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May 24, 2019
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yoonmin au Jimin is travelling alone and having a picture with the scenery he wants is not easy. So, he asks someone to take a picture of him and he asks for the stranger's name to put in the credits. He doesn't know why his tweet blows up and he doesn't know who Agust is.

📸 ; notes — May 26, 2019 — fluff and angst maybe — crack — dedicated to @Nini~⁷ 💜
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➵ note: this will contain fluff and angst and i want to give a heads up that there will be a mention of degenerative illness ➵ clarification: we will have a happy ending 🤗 also, @sunshinmochi helped me with the angst 🤗
"Excuse me?" a soft voice suddenly reaches Yoongi's ears that makes him divert his attention from his phone to the guy infront of him. Oh, the journal guy. "Yes?" he asks but he can see the hesitation of the man that approaches him.
"Can you, uhm, take a picture of me? Just one, promise," the honey blonde-haired man says, even gesturing the "one" and "promise" with his fingers. "Sure. Wait a minute," Yoongi replies, sending a quick message to the group chat before he puts his phone in his jean's pocket.
Yoongi can't decide if the scenery is suddenly not that pretty or it's just because this stranger in front of him is prettier than the scenery itself. The said stranger gives his camera to Yoongi and the older immediately accept it. He wonders if the stranger knows him.
He doesn't. The honey blonde-haired stranger doesn't know him. "What's your name? I'll put your name as a credit once I post it!" the man says enthusiastically and Yoongi almost laugh because this man approaches him for a photo. It's not because he's Agust.
It makes Yoongi happy inside. The last thing he wants right now is to be disturbed by a fan. Knowing that this stranger approached him because he only wants someone to take a photo of him makes him happy. It's shallow but if they are an idol, Yoongi thinks they'll understand.
"I'm Jimin by the way! So that it won't make you feel uncomfortable. To share your name. You know," the stranger, Jimin, says. His name suits him. If that makes sense. "I'm Agust," he answers simply and waits for Jimin to be ready.
"As in A-G-U-S-T?" Jimin spells out while he climbs in one of the big ass boxes that Yoongi doesn't know what to call. "Exactly like that," he says. Jimin turns his back from the camera and raises his hands. It's cute, Yoongi thinks. Jimin looks like he's free.
"Thank you!" Jimin says Yoongi gives the camera. All Yoongi says is a small shrug and a smile before they separate. Yoongi thinks that his afternoon is well spent. He's glad that he goes out to get a fresh air. He gets to see an unexpected view he may not see anymore.
Jimin finds it hard to open up to people about his past. He finds it hard to talk about his past, especially if that means he has to remember everything. He has to remember every detail, every pain that he went through. That is one of the reasons why he always avoids socializing
with new people. He wants to have fewer acquaintances and friends as possible. He really wants to pat himself at the back for keeping Taehyung and Jungkook as his friends. Maybe it is because he knows them since they are kids or maybe because they know his story because
they witness it first hand. However, he makes a mistake when he agrees to befriend Yoongi. He made a mistake when he starts to hang out with the older. Truthfully, he doesn’t have anything against the rapper. It just happens that he wants to protect Yoongi’s heart.
Yoongi is not subtle when flirting. In all honesty, the older is so vocal about it that he wonders what Yoongi’s followers think about it. Yet, after talking to Yoongi for a short period of time, he realized that it is because the older never cared unless it is coming from
someone Yoongi actually cares about. Now, he is outside of his apartment. He’s waiting for Yoongi to pick him up. He thinks that Yoongi deserves at least a part of his past. Yoongi deserves an explanation before he shut the older down completely once something goes deeper than
he wants it to be. He doesn’t need to wait for too long. Yoongi arrives on time (Jimin is actually a little early because of his nerves but the older doesn’t need to know that). “Jimin-ah! Did I make you wait for too long?” Yoongi asks as soon as Jimin enters the car.
He doesn’t even have time to greet Yoongi properly. Yes. “Nope. You’re just actually on time,” he says instead. Maybe he lies a little bit but when he says that Yoongi is on time, it’s true. “Alright, then, where do you want to go?” Yoongi asks him and he immediately answers,
“Han River.” He can’t think of any appropriate place that the Han River. That place is always the only that comforts him. Maybe because the scenery is magnificent. Maybe because he can see people enjoying their life. Maybe because that place is also someone’s comfort.
He doesn’t exactly know why but it’s alright. As long as he can be comforted by that place then it’s alright. “Wait. You don’t have any schedule today, right?” he asks, suddenly remembering that he asks Yoongi last night to go out today without asking if the rapper is available
He also assumes that when Yoongi says yes, it means that the older is available. He is wrong though. “I have but I told them to move it,” Yoongi answers. His eyes widen at this and when Yoongi takes a glance on his direction, the older let out a chuckle and a shrug like Yoongi
is saying that it is normal. But Jimin knows it isn’t. “Why didn’t you say no last night? I mean I can wait?” he says exasperatedly, feeling bad for stealing Yoongi’s time just for this. “You’re more important. I think I already make it clear,” Yoongi answers seriously though
and he doesn’t know what to reply. It makes his heart flutter, yes, but there’s no need to put meaning in it. He is just not used at this kind of thing. Jimin remains silent after that. Sometimes, he will hum. Sometimes, he will just stare outside the window and taking in the
scenery that flashes in his eyes. Most of the time though, he is thinking of how to properly say it to Yoongi. “You’re thinking too hard. I don’t know why you ask me to meet you but please don’t worry too much,” he hears Yoongi says after they arrived at their destination.
As usual, he is captivated by the scenery. Maybe other people will think that it isn’t special, that it isn’t a big deal. It is just a typical river. However, they will never understand unless they are in his shoes. He sends a smile to Yoongi’s direction before they go out of
the car. Jimin can smell the scent of trees, grass and the water from the river. It is familiar and it somehow calms his nerves. They don’t have anything with them. They don’t have snacks. Jimin doesn’t want any distraction. He doesn’t want his mind to change.
He wants to tell it to Yoongi one way or another. Then hopefully, Yoongi will stop from pursuing him. “I love my mom,” he starts as soon as they sit on the grass. Yoongi let out a hum, indicating that the older is listening to him. “I love her so much that I was the one who
took care of her and never gave up. I was the one who believed that she will survive. However, at the end of the day. It never worked out,” he continues, staring at the river. He doesn’t want to see Yoongi’s reaction. He might end up breaking down before he can even tell him.
“She has an Alzheimer’s disease,” he says after taking a deep breath, “it started off as mild. She will only forget little things and I was always there to help her. It wasn’t a big deal. I can still help her. However, it doesn’t have any cure.
I’m taking care of her but it wasn’t enough,” he can already feel the stinging in his eyes. Then, he feels Yoongi’s hand on his knee, giving it a small pat. Jimin feels like he can continue again. “She promised that she could forget the smallest thing but she will never forget
her precious son,” then he chuckled bitterly before saying, “I think I’m not precious enough to be remembered then. Because after she said that, she suddenly woke up and asked me who am I.” He is still bitter about it, bitter about the fact that his mother forgets him.
He is bitter that his mother breaks her promise like it isn’t important. He is bitter about everything that he somehow hated his mother before. “But you know what’s worst? She died without remembering who am I,” he says. That’s when he feels Yoongi’s grip on his knees tightens
Yoongi doesn't know how to respond. It seems like his mind short-circuited after Jimin drops the bomb just like that. All he can do is to hold the younger, let his presence be known. He is thinking of what to say but for now, he let the silence stay between them.
"I'm sorry to hear that," he says after a while before he pulls Jimin for a hug. Jimin's head is on his chest. "Why are you even sorry? It's not like it's your fault she died without knowing that I am her son or something," he can feel Jimin trying so hard not to cry.
"Cry, Jimin-ah," he says instead, tightening his hug on the younger. It feels like it is the only thing that Jimin is waiting for because after saying that, the younger starts sobbing silently on his chest. "I just don't want to be like her," Jimin says frantically.
"You're not going to be like her," he whispers, patting Jimin's back lightly. "You don't have to be afraid of an uncertain tomorrow," he adds. "I'm scared! I know it's hereditary, Yoongi. I know that it affect me too. No need to act like I don't know anything."
"I wish that you don't know it though," he answers that makes Jimin separates from him. The younger is looking at him incredulously as if there is something wrong to what he just said. "What?" Jimin asks. He stares at Jimin's eyes before he tells Jimin his reason.
"Because maybe in that way, you'll let yourself be free. You will not restrict yourself from being close to other people. Maybe, if you don't know anything, you'll let yourself feel the happiness," he starts and he notices the tears that is rolling on Jimin's cheeks again.
"Maybe if that happens, you'll not be scared of your uncertain tomorrow. You'll enjoy what's in your face right now. You'll enjoy the present instead of worrying about the future. You're missing a lot of things Jimin, without even realizing it," he continues.
"I wish for that to happen too, Yoongi. Damn, I wish it's the only thing that I'll forget because I'm tired, Yoongi. I'm tired if stopping myself, I'm tired of being lonely," Jimin says in between the sobs. He wants to tell Jimin that he's just there, waiting. But he didn't.
Instead he says, "You know, I feel like you're here in front of me but you're simply existing. You're not living anymore, Jimin. You stopped living the moment your Mom forgets you." He reaches for Jimin again. This time, he let the younger cry on his shoulder as he hugs him.
"Park Jimin open the door for me, please," he hears Yoongi outside, knocking on the door softly. "No! You're not supposed to know anything for now," he answers from inside, persistent on not opening the door. He is embarrassed. He just confesses out of nowhere.
"I don't know anything!" Yoongi persuades that makes him roll his eyes even if the older can't see him. "No lying! It's bad!" he says even if he knows he sounds and whines like a child right now. "I'm just pretending," Yoongi says. Jimin wants to facepalm at what's going on.
They both look stupid, talking with a door between them. They are persuading each other to either go in or go back home. Of course, Yoongi wants to go in while Jimin wants Yoongi to go home. "Pretending is a form of lying too!" he says and he hears Yoongi sighs.
"/Baby/, can you let Yoonie enter your house, please?" Yoongi says that makes him dumbfounded. He feels like his brain short circuited for a moment. "That's cheating," he says before he opens the door, revealing a smiling Yoongi that makes his heart flutter. Again.
"Not my fault you're too soft but it's adorable so don't worry," Yoongi says, still standing outside. Yoongi just called him baby and adorable and soft and his heart is currently combusting with so much uwu he doesn't even know what is he currently saying right now.
He opens the door properly and Yoongi's smile widens, showing his gums and it looks so cute. However, he now sees what Yoongi is holding. "Stuffie? Flowers?" he asks as he sees the cute squishmallows calico cat plushie and a bouquet of different yellow flowers.
"Courting gifts," Yoongi says that makes hi close the door again as he tries to hide the blushing face he has because of what Yoongi says. Courting gifts is not something he expects from the older. "Ah baby!" Yoongi whines and he doesn't know how he becomes so weak for Yoongi.
When he is sure that his face is no linger burning, he opens the door again and let Yoongi inside his apartment. "So...this is for you," Yoongi says, giving the flowers and plushie to him. He whispers a small "thank you," before he receives the things Yoongi gives him.
"I realized that flirting would lead us to nowhere," Yoongi starts talking and Jimin's attention went from the plushie to the person in front of him. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked that," he murmurs, feeling bad for asking Yoongi to flirt with him yesterday.
"Oh no, don't get me wrong, Jimin. I love flirting with you but it will not help," Yoongi takes a deep breath before the older continues, "so I decided to let you know what does it feel like to have someone care for you and not only in a platonic way." Then Jimin understands.
"I want to show you how beautiful it can be. How you deserve it without worrying about tomorrow. I want you to know how does it feel like to fight for it instead of accepting defeat in advance," the older explains. Yoongi is staring in his face the whole time.
"You know it's going to be a long process, right?" he mumbles, uncertainty clear in his voice. "That's why I'm starting now, Jimin," Yoongi smiles at him but his worry is still there. He can't seem to let it go without asking. "But what if I forget you one day?" he asks.
"I first saw you doing your journal. I thought it was cute but now I know the purpose of it," Yoongi says and suddenly, he remembers the person who picks his fallen photo. "Yeah," is the only thing he says because he still doesn't know what Yoongi's trying to say.
"If you forget me one day, I will read your journal to you and reminded you of all the things we did, together," Yoongi says and Jimin suddenly feel a lot of emotions in his system all at once. "It's going to hurt you." Somehow, his tears escape from his eyes.
"But staying beside you will always ease the pain," Yoongi answers then there's a hand wiping his tears away before Yoongi caressed his cheeks and gives him a kiss on his forehead. "I will always remind you why I choose to stay with you, Jimin." Somehow, Jimin believes Yoongi.
➵ epilogue:
"That's how we started," he explains as he holds Jimin's hand and intertwine their fingers. "Wait, that's it?" Jimin asks. This makes him chuckle as he rub his thumb on Jimin's own. "What do you mean 'that's it?' Was your roasting now enough?" he asks jokingly.
"I mean I should've make it harder for you!" then Jimin squales when he tickles the younger. "You don't know how many time you killed all of my pick up lines," he says but he wonders if Jimin can hear him because it feels like the younger is busy to try and get away from him.
"I'm pretty sure they are all corny!" Jimin shouts but ends up laughing more because he just keeps on tickling the younger until Jimin begs him to stop. "What do you mean corny? They make your heart fall for me!" he says, acting like he's offended by what Jimin says.
"Stop lying and just tell me more. I wanna know how we end up being married," Jimin says and they both settle on the bed properly, Jimin's head on his chest as he is now hugging the younger. "Hmm let's just say you ended up being whipped for me," he says that makes Jimin whine.
"Okay okay. Let's just say that you gave up on pushing me away," he says seriously and now, Jimin is playing with his fingers. "Then I promised you that I will always remind you everything," he continues. "Just like what you're doing right now," Jimin says that makes him smile.
"That's right," he says as he gives Jimin a kiss on the forehead. "Are you not tired of retelling it always?" Jimin asks and he immediately shrugs his shoulder. "How can I get tired of recalling our memories, love? That's impossible," he reassures the younger.
"Yoongi," Jimin calls after a while. "Hmm?" "If you have a chance to go back in the past, what are you going to do?" Jimin asks and he thinks for a moment before answering. "I want to level up my puns so that I can make you fall for me faster," his voice is serious.
"Fuck you," Jimin says that makes him laugh because it just sounds so innocent coming from the younger's mouth. "I'm too tired for that right now, love," he says, teasing the younger that immediately detaches from him. "Shut up, Min Yoongi." "Alright, Min Jimin."
"Why did I marry you? Now my name is rhyming," Jimin pouts. He pulls the younger back into his arms and hugs Jimin tight like he's not planning to let him go anymore. "Because you said you love me," he says seriously and Jimin just hums in acknowledgement.
"I can still feel that," Jimin mumbles that makes him smile. Everytime that Jimin will forget their past, will forget who Yoongi is, Jimin never fails to mention that. "You do?" he asks. "Yeah. My heart feels so content when you're here. Feels like it can never forget you."
"You always say that," he points out and Jimin looks up to him, confused. "Say what?" Jimin asks. "That your heart never forgets me. It's that same line that keeps me going, love. Whenever you say that, it makes me happy so much," he confesses but Jimin continues to stare.
"I'm glad," Jimin says after a while, "I'm glad that I still can make you happy," the younger continues. "You will never fail when it comes to making me happy, Min," he whispers to Jimin. "I love you, Yoongi. I know I do," Jimin suddenly says, staring directly at him.
"I know you do, Jiminie, and I love you too," he answers and Jimin adjusts position, face is suddenly moving towards his own. It's their foreheads that touch first, then their nose. Jimin smiles while looking directly in his eyes before he feels the younger's lips on him.
It is just an innocent peck that lingers a little longer but doesn't move. However, it means the world for both of them. Their little kisses will always be meaningful for both of them. "That's our first kiss," Jimin says that makes him chuckle. They have lots of first kiss.
"That's our 28th first kiss," he says to Jimin that looks at him, confused. "What do you mean?" "Whenever you kiss me, you will always say it's our first kiss, love," Yoongi explains and Jimin's lips becomes o, a sign of understanding. "That makes us special then," Jimin says.
"Yeah. We are," he agrees. "Tell me about my friends and yours," Jimin requests as they lie on the bed properly again. "Jungkook has a big crush on Namjoon and Seokjin while Taehyung has a big crush on Hoseok," he starts and Jimin is listening intently to him.
"But Namjoon and Jin never noticed Jungkook's crush on them," he says as he remembers how Jungkook ends up pouting whenever Jimin mentions it the very next day. "Your friends are mean to my friend," Jimin says firmly but he just laugh it off. "Jungkook ended up with Taehyung."
"EXCUSE ME WHAT?" Jimin asks, surprise to what he just says and it makes him laugh because yeah, this will always be Jimin's reaction. "But what about Hoseok and Taehyung?" "Hoseok joins their relationship after a year. Trust me, they look like they finally found their home."
"Alright wait a minute. I still can't move on about Taehyung and Jungkook," Jimin says and even attempts to cover Yoongi's mouth. "Okay. Take your time," he says, laughing and decided to just cuddle his Jimin. "In my journal, it seems like it's impossible," Jimin says.
"Love works in an unexpected way, love. Trust me, no one expected it. Especially you," he says, voice muffled because his face is currently buried on the younger's neck. "Yeah, alright. As long as they are all happy. Tell me how Hoseok joined them." Jimin always smells good.
"Hmm," he detaches himself from Jimin's neck. "It was a lot of jealousy and misunderstandings between Taehyung and Jungkook. But when Hoseok makes a move to Jungkook, he realized that they can all try it out. It wasn't easy but they made it." He's happy for the three of them.
"You know, one time, Namjoon and Seokjin joked about stealing Jungkook from Taehyung and Hoseok. It ends up with the three of them making out infront of Namjoon and Jin," he laughs and he hears Jimin's laugh too. As always, it sounds amazing to his ears. His favorite sound.
"Sounds like jealous boyfriends to me," Jimin says but there it was, the sadness on the younger's voice again. It is making him sad too but as long as Jimin is there, then Yoongi can keep going. "But Jungkook enjoyed it, trust me. He loves being spoiled by his boyfriends."
"I hope I can remember it," Jimin mutters and he can't help but to hug Jimin tighter like he wants to protect his beloved from this cruel world. "You have your journal with you always," he points out. "But it can't hold all of the memories I'm missing," Jimin whispers.
"You have me too, Jiminie. I'm here to tell you what you're missing. I'm here to tell you everything and answer all of your questions," he reminds the younger and Jimin's grip on him becomes tighter. "Do I always say thank you to you?" Jimin asks with a soft voice.
"Yeah, always," he answers, remembering all the time that Jimin says thank you to him with a sincere voice. "Good. That's good. I'm happy then," Jimin says. "Happy about what?" "I'm happy that I lose my memories but I never lose you." Jimin is caressing his face.
"I love you so much, Jimin," he says as his hand reaches Jimin's own that's currently on his cheeks. "I know," Jimin smiles, "and I love you too." "I'm glad you know," he says as he kisses the younger's nose that makes Jimin scrunch but ends up smiling with his eyes.
"You aren't sleepy yet?" he asks the younger but Jimin shakes head. "Nope and I want to know more please?" Jimin pleads and Yoongi is still weak for his beloved. "Alright, what do you want to know?" "Your pick-up lines," Jimin grins at him but he only shakes his head.
"Suddenly it's your bed time," he answers and he receives a smack on his shoulder from his one and only Jimin. "I'm not a baby anymore," Jimin pouts and he's tempted to kiss Jimin again so he did. "But you're /my/ baby," he says after, smirking at his own husband.
"Suddenly I know why I roasted you and your pick-up lines," Jimin retorts back and he acts like he's hurt by what the younger has says. "My pick-up line are go—" "It's my bed time already, Yoongi." "Be thankful I love you." "Thank you and I love you too." He sighs and smile
They find their comfortable position, Jimin ends up on his chest as he hugs Jimin tightly. "Good night, lovely," he says and kisses Jimin's head. Jimin lets out a hum before saying, "Good night, Yoongi." They both sleep, content, not worrying with their uncertain tomorrow.
When Yoongi wakes up, Jimin is still asleep. He can't help his smile to appear because Jimin looks so cute like this, a messy hair and a mouth that is a bit open. He's just staring at his husband lovingly, waiting for Jimin to wake up. He doesn't need to wait for long though.
Jimin rubs the sleepiness away, slowly opening his eyes. Yoongi is smiling all the time. Yeah. This is his favorite view. "Good morning, Jimin-ah," he greets the younger. However, all Jimin does is to yawn before squinting his eyes towards Yoongi.
"I'm sorry but who are you?" Jimin asks. Yoongi swears his heart stops beating for a moment before it beats so fast. He is shocked and scared and nervous. Jimin always remember him. Jimin never forgets him overnight. He can feel his heart clenching, throat constricting.
Eyes not leaving Jimin's figure, he can't believe what his husband just says. However, he swallows the lump in his throat before he answers Jimin. "I'm Min Yoongi, your husband," he says but Jimin is just staring at him for a long time and it's killing him already.
He knows Jimin is thinking for a moment. "Right. My husband. My Yoongi," Jimin says while nodding and Yoongi is so confused to what just happened. "Sorry, I thought you're an angel for a moment," Jimin says smiling before throwing himself to Yoongi, hugging him tight.
When he process what's going on, he sighs in relief before saying with his whole chest, "YOU FUCKING LITTLE SHIT I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU OH MY FUCK I THOUGHT YOU JUST—," before he can even finish his ranting, he feels Jimin's lips on his and has the audacity to smile in their kiss.
When they separated, Jimin is laughing so hard and he's just staring at his own husband. He should've expect it. Jimin is always the trickster even before. "I really can't believe you. Don't every do that again," Yoongi scolds him and Jimin nods. "I'll remember that." Ironic.
"My heart literally stopped beating," he says and Jimin just grins at him before his husband settles on his lap and Jimin gives him a quick kiss. Then, Jimin is looking at him innocently before saying, "Punish me then?" His eyes widen before sighing in disbelief.
Maybe Jimin can forget a lot of things. Maybe his husband can forget him the next day. Maybe his beloved can no longer remember their memories. But Jimin never changes one bit. He's always the same Jimin he loves. "After what you did? You wish." He smiles when Jimin pouts.
➵ fin ♡
➵ note: Thank you so much for staying with me until the end! I never plan the epilogue and it breaks my heart too but I'm glad to see your reactions! I really love every one of you. Thank you so so much ♡
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