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Jun 2, 2019
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yoonmin au jimin sees the perfect stranger for his one night stand agenda, thinking they would never see each other again but what happens when that same stranger shows up to his 7:00 am literature class

kinda a sequel/prequel for this short namjin au. some details may not be accurate, though…


namjin au just when seokjin thought he could finish college without bitch slapping someone from his university, his ex boyfriend kim namjoon comes back in town to finish his senior year --- and maybe win his ex boyfriend back
let's go out
the ass pants
found them
moment of silence
Here's the thing about Jimin He's a work of art. Irresistable. Always gets what he wants and to be completely honest, kind of a brat Known to be a playboy. He doesn't settle for a relationship. He goes from this guy, to the next guy, and to the next and.. well, you get my point
He wasn't always like this, though. He used to have someone. Someone he gave his all. Someone he trusted a little too much but he ended up getting hurt. Jimin fell in love a little too hard, but no one was there to catch him.
Jimin swore that falling is a big mistake. He believes, that there is no such thing as love. Its just an idea. A trick Now, he's having fun without comittments. One time hook ups. No breakfast the morning after. No strings attached He thinks his heart is a lot safer this way.
They arrived at the bar 37 minutes ago and Jimin is already on his third bottle of beer. His alcohol tolerance is waaay up there but he's having fun. He's letting the alcohol take control of him, laughing at the lamest joke and he's already getting handsy with his friends
"Hands-off the merchandise!" Jungkook teases him when Jimin throws his body onto Taehyung "Taehyung, you're boyfriend is getting jealous again" Jimin doesn't filter his words. Alcohol does that to him.
"Not his boyfriend" Jungkook says on a quieter tone. Taehyung just smiles and takes a shot of tequila. "I heard there are new students this year" Jungkook attempts to change their topic "It's all over Twitter" "The rappers from Daegu?" —This. This got Jin's attention.
You see, Jin has been single for more than a year now. And coincidentally, his ex boyfriend, Kim Namjoon is living in Daegu, who... funnily enough, happens to be an underground rapper. "No way" "Yeah, I heard it too" Jimin says "I doubt I'd see them in my class, though"
"Just because they're underground rappers, doesn't mean they don't prioritize their studies, Jimin" "I'm just saying... I barely even have time to take a shower when I'm drowning in my plates, I doubt they'll take architecture as their major" "Bet" as expected from Jungkook
"I wonder what they look like though" Taehyung imagines arms covered in tattoos, leather jackets and deep voice. He smiles "Who cares about them? Its our last year, anyway" Jin says.
Jimin takes a mix of gin and vodka, straight down "That's why I will make sure to enjoy my senior year as much as I can" he finished the drink like it was sparkling water
The bar is dark but you can see familiar faces. Maybe someone from your university, or the cute barista at your favorite coffee shop Or someone you've never seen before, maybe someone who's wearing a black leather jacket that complements his white skin and honey colored hair
Jimin teasingly smiles "Hyung, I'll be over there okay?" he points somewhere in the dancing crowd with a grin on his face Seojkin just nods. He knows what it meant. It meant, Jimin is not coming home with them tonight.
yoongi to hoseok
he has a blowtorch
People dancing, neon lights and blasting music. Min Yoongi is not new to this kind of set up. In fact, this actually feels like home.
Yoongi and his friends usually spend their Friday nights at bars like this back in Daegu Sometimes, they get up to perform or other times they just drink until he wakes up in the most random places; like the alley behind the bar, or in Hoseok's bathtub or sometimes, in Taco Bell
Tonight is different. Tonight, he craves to wake up on a stranger's bed.
"Noooo, what I'm saying is, Jin was too good for me" "Look, bonsai boy, I didn't come here to listen to you whine about your ex-boyfried," Yoongi stood up from where he was sitting "If you can't stop thinking about him, then maybe you shouldn't try to forget him"
"You talk as if you know anything about comittment" Hoseok retorts, "The longest relationship you have is with your bed" he scoffs "You want me to fix that?" Looking down at the crowd dancing, Yoongi opened another bottle and fixed his black jacket fitted to him
"You're going to dance?" surprised look on both of their faces Yoongi doesn't reply. He walks down towards the crowd with a smirk on his face. His eyes locked to a raven haired boy, effortlessly sexy on the dance floor. He craves to wake up on this stranger's bed
taehyung to jimin
jin to jimin
Jimin dancing effortlessly on the dance floor when someone gets close to him. Too close. The guy is obviously drunk, but Jimin gives him a chance.
He's cute but not really Jimin's type, although, he passes for a one time thing. "Hey sweetheart," the guy whispers near Jimin's neck "wanna get out of here?" Jimin smirks, "I'm not your sweerheart, baby" he says, pushing the other a step away from him
Jimin isn't as easy as you would think he is. He has crazy high standards in men, as he should. "Kiss me, and I'll make you mine" the guy is too full of himself, too drunk to think he deserves Jimin's lips. Jimin rolls his eyes, hoping someone would save him from this guy
"Hey, angel.." Jimin shrugs from the voice coming from his side "is this guy bothering you?" The stranger gives the guy a sharp glance, and immediately left Jimin alone "That was my dick appointment!" Jimin blurts, "No way" his gaze turns to Jimin
"No way??" Jimin scoffs "You think I can't win a cute guy like him?" The man in black leather jacket let out a little laugh. "What's so funny?" Jimin isn't backing down. A brat
"You're too pretty for him, don't you think?" He takes a step closer "Its just funny that you were actually considering going home with him" "And you?" Jimin raised an eyebrow, "you think I should go home with you?" The man smiles.. fuck, he's cute.
"Me? No, I was just saving you the pain of dealing with him" he answers, sounding completely uninterested "Unless you really want to spend your night kissing a guy that smells like a mix of vodka and toilet seat, then I'll gladly call him back"
"N-no–" Jimin stutters He got caught off guard, he's not used to having someone bicker with him. Guys usually agrees to everything he says. Surrendering to his charms and flirtiness. But this guy... Ah, fuck this guy
"No?" "I wasn't going to kiss him," Jimin clarified "I just want you to know, I happen to have a certain standard in men" he says proudly The guy let out another laugh. Jimin frowns "I do! Stop laughing at me" he pouts, the sexiness is fading when he pouts. Cute. Too cute
"How about guys in leather jackets?" He walks closer to Jimin, slightly caging him against the counter "how am I doing so far?" he smirks There's a decent amount of space between them, but Jimin wishes there wasn't.
He can't read him. Does he like him, or is he just playing? Either way, this stranger is making Jimin want things he never do Jimin wants to pull him even closer, taste the other's lips.
Here's the thing– Jimin doesn't really kiss anyone. Traces on the neck? Sure! Little pecks on his stomach? No problem! But the lips... Oh, his lips.
He never kiss on the lips. Jimin thinks it involves too much emotion.. and Jimin doesn't need that. But why is he craving for a stranger's lips against his?
Yoongi is not just hot. He is veerry hot. He has this mysterious aura that you just can't resist. And because of this, he never really actually have to flirt. Girls and guys usually go after him, wishing Yoongi would even spare them one glance.
But this guy...ah this fucking sexy guy, dancing and pushing his hair back in the sexiest way possible. He couldn't resist not to walk up to him. "Hey, angel"
He doesn't know how to flirt. He's usually on the receiving end of the flirting process, so when this raven haired boy looked straight into him, he froze. The boy is standing right in front of him, cheeks slightly red because of alcohol /fuck, what do i do?/
Then he remembers Hoseok's advice. "If you want him, act like you're not interested in him at all" Yoongi thought it's stupid, but that's all he has Now we're here, Yoongi almost caging the boy in the bar counter, wishing he was two inches closer
"How about guys in leather jackets? How am I doing so far?" Yoongi says as smoothly as possible "You?" the boy scoffs, "I thought you weren't interested?" he quickly slides away from Yoongi, the boy is redder that he was three minutes ago
"Maybe I just want to know if leather suits me" He gives Yoongi a look from head to toe, then back to his eyes. The boy slowly leans to him closer. So close he can feel the boy breathing on his neck He whispers " Hmm, what if I tell you, I'd like it better if I take it off you"
The way he said it made Yoongi weak to his knees. The airy playful voice that lingered on Yoongi's ears is making him go crazy, and the way his lips is teasingly brushing against Yoongi's earlobes isn't helping at all The boy draw back, walking away from Yoongi.
Yoongi stood still, processing everything. Should he follow him? The boy is heading to the comfort room. Real classy. He glanced back at Yoongi, and smirked. What a tease "Ah, fuck it" Yoongi breathes
Pinned against the corner, the boy is slightly sitting on top of the sink, legs wrapped around Yoongi's waist, face buried on his neck. "Are you sure?" Yoongi says as he runs out of breath from removing the other boy's denim jacket "MHmm"
His tracing Yoongi's neck, playfully biting on it, making Yoongi grip the boy's waist tighter. He sounds so good, moaning breaths near his ear They're just kissing, both wanting to go further but no one is making the move. But even if they're just kissing, both of them feels hot
The rush, the mark they both left on eachother, and the fact that there's a line of drunk people waiting for them outside the bathroom. It excites them. Yoongi keeps reaching for the boy's lips, been craving to feel it against his.
But the other is doing the most just to avoid their lips to meet. Kissing anywhere but the lips. Yoongi's hands travelled from the hips up to the boy's neck, then to his jaw, thumbs slightly carressing his cheeks. "We don't have to, if you're uncomfortable with me"
"I– uh, I don't kiss strangers on the lips" he paused for a bit, analyzing Yoongi's reaction "It's just my weir- "I'm Yoongi" he says before the boy could finish
Yoongi respects it. If he's not comfortable kissing a random guy he met 15 minutes ago, then he won't go further. He lets go of the boy's waist and moved a step back. But the boy quickly grab's Yoongi's hands and pulled him back. "Jimin"
"Park Jimin" then he quickly grabs Yoongi's shirt, pulls him in closer than ever, their lips finally met, aggressively kissing the other, only parting when they have to gasp for air. Oh, fuck this feels nice.
Jimin's hand carefully slides from Yoongi's hair down to his jaw then to his chest..oh, his chest...then down to his abdomen, Jimin's fingers teasing him down to his pants. Unbuttoning it slowly, "Can I?" Jimin whispers. Yoongi is going crazy "Yeaah, baby.. whatever you wa-"
They both froze They got interrupted by a loud thud outside the bathroom door "Can you fuck a little bit faster? I really need to use the fucking bathroom" Yeah, they should probably go
They just laughed it off, Jimin's forehead resting on Yoongi's shoulder, still laughing at the situation they're in. Yoongi is smiling too, "You want to get some pizza, Jiminie?" "Yeah, pizza sounds nice" he smiles back
msg: jin to jungkook
kiss kiss or just kiss?
real kiss
not that deep
just a kiss
msg: taehyung to jimin
i belong to no city. i belong to no man
The professor is late, like he always is. Jimin sat next to Jungkook, and Jin sat on the table next to the two, leaving a chair available for anyone to sit. He's tired. He barely slept last night. Sat on his chair with his head held back, trying to stay awake for the lecture.
Okay, he has to admit, everything that happened last night was new to Jimin. He flirted, but didn't sleep with him. He kissed on the lips. He exchanged names, and he went out for pizza. He has to admit he couldn't stop thinking about it. About him.
"Is that a hickey?" Namjoon is walking with Yoongi in the halls Yoongi didn't answer, he just grazed his neck with his fingers. Remembering the lips the left those marks. He smiled "I told you, hyung. Hook ups are a waste of time"
"Don't drag me into your no hook-ups, no drinking shit. I'm good" Reaching the last room, "I'm just saying, it's not good to fuck around" Namjoon said as he opened the door, realizing the room is full of students, including his ex boyfriend, Kim Seokjin. "Shit"
not worth the jail time
Yoongi's eyes widened. His eyes pierced to someone else. The raven-haired boy who hates pineapple on pizza, staring back at him with the most confused look.
Jimin thought, with all his heart, he would never see Yoongi again. He assumed he wasn't from Ilsan and he wouldn't stay in the city. But here he is, right infront of him, wearing a loose black top, not even trying to hide the marks on his neck. "Fuck"
Yoongi took the seat behind Jimin and Jungkook. "Ahem!" Yoongi fakes his cough, making Jimin jump a little from his seat. This is going to be a looong class.
but what if
u get my point
for real?
hug me
Yoongi is sitting behind Jimin, quietly analyzing his relationship with the guy sitting next to him. They seem close. Really close
The guy started removing his sweater, leaving a thin white shirt that fits him perfectly. /What the hell is he doing?/ Then, the guy begin to wrap his sweater to Jimin. Yoongi doesn't understand why this is affecting him. But it does.
Jungkook get weird requests from Jimin all the time, and this is one of them. So he did it. He hugged Jimin. He let Jimin lay his head on his shoulder. He figured, he didn't get enough sleep last night. And Yoongi.. well, Yoongi is annoyed. He can't tell exactly why.
drop the class?
they live together
drinks later
The class ended and students rushed out of the room. There were a few students left. He gets enough courage to turn his head to where Yoongi was sitting. Jimin can't understand why he felt kind of disapponted to see an empty chair. He left already?
Jin decided to ditch the entire day of school and just drive home. "Okay, hyung. I'll text you later" Jungkook's next class is upstairs and Jimin has a free period, so they said their 'see you laters' and went on their different paths.
Jimin was the last one to leave the room. His eyes froze and his heart is beating faster than he could think when he saw Yoongi, leaning against the wall, waiting for someone "Hey, angel"
Jimin's plan is to make it crystal clear to Yoongi that he has no plans on turning whatever they had last night into something more. He has to be clear that he's not interested in him /that/ way.
And it's easy for Jimin. He's not new in being blunt with guys hitting on him. It usually goes like "I'm not interested" or "It was just a one time thing" Or in some critical cases of guys not leaving him alone, he lies "I have a boyfriend"
"What are you doing here?" he raised an eyebrow, looking at the man in faded ripped jeans and black loose top. "Was waiting for you" Oh, god. That voice "Do you like calling me angel, or did you already forgot my name?"
"What do you think?" detaching himself from the wall, stepping closer to Jimin "Do you really think its easy to forget you?" "I think– I think you call a lot of people your angel" "Not really, just the ones I like"
"Babe, I don't think you understand. What happened last night– that's not going to happen again" "You mean when you kissed me?" Jimin's cheek is getting red again "or wh–" Yoongi leaned in close to Jimin's ear, whispers softly "when you were biting my neck?"
Jimin remembers the rush that he felt last night everytime he hears Yoongi's sinful voice. "Stop!" Yoongi stepped back, looking at Jimin straight in his eyes "Or when you forgot to mention that you have a boyfriend?" "A what?" "A boyfriend" he says, tugging Jimin's sweater.
Oh right, Jimin is still wearing Jungkook's sweater. This makes everything easier for Jimin. He could say that he is, in fact, in a relationship with Jungkook. He could pretend that he has a boyfriend. That would easily make Yoongi stay away.
"You're not even denying it" Yoongi said in a disappointed tone "So he really is your boyfriend, huh? Yes. Jimin wants to say yes. It's so easy for him to lie. What is taking him so long to answer the question? "No– No he isn't"
"He's not?" bright smile coming from Yoongi. The brightest. "Stop looking at me like that!" he slightly covers half of his face with his arms "Like what?" "Like.. " he removes his arms that's masking him.
Why is he getting shy? He's not shy! He's usually confident in talking to guys. He always has the upper hand during conversations. Yoongi is staring intently at Jimin. Eyes pierced to those lips. "– like you're 10 seconds away from kissing me"
They're alone in the hall, five feet apart. "Ten.." "No, we are not kissing, Yoongi" Yoongi took a little step closer "Nine– ...It's hyung, actually."
Jimin took a step back, staring deep into Yoongi's eyes, heart beating out of his chest. God, why is this guy making him so nervous? "What do you think you're doing?" "Go out with me tonight?" Eight.
"I already have plans tonight" That's a lie. He doesn't have anything /or anyone/ to do. "Really? With who?" Sarcastic. Playful. It's like Yoongi know's that Jimin is lying. Seven. "Uh.. with.." he's stuttering again
"Six" Yoongi keeps getting close to Jimin, and Jimin keeps taking steps back "..with my friends!" "Ahh, your /friend/" he reached for the hems of Jimin's sweater, tugging it lightly. He hates how he still looks cute in another man's sweater. Five
"Why? Who are you going out with?" It came out more of like a whisper. Sounded like he wasn't supposed to say it out loud, but he did "I met this guy last night, He's pretty hot" Four "Oh yeah?" "Mhmm, kind of a brat though" he takes another step, making Jimin hit the wall.
One feet apart Jimin has to admit, this guy is good on riling him up. How deep his voice is and how his whispers linger on Jimin's ear. There's something different by the way he looks at Jimin. Its not just lust. Its.. curiousity One feet apart, three seconds away.
"A brat?" he laughs, taunting the other "what's his name, then?" Jimin doubts it. He bets his whole life he doesn't remember his name. He's so sure Yoongi is the type of person who fucks and go. He doubts he remembers his name.
Yoongi looks at him straight in the eyes, "his name?" He leaned in, close to Jimin's ear. Heart beating out of Jimin's chest, backed against the wall, he can't move back anymore. "Two seconds, Jiminie" Fuck, he remembers.
The way he said it made Jimin blush. Yoongi's low voice and the way he whispers his name. Crazy rush inside Jimin that he can't explain. He has been thinking of Yoongi since last night. He barely got sleep because of him.
He doesn't know if its because he hasn't kiss anyone in a very long time or if its because Yoongi is a really good at it, but their kiss, oh their kiss. It never left Jimin's mind Now he's here, pinned against a wall with a not-so-stranger infront of him. Fuck, he smells so good
Jimin tried. He really did try to resist. But a man can only take so much. He pulled the hems of Yoongi's shirt, making their bodies finally clash on each other. They are facing each other, mouths slightly agape, breathing at the same time.
Jimin traced the marks on Yoongi's neck with his fingers, then to his jaw. His thumb reached for Yoongi's lip. Forehead pressed to each other. Their lips are so terribly close "One" Jimin whispered
put him on adult supervision
don't act on it
let it out of your system
99 problems
jungkook has a point
hey angel
keep it under 18
play it cool
how you like your drink
here he goes
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you can't be busy. i'm freaking out
crazy things
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honest mistake
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the plan
trust yoongi
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don't date. don't flirt
going out alone
just one night
what do i do
something came up
asking for a friend
Jimin slides his phone off. Fidgeting his fingers against the glass window. He's thinking whether it's a good idea to use the fire escape, so he can leave his room unnoticeable. He hears faint sounds of their apartment door, and Jin's voice echoing through his walls.
That's when he decided to just risk everything. Jimin slides his window up, fitted his body into the tiny space. Their apartment is only 3 floors up. It's not long until he's on the ground, hopping at the first taxi he sees.
with who?
Its true. Jimin is dancing with Sungwoon, not because he wanted to but because Sungwoon is a clingy drunk. He clings on to the first person he sees and tonight, he saw Jimin They're dancing but Jimin's thoughts are somewhere else. Looking around, hoping to find a familiar face.
Jimin sees Hoseok with Sunmi, and Namjoon sitting alone by the couch; but he can't find the one face that he's been missing. Maybe, Yoongi is in a bathroom, his legs wrapped around someone else. Jimin hates the idea. It bugs him. He doesn't understand why.
And then, just when he was about to leave the place, he felt a familiar warmth around his tiny waist, wrapping him from behind. Jimin loves it. He loves the feeling. The gentleness of the other's touches. He sinks his body closer. His back against the other's chest.
He can't really see the man wrapped around him, but he knows exactly who he is. His lips are on the nape of Jimin's neck, leaving little kisses until he reach the younger's ears. Yoongi breathes, "I'm right here, Jiminie"
Cold fingers teasing his skin under his shirt, Jimin turns around to see the man wrapped around him. He turns to see Yoongi's lips slightly apart from each other. Heavy breaths, like he ran two blocks to get there. Cold gaze, making Jimin nervous.
They are in a sea of people, but Yoongi's eyes are pierced to no one else but Jimin. The look Yoongi's giving is different. Is it lust? Maybe, greed? Disappointment? Jimin can't read the expression on his face.
He puts both of his arms loosely around Yoongi's neck, his fingers casually playing with his hair, "Hyung," he whispered, leaning in a little closer, "..what took you so long?" Yoongi scoffs. This boy is unbelievable
"You were busy dancing with someone else, I didn't want to interrupt" he says giving a glare at Sungwoon, who has now clung on to someone else, still dancing, of course. "Were you jealous?" his hands sliding to Yoongi's nape, carressing it with his thumb.
Jimin doesn't know it but his touches makes Yoongi feel at ease. His mood slowly calming down each stroke of his thumb run through Yoongi's skin. Yoongi's attention goes back to Jimin. "Your hands were all over him, Min"
"Was it?" Jimin is such a brat "You mean like this?" His hands teasingly sliding down Yoongi's chest, feeling how broad his built is, then fingers tracing further down to his abdomen until he reached Yoongi's belt, tugging it to pull Yoongi's body closer to him.
"..or when I did this?" He is discretely unbuckling Yoongi's belt. Jimin's fingers slowly undoing Yoongi's belt in public, while still keeping their eyes locked on each other. Jimin giving him a sly smile.
They are in an open area. People are passing by them by the minute and Jimin is teasing Yoongi. Is this really happening? Right here? Yoongi thought, still keeping his eyes on Jimin. He never noticed how pretty his brown eyes were.
Jimin bites his lips, making it /harder/ for Yoongi to keep a straight face. Yoongi looks around the room, catching Sungwoon looking at them. "Does he always stare at you like that?" Yoongi sounded a little annoyed"
Jimin looked over at Sungwoon, then back at Yoongi, "Want to put on a good show, hyungie?" the sly smile never left Jimin's face Jimin is unpredictable. You never know what goes on inside his pretty little head. A bratty daredevil.
He pulls himself closer, grabbed Yoongi's hands and placed it around his waist Their mouth are so so close to each other, "Hyuuung," Yoongi loves to hear Jimin's cute little whines "don't make me wait" he said, intentionally brushing his lips against Yoongi's Fuck, he's so sexy
"I jus–" Jimin got interrupted by Yoongi's mouth sucking on his lower lip. Jimin though he was ready for it, he thought he had the situation under control. But once he felt Yoongi against him, he gets caught off guard. Min Yoongi, the daredevil's weakness
Jimin sank his body onto Yoongi, fingers gripping Yoongi's hair, tighter and messier. It didn't feel like they're in a crowd of people. It felt like it was just them. The music fades in Jimin's ears, only hearing Yoongi's breaths. He hears his own heart, beating out of his chest
Jimin wants more. He craves for more. His hips moving, pacing against Yoongi's thighs, looking for some sort of friction. He needs more "Yoongi," he pants "Yeah, baby?" both of them catching their breaths
Jimin left a peck on Yoongi's lips "You want to–" he kisses him again "–go somewhere else?" he traced Yoongi's neck Yoongi didn't hesitate, "Your place or mine?"
Bodies crashing against the walls of the empty hallway of Yoongi's apartment. Wrapped around eachother, kissing aggressively Jimin isn't new to this. Going home with someone from the club then sneaking his way out before the sun rises. Just one night. No breakfast in the morning
Finally reaching Yoongi's door, crashing against it, "Did you hit your head?" Yoongi detaches his lips from the other, checking on Jimin's head. "No– mhm, keep going," Jimin tugs in Yoongi's collar to feel him over his neck. God, this feels good.
Throwing their bodies onto the couch, Yoongi's back leaning on the armrest. Jimin climbing on top of Yoongi's lap. Shit, this is really happening.
Jimin's movements are slowing down. Like he's thinking. What is he thinking about? Is he nervous? He has done this a lot, but all of a sudden it feels new to him.
Yoongi has Jimin on his lap, he notices how red Jimin's cheeks are, was it because of the alcohol? Yoongi think Jimin is pretty. So fucking pretty Jimin pushed his hair back, moving his hips a little slow. The friction is driving Yoongi crazy.
His hands on Jimin's hips, kind of guiding him with each pace. Then his fingers traces Jimin's skin under his top, slightly lifting the shirt. Yoongi notices a black ink engraved on Jimin's body. A tattoo. But he can't quite read it, the room was dark and Jimin was moving.
Jimin noticed how Yoongi looking somewhere below his chest, "Focus on me, Yoongi." he says cutely while unbuttoning Yoongi's top
Yoongi's cold fingers softly tracking the ink etched on Jimin's skin. He leaned in, chest on top of Yoongi's. "Kiss my neck, hyungie" he whispered faintly, a voice so delicate, Yoongi wonders how he would sound like if he sing Does he sing? Yoongi is curious about it. About him
Fourth button is undone, Jimin is playing with Yoongi's earlobes. Yoongi's hands on Jimin's hips, pressing it harder down on him. He's hard. They both are, and Jimin's sinful little moans isn't helping at all. Oh god, he sounds so good.
Yoongi got up to sit straight, making Jimin fall on his back on the other side of the couch. Yoongi, mounting on top of Jimin, both arms caging him. The way Yoongi is looking in his eyes, he is feeling all kinds of things. Not exactly sure what.
This. This is new to Jimin. He finally figured out what's different. He usually do it fast. Casual fuck. No intentions of staying a second longer. But this. THIS. Jimin is taking his time.
"You're looking at me like that again" Jimin reach for Yoongi's nape "I can't wait ten seconds, Min" he said, then sucked on Jimin's lower lip, biting it, making Jimin dig his nails on Yoongi's skin.
Yoongi drags his kisses down to his neck, lifted his shirt halfway so he could kiss his stomach, tracing his lower rib. Jimin's grip on Yoongi's hair tightens His lips reached Jimin's lower abdomen, teasing above his pants. "Are you sure?" Yoongi asked "Mhmm" he replied so fast
No one really ever asked Jimin if he's sure. No one really looked Jimin in the eyes the way Yoongi does. Some guys focus on Jimin's lips, or his toned body. Other times, too drunk to pay attention at all. So this, with Yoongi. This is new to him, too.
Jimin is taking his time. You can't blame him because after this night, he's supposed to not crave for Yoongi anymore. He's supposed to be detoxified with the thirst he feels for him. After this night, he won't crave for Yoongi anymore.
"wAIT– " Jimin got up so fast, moving inches away from Yoongi "..uhh– hyung, I-" Jimin froze. Why did he stop? He can't find any excuse. He wants it. He wants Yoongi to continue. He wants him so bad. He doesn't know why he freaked out. "I'm sorry– I don't know wh-"
"Want to watch a movie?" Yoongi said. He didn't need Jimin's explanation and Jimin doesn't need to explain himself. "I have chicken and beer!"
It's waaaay past midnight and they are having chicken and beer Jimin laughs at Yoongi's lamest jokes, the movie was playing in the background, forgotten. They talked about Namjoon and Jin and then why Jimin hates manggoes so much or why Yoongi is carrying a blowtorch everywhere
Jimin passed out on the couch, with his legs on Yoongi's lap. Yoongi wanted to ask about his tattoo, but he saved it for some other time. They'll have some other time, right?
maybe it was
good news (?)
we really can't
just another guy
woke up feeling like
do you like him
how did you know
i can't
like any other night
still feel like
good excuse
impromptu drive
im fine
Tuesday, Yoongi did show up for class but he's barely there. His head was down on his desk, hoodie covering his head. Sleeping half of the lecture, then the other half was just him on his phone. He looks like shit. Like he didn't have any sleep and still drunk from last night
unsent concerns
The class ended. Yoongi got up as fast as he can to leave the room. His presence was cold. He was very intimidating and Jimin felt it. He could only follow Yoongi with a gaze, then he sees a familiar face, waiting for Yoongi outside the room, with an iced americano on her hands
maybe a jealous jimin
one like q
jimin back at it again
stop lurking, jimin
wanted to see someone
here lies
jimin lurking pt. 4
always get what he wants
lurking gone wrong
his fingers slipped
flirt somewhere else
whose boyfriend?
did i ask?
let me finish
don't ask why
are u okay?
i do not feel such things
maybe i am
i lied
a loud noise
was it for me?
my what
tw.itter do your thing
maybe he isn't
he's what
how to sneak a cat inside the apartment 101
wide awake
sooooo can u..uhm
my dumbass
did you not sleep?
hoseok to yoongi
who are you with
smell like you
excuses and lies 101
jin and his coffee dates
give my number
yoonmin and their plans
flame gun
a good chance to talk
and it begins
a mess
scented candles
jimin to the rescue
Jimin put the last bottle of soju in the trash bin. The apartment was left without a stain of chinese take-outs and 4 week old pizza crusts. It also left no sign of Kim Namjoon ever living there.
"Do I really need to take these pictures down?" He said as he remove pins on the polaroids of Namjoon and Jin "I mean, you guys look so cute here" "I've been meaning to take them down months ago, I just never really got around to it" Jin finally settled to wear a blue sweatshirt
Jimin sighs, but he do as he was told. Take the pictures down and put them in a box. "Tadaa, all done! Your place is cleaner than ours. Please don't tell Jungkook about this" "Okay, I'll take out the trash. Sit wherever you like, Namjoon will be here any minute"
"Whoa– no, what do you mean? I'm leaving before Joonie hyung comes" "Jimin, please? I swear this is the last one" Jin sounds nervous, maybe unprepared "I'm just.. I'm not ready yet" Not ready to talk.
Because talking can only lead to going back on good terms, and letting go of what once hurted. Talking could also lead to shouting, fighting, saying things we don't mean. Talking could lead to not talking at all, and Jin is not ready for that either. So Jimin stayed
so close yet so far
(did i fall asleep in the middle of updating? yes i did)
just u and me
Jimin stood up, "Uhm– Jin hyung, I have to... uh" he stutters, thinking his next words carefully "Uhm, Jungkook sent me a text, he said my– uhm.., goldfish is sick"
Jimin reaches for his coat, but Jin quickly grabs his wrist "You cannot do this to me, Jimin!" Jin's voice is whispering with intensity "I swear to god, if you leave right now, i'm going to take you first born child and sacrifice it to the fountain of youth!" Jin threatens
Jimin just smiles and leans to Jin even closer "Just tell him you still love him, hyung" he whispers. Jimin felt the grip on his wrist loosen, so he left leaving the two alone sitting on both ends of the couch.
sad tweets
yoonmin sucks at planning
where is he
all that matters
double texts who? we go all out
i've always wondered..
booty legend
Jimin doesn't sing. Not that he can't, he has a beautiful voice. Soothing. But he only sings infront of his friends, at a karaoke bar, usually after 4 drinks He clears his throat then dialed Yoongi's number
The line is quiet, but you can hear slight hints of breaths on the other end "Hyung, I think you're already sleeping," Yoongi stays quiet, not responding to Jimin "Hmm, then I guess I could hang u–" "Fly me to the Moon" Yoongi blurted out, not letting Jimin finish
"Huh?" "or you could sing that damn baby shark song... as long as I could hear your voice" "You want me to sing you Sinatra? Are you serious?" Jimin squabbles, but you could tell that he's smiling on the other end, laying on his bed, blushing about everything
Yoongi is smiling too, fidgeting his fingers around his sheet, waiting to hear Jimin's voice Jimin is very vocal, talking nervously non-stop over the phone, saying things like "Hyung, I never sing for anyone" and "aaah, I can't believe you're making me do this"
It's cute. Yoongi can't help but smile wide by the sound of Jimin, quibble and complain to him. Jimin takes a breath, "don't laugh at me, hyung! promise me" "I promise"
He clears his throat once more, then hummed the song, the softest voice against Yoongi's ear, almost like Jimin is whispering a lullaby at him "...and let me play among the stars~" Yoongi's heart skipped a beat. He thought things like these only happens in movies. This is new
Jimin's voice against Yoongi's ear, raw. Not accompanied by anything. He continues to sing, slowly. His raspy 3:00 am voice is making Yoongi get lost in trance Yoongi wasn't smiling anymore, he got completely wrapped by the sound of him. This feeling– he's unfamiliar with it
"Hyung?" No answer. "You didn't sleep on me, did you?" Yoongi could hear the way Jimin talk, he imagines him pouting. He probably is "I'm here"
Comfortable silence on both ends, waiting for the other to speak "So, this is what it feels like" Yoongi breathes "Feel what?" "How it feels to be sure of something"
no sh it
i know nothing
just tell me where
jimin's plan
slytherin jimin
who knew
just because
good night
things happen
a terrible friend
taking sides
will you ever be
sound good?
vodka is not a meal
not after what happened last time
what did he do
jungkook is done
jimin's type (?)
taehyung approves
are u okay
five minutes
are u in?
A wide hug greeted Namjoon and Yoongi at the bar. A drunk hug from Namjoon's old friend, Hera "Joooooon! You didn't tell me you were back!" Hera slurs her words, trying her best to balance herself. Namjoon is holding Hera's arms for support, "Are you okay?" he asked
"A little drunk and a little cold, so I'm gonna take this," Hera took the jacket on Yoongi's hands, "thank you very much" Namjoon sa Jin looking at him from across the club, with a drunk Hera in his arms. Jin doesn't look too happy with it. "Shit" he breathes
Namjoon quickly shifts Hera to Yoongi "Hyung, can you take her for awhile," Yoongi is now carrying the drunk girl "I'm really really sorry. I saw Jin and I.. I have to talk to him, hyung" Namjoon feels bad for leaving Hera to Yoongi This is bad. This is sooo bad, Yoongi thought
He has a drunk stranger in his arms, who is wearing his favorite jacket, and who constantly asks him if he wants to dance. He has to do something about this before Jimin sees them together and gets the wrong idea "Hey, uh.. Hera? That's your name right?"
Hera took a step closer to Yoongi, "Mhmm," she put hers arms around Yoongi's shoulders and leans to whisper, "Names are boring... wanna know my number?" This screams trouble
The night is young, and Taehyung is already drunk. Jimin is dancing at the sides with a drink in his hand. Cold hands surrounding his waist. It's Hyungsik Jimin wraps his arms around Hyungsik, moving his hips along with the sound of music.
He can't really look at Hyungsik in the eyes, though. He doesn't know why "I'm gonna get a drink," he leans to tell Hyungsik. The older guy nods He sees Jungkook at bar counter "What? He's too boring for you?" He asked Jimin, who ordered a drink, looking annoyed
"Feels wrong" Jimin breathes "Kinda is, kinda not" Jungkook says "I mean, you and Yoongi didn't really have a label yet, so technically, it's not wrong to flirt with him" "Then why doesn't it feel right? I feel like I'm cheating on someone"
Jungkook lets out a little laugh "You tell me, Jimin. Maybe because you are committed to someone, you just don't realize it yet" Jimin doesn't say anything. He just stares at the people dancing, different thoughts crashing in his head. Maybe Jungkook has a point
He blankly stares at the crowd, until he's eyes focus on someone. Someone. His someone... with someone else. "Oh, hell no"
The song changed and the beats got higher "Oh my god, I love this song" Hera said, pulling Yoongi even closer. She looks tired with all the dancing but she won't stop. "Yeah yeah, but I think you already had too much to drink, want to sit here for a while?" "No, want to dance"
Her legs are giving up whenever Yoongi tries to remove his support. "Are those your friends?" He points to the group of girls near them "Yeah, it's Yeri's birthday today so we went out. But Yeri is th—" She's drunk and oversharing.
Yoongi didn't have to know who Yeri is. He just have to know where Jimin is. "Uhm, hey Hera had too much to drink, maybe any of you can take her home?" Yoongi said to the group of girls
"Oh, god there she is! We've been looking all over for her!" The girls took Hera in. Yoongi can finally breathe. Yoongi only smiles, and turns around to leave them But he turns around to see Jimin, looking at him, a few steps away from each other.
They're in the middle of the dance floor. Everyone around them are moving, dancing to the rythmn. People walks past them, but Jimin and Yoongi are just standing still, not moving an inch. Just staring at each other's eyes
Yoongi couldn't move when Jimin started walking towards him. Closer and closer until he's right infront of him They haven't talked to each other in two days. Jimin looks at Yoongi's lips. He missed it. The way Yoongi smells. He missed it. Then he met Yoongi's eyes. He missed him
"Taehyung said, if you like someone, you should tell them" Yoongi doesn't say anything "He said, if you like someone, you'll be with him" Yoongi stays quiet. He's just looking at Jimin's eyes. God, they're beautiful
Jimin breathes "and Taehyung said, if you like someone, kiss them infront of let them know he's yours" Yoongi takes a step little closer, pressing their foreheads together, staring at the other's lips, trying his best not to kiss him "Whenever you're ready, Jimin"
Jimin's hands trailed Yoongi's nape, pulling Yoongi in. They're lips are terribly close, breathing the same air. Jimin runs his thumbs over Yoongi's lips. He doesn't say anything, he just looks at Yoongi. He looked at him with so much certainty.
This. This right here, with Yoongi. This feels right. Jimin pushed himself, pressing his body against Yoongi, not letting any space between them. They're lips met, softly on each other "Hyung–" Jimin breaks the kiss, trying whispers something against Yoongi's ear "I'm yours"
i met someone
just fall
it feels right
favorite place
pick me up
best view
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