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May 5, 2019
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When Jimin accepted the lead on a horror film he was expecting good money, not for all the crew to start disappearing one by one and even less to team up with the sound mixer to find out what is happening and—the killer of the script is real?!? #yoonminweek19 #yoonminweek19_d2

🔪 prompt: hollywood/actors AU 🔪 tw: mentions of body horror 🔪 mentions of blood, murder, serial killer on the loose... and... attempt at comedy... i apologize for my humor 🔪 it’s comedy everyone, you’ll see 🔪 more than a drabble, it’s a scene out of a bigger story 👀
Jimin was going to kill him. Maybe that wasn’t a good idea considering they were two of the few members of the cast and crew still alive but Yoongi was begging for Jimin to commit actual murder. “Are you hearing yourself?” he screeches. “I know what I said,” Yoongi sighs.
“This killer and the one in the script have the same modus operandi,” Yoongi explains but Jimin heard it the first time. He knows. He read the fucking script. “The killer in the script wants me dead, Yoongi!” “Mmh, he wants your character dead, not Park Jimin, the actor”
They are hiding in a laboratory Jimin was supposed to film in tonight, if they hadn’t cut off filming because there was a dead body in the set of Jimin’s character house. An actual dead body. Right on his bed. And then the sound of a chainsaw. And now a killer running around set
“The same logic! I’m my character,” Jimin tries reasoning with Yoongi. Yoongi, still with his dumb big headphones around his neck, snorts. He is a cute sound mixer Jimin was flirting with every day on set. meaningless flirting, it wasn’t like he wanted to die next to the dude.
But now it seems like that’s where they are heading. “I told them, I fucking told them to cancel the filming when the first body appeared,” Jimin paces around. “Who keeps filming after an assistant gets fucking murdered when going home?!?” Jimin’s voice is high, he’s nervous.
“Ah, Jimin, try not to scream,” Yoongi starts getting closer but Jimin is upset. “Of course you guys didn’t listen to me, ahh he’s a C lister, this movie is the best thing that has happened to him, we’re doing him a favor by giving him the lead, dumb pretty boy, I heard it all!”
Yoongi crosses his arms. “Why are you talking as if I said that? Do you think I wanted to keep filming after Jae was found dead? I went to college with him! The people that said that were the executives, the producers. Out of all that, the thing I’ve said is that you’re pretty.”
“Don’t flirt with me, there’s people dying outside!” Jimin shouts “Don’t shout! We’re trying to hide from the killer, Oh God,” Yoongi groans. They are silent for a while. They hear a loud female scream from outside. Yoongi grimaces and Jimin crouches down, covering his ears.
“You could have done something, you’re from the crew, right?” Jimin whispers. It’s his first movie, this wasn’t supposed to end up like this Yoongi is crouching down too “That’s not how it works, I come here, make sure your mics are working and that the track is good. That’s it”
“I don’t get paid as a producer either, big difference,” Yoongi jokes. Jimin thinks he’s trying to make him smile but he can’t when they are in this situation. “How are you so calm?” Jimin murmurs. “He’s going to come for you last,” Yoongi says. “You’re the last one to die.”
“He could come for me,” Yoongi explains. “That’s why we should be quiet but if he follows the script, then you’re last.” Jimin shakes his head. “No— no, I don’t die in the movie.” He’s read it a thousand times. “I get a cut in my stomach and then I kill him, end of the movie.”
“Do you think you can do it?” Yoongi asks. “What?” Jimin knows what he’s asking but he doesn’t want to answer. “Kill him,” Yoongi gulps. “Like in the last scene. I mean... if he gets to us, we should defend ourselves...” Jimin nods. What a fucked up situation. “Yeah, I—“
“He’s really following the script, isn’t he?” Jimin whispers, trying to remember what has happened the last days and the script. Yoongi fumbles with his phone. He’s probably searching for the screenplay there. “The opening scene, exterior, night, someone dies on their way home”
“And then,” he’s frowning, scrolls down. “The body with no arms on your bed,” Yoongi grimaces. Unlike Jimin, he had seen the body in the morning. He scrolls faster. “The dead neighbors... three beheaded corpses,” Yoongi swallows. “Oh God,” Jimin’s body shivers. He wants to puke.
“In the script, he locks your character inside your house but now he’s locked us inside the set... The alarm went off, we’re locked from inside— and there’s no fucking signal here.” Jimin gets closer to Yoongi. “I’m the only actor today, so he’s killing crew members instead.”
“The gender is the same. First to die was a male like Jae, the body in your room was female...” Yoongi scrolls through the screenplay. “He’s left the bodies the same way but there’s gotta be something more, why those people? how are they related to the characters?” Yoongi tsks.
Jimin shakes his head. “But it’s the movie, he’s recreating the movie. The heads, that’s why he has the chainsaw... it’s like the movie— he must want us to act like in a horror movie,” Jimin suggests, shaky voice. “That’s fucked up,” Yoongi says the first thing on his head.
They’re quiet for a while. The whole set is quiet, which is unfamiliar of a set. There’s always someone moving around. Not now. “Do you know the rules of a horror film?” Jimin says slowly. He has brought his knees up to his chest and is hugging them. “What? The ones in Scream?”
Jimin nods. “You may not survive the movie if you say ‘I'll be right back’, ask ‘Hello?’ or say ‘Who's there?’” Yoongi recites one of the rules. “So, we’re not splitting until this ends, okay?” Jimin wants to make sure. “So there’s no way for us to say ‘I’ll be right back’”
Yoongi nods. He’s closer but Jimin didn’t noticed when the elder moved or if it was him who unconsciously went closer to Yoongi. ”Also may not survive the movie if you drink or do drugs, do we agree on that?” Jimin asks. “No smokes?” Yoongi asks. Jimin shakes his head. “Fine.”
“The last one, you may not survive the movie if you have sex,” Yoongi slurs. “That’s easy,” Jimin says to fill the palpable tension between them. It is easy, but Jimin’s mind can’t help but think that if he’s going to die tonight he wouldn’t mind kissing Yoongi for a while.
“We have to think like in a horror movie then?” Yoongi asks. “With the script we get a step ahead of him, we can know what he’s doing next but we also have to think how would my character escape in the movie so we can escape this set too.” Yoongi nods. “Okay, we’ll do that”
Jimin looks at Yoongi for a while. He’s not moving either, even if he seemed ready to get out of the fake laboratory into the bigger set. He actually looks down at the floor, the confidence he was radiating melting aways. “I’m really afraid,” Yoongi confesses. “Like— shit.”
“I’ve never seen an actual dead body. This morning when I went in to mic the set I thought the body was make up,” Yoongi says. “But then I saw her face— And I,” he makes a horrible expression. Jimin is afraid too. “Do you want a hug?” Jimin asks quietly, almost cautious.
Yoongi only stares but after a second he nods. Jimin is the one who leans forward to circle his arms around the elder. He’s wearing a cozy sweatshirt so Jimin takes advantage of the hug too, so he can be warm for a while. His shirt is way too thin. Jimin thinks Yoongi smells good
He smells good and his sweatshirt is soft, he’s skinny but that doesn’t make the hug less comfortable. Jimin notices Yoongi is shivering a little, he hopes the elder is fine. He hasn’t seen a dead body so he wouldn’t understand how it feels. Jimin opens his eyes after a while.
And he sees Yoongi’s mixer in the corner of the laboratory, he left it there when they came running inside the set. It’s the one he carries during scenes, always moving the buttons. Jimin doesn’t know what they do but he knows Yoongi can hear all of the microphones through there.
He knows because Jimin once whispered under his breath about wanting to drink a whole bottle of vodka as soon as they finished the scene and Yoongi laughed from where he sat in the corner of the set. That little thing has entries for all the microphones. Jimin squints his eyes.
“Are all sets mic’d?” Jimin asks. His breath in Yoongi’s neck make the man squirm. The hold he has on Jimin’s waist tightens and Jimin tries to keep in mind the rules of horror movies. “Most of them, I usually leave a lavalier in the sets where you don’t move around...”
Jimin points at the mixer. “We can hear him, if he goes inside a place you’ve mic’d?” Yoongi cranes his neck to see the forgotten mixer on the floor. “The mics are off though, we would have to go into set and turn them on.” Jimin deflates at the answer, falling on Yoongi’s body
Yoongi almost loses his balance, he holds onto Jimin and they’re chest to chest now. He isn’t looking at Jimin though, he stares at the mixer. “Unless... There’s a mic on or a boom man hasn’t turned off their recorders and I still get their signal,” Yoongi whispers. Jimin stirs.
He crawls to the mixer. “I’m going to turn it on... maybe the lavalier in your room is still on and we can hear what it’s receiving.” They sit around the mixer. Yoongi has his headphones on and Jimin fiddles with the end of his shirt as he watches the man press some buttons
Two screens lit up in orange. Jimin points at them, confused as to what they mean Yoongi gulps. “There are two microphones on” “What do you hear?” Jimin whispers but Yoongi doesn’t answer. He’s squinting his eyes, like the sound is far away and he’s making an effort to catch it
And then his face twists in something Jimin can’t name. Disgust, horror, uncomfort. Yoongi throws the headphones away and quickly stands up. He looks at the mixer with anger. “What?” Jimin asks desperately. “What did you hear?” There’s muffled static coming from the headphones.
Yoongi is clutching his stomach. “Don’t,” he warns Jimin. The actor tries reaching the headphones. “Jimin, don’t,” Yoongi pleads. “What did you hear?” Jimin whispers, Yoongi is pale the hand pointing at the mixer shakes, he’s trying to tell Jimin not to hear but why?
Yoongi’s eyes are full of fear. Jimin surges forward to pick the headphones up. The first thing he hears is wet. It sounds wet and it sounds like... meat. Like animal meat, like pressing on ground beef and sticking fingers into it. Only that it can’t be. Jimin wants to puke.
It’s wet because it’s blood and it’s someone’s body. And Jimin knows it because it’s scene thirty one and he remembers the script: the killer pulls organs out of a body, he’s read the scene ten times because his character is hiding when it happens but now he’s really hearing it.
He’s crying. He notices because a tear falls onto the mixer. The sound doesn’t stop. Yoongi takes a step back. But when Jimin whines he walks forward to rip the headphones away. Before he can do it, the sound stops. They stare at each other, Jimin puts his hand on top Yoongi’s.
And then there’s a voice all around him. It’s loud so Yoongi can hear it muffled. First, it only breathes. Steady, deep, breaths, and then it says, “Park Jimin.” Jimin’s nails will leave a mark on Yoongi’s skin. “You can hear me?” the deep male voice asks. “I can see you.”
Jimin throws the headphones away. “What the fuck?” he screams. “What the fuck was that?” his voice breaks. “Oh God— Oh God, we’re going to die.” “Did it speak to you?” Yoongi asks. Jimin nods. “What the fuck?” “If he can see us... there’s cameras somewhere,” Yoongi pants.
“If he can see us, what are we even supposed to do?” Jimin panics. “I don’t know! But they know us, and they know more than us!” Yoongi stands up and tries searching for the hidden camera. “They want to play with us! I’ve seen plenty horror movies, they want to— it’s a game!”
“They know our names,” Yoongi says. “They know where we are, what we’re going to do. They said they can see us. It’s not a game, it’s a chase.” Jimin gulps. He stands up and walks towards Yoongi, he pushes him until the man stops searching for the camera. They look like shit.
Jimin leans in to whisper. “We don’t let ourselves be caught.” “How?” Yoongi whispers back. “We’re being filmed... so we play by the rules, but we don’t let them win and fuck— I don’t know, we fight back?” Yoongi snorts. “An actor and a sound mixer, kicking ass? Really?”
“We’re not exactly “final girls” material Jimin,” Yoongi tries to move to keep searching but Jimin pulls him closer. Maybe the camera is far away and it seems like they are hugging “But we have to be “final girls” in this movie, Yoongi. If not we’re dying, and I don’t want that”
“Isn’t it a rule of horror films that final girls... are girls.” Yoongi wants to convince him to not try to murder the killer. He wasn’t opposed to the idea minutes ago but the voice must have scared him to the core. Jimin— he’s scared too but he’s not dying, not like this.
“Yeah, but we’re gay men so we have that on our side. In horror film logic we’re just behind the girls.” Yoongi’s color is returning to his skin. “What you just said is awfully problematic, how the hell did they hire you for this movie? Media would have destroyed you.”
“I’m just saying the truth!” Jimin is about to have a nervous breakdown. “What? We go out there and shout until the killer comes down and we throws some punches? You know I’m not a boom man, I don’t have much strength in my arms and you aren’t exactly buff either—“ Yoongi too.
“Have you seen Zombieland?” “We don’t have a Woody Harrelson.” Yoongi doesn’t even let Jimin explain the analogy to their situation. “At best, we’re two Jesse Eisenbergs.” “You’re wrong, he’s straight in that movie. We’re two Emma Stones.” “Fucking hell, Jimin!” Yoongi hisses.
After Yoongi finishes his dramatic whine, Jimin grabs his neck. “Will you please, please, be a final girl with me?” Jimin looks at Yoongi with what he hopes is a convincing look. “We’re going to die.” “At least die trying not to, instead of waiting around to let it happen.”
“Final boys, we’re final boys,” Yoongi agrees after a long silence. “Going to be final boys.” “That’s not the name of the trope,” Jimin grimaces. “Okay, horror film aficionado, I’m changing the tropes the way I want them to.” They stare at each other sharing a silent agreement.
“Weapons. Whatever we can use. Script. Get inside the killer’s mind. Mixer. Communicate with them if we must. We get out of here and try to escape this set and get the police to arrest that motherfucker.” Yoongi nods at Jimin. “Final boys,” he says. “Final boys,” Jimin agrees.
After an hour or so of them trying to find anything inside the fake laboratory to use as protection and weapons while they discuss the screenplay to try to pinpoint which scene they are in at the moment, they are ready to go. They know they are being watched, it’s like a film.
Jimin stops in front of the door. “Hey... are you scared?” Yoongi asks from behind. “Yeah...” Jimin admits. Yoongi sighs. “It doesn’t seem like it,” he chuckles. Jimin turns to see him. “You’re a hella good actor.” It makes Jimin smile. With real confidence, he opens the door.
🔪🔪 ahhhh i love horror 🔪🔪


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