESKY LITTLE SLUT. YOU SAID YOU WERE WORKING A NIGHT SHIFT BUT IN REALITY YOU'RE SEEING SOME GUY?"
Jimin was used to this. It was nothing new. No matter how much she raised her voice, Jimin was immune. He let it hurt before until it hurt no more. "FUCKING DISGRACE." She landed a hard slap on his right cheek, making Jimin stumble back a bit, but he regained his balance.
"JUST LIKE YOUR MOTHER." "But she was a better mother than you ever will be." Jimin bit back. It was when Yoongi saw Jimin recieve another blow to his left cheek that he knew there was no way he was just going to sit and watch. How in the world could he just sit and watch?
"JIMIN-" Yoongi spoke, rushing to his side. He had no idea who this woman was, why he was hitting Jimin, and why she was mad in the first place. But he was certain there was probably no logical reason to physically hurt someone like that. "Stay out of this." Jimin warned.
"OH AND IS THIS A GUY FROM THE NORTH WHO'S BEEN DICKING YOU DOWN WHILE YOU FAMILY IS STARVING HERE IN THS SOUTH?" She spoke, eyes drifting back and forth from Yoongi to Jimin. Yoongi held Jimin to him, wrapping his arms around the boy protectively before taking steps back.
"I told you to stay out of this!" Jimin spoke, hitting Yoongi's shoulder lightly. But the older boy was glaring at the woman. "Who is this lady?" "YOU BETTER LISTEN TO HIM." She roared, grabbing on to Jimin by his shirt before yanking it. But Yoongi's hold was tight and
it only resulted in Jimin's hoodie ripping. "The evil step mother." Jimin whispered. "GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE I GET PEOPLE TO GANG YOU UP, SON." She threatened. "YOU DON'T BELONG DOWN HERE. GET BACK TO THE NORTH." "My mother is a lawyer." Yoongi spoke. "So try to hit
me or him one more time and the next time you open your eyes you'll be in jail." She paused for a while as they just stood there, the silence wrapping around their throats so thickly that they could choke. "Fine." She spoke. "Keep that useless kid. It's not like i
need one more ungrateful mouth to feed." And with that, she made her way back inside the house. People up in the north knew how to deal with unruly people of the south. People here aren't scared of guns or knives, they were scared of the law and jail because they knew they
didn't stand a chance. "I'm taking you home to the north." Yoongi spoke, carefully unwrapping himself from Jimin when he was certain that the step mother was inside the house. "What? No." Jimin said, holding his hoodie at the part it was ripped. There was a big damage.
"So you really think i'll let you live there with that beast?" Yoongi asked as if Jimin was insane. "No. You're coming home with me so i can sleep with some peace of mind that you're alive and safe." Jimin felt Yoongi wrap his hand around his own, leading them back
to the car. "Yoongi, I said no." Jimin rooted himself to the spot he was stood. Yoongi turned to the younger boy, his eyes searching for answers to every question he had in his mind right now. "They need me." Jimin pointed to the windows. There were four pairs of eyes
peeking outside, and they shut the curtains when they were caught loooking. "I do this for them." Jimin felt Yoongi loosen his grip lightly, but he was the one who retrieved his hand. "I can't leave them too. Everyone's left us already. I'm all they have now."
"But what about you?" Yoongi asked, now seeing the bigger picture Jimin painted by hand. "I've been living like this for 16 years." Jimin laughed, but it's sound was sad and hollow. "I've gotten used to it. I'm stronger than you think." "I hope you're stronger than you think."
"I am. Sometimes i surprise myself." Jimin let out that laugh again, the type of laugh that just amplifies how sad the situation trully is. "Go home, don't mind me." "You're always on my mind all the time." Yoongi didn't let out a laugh after, there was no
sign of sarcasm. It was as genuine as Yoongi meant it to be. "So that's going to be quite hard. "Be safe." Jimin spoke as he watched Yoongi walk to the driver's side of his car. Yoongi never took his eyes off of Jimin, and even when he was opening the car door he still
looked like he was having second thoughts if he was making the right choice. "I love you." It was a reminder. "I'm still crazy for you even if you do the craziest things." Jimin blushed. He didn't hide it this time. "See you soon." "Can I take you on a date tomorrow?"
Jimin nodded. "And the day after tomorrow?" "That's going to be our 26th date." Jimin informed. "The one on the day after tomorrow? On Sunday?" Jimin nodded. Finally the heavy atmosphere left when Yoongi broke into a smile. "You've been counting?" "Maybe." "Park Jimin-"
It was Yoongi's turn to blush. "I swear my heart has a thing for you. It did that backflip that it only ever does when i'm with you." "Those are your feelings." Jimin giggled, knowing he felt the exact same thing. "But i'm afraid they're going to start being my problem too."
- "I don't want to talk about it." Jimin said on their twenty fifth date as soon as he got into the car. It wa snow a full month since Taehyung made that dare with twenty bucks on the line. Yoongi made sure to pick him up extra early. 6am to be exact while his step mother
was still fast asleep. "Then we won't" Something new happened that morning. Yoongi. picked Jimin up in front of his house, not at the park once again. "What about your siblings?" Yoongi asked when they were in the middle of the ride. "I cooked for their food for the whole day.
They can just heat it up later." "Sorry." Yoongi spoke, realizing what he said. "I shouldn't have asked. I know you don't want to talk about it." "I don't want it to ruin my mood, especially when i'm with you." Jimin confessed. "I think I like me better when i'm with you."
- It was currently Sunday, the twenty-sixth date. Jimin had told Yoongi about the dare yesterday, and just to rub it in Taehyung's face that he lost, they passed by Taehyung's house in the North to personally ask for the promised cash on the actual due date of the dare.
"So you're literally at my house in a car alone with the guy we made a dare about and you're telling me you won the damn dare?" Taehyung said in disbelief. "The deal was that we aren't dating, not that we wouldn't show up in the same car." Jimin held out his hand. "Pay up."
If they had met up early for yesterday's twenty-fifth date, they went out quite late today, when the beast was deep into hibernation. Jimin insisted that he thinks his siblings deserve a day of his time and that he missed spending time with them as well. He was always out
with Yoongi. The older boy of course agreed. "You're insane." Jimin said when the cold night air hit him as he went outside that night. He wasn't surprised to see the older boy stood in front of his house, but the fact that he didn't bring his car with him was new.
Yoongi took a security measure to wear a mask and his hoodie up, but even so if someone were to look closely, there was a possibility they'd identify himself as someone from the North. "Where's your car?" Jimin asked, stepping to stand next to Yoongi before they started putting
one foot in front of the other. "Where are we going?" "Remember when you texted me last night and said you were ready to talk about everything?" Yoongi started. "So nothing special for tonight. Just me, you, the stars and the moon. We're going wherever the night takes us."
"That's a really long way of saying that we're going for a walk." Jimin chuckled. "Besides, this is the first time i've actually spent time in the South." Yoongi spoke. "I want to see under the moonlight if it has any hidden beauty other than you."
So the two walked aimlessly in the glow of the moonlight and the thick night air. They didn't exactly know where they would end up, but they would just have to take care of that later. "You're so silent." Yoongi pointed out a few minutes into the walk. "I don't know
where to start." Jimin confessed. They both had their hands in their pockets. It wasn't that they didn't want to hold hands, but it was because the temperature dropped drastically today. Jimin's breath was visible as it swirled in the air with every word he said.
"We have the whole night." Yoongi comforted. "And as much as i'm dying to know, i'm willing to wait." There was something comforting about knowing there was a listening ear waiting for whenever Jimin was willing to speak. But the thing was, he had never told this tale to anyone.
If there was anywhere he should start, Jimin decided it should be uncovering the lies. "My mom isn't a doctor." Jimin breathed out. "My dad's not abroad and we don't live in the West." "I figured out half of that myself." Yoongi spoke. "So where are they? What are they?"
Jimin gulped. "My dad was the first one who left." Yoongi was listening. It wasn't usual to see Jimin this serious. "He left after he found out my mom was pregnant youngest sister Jinah." Jimin shrugged. "He said he didn't want the 'sad life in the South'. As if we wanted it."
"What an asshole." "You don't have to sugar-coat insults." Jimin laughed, silent and hollow. "Where is he now?" "My real mommy died a year after he left. The stress of having to live day by day really got to her." Jimin sighed. "She was born in the South, there was no way
she would be able to raise five kids all by herself especially when she hardly had any education." "Oh." Yoongi didn't know that there was that certain side of the story. "The cause was an STD." Jimin spoke. "She raised us with the same job i do." Yoongi's eyes widened.
"My biological father came back after she died. He just make sure people wouldn't see it as his fault." Jimin continued. "He lived with us for a month after she died. That's how we met the step mother." Yoongi didn't realize that behind pretty faces were stories
cruel enough to be written in books and shown in movies. But people like Jimin who actually went through the reality of stories like that would never find entertainment in scenes like that, they would never go back to a pain they knew so well. "Father left after
he watched the step-mother sign the custody papers for us five. I was pretty sure he was supposed to be our legal guardian-" Jimin gulped. "But in the whole month he was with us, i knew he was looking forward to the time he could leave." "I can't believe you were treated this
way by one of the people who are supposed to love you the most." Jimin just shrugged. Of course that thought had popped into his mind. It was what he thinks about every night while he lay beside his siblings, avoiding falling asleep until he was sure all the other four were.
"Step mother was kind at first. She was sweet and she loves children." Jimin continued. "But it all changed when my father left her as well." "Perhaps your father was never left un his life. That's why he has no idea how much it hurts." Yoongi concluded. "Or maybe
he just doesn't value anything let alone anyone." Jimin agreed silently, but when he started telling his story he knew he couldn't stop. It took courage to voice these things out and as soon as he stops, he would have to build that courage up again.
"She wanted to leave us for dead. But i told her that would be abandonment and is punishable by law." Jimin remembered the moment so vividly. "She stayed, but she despised me after that. That's what people from the South are like, they talk in screams and decide with theit gut."
Jimin kept his eyes on his feet as they walked, he wouldn't admit he was anxious to know what Yoongi would think. "People from the South are all bark no bite. They hate people who are successful and have proper education. Deep down they know and are afraid of what knowledgeable
people are capable off." "Well it's a great thing you were able to go to school." Yoongi didn't know what he did or what was wrong with what he said because in a second Jimin was sat on the side walk, his eyes leaking. It was as if Yoongi knocked over the dam.
Yoongi thought twice about sitting on the side walk. It was dirty and there were trash piles just a dew feet away. But he knew making his rich boy tactics arise wasn't the right thing to do in a time like this. "Did i do something?" He asked, sitting next to the younger boy.
No, Yoongi didn't do anything that caused Jimin to cry. At least not on purpose. The younger boy felt himself crumble as he fell into Yoongi who immediately captured him in his arms. Yoongi wasn't going to let Jimin fall apart, at least not on his watch.
"I told you-" Jimin hiccuped, coveribg his face with his hand to catch the tears as soon as they fall. "-The moment i got out of your car my future shattered." "What-" Yoongi furrowed his brows. "What do you mean? Is this about the gossip? I dont care about th-"
"Yoongi." Jimin scolded. "For the last time, not everything is about you." "So what then?" Jimin sighed, picking up a pebble on the ground and throwing it at empty tin can a few feet away. "Haseul University has a stupid policy." "Our uni?" Yoongi asked. "What about it?"
"It prohibits people who live in the South to get in." Yoongi's eyes widened, of all the things he certainly wasn't expecting that. "How did you enter, then?" "My father served his purpose for once." Jimin explained. "When he left us he was able to afford a house in the West."
"Is that even legal?" The new information boggled Yoongi. "How is there not a law regarding this? This is clearly discrimination." Jimin shrugged, finally running out of tears to cry. He was sure he cried too much for someone of only 20 years old, but in his defense
he's gona through a lot for someone of only 20. "But it's not the end of the world." Jimin wasn't sure if he wss assuring Yoongi or himself, maybe both. "I have a full scholarship. Maybe I'll just be suspended for a semester. They can't kick me out. I have a perfect record."
"So you're saying that the fact that i was here dragged attention, and the fact that you got out of my car and into the house dragged more attention?" Jimin just nodded, trying to wrap his head around what happened. He didn't blame Yoongi one bit, he didn't deserve the blame.
"Anyway it's just a semester." Jimin sighed. "I'll try my best to be back on track when i come back and i'm just afraid about what it would look like on my record." "I'm sorry." "It's not your fault. Don't say that." Jimin spoke. "I hate it when you blame yourself."
"I'm sorry." Yoongi repeated. "Stop that." "Stop what?" The older boy asked, detaching one arm from where he was wrapping Jimin up protectively but keeping on around his waist. "Saying sorry." Yoongi nodded. "Sorry." Jimin broke into a laugh.The fresh feeling of Yoongi
hearing that laugh ring in his ear after it all was so pleasant. "You're so difficult." A comfortable silence fell on the two, wrapping them up protectively. For a second they weren't part of this world. It was their world, everything else was just living in it.
"I love you." Yoongi whispered. His tongue itched to say the words before he finally got them out. "That was random." Jimin giggled. "I felt like you need to hear it." Yoongi confessed. "There's no shorter way i can sum up a promise. They didn't notice how the time ticked
past when they were walking, but right now it must have been late at night when the sky was the darkest. "The sky's so dark." Jimin pointed out, both of their eyes casting to the sky above. "That reminds me of you" Yoongi said, pointing at the star that shined the brightest.
"If you're going to make some pick up line saying i'm unique or something i swear-" "No, no." Yoongi spoke. "If it wasn't wrapped in darkness it wouldn't shine as bright." The pink glow in Jimin's cheeks wasn't just because of the low temperature now. "This reminds me of us."
Jimin said spreading his hands to cover the entirety of the sky. "Which one?" "Not which one." Jimin corrected. "All of it. Everything you see." "Why's that?" "You're the moon and you have all the stars around you." Jimin spoke. "But you treat me as if i'm your only star."
Silence fell on them. They acted just like they were before that Jimin almost forgot that he had told Yoongi his story. He made himself an open book to the older boy and yet he didn't care in a good way. It was rare to find people like that, especially when they're caught up
in a world like this. "Yoongi, what are we?" Jimin asked, turning to face the older boy. "Stars in the sky predestined to meet? "No i mean like-" Jimin gulped. It took a whike for him to be straightforward especially with his feelings. But Yoongi was there to
helo him in every step of the way. "-are we...... dating?" Yoongi broke into a laugh. "Are you saying that because your bet with Taehyung ended yesterday?" "N-no." Jimin stuttered. "Be serious with me for a sec-" "You're the only thing i ever took seriously."
Jimin giggled in his hands, sighing but the smile never left his lips when he turned to face Yoongi again. "Do we even need a label?" Yoongi thought out loud. "No. Nothing ever needs a label." Jimin answered. "We don't need one, but i want one." "What do you want to be?"
"Whatever you want me to be." Yoongi smirked. "And what if I want you to be my boyfriend." "Then you have a boyfriend." Yoongi cheered, resulting in the two of them just breaking into laugher until their stomachs ached. "Hey-" Yoongi broke the silence that came
after the laughs. "-since we're officially dating should we maybe.... You know..... that thing couples do...." "Shhhh." Jimin scolded. "I was thinking about that too, you could have given me a sec i was just gathering my courage." "Well tell me when y-"
Yoongi didn't like being cut off while he was talking, but he'll let this one time go. When it comes to kissing Jimin, Yoongi could be more descriptive, but he had the rest of his life to do that. For now all he knew was that it felt nice. Sure he could talk about how
the cold air around suddenly felt hot or how his heart started beating so loud and so fast that it sounded like it was humming. Sure he could talk about how euphoric it felt when he heard Jimin's heart humming too. And he coukd certainly talk about how they made
the sweetest melody together that he was sure it'll stick to his mind long after it stopped playing. He could talk about all of that if he wanted, but for now all he knew was that it felt nice. Yoongi would be lying if he said he didn't want this 26 dates ago.
But he wouldn't change it for the world. It was quite funny to remember the fact that 26 dates ago, he was busy convincing Park Jimin to give him a chance. And now 26 dates later Park Jimin took the chance to kiss him. It drove him crazy just how fast the night changes.
"Wow." Jimin said when they eventually were forced to oull away for air. "Yeah, wow." Yoongi chuckled, wrapoing both his arms around the younger boy again. "I didn't believe in magic and soulmates but now you got me wondering." Jimin said nothing in return. Silence releases the
best feelings and highlights all emotions. But even in his silence, Jimin was smiling. "Hey Yoongi?" Jimin spoke after a moment. "Hmm?" Yoongi noticed that the younger bot just finished taking in their surroundings as if he was searching for something. "I love you."
Those words went inside Yoongi's ears and straight to his heart. He had been throwing the three words around so easily not realising how different it was to be in the receiving side. And damn did it feel nice. "Why'd you say it now?" Yoongi laughed, trying to hide the
fact that he was more flustered than he would admit. "You were supposed to say it on a special time." "Yes it is." Jimin spoke. Yoongi just didn't know it yet. "You told me on our first date that you were looking forward to the first snowfall of the year and I said i am too."
It might be cold but there was warmth spreading in Yoongi's chest that he never felt before. "Look." Jimin raised his hand, just in time as a single snowflake fell on the tip of his finger and he moved to show Yoongi. "See? I made sure it was special." Yoongi's smile stretched
to his ears. It wasn't going to be erased easily. "Jimin, i think i have a problem." Jimin tilted his head curiously. "What's that?" "I have insane feelings for you." Jimin just giggled, reaching for one of Yoongi's hands to hold in his. "Look's like we're in the same boat."
It took a while for the two to get back to Jimin's house. Even after living on the South his whole life, Jimin still managed to get lost in a single night. But it was okay. He didn't mind getting lost with Yoongi at all. When they did arrive, they both breathed out
the deepest sigh of relief. "No, don't-" Jimin spoke when he saw Yoongi reaching for his wallet in his pocket. "What? Why? I'll feel like a freeloader." "It's alright it's different now." He assured. "You're my boyfriend now. You get free service." Jimin winked.
"But it's alright with me." Yoongi insisted. "Money is never an issue anyways. Even if it's different now I still want to spoil you" Jimin sighed, pressing a kiss to Yoongi's cheek to distract him before snatching the wallet in his habds and shoving it in the older boy's pocket.
"I told you, it's fine." He spoke. "I don't want to seem like a good digger. I'm your boyfriend because I love you, not because i love your cash." It was getting late and Yoongi felt like it was after midnight already. So he agreed just so they can get some rest.
"Good night, boyfriend." Yoongi said before pressing a kiss on Jimin's forehead, not caring who was lookjng or who could see. "Good night, boyfriend." Jimin giggled, wrapping Yoongi in a hug after the kiss. "See you tomorrow." "I'm picking you up tomorrow. Let's go to
school together." Yoongi proposed. "I don't think we can do that." Jimin frowned. "I have to walk my two other siblings to school first." Yoongi was in thought for a while. "Would they mind riding a Lexus to school?" The statement was a surprise,
but Jimin hopped in excitement, hugging Yoongi tighter. "I don't think they would. I would love to take a break from smelly overpriced buses." "Looking forward to meeting them, then." Yoongi spoke when Jimin pulled away. "But what will your step-mother say?"
"Fuck what she'll say." Jimin announced. "She's been treating me kindly since she thinks i'm dating the son of a lawyer who can put her in jail." "Well tonight it became the truth." The two of them hadn't realized that they were stood there for longer than they thought, they
only got pulled back into reality when Jimin yawned causing Yoongi to yawn as well because yawning was contagious. With one last kiss and twenty more goodbyes, Jimin went inside and Yoongi headed home. They had absolutely no idea what tomorrow would bring.
- "You gave them intense bragging rights i can't believe this is happening." Jimin said when they drove away from the school of his siblings. "Did you see those kids? It was like they saw their toy car have a growth spurt. Yoongi just laughed, watching the younger
boy look back at the school through the window. "Well they better get used to it." Yoongi spoke, taking Jimin's hand in his. "The same way you have to get used to me." "Oh shush." Jimin giggled. "I need a bit more practice but i swear i'll get the hang of it soon."
Despite having the desire to be with each other as much as they possibly can, Yoongi and Jimin had to separate paths at the entrace. Yoongi had to go to the library to borrow a book and Jimin had to go to his locker to meet with Taehyung. But the temporary separation was fine,
they learned not to mind it. Besides, distance makes the heard grow fonder. "Jimin!" Taehyung called out when he saw the other boy walking by himself, he then jogged along to accompany him. "Is it true?" He asked as soon as he caught up with him. "What?" "That you and
Yoongi are officially dating or something." "Yeah." Jimin confessesed. "Since yesterday. Where did you hear that from?" "I thought it was just a rumor. But your proud little boyfriend has been shameless bragging to his friends about his relationship status."
Jimin laughed. He expected such a thing from Yoongi. Yoongi never bragged about his riches, he only ever bragged about the things money couldn't buy. "Also, fuck you two." Taehyung groaned. "I'm convinced you only started dating today to milk 20 bucks out of my wallet."
Jimin shrugged, plastering a sarcastic look of innocence on his face. "I would never do such a thing, Mr. Kim Taehyung. I'm an angel, just ask my boyfriend." "Can i be frank for a second? I knkw jt's not gonna hurt your feelings or anything." Taehyung spoke as they took the turn
to the halls where their lockers were. "I find it pretty adorable that Yoongi knows that you're in a literal dirty business but he stil adores you anyway." Jimin shrugged. "Your soulmate could be an ogre with three legs and eighy arms but if they're still your soulmate,
you're bound to fall in love." "Ew." Taehyung rolled his eyes."It's weird to hear you speaking about all this sappy shit." "Believe me, if i wasn't in love with someone i wouldn't be this disgusting." The smile faded from Jimin's lips the moment he opened his locker.
Once again there were no papers. That means he wasn't earning anything again today. It was fine the last few weeks since Yoongi had been paying him more for one date than the accumulated amount of all the services availed from him. But now that they were together,
Jimin would feel like such a freeloaders to accept money from Yoongi for dating him. "Still nothing." He muttered, slamming his locker shut before leaning against it beside Taehyung. "I think Yoongi has something to do with this." The younger boy spoke his thoughts out loud.
"What do you mean?" "Well duh-" Taehyung started. "If i was madly in love with someone i don't think i would want to live with the knowledge that they suck eight different dicks a day." Jimin pouted, he realized that him and Yoongi had never exactly talked about what
Jimin's business would end up as now that they were officially together. Thinking about what Taehyung said, Jimin couldn't help but agree. "We never really-" "WE INTERRUPT ALL CLASSES TO BRING THIS IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT." Everyone in the whole campus stopped
whatever they were doing and looked up to the speakers attached everywhere. It was a direct communication from the headmaster of the university to the whole campus. "PARK JIMIN OF THE PERFORMING ARTS DEPARTMENT. PLEASE HEAD TO THE MAIN OFFICE RIGHT THIS INSTANT."
"The fuck?" Taehyung said with wide eyes. The university never used the announcement system unless it was completely necessary so that it wouldn't interrupt classes. The booming noise came to everyone's ears and the only person who wasn't surprised was Jimin himself.
The whole hallway was looking at him. Jimin knew they were all thinking the same thing. The dick sucker was finally caught. But that wasn't it. "Are you gonna go?" Taehyung asked when Jimin didn't move a muscle. Jimin shrugged, contrary to how he moved to walk in the
direction of the main office. "Hey-" Taenyung called out before jogging to keep up with Jimin's strides. "Why are they even calling you in the first place? It's so random." "Partially it's your fault." "WHAT?!" "I'm kidding." Jimin chuckled. "But not really. It's not a joke."
"Why are you surprisingly calm about this?" Taehyung asked. "You know full well that people who come into that office, they never set foot on the university again." "It's only going to be a semester." Jimin shrugged, he seemed to be doing a good job at hiding his panic.
"JUST a semester?!" Taehyung couldn't believe his ears. "I knew your were smart because of your scholarship, but i never knew you were smart enough to disregard a whole semester." "Can you shut up for a second, i may not be screaming right now but i assure you my brain is."
The two were silent as they brisk walked to the main office. Taehyung was eyeing Jimin in the corner of his eye, and even if the other boy was good at hiding it, Taehyung knew he was nervous. Jimin had a habit of running had hands through his hair when he was nervous, and he
had probably done that a dozen times back when they were halfway to the office. Taehyung couldn't help but feel second-hand anxiety. He knew how much Jimin needed his scholarship and his education in general. He had his whole future on the line. Hopefully it'll turn out well.
"There he is." Jimin as surprised that the moment he walked in, they were greeted by the headmaster's desk and none other than Kimmy and Jiho. Jimin's number one haters. The boy decided to play it cool. Maybe if they saw he was calm they would deem him innocent.
"Good morning." Jimin greeted the headmaster with a bow. "You called for me?" "Sit down, this we'll make this quick." She gestured to the seat next to where Kimmy was sat. "Kimmy here has presented us with video evidence of you and Min Yoongi in a place that seems to be
the South side." Jimin just listened, his face blank. Taehyung who was sat beside him looked a lot more nervous than himself. "Do you confirm that this is in fact, you?" She was holding a phone that looked to be Kimmy's with the video playing. It looked like them
going out for their 25th date. Yoongi's car was visible and there was no way Jimin could deny when the joy in his face of seeing the other boy in front of his house was clearer than daylight. Jimin waved goodbye to a bright future. "That's me." The headmaster looked a
bit surprised that it went easier than she thought. "And do you confirm that this is in fact your house? Park, do you reside in the South side?" Jimin didn't answer, as he turned to face Kimmy. "How did you get that video?" Kimmy was startled, feeling like she was put on
a hotseat. "W-what are you talking about?" "It's on your phone." Jimin pointed out. "And Yoongi is in the shot. We had no idea if there was anyone else there. Did you stalk us?" "W-what?" She moved in her seat. "Headmaster with all due respect, Jimin is changing the subject."
"We'll take care of one issue at a time, settle down you two." The headmaster spoke in a firm voice. "Right." Kimmy and Jiho said in unison. "So Jimin-" The headmaster turned back to him. "If you reside in the South, then how would you explain the address of the West
you put on your form when you signed up." Jimin gulped before he spoke, hoping his words would at least put a bandaid on the wound. "The address in the West is my father's. The one on the South was my mother's and now my step-mother's." "But which one of these is where
you currently live? That's what matters here." Lies only put a bandaid on the wound, they don't heal it. Hopefully the truth wouldn't leave a scar. "With my step-mother." The headmaster nodded. "Is this step-mother your legal guardian?" "Yes." "I have all the information
I need." She said with a sigh, taking her glasses off before staring straight at Jimin. "Mr. Park, I want to start by saying that the University of Haseul will treat you as one of it's biggest loss from this-" "Loss?" Taehyung butted in. "Isn't he coming back next semester?"
Jimin was on the edge of his seat, his brows furrowed and his whole body tense. "Isn't the consequence suspension for a semester? It's in the student's manual, category five." "Park Jimin, I appreciate that you're one of the few students who actually read their manuals, but what
you're facing isn't written in manuals." She explained. "Why would we include a part for the consequences of a South side civilian, if we don't accept South side civilians in the first place? " "What?! No!" Jimin went on full panic. "You can't kick me out, i have good grades
and a squeaky clean record!" "Mr. Park, we have the right to kick you out. You weren't supposed to be here in the first place." She spoke firmly. "I would think twice about claiming to have a clean record. We know how much you need this, we already let you 'business' slip."
"You knew about Jimin selling sex?!" Jiho interrupted. "This is so fucked up." Taehyung couldn't hold back the curse. "So living in the South is what caused him to be expelled but selling sex is something you just 'let slip'?" "Ma'am-" Jimin whined. "It's my father's address,
it's still technically mine-" "You live with your legal guardian in the South. My judgement is final." She spoke firmly. "You are to leave right this instant before we report you to the highed authorities." "Now you're going to put him in jail?!" Taehyung was exasperated
"F-fine." Jimin stand, standing from his seat. It was at that moment that tears started streaminh uncontrollably down his cheeks. "This whole world tolerates discrimination and mutes the voices of those who fight against it. Mark my words, this boy from the South is going to
prove you all wrong." The people inside the office sat and watched as Jimin let himself out. He had no idea where he got the bravery to utter his final statement as a student from Haseul. But what was done was done. Jimin was devastated. He didn't care how stupid he
looks as he walked down the halls with the oceans in his eyes overflowing. Fuck. What would he say to his siblings? "I'm going to buy you that as soon graduate from college." Jimin comforted when he saw his 13 year old sibling Jihyun staring at a picture of a guitar
on the newspaper. "Really?" The young boy said, his eyes twinkling. Jimin knew how long he had wanted one even when he was silent about it. "Of course." Jimin smiled. "But it's still in two years or so." "I'll count down the days." The four believed in Jimin much
more than he believed in himself. Fuck. What about all the promises he made? "Did she hurt you again?" Jimin said when he noticed his eight year old sister Sunhee trying to cry as silently as possible at night. The other three were asleep, but of course Jimin heard.
They all slept in the same room, it was hard not to notice. Sunhee gave in, bawling her eyes out as Jimin hugged her. Being strong was exhausting when all Jimin wanted to do was to break down as well. "She w-was mad because the coffee i gave her wasn't hot enough."
Sunhee hiccuped. Jimin didn't have to ask what the step-mother did, the red mark on Sunhee's cheek said it all. "Hey-" Jimin spoke in the softest voicr he could muster, swallowing the lump in his throat before it could get any bigger. "When i graduate, I'm going to buy
us a house in the West. We'll never see her ever again." "And we'll be happy?" "The happiest." Jimin could feel his legs ache at the weight of everything and everyone he had on his shoulders. He didn't want to come home as a failure, but that seemed inevitable today.
"Jimin!" Jimin looked up at the end of the hall in front of the main entrance to see none other than his boyfriend, out of breath and looking relieved to see him. Jimin stopped in his tracks, rooted to the spot. Yoongi once broke his dam but now he let the whole ocean run wild.
"We're getting out of this place." Yoongi said, wrapping Jimin up in his jackef that he was previously holdind, he put the hood up. "Come on, let's talk." "Y-you have c-classes." Jimin pointed out as he let Yoongi guide him out in brisk steps with a hand around his waist,
holding him close. "I don't care." The older boy spoke, matter-of-factly. "You're my top priority." When they got outside, Yoongi wanted to sit them on a bench, but there were people nearby. The only true safe place was Yoongi's car. Yoongi led them both inside
in the backseat. He wouldn't be able to hold Jimin if they were up front. "I thought you got this." Yoongi said, cupping Jimin's cheeks as soon as they got inside. But that didn't stop Jimin from bawling his eyes out to the point that even Yoongi's hands began to get soaked.
Yoongi sighed. "I thought you knew that you'd be gone for a semester." Jimin sobbed, detaching himself from Yoongi's hands on his cheeks before hugging the older boy and sobbing on his shoulder. "I d-did." Jimin hiccuped before he gulped. "I'm expelled." "What?!"
Jimin nodded, before he felt Yoongi moving underneath him. "I'm going to fucking sue this university's mother fucking asshole-" Yoongi was making a move to head out of the car, reaching out of the door handle. "No!" Jimin spoke, reaching out to take back Yoongi's hand.
"What?" Yoongi's brows furrowed, confused at Jimin's actions. "They have no right to kick you the fuck out when you have soaring grades and a schola-" "Stop." Jimin said, moving to hold both of Yoongi's hands in his to make sure that Yoongi doesn't do anything stupid.
Jimin gulped, having no control over the spilling of his tears as he looked at Yoongi. "That's the whole fucking point. I have ascholarship. I owe this to them" "So? It was their choice that you got accepted and -" "I got accepted because i lied." Jimin said.
"S-so?" Yoongi stuttered, but his fightinh spirit for this was slowly decreasing as he saw that Jimin already claimed defeat. "If i was meant to be here, nothing can stop me from leaving." He sniffed. "If i wasn't meant to be, nothing can stop me from leaving."
"This is your future we're talking about." Yoongi said as he moved to pull Jimin into him once again. For some reason it seemed like he needed the touch more than the younger boy did. "Why aren't you fighting for it?" Jimin sighed, feeling his breath break as he exhaled.
"The headmaster knows about my dirty business." He confessed. "And i did fight for it. Who wouldn't? She threatened to call the higher authorities if i don't stop." "How dare she." Yoongi hissed. "Especially now that she knows that you're mine." "It's okay, it's my fault."
"No." Yoongi spoke, cupping Jimin's cheek to make him face him. He needed to drill his words into Jimin's brain. "None of this is your fault. You will not apologise for any of this because none of this is your fault. None." Jimin gently pulled the hand away from his cheek.
"Yes it is. I'm just boy from the South who dreamed too high for things that weren't meant to be in my reach." Jimin wiped his soaked cheeks. "It's called the South for a reason. We can never be on top." "I didn't use to like people from the South until I met you."
"That's the whole point." Jimin spoke. "And you only liked me because on our first date i said I was from the West." "Jimin!" Just then, Yoongi's eyes widened as if he just hatched an idea, he cupped Jimin's cheeks again. "Jimin- Why don't you just move in with me?!"
"You're insane!" Jimin spoke, but ir wasn't a joke this time. "I'm serious." Yoongi insisted. "I'm from the North, it's literally the only qualification you need." "You're crazy." Jimin breathed out. "Yoongi i have four other siblings and an evil step-mo-"
"Jimin." Yoongi tried, "I'm the only child. Our house is big enough for a family of 50. It gets lonely all the time and you're the only addition we need." "You're crazy." "You're 22, you can technically already be the legal guardian. My mom will take care of your step-mom."
"No." Jimin spoke. "Think of it." Yoongi kept insisting. "it'll get you back in school, your sibkings will have a better life and a better future. My parents love children. They would adore your siblings." "But i would live my whole life in a debt i will forever owe."
Jimin spoke firmly. His decision was final and he needed Yoongi to open his eyes that that fact. "I don't want to owe anyone anything. I want to strive for everything i'll have. That's why i went to school, if i didn't give a fuck I would jave just gotten a sugar daddy.
Life of a sugar baby is easy as fuck, literally. And i'm sure i'll be of high value, i mean, look at me." "How can you joke around at a time like this?" Jimin shrugged, he didn't notice how he stopped crying at some point. "It hurts if i take it seriously. Might as well not."
"You're changing the subject." "It's no longer the subject because i already said no." "Jimin-" Yoongi sighed, slightly sad that Jimin wouldn't give into his proposition but somehow more attracted to how the boy insists on standing on his own feet. "Can you at least please
give it a chance? At least think of it." Jimin rolled his eyes."I already thoughr of it, and it's a no." Yoongi clutched his chest, mocking an intense pain. "i got rejected by my own boyfriend. Hurts like fucking hell." "Shut up." Jimin giggled. "Wait." Yoongi's eyes
furrowed and the laugh faded from his lips when a thought came into mind. "How did they find out?" "I'll tell you but promise me you won't go storming out of this car again like a raging bull." Jimin fluttered his lashed as a way of saying 'pretty please?'
"That's going to be difficult." But Yoongi couldn't say no to those eyes. "Fine. I'm sure it's going to make me mad." "Do you know Kimmy?" Yoongi thought for a while. "Who the fuck?" "Third year? Short bob hair? Pink braces all the time, just changes the shade of pink?"
Jimin asked, but none of them seemed to ring a bell to Yoongi. "Has no ass? Short stick figure? Absolutely fucking hates me and goes around with her friend Jiho?" Yoongi's eyes widened in realization. "Oh. The strawberry blonde who tried to grind on me last year."
"Yeah." Jimin sniggered. "She tried to grind on you? Doesn't everyone?" "Yeah. In a party at my house when she spread some stupid rumor that i fucked her behind the bleachers." Yoongi rolled his eyes. "My friend Jiyeon did me the favor of kicking her right in the asshole."
"She deserves it though." Jimin giggled. "Yeah, so what about her?" Jimin let out his last few laughs before he spoke again. "That bitch has a video on her phone of us meeting up for our 25th date. I swear the vid even captured your car and me heading out of the house."
"How in the world?!" Yoongi held back all the other profanities he wanted to say. "So the only logical conclusion is that the bitch stalked us and brought it up to have you expelled." "Pretty much." Yoongi planted a quick kiss on Jimin's cheek before he reach out to the handle.
"Woah wait." Jimin reached out, holdin Yoongi's hand. "You promised me." "No i'm not gonna tear them to shreds no matter how much i want to." Jimin watched Yoongi head out, then coming back in to sit on the driver's seat. "We're going to go on our 27th date because
i'm getting extremely mad and you're the only thing who calms me down." Jimin giggled, letting himself lie down to take the whole space in the back seat where he was left. "Where are we going?" "To celebrate my boyfriend being free of the bounds of that fucking University."
The 27th date went fine. It wasn't as special as Yoongi wanted their first date as a couple to be, but for an impromptu date, it was pretty fun. "This is good." Jimin spoke as he looked at the pink drink in his hands. Yoongi had treated him to a dessert shop after they ate.
"You only like it cause it's pink." Yoongi teased. "I guess that adds to that." The two were sat on the bench in the park where Yoongi used to pick Jimin up. They enjoyed the sound of birds and the humming of the wind while Jimin draped his legs over Yoongi's lap.
"Can you check on my locker everyday?" Jimin spoke, after the silence. "Text me the number on the papers, i'll figure out where i can meet them." "What are you talking about?" Yoongi replied, his brows furrowed. "Your business?" "Yeah. I really need the money right now."
Yoongi turned away from Jimin, staring at the birds who were pecking at the grass. "We never talked about this before." Jimin retrieved his legs from where they were draped on Yoongi's lap. "What is there to talk about?" "I thought you'd-" Yoongi cleared his throat.
"I thought you'd stop this. You know, since you have a boyfriend and everything." Jimin furrowed his brows. "I'm not. You know how i need this." "Put yourself in my shoes." Yoongi spoke. "Would you really want the love of your life to be held by other people the way you thought
only you could?" Jimin didn't respond, he didn't even want to look at Yoongi. "Jimin there are probably other ways you can make money-" "There may be. But they don't come close to enough for a family of five." Jimin spoke. "It's not like i can apply for higher paying jobs."
"So what?" Yoongi argued. "You're going to let other people touch you and do the things you did before?" Jimin's sunny mood was slowly turning to a grey cloud. "You've been out of it for a whole month but now you want to go back?" "That's because you've been
paying me more than what they usually do." Jimin explained, trying to make his voice remain as calm as possible. "Then why don't you just accept my payments again?" Yoongi suggested. "I don't mind it anyw-" "And what?" Jimin snapped. "Milk you like a fucking cow for me
and four other people's basic life necessities? " Yoongi's breath was heaving. He wasn't used to someone raising their voice at him, which only proved that Jimin was different from everybody else. "You know the problem?" Yoongi spoke. "It's you and your pride."
"My pride?!" Jimin hissed. "Maybe it's you. Maybe you shouldn't have dated me and just gotten yourself a fucking sugar baby. I'm sure tons of people would sign the fuck up." "I'm just trying to help you." Yoongi expressed his frustration with his hand movements. "I get that you
want to be independent but there's nothing wrong to ask help from-" "I don't need your pity." Jimin spoke. "I never asked my own father for help." "But Jimin!" Yoongi yelled, no longer able to keep his rage to himself. "Do you know how fucking pathetic a sex worker is?!"
Jimin's chest was heaving. The last thing he expected Yoongi to do was to insult the job his mother did for them to survive. "So you'd rather whore yourself out to different dicks than work a noble job?!" Next thing Yoongi knew, he recieved a hard slap on the face.
"Shit." Yoongi was somehow slapped into reality of what he just said. "I'm sorry, i didn't mean that." "That 'whore job' is the reason i'm still alive." Jimin was a storm cloud. "Fuck you. All you rich peopla are rhe same because you don't know how it hurts." "Baby-"
"Don't you 'baby' me." Yoongi sighed, holding onto Jimin's hand to make sure the bot doesn't leave. "Jimin, i'm your boyfriend. Do you really think i'll be alright with this? Have you never wondered why people suddenly stopped buying your services?" "Why?" Jimin asked,
searching Yoongi's face if he was anywhere near genuine. "I told them to stop. Then i put my number in your locker when nobody else did." Jimin probably wouldn't believe it if he didn't hear it from Yoongi himself. "You selfish asshole." "Jimin, understand me-"
"Why don't YOU understand ME?!" Jimin got to his feet, rolling his eyes. "I'm your boyfriend i wouldn't-" "Not anymore." Jimin pried his arm back from Yoongi's grasp. "Happy first day-sary. It's our last." "Wait-" Yoonfi followed the boy when he began to storm off.
"Can we talk about this?" Yoongi pleaded, walking at the same pace the other boy was so not to be left behind. "We already did." "We shouldn't make choices when we're mad. I'll pick you up tomorrow so we can talk." Jimin turned around, stopping in front of Yoongi and looking
him in the eye. "We are over. What part of that is hard to understand?" "Jiminie, come on. I'm sorry." Yoongi spoke. "Give me another chance. I can't unlove you and i don't even want to try to." "Those are your feelings." His decision was final. "It's your problem, not mine."
So Jimin got home using the bus that day, he didn't look back after his final words to the older boy. And he admits he was the tiniest bit surprised when Yoongi just let him go. He didn't say a word when his siblings asked him where Yoongi was because he promised
to pick him up in his cool car again. Jimin didn't say a word when his step mother yelled at him for being at home so early. He didn't say a word when Taehyung left the fifteenth missed call on his phone, he would just explain everything later. He didn't say a word
when his father texted him for the first time in forever, asking him why the university just called to inform him that Jimin had been expelled. Jimin didn't say a word when his youngest sister asked him what was wrong. Because he didn't know whete he should start the list.
- Yoongi followed the bus Jimin took home, just to make sure he really got home safely. He loved him even after the end of their one day official relationship. Yoongi didn't know that forever could fit in one day. He stopped following it when it took the turn to Jimin's road,
he couldn't be caught. He refused to cry for what happened. He acknowledged that he was at fault also, but it wasn't entirely his. Who could blame him for wanting his boyfriend all to himself when that's how it's supposed to be anyways? He tried to assure himself that
Jimin just did so out of impulse and not that the boy only loved him for what he could give. He couldn't believe that Jimin refused to listen to him and his suggestions. There was a thin line between wanting to stand on your own feet independently and being too prideful.
"Why so glum?" His father spoke at the dinner table that night when he noticed how his son wasn't his usual talkative self. "Nothing." Yoongi dismissed. "Well 'nothing' isn't going to cause you to be so engulfed in your thoughts and act like you're carrying the weight
of the world on your shoulders. So it's definitely something." Contrary to popular belief, the Min family was unlike the stereotypical rich family. Of course his parents were busy with their down things, and Yoongi was too. But they valued time with each other the most.
"I think i know what this is." Mrs. Min spoke up, giggling after she swallowed. "Is this about your boyfriend?" "I don't have one." Yoongi sighed. "Not anymore." "Bingo." His mother said, sending his father a wink. "I'm willing to bet that you broke up today."
With another loud sigh coming from their son's lips, his father knew he was right. "And judging by how sad you are, he must be the one that broke up with you." "I know old people have this wisdom thing but you got it spot on." That was the first full sentence he said all night.
"Okay spill the tea-" Yoongi cringed. "Mom that type of slang doesn't sound all that great when you say it." "So spill the tea." His father repeated. "What occured with you and this boy who you thought was the love of your life." Yoongi had the intention to tell the whole
tale, but of course he had to cross out some of the major detail that won't paint the best picture of his Jimin. So he summarised his story. "He thinks i'm possessive. And he's in a really bad state right now so i think he broke up with me out of impulse." He started.
"Why?" His mother said. "How come he makes decisions when he's mad? That's bad. Nothing good comes from that." "If i told you what happened you wouldn't be surprised that he's enraged and sad at the same time." "Spill the tea then." "He got expelled." "For what?"
Yoongi knew they wouldn't judge, they weren't that stereotypical rich family. "The school found out that he's from the South." "Is that so?" His mom asked. "I thought they ended that discrimination years ago." "I did too." His father spoke up. "The kid must be smart.
He wouldn't get accepted if he wasn't." "He has a full four year scholarship." Both his parents almost choked on their food. Almost all successful people of their generation studied in Haseul, everybody knew the entrace exam was no joke and to have a scholarship was the highest
form of intelligence. To their generation, at least. "So he's a genuis." His mother declared. "You have good taste." "The university has no idea what they lost." His father spoke. "Just our of curiosity, why does this boy live in the South? It's like a flame put in the
dark for no one to see or benefit from." So Yoongi told the rest of the story, about the evil step-mother, the four other siblings, the unfortunate date of the mother, the asshole father, and everything else. Everything that he could say that won't get them in trouble anyways.
"I have absolutely no words." His mother spoke. "Take care of that boy." His father said, taking reaching into his left pocket to grab his ringing phone, but when he took it out it was actually just his wallet. The phone turned out to be in his right. "Excuse me, i'll take
this real quick and i'd like to discuss how we can help Yoongi's love." Yoongi watched him walk off to the other room, conversing with the person at the other end of the phone. "Can i just ask-" His mother started while she poured more rice into his bowl. "-are you certain
you didn't just fall in love with this boy because you viewed him to be a damsel in distress?" "He's strong, mama." Yoongi siad, grinning at the memory of when he first saw Jimin. "I didn't even know all of the dark side of his life since two days ago."
Yoongi's mother started getting all excited, relieving the story of how she and his father met at Haseul as well. He'd heard this a thousand times. Right now he wasn't paying attention. He can hear her speaking but it was incoherent, all his senses seemed to focus on one thing.
When his father brought out his bulging wallet and set it on the table, a couple of business cards fell out of it. Yoongi's was looking at one that caught his attention. "Alright i'm back-" His father spoke, sitring himself back in the chair and holding his chopsticks.
"So about your love-" "This!" Yoongi said, picking up the business card. "Do you know this guy?" "Know him?" His father chuckled after he read the name. "I've been in partnership with him and his company for ages. But eight now think we should talk about how to help y-"
"This! Him!" Yoongi said, pointing at the name on the card. "Him, call him immediately!" "I have no idea how this will help-" Mr. Min spoke as he fumbled for his phone in his pocket. "Trust me, it' all the help we need." Yoongi spoke, taking out his own phone.
- Jimin was woken up by Sunhee aggressively shaking him. "Jiminie!" She spoke, trying to get him to wake up as soon as possible. "W-what?" Jimin rubbed his eyes, moving to face Sunhee who was sat beside him. "Your boyfriend is here." She giggled. "I don't have a boyfriend."
"You do!" She get down from the bed, pulling on the blanket on Jimin. "He's in his pretty car outside! He says he wants to speak to you." "Tell him to go away." Jimin groaned as he sat up on the bed. "Jiseok already tried to make him go away but he said he won't go away without
seeing you." Sunhee watched as his oldest brother stand up and fix his appearance in the mirror the best he could. "No time for that, go to him!" Yoongi watched as the younger boy get pushed out of the door half asleep by his eight year old sister.
The younger boy's capability to look captivating to Yoongi when he wasn't even trying was insane. "What are you doing here?" Jimin yawned right after he spoke, sitting on the hood of Yoongi's car. "I wanted to see you."Yoongi spoke directly, sitting next to Jimin.
Jimin didn't reply, just looking out at the road. "Are you still mad at me?" Yoongi asked, staring at the lock of hair that fell into Jimin's face before he stopped all urge to push it back. "I don't know." The younger boy said honestly. "I've been feeling so many
feelings recently that now it feels numb." Yoongi didn't say anything, he didn't bring up how he talked to his parents to help him. Now wasn't the time. "I still love you." Yoongi confessed. "I'm sure i do too." The younger boy spoke. "But i just can't feel it right now."
"If i make it up to you-" Yoongi apoke in the most gentle voice he could manage. "-will you forgive me?" Jimin shrugged. "It'll take a while and a miracle. But it's not impossible." "Do you believe in miracles, love?" The younger shook his head. "Not until it happens to me."
"Jiminie!" Both boys turned to the owner of the voice, who happened to be Sunhee again, standing in front of the open door. "What is it?" Jimin called back. "Telephone for you!" Jimin's brows furrowed. It's been ages since he's received a phonecall. Does this person not
have a cellphone? "I'll wait here." Yoongi assured when Jimin turned to look at him when he got down from the hood. Jimin just nodded, stepping to the front door. "Who is it?" He asked Sunhee. She shrugged. "I don't know his voice." Jimin pressed the receiver to his ear.
"Park residence, Park Jimin speaking." "Just the voice i want to hear!" The person from the other line declared cheerfully. Jimin's brows furrowed. The voice was familiar, but it wasn't very familiar. As if he heard it once in his life, but he couldn't place a finger on it.
"Who's this?" Jimin spoke. "I know you but you don't know me?" The voice jokingly acted offended. "That's rare." The boy shook his head. "Excuse me is this some sort of prank call because i don't find it very amu-" "It's not, Jimin. Treust me." The voice chuckled.
Jimin opted for not speaking until the person introduces themselves. The person at the other end cleared his throat. "Anyways, I think i should have introduced myself as soon as you picked up. Bang Sihyuk, founder and co-CEO of Bighit Entertainment." Jimin almost choked on air.
"Yeah." The man who had now revealed himself as Bang Sihyuk laughed. "That's the usual reaction i get." "I-i-" Jimin gulped, trying to gather his words. "I deeply, deeply apologise for what i said and not recognising you earlier. I hooe this won't give you such a negative
impression. I'm not really like this i-" The man laughed and cut him off. "No worries, don't dwell on it. I have some good news for you, Jimin. Are you ready to hear it?" "Y-yes. Of course!" Jimin's heart was thumping in his chest out of both nervousness and excitement.
"I've seen with my own two eyes a video of your performance for your university's performing arts department." Jimin's bit his lip, pretty much hopping in the spot. "You want to know what i think?" "Y-yes of course." Jimin spoke. "I saw my next big hit." Sihyuk announced.
"Your performance was absolutely outstanding. I've never seen someone else move their body with so much harmony and your voice? Spectacular." Jimin was pretty much in tears right now, his four other siblings looking up at him in confusion and concern. "Let me tell you what-"
There was excitement in Bang Sihyuk's voice. "-I want you to come to my office to talk about this further. Is that alright with you?" "FUCK YES!" Jimin cleared his throat. "I mean yes. Yes i would like that. When can i stop by?" "As soon as possible." "Is right now okay?"
All thr pain from Jimin's heart seemed to have faded in one phone call. This was the answer to all his prayers. "Right now is the best time." He approved. "I'll see you in a while." Jimin couldn't breathe for what felt like forever when the call ended. "What was that, Jimin?"
Sunhee spoke up. "Our future." The way Jimin's cheeks ached with how much he smiled was the only pain he wanted to feel for the rest of his life. "Where are you going?" His brother Jiseok called out when Jimin ran to the door. "Yoongi!" Jimin pushed the door open, rushing down
the porch steps. "Yoongi you'll never believe what-" The boy had to blink twice, thrice, four times. Yoongi and his car was nowhere to be found. "I thought you'd wait for me." Jimin even looked to both ends of the road, to make sure he wasn't just hiding. He was gone.
Jimin just shook his head, going back inside to rummage through his closet to find the perfect suit. "Where's your boyfriend?" Sunhee asked when Jimin got out of the shower and was busy tucking his shirt in his dress pants. "He's not my boyfriend." Sunhee handed
Jimin's shoes to him. "Why not?" "You'll understand when you get older." Jimin struggled to out on his tie. "Can i try?" Sunhee asked, trying to reach up to Jimin before the oldest sibling sat on the bed in front of her. Jimin was surprised when Sunhee successfully
fixed his tie. "Where did you learn how to do this?" She smiled. "I watched mommy doing to it father everyday before he went to his work." Jimin smiled too, but it was sad and nostalgic. He stood up before the atmosphere got thicker. "I'm going to go now." Sunhee nodded.
Jimin stood in front of his house, his phone pressed to his ear as he made the call. "Hello?" Jimin let our a sigh of relief when Yoongi picked up. "Hi, can i ask for a favor? Just this once, please." Yoongi laughed from the other end. "Jimin i'm literally in love with you.
You don't even have to ask, i'd happily do anything i can for you." "Um-" Jimin stopped himself from asking why he wasn't there or why he left when he said he's wait. "Can you give me a ride to Bighit Entertainment?" The boy at the other end sucked in a deeo breath of air.
"Is something wrong?" Jimin asked. Yoongi wanted to say that there were none. Jimin didn't deserve another wrong on his list. "Yoongi?" "You see, i got a really urgent call from my dad. He said he needed me to come the fastest i can." Yoongi explained. "To be honest
I'm stuck in traffic, that's why i got the chance to pick up your call." "Fine." Jimin didn't like feeling let down. "I was just kind of down that you didn't wait for me or even knocked to tell me or one of my siblings that you're going to leave. I thought you'd wait for me."
Jimin heard cars honking from the other end of the phone. "Wait-Fuck-" Yoongi said, stepping on the gad pedal. "I promise i'll wait for you okay?" "How the fuck are you even goimg to do that?" Jimin spoke, speed walking to the taxi stop. "You already left me a-"
"I'll wait for you okay?" Yoongi repeated. "HOW?!" Before Jimin knew it, the line went dead. It took longer than it needed to for Jimin to finally arrive at Bighit's building. He was sure he could have gotten there half the time he did if Yoongi just waited for him.
"So much for making it up to me." Jimin muttered as he approached the front desk where a friendly looking man was in front of a computer. "Hello, what can i do for you?" Jimin cleared his throat. "I'm Park Jimin. Mr. Bang told me to come as soon as possible."
The guy's eyes widened with excitement. "Oh, yes of course. We've been preparing for your appearance since last night." Jimin just smiled as the man pressed a phone reciever to his ear. "Bang PD said you can go right now." He grinned. "Thank you." Jimin was about to set off,
but he then realized that it was his first time here. He had no idea what this place is. He'd been dreaming of being here ever since he got accepted into the performing arts department, but he was still certain that he'd get lost. "Um, sir?" He spoke to the man.
"Where am i supposed to go?" "Don't worry." He comforted. "Bang PD already sent someone down to escort you to his office." He gestured to a boy who just got out of the elevators. "Oh, thank you." It took Jimin one 180 degree turn for him to become completely confused.
"Right this way, love." "What in the world are you doing here?" Jimin said before he placed his hand on Yoongi's forearm, letting him guide him to the elevator. "Is this some sort of sick joke?" "I've been waiting for you." Yoongi spoke, holding back his laughter.
"Why are you here even?" Yoongi completely ignored all of Jimin's questions, just guiding him to the office. "HELLO?!" Jimin waved his hand in front of Yoongi when they were alone in the elevator. "Can you even hear me?" "Loud and clear." "So why are you here?" Jimin whined.
"You're about to find out." Yoongi pushed the doors open and the first thing Jimin saw was a desk of dark wood and two men having a really good laugh over some story one was saying. But what surprised him the most was when the one telling the story looked too familiar.
"It's you but older." Jimin whispered to Yoongi. They even had the same laugh. The older boy just laughed. "We're here dad." "There's my star." Bang announced, gesturing to one of the chairs in front of his desk. Jimin gulped, letting go of Yoongi to take his seat.
Without even much as an introduction, Bang PD already brought out a printed contract and a pen. "Thank you." Jimin said when he eyed it, not signing it just yet. "No, i'm not the one you should be thanking." Bang spoke before he gestured to the other man seating
in front of the desk. "It's him." Jimin cleared his throat. "Thank you sir-" "Oh not me." Mr. Min laughed, pointing to the other boy stood in the corner of the room, looking at books on a shelf. "Your ex-boyfriend was the one who thought this through." Jiimin turned to look
at the other the same time Yoongi turned to look at him. Did he really do this for him? "Oh, that's some tea spilled." The CEO broke into a hearty laugh. "It's true. Yoongi was the one who emailed me this video he himself took of your performance. You wouldn't have been
discovered if it wasn't for him ringing me up while i was on my way to bed using his father's phone." He couldn't believe it. After how much inconvenience he's already caused the other boy, he still chose to show him only goodness? Yoongi gave him two things.
A purpose and a future. Yoongi broke into a smile, turning back to the wall to hide the way his cheeks were tinted red the same way Jimin's was. "So once you sign this i'll be certain to make you a star. You'll be subjected to training for some time only to polish
your talent. You won't need much, you're already better than most." Bang PD said, handing Jimin the pen. "By signing you agree to all that's on that contract and vow to comply to what you signed up for." Jimin took the pen, taking his time to read the contract.
He might have been excited out of his mind for this, but there was no way he was going to commit without knowing what was ins tore for him. It was all going smoothly until Jimin read the last line. Bang PD chuckled when he saw how Jimin's whole expression changed
at the last line. "It was his idea, not mine." He spoke, putting his hands in the air after pointing at Yoongi's father. "What?!" Mr. Min complained. "You added that when I was about to. print it. Yoongi furrowed his brows. He had no idea what they were talking about.
So Yoongi walked to Jimin's chair, reading the last line over his shoulder out loud. "I therefore agree to all of these commitments including the commitment i will guarantee Min Yoongi. With my signature as proof, i do agree to grant Min Yoongi my whole genuine forgiveness
and allow the said boy to reclaim his role in my life as my boyfriend." When they got over the initial surprise, the two just laughed it off slightly awkwardly. So indeed Yoongi gave Jimin two things. A purpose and a future. "So this was your idea?" Jimin spoke,
turning to Yoongi who's face was inches away from his. The older boy didn't even flinch. "I told you i'll make it up to you." He grinned, smiling wider when the smile on Jimin's lips grow. "Did you sign a contract like this, too?" "I will the day i marry you." A purpose and a
future never looked as gorgeous when they glimmered in Jimin's eyes. "Oh will you, now?" Jimin teased. Yoongi didn't have to answer, Jimin already knew he was certain. "So what are you two waiting for?" The two other men spoke in unison. Jimin signed the contract.
- Two years later, Jimin was officially Bighit's biggest hit. He's been topping charts together with some other Bighit artists like RM, Seokjin, and Jung Hoseok. Bighit grew larger and more successful the same way Jimin and Yoongi did. In the span of two years
Yoongi's mom had helped them lots. They've successfully pressed charges on Kimmy for stalking, Jimin's father for abandonment, and the evil step-mother for domestic violence. Yoongi's father wrote an article printed on all local newspapers exposing the discrimination
of Haseul. It had been an issue before, but now it was brought back. Jimin with his bountiful earnings was now able to afford to buy a house in the North. Conveniently, it was right next to the Min mansion. Jimin never went back to his old business again, he didn't need to.
"Happy two year anniversary." Yoongi greeted when he let himself inside Jimin's room. The younger boy had just gotten home from his world tour last night, and he was woken up the best way ever when Yoongi joined him in bed. Yoongi had his own set of keys to Jimin's house.
"Why don't you just live with the boy?" His father said when he showed him his keys to Jimin's house and room. "So that i have something more to look forward to when we get married." Jimin may have lived with his siblings, but they still got their privacy because of
an established rule that Jimin's room was off bounds. "Happy second anniversary." Jimin greeted as well when he opened his eyes for the first time that morning. "I have a gift for you." Yoongi said, reaching for his phone and opening it to an email. Jimin rubbed his eyes,
taking the phone in his hands to read the e-mail. It was from Haseul University, offering Jimin his scholarship back. "Fuck them." Jimin said, putting the phone back on the bedside table. "Regret comes when regret should come." "They want to make amends with you
to clean their name." Yoongi stated the obvious. "Should i forgive them?" It was the dumbest question that had ever came out of Jimin's lips. "That's up to you honestly. But it's a no from me." Yoongi shrugged. "Although i would be ungrateful to tell you not to forgive
when your forgave me two years ago." Jimin snuggled into Yoongi. He was warm and smelled like the only home he ever knew and Jimin's heart felt glad with him. "Haven't i told you to stop blaming yourself for what happened two years ago? It was both our fault. I had my head
too far up in my own ass and you were quite rude. We complement each other's fuck-ups." "If you told me we'd end up like this two years ago, i'd be hopeful but unbelieving." "If you told me two years and a month ago that my life would have such an upgradable downgrade i'd
be unbelieving." Jimin replied. "If you told me two years and a month ago that i'd be dating you, i'd call you crazy." "It's been two years and a month but i'm still crazy for you and everything you do." Yoongi pulled the thick blanket to cover them both completely. "Two years
and a month ago i told you that i can't unlike you and i hope i'll never have to." "Yoongi i have a problem." Jimin said, cupping Yoongi's face. "Tell me, love." "I can't unlove you." He admitted. "I don't even want to try." Yoongi smiled, the kind of smile that lingered
and was hard to erase no matter how much he tried. He knew what he should say next. "Those are your feelings-" Yoongi kissed his love. "- but it's become my problem too." T H E E N D
- - - - - - - this is day one of yoonmin week 2019. thank you for all the love throughout the making of this au. more aus in my pinned thread. <3 thank you for reading. <3


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