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May 7, 2019
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Jimin is grateful for his destiny. He is a chosen sacrifice, taken to court for preparation to be gifted to the Gods up in the Ice. Unfortunately prince Min Yoongi has fallen in love with him and with sweet words he makes Jimin doubt his purpose. #yoonminweek19 #yoonminweek19_d4

❄️ prompt: royalty AU ❄️ there’s no mcd ❄️ this is actually a really ambitious fantasy story I hope to write someday so now I’ll just share some thoughts I have about it!
The kingdom is built underneath three volcanoes. Everyone believes the Gods created the Ice and that they keep the volcanoes frozen and with that, the town safe. They believe the Gods live up in the mountains and each year the kingdom sacrifices three humans in gratitude to them.
The royalty live in the Court, a castle built in the middle of the center volcano, right where the Ice starts. The royal family all have white hair, blue icy eyes and pale cold skin, everyone from the kingdom believes they have ice in their blood and are related to the Gods.
Every year three teenagers from the town are selected because they are considered fit to be the human sacrifice for the Gods and they are taken to Court to be prepared so they can entertain the Gods in the afterlife. Being a sacrifice is an honor, and people wish to be selected.
Jimin works in the land, he’s the oldest of five siblings and have been dancing in religious rituals ever since he was eleven On his seventeen birthday, the White Soldiers let his family know he’s been selected in Court to be sacrificed to the Gods and he’ll meet them in the Ice
Yoongi is the prince. He’s the youngest of two and he’s not exactly the best soldier nor the brightest student... he’s just Yoongi He’s alone most of the time, except for the sacrifices trained in the castle every year. Lately he’s interested in them, they’re just around the age
Sacrifices study with Yoongi, archery, history, music, dance (the sacrifices are more graceful than he is), hand to hand combat, embroidery, he sees them all day. This year, there’s one sacrifice who is set on becoming friends with Yoongi, maybe because the boy is lonely too.
Yoongi tends to ignore the overwhelming sacrifices but he notices this boy, Jimin, is nervous and just looking for a friend in Court. One day he offers Yoongi to braid his hair, the way they are braided for ritual dances down in the land. Yoongi’s never seen that so he agrees.
Every morning Jimin goes into Yoongi’s chambers, to braid the prince’s long white hair. Each day Jimin comes up with different styles so Yoongi never grows bored and tells him to stop. During that time, Jimin talks. He talks and talks like he’s missed doing ever since he arrived
Jimin likes how the prince looks with all his hair up, half up too. He tell him about his siblings and his parents and the fruits he used to steal from the neighbors and Yoongi hears. He hears every story. It’s been weeks and Jimin has been having trouble with the preparation.
Yoongi noticed right away during their lectures, Jimin has trouble reading. He reads slower than the rest and that makes him a unworthy sacrifice which saddens the younger deeply. It causes the younger to remain quiet while he combs Yoongi’s hair, now every night before bed too.
“I can help you,” Yoongi suggests one night he notices the younger crying softly while he combs. “So you can read faster.” Yoongi doesn’t know what do when someone cries, he doesn’t talk to much people, only to Jimin. His words make Jimin happy. They start reading together.
It hits Yoongi one night, Jimin gets awfully cold when they read. It’s winter and he’s not used to the Ice. Jimin has fallen asleep on a seat from Yoongi’s chamber, book on his lap but he’s shivering. Yoongi covers him with furs. Yoongi doesn’t feel cold the way Jimin does.
But Jimin will have to go up to the Ice in some months, to let the Ice freeze him until he’s able to see the Gods and ask them to keep giving them ice But Jimin gets awfully cold, and Yoongi doesn’t want him to be in pain. Yoongi realizes just then, he doesn’t want Jimin to die
He sees Jimin sleeping on a chair, hugging his furs closer. Jimin with all the stories about the land below, and the smiles and pretty dances, Jimin who does everything with so much effort and love, always trying his best at everything. Yoongi really doesn’t want him to die.
But Jimin does. He’s counting the days until he’ll meet the Gods, and he wants to be the best offering he can be. It’s an honor to his family, to his land, his life for many more years of Ice. And Yoongi doesn’t think he can do anything about it, but watch and accept it.
Yoongi is no coward, he’s the prince and if he wants something, he fights for it. At least, that’s what he’s been told. So one night, he holds Jimin’s wrist, stopping him while he combs Yoongi’s hair. Jimin’s skin is warm against his fingers. The younger startles at the touch.
Yoongi turns around to look up at Jimin and he tells him he doesn’t want him to go up to the Ice, he explains he shouldn’t die, he should live his life and enjoy it and Yoongi wants him to stay in Court, and he could dance and go back to the land when he wishes... Jimin is angry
He moves away from Yoongi. Jimin wants to meet the Gods! He wants to help the land, he’s been told he’s talented, that he’s smart, beautiful and worthy of being gifted to the Gods. Why would Yoongi say that? Why would Yoongi be so mean and call him unworthy if he’s Jimin’s friend
Yoongi tries explaining to him that it’s just death. Nothing else. It will be cold up there and he’ll freeze and Yoongi doesn’t want him to be in pain, how can Jimin not understand? It’s cold up there, he’ll be cold and alone and he shouldn’t die, Jimin is so warm, he shouldn’t.
Jimin doesn’t understand Yoongi. How can he not listen to Jimin? It’s an honor for him! To live with the Gods, Yoongi should be happy for him. How can he want to take that away from Jimin? He leaves right away, leaving Yoongi alone in his chamber. When Yoongi cries, it hurts.
It hurts because his blood is ice, like the people down in the land believe. It hurts because when tears fall down his cheeks, they freeze right away, and it hurts.
Jimin stops seeing Yoongi, stops talking to Yoongi in their classes, focuses to not fall into the strong desire he has of looking at the prince’s pretty face and pretty hands every time they are together. He stays in his bunk and thinks of Yoongi’s chamber of his smile and warmth
The other sacrifices don’t talk to Jimin. In the night, call him the prince’s pet and say the prince finally got tired of him. They don’t understand why Jimin can’t see Yoongi anymore because they don’t know how Jimin felt whenever the prince whispered something to make him laugh
It goes for days, for weeks, Jimin doesn’t like his bunk. He leaves his chamber at night, to walk through the ice halls of the castle, because it’s cold and he wants to like the cold He unconsciously walks to Yoongi’s room but the guards are on the door and Yoongi isn’t with him
He scolds himself for what he’s doing and leaves before the guards can see him. He goes down towards his room again, trying to get the prince out of his mind when he bumps into someone. When Jimin opens his eyes, he sees white. White hair. And the prince on his way to his room.
“What are you doing down here?” Jimin murmurs. “I wanted to see you,” Yoongi explains. “But I would have probably ran away when I reach your room.” It’s funny, Jimin had gone up because he wanted to see Yoongi too and he had run away as well. He touches Yoongi’s black cloak.
“Why aren’t you in your bed?” Yoongi wonders. “I don’t like it there,” Jimin confesses. “What? You got used to the royal chamber, your highness?” Yoongi jokes and Jimin hits him weakly on his chest. “I wanted to see you too,” Jimin whispers. Yoongi’s eyes widen right away.
“Why?” Yoongi wonders. “I miss talking to you,” Jimin says. “And— you’re really warm you know?” Yoongi scoffs, he knows his skin is icy and he knows Jimin shivered whenever Yoongi touched him. “No, I don’t know,” he says. Jimin steps closer. “Yeah, you are, warm...”
“It’s really cold up here, in your castle,” Jimin explains, his voice barely a whisper. “But you’re warm.” Next thing he knows Yoongi’s lips are on his. He feels arms circling his waist, and a chest against his. Before his back hits the ice walls, Jimin parts his lips too.
Jimin’s never been kissed before. He shouldn’t be kissed, that makes someone less appropriate to be a sacrifice but he melts into Yoongi’s touch. It feels good, why shouldn’t he be able to do it? For once, he doesn’t seem like he’s surrounded by Ice, he feels anything but cold.
“I’m sorry I yelled at you,” Yoongi says while leaving pecks on Jimin’s lips. Jimin goes after him everytime the prince takes a step back. “It’s selfish... the reason I don’t want you to meet the Gods. The kingdom... I was putting myself before them and that’s not good.”
Jimin’s arms are around Yoongi too and he pulls him closer to hide on his neck. “I don’t want to leave you... and I feel guilty because I should be grateful and excited about my reunion with the Gods but I don’t want to leave you,” he repeats into Yoongi’s skin. “I’m unworthy.”
Yoongi tries telling him he’s not but Jimin feels ashamed, he shouldn’t have such thoughts about the prince when he was chosen for the Gods. He shouldn’t be wishing for more time holding the prince close to him “I promise I’ll fix it,” Yoongi says after a while. “I promise you”
“What are you going to do?” Jimin wonders. “I’ll find a way to please the Gods, and for you to stay. Do you want to stay?” “I don’t know,” Jimin answers honestly. “If the Gods allow it... I want to share more time with you.” The prince nods. “There must be a way, then.”


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