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♡ // taejin au 📌

♡ // taejin au 📌

Jun 6, 2019
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taejin au ↳ in which tae runs both a soft aesthetic stan account & a thirst account for actor/model kim seokjin...but when he thirst tweets from the wrong account and it goes viral, jin sees and decides to have a little fun...

hi! this is my first ever au so i’m just getting used to things...i don’t expect to get any attention but if you are here...thank you for giving my lil story a chance <33
some basic notes: ➳ quote, don’t reply ➳ i’ll try to update frequently but expect slow updates ➳ typos!! ➳ i don’t know how long this will be or how much angst, but it won’t be too sad, promise ➳ nsfw warning!! i mean just read tae’s tweet... ➳ i hope you enjoy! <33
omg i’m a mess i forgot to say: ➳ don’t pay attention to timestamps or replies/likes/etc ➳ and that’s it fr now enjoy!
vhopekook ➳ taehyung: soft aesthetics & nsfw stan accounts ➳ jungkook: youtuber, does all sorts of videos ➳ hoseok: dancer, sometimes dances in jk’s videos
jin and friends ➳ seokjin: famous actor and model ➳ namjoon: famous rapper “rm” ➳ yoongi: another famous rapper known as “agust d”, dating jimin ➳ jimin: famous idol, dating yoongi
ok i’m going to bed now because it’s 1 in the morning but i’ll update tomorrow! feel free to leave me any questions or comments here ♡ goodnight!
1. how’s the tl doing before the storm?
2. yoongi being chaotic
3. 👀
4. his spidey senses are tingling
5. tae did an oopsies and joon has many reasons to be concerned
6. 😇😇😇
7. realizashun...
8. meanwhile with jeongguk
9. 👀👀
10. meanwhile with the others
11. back to vhopekook
12. confidence is key!
13. someone help the poor boy
sorry for the spotty updates today :( i’m sleepy now so i’m gna go to bed but tmw will be better i promise! i also wanna say thank u SO MUCH for the support already. ik it’s not much but i’m truly mindblown. i love u all 🥺 leave smth if u want hehe <33
14. a mess
15. on the other side, jimin’s got an idea 💡
16. sweetie...
17. how to be bold, a detailed guide step one: be kim seokjin
18. standards
19. sudden demands
20. taejin have been so occupied with each other they forget their friends
21. some 1D & now namjoon’s got an idea 💡
22. a man with a plan
23. they livin that y/n life
I’M SO SORRY FOR DISAPPEARING FOR 2 DAYS OHMYMGNDMF i has so many things going on because it’s my friend’s birthday tomorrow and then my birthday on the 15th....but anyways chaos seems to be part of my daily routine, so updates will be SLOW slow...i hope you can forgive me!
do i deserve rights for disappearing without warning for almost a week? all signs point to no. anyways i’m back and i’m gonna update a ton today i hope you can forgive me
24. wonder why the handle seemed familiar 🤨
25. wait let’s check on vhopekook first
26. pockeys >>>
27. thank you tae
28. what does he have planned 👀
29. jin baby :(
30. shut up
31. demands
32. please help i’ve been laughing at my stupidity for 5 minutes and counting
33. insecurities
34. keep seokjin away from wattpad please
35. seokjin has questions and namjoon has answers
36. they know man’s got a secret 🔎 [ note: the other 3 accounts are random oc’s that i created to be tae’s moots. they’ll show up throughout for shits and giggles! ]
37. pretty boy
38. poor tae...and what’s going on with namkook?
39. is he even speaking english
40. seems like they’re all horrible at communication
41. oh hobi
42. differing thoughts
43. where’s jimin?
44. jimin & i make a reappearance! (honestly still amazed my dumb ass managed to make and then simultaneously delete all the next few updates 💀)
45. hopekook said 😙✌️📈
46. absolutely no lies detected
47. yoonmin being..inch resting...
48. wonder why he’s asking...
49. poor high school hoseok :(
50. he seems to have been successfully distracted
do you guys want me to focus on taejin only, and hear about the other ships but not experience it directly? or do you want me to continue with heavy focus on the side pairings? please lmk this is important, i’m pausing writing the au until the end of this poll 🥺
51. newts?? nests?? necks??
51. gguk = innocent babie 🥺
52. don’t expect anything more nsfw than this im incapable of finding pics
53. same tae. same.
54. peep the new contact info 👀
55. vhopekook wildin
hi i’m in a shitty state of mind so i’ve decided to put this on hold. i promised myself i’d finish this au and i don’t break my promises easily but i am taking a break. i just wanted to officially announce it :c i hope you can understand! i love you all and i will be back <33
♡ // taejin au 📌

♡ // taejin au 📌

#YOONGI: physical signs of affection are absolutely disgusting and should cease to exist now why is nobody holding my hand 😐
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